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Full Stack Developer Resume

Santa Ana, CA


Highly motivated Full Stack Developer with a diverse background spanning 15+ years in the Tech industry, looking for new opportunities.


JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET, React.js, Redux, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Teradata, SQL Server, Power BI, MongoDB, Node.js, Mongoose, Express, Axios


Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

Full Stack Developer

  • Contributed to the design and development of the Reminizent CRM system which captures and markets to leads
  • Developed the entire back end and REST API using Node.js, Express and SQL Server
  • Authenticated the API with JSON Web Tokens
  • Developed the lead interaction component which creates, edits or deletes an entry using React
  • Displayed the list of leads on the main dashboard page using React

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

Full Stack Developer

  • Developed full stack web applications using a combination of React and Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, MS SQL and ASP.NET
  • Developed dynamic front - end applications with JavaScript, jQuery, React, Redux, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • Developed Web APIs using .NET Core and Node.js

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Senior Database Developer

  • Responsible for the integration and maintenance of Confidential ’s data platform
  • Integrated data by onboarding multiple sources from primary and secondary ticketing sales, email marketing, food and beverage, ticket scans/inventory, merchandise and demographics
  • Planned, developed and maintained ETL packages using SSIS to ingest data from the numerous data sources
  • Led a team of three off-shore DBAs
  • Supported diverse internal Business Units to help contribute to their multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Supported the data science team by developing ETL from Business Unit data for use in dashboards and analysis
  • Planned and executed the management and governance of data across the multiple Business Units
  • Maintained responsibilities held under the previous title

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Database Developer/Application Developer

  • Maintained and administered the Teradata data warehouse
  • Maintained and modified the ETL SSIS packages and Teradata scripts
  • Designed and developed internal IT department web applications using ASP.NET and C# with SQL Server databases for the following objectives:
  • Annual budget tracker: calculated each GL code’s budget remaining from the starting budget based on transactions paid or received
  • Event services: invoicing system that tracked the description of work performed, support hours and rates for each event. Generated invoices to bill each event back to the stakeholder.
  • Project management: centralized storage of all projects. The invoicing system tracked project details, dates, fees and billing details and generated invoices to bill each Business Unit.
  • Termination log: linked terminated employees back to the respective Altiris ticket number
  • Data warehouse issues log: tracked end user issues and follow-up activities
  • Created ad hoc SQL reports as requested from end users
  • Created backup and maintenance plans for the SQL Server databases
  • Assisted end users with queries
  • Documented internal processes for the Data Warehouse Team
  • Continued support of the marketing orders and tracking code web applications from the previous job title

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

CRM Application Developer/Administrator

  • Developed a mission critical centralized ecard/banner ad campaign ordering system for marketers and graphic artists using ASP and SQL Server.
  • Developed a tracking code web application using ASP.NET and C# which created standardized codes for use in online marketing campaigns and tracked the sales to measure the success of the campaign
  • Created a financial tracking web application with file uploads and custom reporting for Confidential facilities
  • Developed a web application which forwarded online registrants to the sales department for immediate contact
  • Created reports which documented sales from leads campaigns and other sources
  • Maintained and administered the Goldmine CRM database
  • Produced lists of best potential leads for the sales department to contact
  • Created target market lists to deploy email newsletters to
  • Deployed email marketing newsletters

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

IT Manager

  • Maintained and administered the mission critical payroll software and database
  • Maintained and further developed the company website and portal
  • Purchased IT equipment for the company
  • Provided technical and desktop support to six branch offices and small business clients
  • Administered and maintained all user accounts in the network
  • Developed queries and reports in SQL Server and Microsoft Access
  • Documented IT procedures and processes

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Assistant IT Manager

  • Provided technical and desktop support to six branch offices and small business clients
  • Designed, developed and maintained the company web application in ASP.NET and C#
  • Developed and maintained the California City Management Foundation web application in ASP.NET and C# as a consultant
  • Designed and created multimedia CDs and presentations in Flash for marketing use
  • Wrote queries and reports in SQL Server and Microsoft Access

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