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Web Developer/analyst Resume

Tampa, FL


  • My career has been very diverse as a contractor, working with clients in both Software Production and Hardware Engineering environments with assignments of low and high visibility. Because of this, I have worked in a senior role most of my career, holding seminars on proper/suggested use of different technologies, gathered initial requirements from customers to start analysis/design, writing program specifications, mentoring other analyst, and more.
  • My broad knowledge of computers and electronic systems has saved clients a lot of time and money. I have over 10 years of experience with UNIX/AIX scripting, C/Unix and PL/SQL programming, and over 10 years of experience with various UNIX flavors. Also, greater than 8 years in C#/VB .Net and ASP.NET, and more than 6 years of experience with SQL, PRO - C (Embedded PL/SQL) and query tools used in ORACLE environments such as SQL-Plus and TOAD, and 10 years of experience in application development using ORACLE RDBMS environments.
  • As a seasoned front-end Web/Win form UI developer with 6+ years of experience in designing and developing web and/or stand-alone winform applications, I have contribute greatly to reused of presentation-layer components. Also, worked in close collaboration with the PM's, User Experience designers, Technology teams, and provided groups with a clear, accurate, and evolving enterprise level User Interface Design/Prototype.
  • I have proven problem solving skills along with excellent written and oral communication skills, and the ability to interact and function individually or in a team environment. I am a self-starter capable of understanding complex Oracle and/or SQL Server databases, as well as debug and resolved issues associated issues. I have performed full stack development from GUI to Database back-end and also have many times helped to migrate from IIS and .Net frameworks. Many of the development teams I worked with used TFS. I have had a long career working with all sorts of technologies both new and legacy.


SOFTWARE:: ReSharper 6.1, MS VS 2013, MS SQL Server 2014, Dev Express, Infragistics, AutoSys, AIX, HP-UX, C#/VB.Net, UNIX C, Toad, Oracle Pro-C, OCI, C++, Visual Basic, MS Access, MS Visual C/C++ compiler, MS SDK, MS Foundation Classes, MS Source Safe, PVCS, CVS, COBOL, PERL, UNIX Shell Scripts, AWK, LEX, ADA, Basic, Fortran, IBM Mainframe 370 Assembler (BAL), PC Assembler, M204 UL, PL/SQL, Informix SQL, Oracle SQL, MS SQL server (T-SQL), VB Script, Java Script, AJAX, ASP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ADO, ADO.NET, IIS 6.5, IIS 7, WCF, XML, XSLT, 3.5/4.0/4.5 . Net Platform

HARDWARE: RS6000, IBM PC's/compatibles, IBM 3090, IBM ES9000, Sun Sparc, EMC, NCR Tower, RS-232, ZAX Emulator, RF Equipment, HP Network Analyzer, In Circuit Memory Card Programmer, Microprocessors: Intel 80x86, Bit Slice, Motorola 6800, Motorola 6809/68000, Micro controller 8748/8751


Confidential, Tampa, FL

Web Developer/Analyst

  • Ag-Grid, Prime-NG, Angular 4+, Typescript/Javascript, Web Api using OWIN for authentication, VS Code, VS 2017, VSTS continuous integration, C#, Dapper, SQL Server, and Swagger.
  • I am searching for new opportunities using similar software tools/technologies, preferably in a non-agile environment; with also the possibility of remote work during the week.

Confidential, Clifton, NJ

Software Engineer/Web Developer

  • Currently working in an agile (scrum) environment and responsible for upgrading for maintaining codebase for several ongoing development projects either as a team member or lead developer. Constantly involved in front and backend coding.
  • As Web Developer, I also play a key role in design and implementation of new projects, new features, components, refactoring, enhancements, updates, fixes, testing and deployment. One of the new projects included use of AngularJS and Bootstrap for a more responsive UI.
  • I report directly to my manager, and work with remote staff and as well sometimes work remotely. I am also accountable to others at Confidential site. Therefore, I must operate well both individually and in a team environment.
  • Below are some of the other projects/task I completed:
  • Performed both front and backend work of Web project.
  • Used MS Visual Studio 2013 to perform frontend work with 4.0/4.5 of the .Net Framework.
  • Performed backend database work with SQL Server 2012/2014. We migrated recently to SQL 2014 along with the upgrading of our new ORM. Side by side migration: Installed and configured a new instance on the same server then moved OMS database using backup/restore
  • Worked to migrate Telerik’s Open Access to the new Data Access open source ORM
  • Used JavaScript/JQuery Framework, AJAX/MS-AJAX, XHTML/HTML 5, CSS, Visual Studio and Paint .Net to develop rich, user friendly, and responsive user interfaces.
  • Migrated frontend to newer flat standards
  • Setup coding standards to facilitate ease of maintenance cycle

