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Ios Application Developer Resume

Oakbrook, IL


  • Having 8 + years of experience in iOS development industry in designing & developing User Interface applications in iPhone and iPad application development using Objective - C, Swift, Cocoa Touch, UI Kit, HTML5, java script, CSS.
  • Excellent knowledge of UIKit framework.
  • Working knowledge of API's like Map Kit, Facebook API and Twitter API.
  • Good understanding of Memory Management and Cocoa Touch.
  • Sound knowledge of MySql and Core Data, SQL.
  • Expert in Objective-C, C, C++ and knowledge Java Script.
  • Well versed with various source control tools like Git, Tor-toise SVN.
  • Team-oriented, technically motivated, and creative. User oriented with a desire to learn client's business requirements.
  • Experienced in object oriented analysis and design.
  • Possess ability for critical thinking, analysis, good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Result oriented, committed and hard working with a quest to learn new technologies and undertake challenging tasks.
  • Ability to write and maintain technical documentation to describe coding, testing, changes, and corrections.
  • Good knowledge in thread management.
  • Familiar with deploying applications using third party.
  • Experienced in Unit Testing.
  • Familiar with concurrence programming.
  • Experienced in using libraries like open CV, Aalamofire, AFKnetworking.


IOS Applications: Objective-C/Swift and Cocoa development for iPhone and iPad devices in XCode Interface builder-UIKit, Cocoa touch, Trained in iOS9 with XCode 7 OSX 10.11, Appboy.

Programming Languages: C, Objective C, Swift 2.0, swift 3.0, C++, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3

Databases Languages: SQLite, Core data

Operating Systems: MAC OS 10.11, Windows, LINUX

Tools: XCode 8, Sublime Text, Instruments, Test flight


Confidential, (Remote)Oakbrook, IL

iOS Application Developer


  • Integrated Curbside SDK to track the user location and get the call back when user arrived.
  • Worked with XCTest frameworks.
  • Responsible for Crash fixes and monitoring on production App
  • Developed and designed GeoFencing modules to locate and push nearest promotions.
  • Parsed JSON objects obtained from the server side and show contents on the app.
  • Integrated New Relic to get the analytics data and used for crash information and monitoring on production app.
  • Developed the application using MVC framework and Objective C.
  • Worked with dependencies using cocoapods for necessary 3rd party libraries.
  • Used Cocoa Pods to integrate third party frameworks into the app.
  • Incorporated the push Notification feature, in order to notify the tester when they arrived at the store.
  • Used GIT for version control. Used GitHub as remote repository and conducted branch merging through pull requests.
  • Used SCRUM Agile methodology. Process included iterative development, daily stand-up meetings, and customer managed backlog.

Technical Environment: iOS 9.x and Above, Swift 3.0, Xcode 7.x,8.x, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa framework, MapKit, Core Location, and AVFoundation, AFNetworking.

Confidential, NJ

iOS Developer


  • Used Core data to store data locally on the device for Barcode Scanning feature.
  • Developed UI Interface as per requirements
  • Worked on Unit Testing
  • Agile Methodology is used to develop entre application.
  • Worked both with Story Boards and Programmatically creating user interfaces.
  • Used Cocoa Touch framework with Objective- C to implement UI View Controllers, UI Views, UI Buttons through UI Tab Bar, UI Navigation Controller, UI Table View and Storyboards.
  • Used Core Data to display data from the local database.
  • Implemented Push Notification for special offers and Wish list items saved by user.
  • Implemented Delegates and Custom Protocols to communicate between classes.
  • Worked with Swift 2.0, swift 3.0.
  • Worked on NS JSON Serialization to fetch the data from the website
  • Familiar with test strategy and test design
  • Worked on Product Image Comparison using UI Image Picker Controller
  • Implemented GCD (Grand Central Dispatch) and blocks to have a responsive UI.
  • Implemented Auto Layout for all the views to work on all devices.
  • Using TDD (Test Driven Development) Application is developed.

