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Sr Ui Developer Resume

Austin, TX


  • Professional UI Developer with 8 years of experience in User Interface Design, Software Design, Development, Implementation, Testing, and Documentation of both Web & Client Server Applications.
  • Interactive experience in front - end development using HTML/HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, XML and JavaScript frameworks such as AJAX, JSON, jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Expertise in developing various JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Angular2, Require.js, Node.js Express.js, and Underscore.js.
  • Worked on ReactJS Virtual Dom and React views rendering using components which contains additional components called custom HTML tags.
  • Worked extensively with ReactJS and developed real time applications using ReactJS architecture- Flux for building UI and designed reusable components using ReactJS.
  • Experience in Redux architecture and implemented SPA’s with React Router.
  • Developed chart graphs using React Stock charts to represent time series data.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end using ReactJS and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) library.
  • Hands on experience with including custom directives, services, filters and working with animations, routing, states and $q.
  • Expertise in developing Angular2 features like Directives, Filters and Services.
  • Developed API driven responsive Web Application by integrating Angular2 with Bootstrap and API’s.
  • Used routing schemes to develop single page applications ( SPA’s ) using AngularJS .
  • Experience in writing client-side validations using JavaScript, AJAX, JS plugins and jQuery.
  • Good understanding and working experience in MVC, MVVM and MV* frameworks.
  • Writing application level code to interact with API’s, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Experience in JavaScript task runners like Grunt, Gulp for automatic perform of recent tasks.
  • Maintained Cross Browser compatibility & implement Responsive Design using Twitter Bootstrap, custom media queries, etc.
  • Pleasant experience on customizing CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation using CSS pre-processors LESS, SASS/SCSS and Compass.
  • Expert in building E-Commerce Applications, Financial and Banking Applications.
  • Experienced in creating Web Interfaces, Templates, Layouts, and Flow of Future Developing Pages.
  • Developed web pages that are most user-interactive using jQuery plugins for Drag-Drop, Validator, AutoComplete.
  • Followed TDD approach in developing Test Cases in Karma, Protractor and performed Unit Testing using Jasmine.
  • Extensive experience in web design using CSS3, Bootstrap, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver.
  • Performed CRUD operation as GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE using Web API’s.
  • Experience in developing and implementing SOAP and RESTful Web Services using different Frameworks and connecting to Database.
  • Worked with all kinds of data formats like XML, JSON, flat files for exchange of data.
  • Experienced working in both AGILE and SDLC based on development environment and involved in daily SCRUM meetings to keep track of project status and issues.
  • Experience in writing queries in PL/SQL, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005/2008 and MySQL.
  • Experience in the use of various relational databases like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and NoSQL databases like MongoDB.
  • Excellent experience in using various project management tools like JIRA for agile project management.
  • Experienced in using the version controls like GIT, SVN and Bitbucket effectively.
  • Extensively used build utilities like MAVEN, ANT for building of jar, war and ear files.
  • Involved in all the stages of Software Development Life Cycle including Requirements, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Integration, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance.
  • Efficient team member with excellent work/time management skills, excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work under strict deadlines.


Programming Languages: Java, C, and Swift-iOS.

Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, XHTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, JSON, LESS, and SASS/SCSS.

Frameworks: Angular2, AngularJS, React JS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Require JS, ES5 and ES6

Databases: My SQL4/5, DB2, MS SQL and MongoDB.

Web/Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat, HTTP Web Server, and WebSphere.

Web services: SOAP and REST

Development Tools/IDE: Eclipse IDE, NetBeans IDE, WebStorm, Sublime Text, Microsoft VISIO, Dreamweaver, and Notepad++.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, and Unix.

Version Controls: SVN, CVS, GIT, and Bitbucket.

SDLC's: Agile, Scrum, and Kanban.