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Web Developer/Analyst

  • Performed both front and backend work of Web project.
  • Used MS Visual Studio 2012/2008 or 3.5 to 4.5 of the .Net Framework.
  • Used JavaScript/JQuery Framework, AJAX/MS-AJAX, XHTML/HTML 5, CSS, Visual Studio and Paint .Net to develop rich, user friendly, and responsive user interfaces.
  • Upgraded projects from VS 2005 to VS 2008
  • Completed a report to calculate client average waiting time
  • Merged six report projects into one SSRS report, modified the reports to display differently for different databases
  • Helped to re-design the old databases and merge databases into one
  • Created SSIS package to load data from multiple databases into one

Confidential, Florham Park, NJ

Web Developer/Lead Analyst

  • Performed analysis and technical design and documentation as required to support the application's development processes, life cycle, change management, and code management.
  • Complied with Client's IT standards, practices, methodologies, etc.
  • Participated/facilitated team meetings, customer demonstrations, feedback sessions, etc.
  • Performed support and analysis, design, development and unit testing of client/server architecture and web-based applications using Microsoft technologies such as .NET framework 2.0/3.5/4.0, IIS 6.5/7.0, and SSRS
  • Performed both front and backend work, such as Web Services. Migrated to MS Visual Studio 2010 from 2008 or 3.5 to 4.0 of the .Net Framework. Used Visual Studio and Paint .Net to develop rich, user friendly, and responsive user interfaces.
  • Extensively used C#/VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, SQL Server 2008 R2 database objects, SSRS, IIS 6.5/7, multi-tiered .NET techniques, WCF, and built UI interfaces, web controls and other needed adhoc client based functionality.

Confidential, Boonton, NJ

Consultant/Software Analyst

  • Evolved front-end work and reduced the number of forms
  • Performed backend work to increase performance and/or add new functionality to application
  • Created new applications as an integral part of CIS
  • Perform conversion work from legacy VB6 to .Net platform
  • Created reports by interfacing with Access/Word/Excel Reporting Engines

Confidential, Lansing, MI

Consultant/Software Engineer

  • Identified, analyzed, and devised solutions to business and technical information technology problems
  • Interacted with customers regarding business and technical information technology needs
  • Participated in implementations, upgrades, and conversion projects
  • Participate on empowered, virtual teams
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to interact and function individually and in team environment
  • Also, independent problem solving skills were essential

Confidential, Toledo, OH

Consultant/Software Analyst

Developed automated process to load tax-withholding information into Oracle database. Used UNIX C/C++, embedded Oracle OCI calls/Pro-C, Shell scripts, and a CRON job to complete process on AIX server. Also did maintenance work on PowerBuilder 6.5 client applications. I knew nothing of Power Builder but was asked to see if I could pick it up because they seen in my work on the hired project. I was not only able to pick it up but repaired many long term problems they had just learned to work around. This is because I knew VB and Oracle PL/SQL and object type languages very well.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Consultant/Software Analyst

Developed software for Risk Assessment project, which involved extensive use of MS Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), since MS Access 97 was implemented. This project is secret in nature as it involves Confidential investigation of its internal departments. Project also involved typical use of both database design and development using MS Access and SQL Sever, writing stored procedures as well as application design and development using forms and custom controls. I also performed the roll of Change Control Manager and used MS Source Safe.

