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It Ops Engineer And Devops Resume

Boston, MA


DevOps with over 10 years of IT infrastructure and applications support experience. High - level technical analysis skills and experience.


Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows Server 2008

Cloud Platforms: AWS, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Google Cloud Engine, Heroku, WP Engine, Pantheon

Server Applications: Apache, Lighttpd, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Drupal

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server 2005. Working knowledge of Oracle 11i.



Confidential, Boston, MA

IT Ops Engineer and DevOps

  • Built server configuration for application server that handled 70 page views per second
  • Supported high-transactional rate LAMP applications. Transaction rate at peak were 10 transactions per second.
  • Troubleshoot DNS, TCP/IP socket level network issues, or HTTP level issues
  • Took ownership of vendor related issues and drove to resolution
  • Recommend tools and tactics to avert DDoS attacks before they hit Wordpress
  • Monitored application performance and availability with NewRelic which is comparable to AppDynamics

Confidential, CAMBRIDGE, MA

Site Performance and Scalability Engineer

  • Confidential is a non-profit arts organization that publishes the Boston Hassle, a blog covering the underground and emerging arts scene in New England. Website is also the place to download The Boston Compass, a downloadable e-zine providing in-depth coverage of the Boston arts community. Boston Hassle receives an average of 2000 visits per day and serves over 15 GB of downloadable content. My role is to address the site’s performance and scalability issues.
  • Built staging environment for developers working on Boston Hassle. Previously developers would work on live code in production, which is a no-no and was a frequent cause of outages. Boston Hassle web developers now stage content, test, then deploy using tooling that I developed.
  • Perform due-diligence on cause of website’s performance problems and write reports on the causes.
  • Recommend tools and tactics to avert DDoS attacks before they hit Wordpress.
  • Developed an 18-month plan to scale up and out. Current hosting is on an underperforming web host vendor. The goal depending on projected growth is to scale vertically then horizontally as traffic grows.

Confidential, Methuen, MA

IT Director and Webmaster

  • Confidential is a start-up non-profit organization working on providing employment and independent living support to persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders. A permanent position was offered contingent upon securing a grant. However, the grant fell through.
  • Built, deployed, and maintained production web server running Apache, Nginx, mysql, php-fpm, memcached, Drupal, on a Debian cloud server. Responsible for maintaining patches, security, and availability of public website and server.
  • Developed test plans for infrastructure builds and application deployments.
  • Responded to multi-day outage of public web server. The hosting vendor who was hosting our Virtual Private Server experienced a catastrophic RAID failure that corrupted our VPS. Vendor was unable to restore from their backups. This required us to change vendors, rebuild our web server, and restore content from backups.
  • Launched a project to develop automation code and DevOps processes so that we could respond faster in the event that if another catastrophic failure happened. Our goal was to shorten what was a 3-day outage to 4 hours
  • Improved site’s resiliency by hosting static content on Amazon S3 storage and serving it from a content distribution network. If we lost our web server, we could go from cold spare to serving web traffic in 1 hour.

Confidential, Miami, FL / BOSTON, MA

DevOps Engineer

  • Developed BASH code to automate server builds, OS patches, and deployment of applications to dev, test, and production environments.
  • Performed remote management using remoto-it, a Plain Old Bash (POB) script that executes recipes to perform deployments, change orders, and maintenance.
  • Maintained SVN repositories for DevOps environment: automation code and configuration
  • Researched and developed Apache 2.2 SSL proxy front end proof of concept that provides SSL encrypted communications between our Tomcat 7 servers and our Apache front-ends.
  • Developed BASH scripts to redact sensitive data from Apache access and error logs using a sed expression, deploy WAR files to environments in parallel.
  • Ensured idempotentcy of KRFS DevOps BASH scripts.
  • Ported Linux BASH scripts to work with Solaris 10 ultimately contributing ideas and code to make Remoto-It automation tool work more reliably with Solaris environments.

Confidential, Framingham, MA

Tier II Network Operations Technician

  • Monitored Genzyme’s global network operations covering the Americas, Europe, and Asia
  • Complied to ITIL v.3 Incident Response Standard Operating Procedures and Standards
  • Responded to requests to provide coverage during outages caused by Hurricane Irene and the Halloween ice storms. Worked double shifts.

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