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Lead Developer/architect Resume


Passionate software developer, front - end designer and software architect. I have experience of being team lead for 3 companies and have also been involved with consulting with Confidential . Experience includes a concentration in the Microsoft stack mainly in C# web based applications. I have also been heavily involved in creating Node.js applications as well as GoLang applications. I also have experience as an iOS developer. I have recently been lead architect for several single page apps heavily focus on using Angular.js.


Languages: C#, JavaScript, Node.js, GoLang and Objective-C

Frameworks: MVC, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Express.js, Less, Sass, Gulp and Grunt

Server/OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Heroku, AWS, Azure and Docker

Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis


Lead Developer/Architect


  • Responsible for handling all development across team of 3 remote developers.
  • Led effort to increase response time for APIs from 4 seconds in some cases to under 300ms to avoid delay in application.
  • Worked on implementing standards for front - end angular app.
  • Working on re-engineering the app from a c# app to a Node.js micro services application

Lead Engineer


  • Responsible for all web server architecture and design using GoLang as the language.
  • Responsible for service oriented architecture for a large scale video streaming application.
  • Worked with team on iOS app for streaming video as well as notifications and location services within Objective - C
  • Architect for front-end design that was completed as a single-page app that used angular.js as the framework. This included writing directives, and services within angular to all for web socket communication and notifications.

Lead Developer


  • Led team of 5 developers on a redesign and reengineering of our site that is a platform for our 7 products. This redesign was focused on heavy data queries all with having a page response time of under 300ms.
  • Designed and Authored several in house apps for Golf Course management and Translation files using Node.js and MongoDB.
  • Responsible for updating all of our web services for our iOS devices from using .NET 3.5 and SOAP and converted them to use .NET 4.0 WebAPI such that all calls are now json data format instead of XML.
  • Responsible for creating all stored procedures and database queries.
  • Integrated several services to use Amazon SES and worked on internal transfer of all web pro perties EC2 cloud servers.

Senior Developer


  • Technical Lead for a complete redesign of an existing website into a ASP.NET MVC 3 application that is deployed into an Azure environment with a SQL Azure backend that gets an estimated 20 million visits per year. This design included a complete JSON web service layer that was consumed by a JavaScript library through asynchronous calls.
  • Technical Lead and Lead Developer for new IndyCar.com website using SiteCore CMS.
  • Created JavaScript libraries to be used throughout site and developed framework to have minimal duplication of effort throughout the project.
  • Provided Project Management assistance due to the turnover in project managers throughout the 8 month project.
  • Worked on project estimation and backlog for a statement of work for a million dollar project.



  • Developer on a project that provided online video streaming for test proctoring. This included Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC development on a cloud - based web application for managing test takers as well as test information.
  • Provided technical advice to client on data architecture for several feature requests.
  • Provided technical project design advice to clients to assist with story creation and back-log grooming.
  • Engaged on several projects using Agile Software Development with Scrum from discovery phase (Sprint 0) to delivery with Team Foundation Server.
  • Worked on creating several SOWs ( Statements of Work ) to be delivered to client to provide a technical overview of work to be done and cost analysis.
  • Assisted a Medical Imaging client with a CRM to Text Messaging Service with Agile and Scrum.
  • Worked closely with client QA team to provide our team with expectations for new development and bug fixes.
  • Worked assisting a Fortune 500 company with WCF services that connect a Web Application to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM background.

Systems Analyst/Lead Developer


  • Provided business analysis on current internal applications and was able to successfully merge 2 databases and 3 applications into a single ASP.NET MVC 2 web application and single database that was increased sales throughput by 200% within 6 months.
  • Authored a custom customer relational management system for a nationwide insurances sales company, which included the complete programming lifecycle from requirement gathering, database design, and web design for the front end.
  • Imported a MySQL and PHP application into the custom CRM that was created to allow company one data repository for increased insight into sales management process.
  • Mentored junior level programmers on technique and skill.
  • Authored several C# windows services.
  • Authored several WCF web services that allow our partners such as eHealth.com to extract data as well as provide us with a way to exchange lead data in real - time.

Systems Analyst/Lead Developer


  • Authored a Logistics Software Application using C# .NET 3.5 with a SQL Server 2005 backend that enables a logistics company of 100+ users to create and manage shipments, process billing, and task management.
  • Authored use cases and quality assurance tests for all newly developed software.
  • Managed and Maintained SQL Server 2005 database. This included constructing all table schemas, stored procedures and views necessary for a data - driven application.
  • Developed several SSIS and SSRS packages that processed billing, sent emails and updated tables on a routine basis.
  • Authored a MVC C# LINQ to SQL table manager for managers to maintain key tables and information throughout the logistics application.
  • Worked with employees and customers in the formal gathering and requirements phase of the development life-cycle.

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