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

Consultant/Software Engineer

Worked at Confidential with business financials. Used many of the products in MS Visual Studio suite like VB Script, Visual Interdev, etc. Recommended use of Microsoft’s Distributed Transaction Coordinator and Microsoft Transaction Server for automatic Distributed Transaction Processing with Oracle’s database, since Oracle is XA interface compliant; Confidential has now become COM+ on NT5/Windows 2000 platforms and AIX servers. As team lead, I instructed team in proper use of COM/DCOM object user-defined interfaces, why caution use of Friend methods - because it breaks encapsulation, stateless transaction processing, data marshaling performance, object extensibility, component registration processing, and versioning techniques. Several screens of the n-tier WORQ project depend on my design of the OCX search-engine. Resolved many project issues; such as VB6’s Data Report Designer and Data Environment Designer issues. Served as a back-up NT Administrator of the Dell server box, which hosted the middle tier. Wrote PL/SQL stored procedures for Oracle database. This n-tier project also has dual human interfaces. The Web interface was driven from an ASP IIS backend written in mostly VB script. The other interface was a VB client.

Confidential, Brighton, MI

Consultant/Software Engineer

Assigned to Confidential Computer Products developing distributed, Client-Server based software. Performed work for Confidential Systems Development where I was involved in the full development cycle of a Real-Time Bar Code Data Collections product called ScanTime. Used skills in Windows MFC development for various DLL's involve in the project, also did Visual Basic development for scheduling and was intimately involved with several ODBC compliant databases; ACCESS, WATCOM, and BTRIEVE. This work was done for both Windows and Windows NT machines. Also became familiar with new MS products which were currently in beta status such as NT 3.5 (Code named Daytona) and the 2.0 MS Visual C/C++ compiler. Created Reports using MS Access.

Confidential, Youngstown, OH

Software Engineer

Developed Windows version of the current DOS Medical/Dental billing product. Worked with two other programmer/analysts on design, analysis, and development of this project using OOP and MS Foundation Classes. Responsible for writing the relational database engine (a DLL) using MS Visual C/C++ compiler 1.0 and Visual Basic 3.0. Completed the database engine making it possible to search, load, read, and write tables; used OOD/OOA to create object model. Additional duties include trouble-shooting/maintaining hardware and software. Deployed and installed Citrix server and medical billing application.

Confidential, Youngstown, OH

System Programmer/Administrator

Administered over 300 AIX servers. Involved with networks, mainframes, mini-computers and microcomputers. Operating systems included PC/MS DOS, OS/2, VM/SP CMS, MVS, AIX, UNIX, and CICS. Network Administrator over several hundred nodes. Experience with Novell and Token-Ring; using communication protocols such as X.25, XCOM, TCP/IP, SNA, and UUCP. Cabled up RS6000 and edited ODM database. Responsible for programming in various languages including C/C++, UNIX shell script, AWK, LEX, AS/400 CL, Informix (SQL 4GL), COBOL, etc.

Confidential, Youngstown, OH

Programming Consultant

Assisted students with walk-throughs, debugging, and problem solving techniques. Also assisted faculty members in installations of hardware. Distributed mainframe output, and performed routine maintenance of networks.

Confidential, Glendale, CA

Senior Computer Technician

Perform customer service work, and also production integration and testing of in-circuit memory card programmer. Responsible for interfacing with customers to determine malfunctions related to their equipment. Used various serial data transfer formats over RS-232 port. Used Zax emulator, Oscilloscope, and multi-meter to diagnosing failures.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Senior Engineering Technician

Fabrication and assembly of protoytpes for A.C. power sources from schematics, rough sketches and verbal instructions. Performed calibration on electronic test instruments. Completely troubleshot electronic systems to determine cause and remedy of malfunctions. Conducted routine engineering tests and experimental testing. Solved mechanical and electronic problems involved in the operation of product. Also performed closed loop analysis using HP Network Analyzer. Conducted circuits analysis using small signal transistor theory, control theory, bode plots, and phase plots.

Confidential, Hawthorne, CA

Engineering Technician

Performed integration and testing of the MX nuclear missile guidance system and sub-components, e.g Confidential , its wheel power systems, hydraulic positioning system, PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) communications network. Testing was conducted in a clean-room environment using manual test equipment such as oscilloscopes, multi-meters and/or SEL computer system for automated I.A.U. (Integrated Automation Unit) tests. The I.A.U. acted as an interface for “Ball Electronics” and SEL mainframe.

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