Confidential, Austin, TX

SR UI Developer


  • Developed Dynamic Single Page Applications using React JS and Angular2.
  • Utilizing React JS to develop customer service application to facilitate real time data and report transfer application.
  • Worked with Node.js to develop RESTful API’s consumed in front end applications.
  • Implemented MVVM architecture using Redux Architecture with React JS.
  • Developed React Redux, Redux Forms, Redux-promise, React Router using Redux-thunk module.
  • Developed various screens for the front end using React JS and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager).
  • Involved in creating a reusable component using React JS for DOM Manipulation.
  • Developed an Email directory to keep track of all the emails by using Redux Thunk.
  • Implemented UI Screens, Advanced Search, Timer, Navigation Bars, Navigation Menus, Forms, Sorting, Filtering in React JS.
  • Developed components using lifecycle methods to have better use of them.
  • Implemented axios library to makes Asynchronous HTTP requests for CURD operations.
  • Performed navigation from one component to other using React-Routers.
  • Made use of Validator library for the input data validations on client side and server side.
  • Implemented the Bootstrap components like Thumbnails, Progress bar, and Carousel.
  • Used Angular2 to bind HTML elements data to JavaScript Objects and developed dynamic Single Page Application (SPA’s).
  • Developed Custom Directives like Elements, Attributes and Classes and Angular2 Factory to monitor asynchronous service calls through Dependency Injection.
  • Extensively implemented ES6 for building interactive cross platform web application and optimizing the application for high performance.
  • Developing custom HTML elements using A ngular 2 directives.
  • Implemented Angular2 classes and life cycle hooks to maintain the data present in each view.
  • Implemented Services to create abstract re-usable injectable used in multiple child components.
  • Hands on expertise in developing Angular2 features like Directives, Filters, Services.
  • Developed API driven RWA’s by integrating Angular2 with Bootstrap and API’s.
  • Extensively used JavaScript library D3.js for manipulating documents based on data and for data-driven approach to DOM manipulation.
  • Developed Web Pages using latest HTML5 and styled with CSS3.
  • Worked with CSS preprocessor SASS and implemented Mix ins, functions, custom grid systems following object oriented modular CSS patterns.
  • Worked on tools like Gulp, Grunt, Web Pack and developed CLI applications using commander module.
  • Experience in using event-driven applications using AJAX and JSON in making asynchronous calls to the server to fetch data.
  • Extensively used JavaScript testing frameworks Jasmine and Karma to test the application.
  • Working experience with version control system GIT and bug tracking tools JIRA in Agile Scrum environment.

Environment: React JS, Angular2, Bootstrap, D3.js, HTML5, DOM, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, Axios, Validator AJAX, Nodejs, JSON, JSONP, MongoDB, Jasmine, Karma, GIT, JIRA, ES6

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Web Developer


  • Involved in gathering Requirements, Analysis, Code development, Design. Understanding the requirements of the client and the flow of the application as well as the application Framework.
  • Developed Dynamic Single Page Web Application using AngularJS 1.5.0-beta.2, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, SASS, JSON and ES5.
  • Used AngularJS UI-Router to develop SPA’s that can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Developed AngularJS 1.4 Controllers that are responsible for transferring data control between Components, Routing and Rendering Views.
  • Developed Custom Directives like Elements, Attributes and Classes and AngularJS Factory to monitor asynchronous service calls through Dependency Injection.
  • Implemented AngularJS 1.x AJAX, AJAX auto completes for asynchronous call and update of data .
  • Developed AngularJS $http service to retrieve data through web API layer.
  • Developed tabbed pages by using AngularJS 1.x Directives and implemented validations using $dirty, $valid.
  • Worked on $q which consumes third party APIs that will be managed to control other APIs.
  • Expertise in DOM manipulation using ES5, AngularJS 1.x and used jQuery to traverse through a DOM tree and manipulated the nodes in the tree.
  • Supported internationalization i18n by using AngularJS 1.x Translate module to translate the data in other languages.
  • Performed Verification and validation process for the code written by making use of JavaScript testing frameworks Jasmine and Karma.
  • Developed designs in securing the application using form-based authentication using HTML5, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS3.
  • Created Node.JS backend for creating RESTful Web Services using the Express Framework and Mongoose to connect with MongoDB .
  • Written Ajax driven JSON consuming JavaScript functions to save User selections such as radio button, drop-down menu selections into a cookie.
  • Extensive experience in developing PHP based Web Services to expose useful functionality to web users through SOAP / REST describing them using WSDL.
  • Used jQuery plug-ins for Drag-and-Drop, Widgets, Menus, User Interface and Forms .
  • Implemented XML parsing & JSON parsing for data handling on different application.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers like safari, Internet explorer, Firefox and Google chrome.
  • Involved in Agile process, Sprint meetings, attended daily standup meetings (Scrum).