Environment: iOS 8.0/9.0, Swift 3.0, Objective- C, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa framework, HTML 5, AngularJS, PHP, JSON, Interface Builder

Confidential, NJ

iOS Developer


  • Created models in MVC and development of delegates for updating model information.
  • Created of various views, table views, customized views and popover view controllers.
  • Implemented Core Data for persistent storage of user data.
  • Redesigned several screens including default application landing screen as per newer wireframe.
  • Created custom checklist and sharing them with selected app users by calling web services through JSON libraries and connecting to SQLite database with the Objective-C interfaces.
  • Created of notifications to detect the autorotation in the customized sub views.
  • Implemented NS Operation Queue and NSURL Connection to integrate with backend web services.
  • Developed Navigation between views mixture of using UI Navigation Controller,
  • UI Gesture Recognizer and UI Popover Controller.
  • Performed testing using TDD. Depending on the test case result changes will be made.
  • Performed all tasks from UI design and implementation to writing code for various features.
  • Managed data and memory management from streamlining code and using various debugging tools like instruments.
  • Interacting with QA on deliverables on every iteration and customer feedback implementation.
  • RESTful API (commonly JSON) to communicate with the server.

Environment: iOS 7.1 and higher, Xcode 5.1, 6.3, iPad, iPhone, Objective-C, UI Kit, JSON, XML, AVFoundation, SQLite.

Confidential - Columbus, OH

iOS Developer


  • Worked extensively with Objective-C, Cocoa and UI Frameworks.
  • Worked with Xcode for debugging the updated version.
  • Worked with basics of SWIFT for updating the app.
  • Worked extensively on table view controller and made customized table view cells according to the client requirements.
  • Utilized UI TabBar Controller, UI Navigation Controller, UI Table Views, UI Web Views. and UIScroll View to display content as required in the App.
  • Worked on NSURLConnections, CLGeocoder and annotation to pick the nearest location.
  • Worked on NSMutable data and response data to get the responses from web services.
  • Utilized Quartzcore framework for supporting graphics.
  • Worked on UIpicker view and delegate to pick the location.
  • Utilized table views and created column to differential data from one another.
  • Worked on corelocation to locate the current location and nearby Cigna companies.
  • Iterative design process upon client approval build out of all assets: buttons, products shots, UI Components, etc.
  • Worked on Web Service calls, Alamo fire and JSON parsing included in the project.
  • Worked with UIKit Framework for development and maintenance.
  • Added animation between UI Views for smooth transition and better user experience.
  • Used the XIB to design for iPhone by using Auto-layout.
  • Implemented data catching using Core Data and Application Directory.
  • Reported progress/challenges to project lead.

Environment: Objective-C, Swift 1.0, Cocoa Touch, UI Frameworks, corelocation Foundation, CoreData, Core Graphics, Quartz Core, Basic iOS APIs, iOS Simulator.

Confidential- Columbus, OH

iPhone Application Developer


  • Created custom UI Views, custom Table Views, custom Buttons and custom Table View Cell for user interface.
  • Used Objective-C and Cocoa Touch Framework to build the app, including UI Kit, Map Kit, Foundation, UI Navigation View, UI Tab Bar Controller, UI Table View and Storyboard.
  • Worked on Map Kit that retrieves nearby store locations and displays current location.
  • Created custom annotations and annotation views.
  • Participated in daily Scrums and monthly Sprint planning.
  • Implemented application interaction with web server database with JSON parsing.
  • Implemented custom UI Tab Bar Controller & UI Navigation Controller for easy navigation of the app.
  • Used UIKit, MapKit and Core location to enhance user to find nearest store locations.

Environment: Xcode 4.3, iOS 6.0, Objective-C, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Mac OS X, Cocoa framework, iPhone Simulator, JSON and core data.


iOS developer


  • All views were developed by using UIKit.
  • File management done within the application.
  • QTMovie player is used to play videos.
  • Table views, Tab Bar controller for navigation from one view to other view.


Junior iOS developer


  • TO develop ring tone maker AV foundation, UI Kit frameworks used.
  • By using AV player audio file played.
  • NSURL connection is used to get url for particular audio.

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