Environment: AngularJS 1.x, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Ext.js, Nodejs, RESTful web services, XML, AJAX, DOM, JSON, XML, Mongo DB, Agile, Jasmine, GIT, JIRA, ES5

Confidential, Kansas

Web Developer - MEAN Stack


  • Designed Frontend UI with extensive use of JavaScript Frameworks like AngularJS 1.x, Require.js and Ext.js.
  • Involved in developing web pages with HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery for client-side presentation and data validation within the forms.
  • Involved in complete development of project in Agile/SCRUM Environment and tested the application in each iteration.
  • Built custom UI Widgets and Application logic using AngularJS MVC architecture.
  • Implemented Services and directives and injected into various methods by using AngularJS 1.x
  • Designed customized filter techniques in the webpage using AngularJS 1.x.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM Functions.
  • Created forms to collect and validate data from the user in HTML and AngularJS 1.x.
  • Implemented Twitter bootstrap concepts to make the web application responsive to mobile and tablet screens.
  • Used Bootstrap and AngularJS 1.x to make the application user-friendly in the development of the Navigation bars, Tables, Sliders, Calendars etc.
  • Designed and developed various Screens using JSP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Involved in writing application level code to perform client-side validation using jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Implemented CSS Box Model and styled web pages using CSS preprocessor LESS and implemented Mix ins, functions, custom grid systems.
  • Developed database connection and SQL Queries to create dynamic content on web pages.
  • Successfully executed all the test cases and fixed any bugs/issues identified during the test.
  • Developed cross-browser compatible website using HTML, CSS3, MySQL and jQuery.
  • Implemented jQuery Ajax methods to call ajax () method which is used as request call for Ajax asynchronous HTTP request.
  • Extensively used SVN for Version Controlling and configuration of the project and to keep track of project activities.
  • Closely worked with business system analyst to understand the requirements to ensure that right set of UI modules been built.
  • Developed all the UI pages using HTML, XUL, DHTML, XSL/XSLT, XHTML, DOM, CSS, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax.
  • Experience in developing Rich UI with use of AJAX, Backbone JS, Angular JS, Bootstrap and used jQuery plugins.
  • Developed client-side AJAX application that uses XSLT, XPath, JavaScript OOP and more Bind objects and retrieve them via JNDI interface.
  • Implemented XML parsing & JSON parsing for data handling on different application.
  • Experience in cross browser compatibility check and thoroughly performed unit testing using Karma and Jasmine.
  • Implemented and tested the enterprise application with jQuery, Spring MVC.
  • Developed DAOs (Data Access Objects) and SQL queries to support system functionality.
  • Developed fast loading images using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Environment: AngularJS 1.x, Java script, HTML, CSS3, JSP, jQuery, XHTML, SQL, Oracle, Adobe Photoshop, Bootstrap JS, Ajax.

Confidential, Sterling,Virginia

Web Developer


  • Involved in developing the UI pages using AngularJS 1.x, HTML, CSS 3, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery and AJAX in Agile Environment.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using AngularJS 1.x, HTML, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS 1.x
  • Used jQuery and AJAX for service calls on pages to interact with the server for information.
  • Used AJAX, JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the website.
  • Implemented AngularJS 1.x controllers to maintain the data present in each view. Implemented AngularJS service calls using AngularJS 1.x factories .
  • Hands on expertise in developing AngularJS 1.x features like Directives, Controllers, Filters, Services, Project Architecture.
  • Implemented jQuery Ajax methods to call ajax () method which is used as request call for Ajax asynchronous HTTP request.
  • Implemented CSS Model and styled web pages using CSS preprocessor LESS and implemented Mix ins, functions, custom grid systems.
  • Developed dynamic responsive Web Application by integrating AngularJS with Bootstrap which is further integrated with Web Services.
  • Extensively used the JavaScript, AngularJS front-end development which includes a deep understanding of the DOM, JSON, object-oriented JavaScript, Bootstrap and common JavaScript libraries.
  • Successfully executed all the test cases and fixed any bugs/issues identified during the test.
  • Worked on CSS3 to design the navigation, gradient background and used other style properties to enhance the look of the web page.
  • Implemented RESTful-AngularJS driven interface and consuming JSON-based RESTful APIs.
  • Testing the website on multiple browsers with their old as well as latest release.
  • Developed page layouts, navigation and presented designs and concepts to the clients and the management to review.
  • Worked on Cross-Browser compatibility and fixed the bugs for several browsers.
  • Involved with bug fixing on functionality, performance and designing issues with JavaScript and jQuery and Front-end validations are written using JavaScript.
  • Extracted data in UI for different clients using JSON.

Environment:: AngularJS 1.x, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, SVN, JIRA, LESS


UI Java Developer


  • Developed User Interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript validations, and XML.
  • Handled browser compatibility issues in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for IE, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Implemented client-side validations in registration forms, login and logout forms using Java Script, AJAX and jQuery.
  • Created jQuery custom widgets like date picker etc. and other custom widgets.
  • Worked with the LESS preprocessor to rewrite the whole CSS.
  • Extended Bootstrap classes to build custom front-end controls; example candidate isotopes.
  • Analyzed code and fixed bugs for issues raised by customers and clients.
  • Followed Agile methodology for the software development and testing.
  • Involved development of front-end components using the latest HTML, CSS, jQuery widgets etc.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to process asynchronous actions between front and back end.
  • Wrote a script file in JavaScript and jQuery to handle the events that were triggered by the users.
  • Worked on creating and consuming SOAP Web services for accessing data from other external services.
  • Implemented AJAX to improved customer experience and reduce the data flows greatly.
  • Experience in using JUnit in writing unit test cases for Restful Web service calls.
  • Sublime Text and Eclipse IDE is used for development and WebSphere is the web server for deploying application.

Environment: HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, XML, JSON, WebSphere, LESS, Eclipse, MySQL


Junior Front End Developer


  • Developed the web application using HTML, JavaScript and CSS .
  • Implemented dynamic page elements and form error validations using JavaScript .
  • Designed dynamic client-side JavaScript codes to build web forms and simulate process for web application, page navigation and form validation.
  • Developed HTML prototypes and XHTML documents with CSS style sheets.
  • Utilized various JQUERY plugins to build Rich Internet Application (RIA) to make it look more intuitive.
  • Worked on creating and consuming SOAP Web services for accessing data from other external services.
  • Used Dreamweaver as Html editor for designing new pages.
  • Worked on Cross-Browser compatibility and fixed the bugs for several browsers.
  • Produced GUI prototypes for business logic presentations.
  • Wrote code to fetch data from Web services using jQuery, AJAX via JSON response and updating the HTML pages.
  • Participated in bug thrashing sessions to discuss and resolve bugs with developers.
  • Created Stored Procedure, Trigger for database access and events.
  • Continuously providing input to project management activities throughout the project lifecycle, risk plan, project plan, issues.

Environment:: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, My SQL, Adobe Photoshop, Usability Testing, Dreamweaver, Windows.

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