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Devops Engineer Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • Over 8 Years of extensive work experience on DevOps Engineering & Release Management process, including end - to-end code configuration, building binaries & deployments of artifacts for entire life cycle model in Enterprise Applications.
  • Experience in Creating Linux, Redhat, and windows EC2 instances in AWS and had experience in creating auto scaling and load balancing in EC2 instances.
  • Strong experience in self-healing Server Infrastructure development on AWS cloud, extensive usage of AWS-EC2, VPC, CLI, S3, Route53, IAM, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front, SNS, SQS, Cloud Trail, Elastic Load Balancer, Elastic cache, RDS.
  • Deploy Ansible and Jenkins to complete ly provision and manage AWS EC2 instances, volumes and S3.
  • Experienced in cloud automation using AWS Cloud Formation, Chef and Ansible.
  • Experienced in using tools such as Git and SVN for source control version control, Configuration to manage repositories in remote and in local servers.
  • Used tools like Jenkins and Maven, npm for build management and to automate software builds and deployment.
  • Have good working knowledge with Docker containers.
  • Developed Docker images to support Development and Testing Teams and their pipelines.
  • Wrote scripts for automation of Build & Release with Docker and Jenkins.
  • Worked on Puppet for the deployment of servers with custom scripts.
  • Familiar with integrating JUnit, Cobertura, PMD, FindBugs and Checkstyle, SonarQube code quality tools.
  • Experience in writing scripts to automate the CI/CD pipelines using Shell, Bash, Perl, and Python.
  • Experience in working with Version Control systems like GIT, GITHUB, Bitbucket& SVN.
  • Worked with HP Service Manager, JIRA, ServiceNow, Remedy tracking tools.
  • Experience in configuring and deploying to applications servers Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere and webservers like iPlanet, Apache, ngnix etc.
  • Strong experience in automating Vulnerability Management patching and CI/CD using Chef and other tools like Gitlab, Jenkins, Rundeck, Nexus and AWS.
  • Experience in Nexus and Artifactory-repository managers for managing artifacts for java, npm applications.
  • Expertise in Querying RDBMS such as Oracle, MYSQL and SQL Server by using SQL for data integrity.
  • Good communication skills with excellent presentation skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Positive work attitude and self motivated to work independently and as a team with strong management, administrative, problem solving and decision making skills.


Operating Systems: Windows Server, UNIX, LINUX, RHEL

Source control tools: Subversion, GIT and GITHUB


CI Tools: Hudson, Jenkins and Build Forge

Repositories: Nexus and Artifactory

Configuration Management Tools: Chef and Puppet

Languages: Perl scripting, Shell scripting, Python, SQL, Java/J2EE

Tracking tools: JIRA, Remedy, ServiceNow, HP Service Manager and ClearQuest

Monitoring Tools: Splunk

Code Quality tools: JUNIT, Cobertura, SonarQube, Checkstyle, PMD and Findbugs

Application servers: Web logic, Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS

Web Servers: iPlanet, Apache, nginix

Databases: Oracle, SQL server and MYSQL


Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

DevOps Engineer


  • Working on multiple AWS services in integration with Cloud Watch, Lambda, ELB and Auto-Scaling.
  • Creating S3 buckets and maintained and utilized the policy management of S3 buckets and Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.
  • Experienced on AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances.
  • Maintenance and Vulnerability Management of Hybrid infrastructure using Chef - Cookbooks.
  • Worked on AWS ELB and configure the auto scaling as per the application user traffic.
  • Experience on bootstrapping and maintaining AWS using Chef on complex hybrid IT infrastructure nodes through the VPN and Jump Servers.
  • Design base role and cookbooks to apply and maintain the nodes/servers on different environments like Dev, QA, Stag and Prod.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins along with Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Created Docker files for internal services and applications as well as 3rd party applications.
  • Implement tests for resulting containers in multiple environments using Docker.
  • Implementation of Docker, and various Docker orchestration tools such as docker-compose, docker swarm.
  • Configured Kubernetes cluster and supported it running on the top of the CoreOS
  • Used Jenkins and pipelines to drive all microservices builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker, on GCP. Utilized kubernetes and docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build,test deploy.
  • Launching and configuring of Amazon EC2 (AWS) Cloud Servers using AMI's (Linux/Ubuntu) and configuring the servers for specified applications.
  • Designed, built and coordinate an automated build & release CI/CD process using Gitlab, Jenkins, Nexus and Chef on hybrid IT infrastructure.
  • Installed, configured and maintained DNS systems using BIND, Route53 (AWS), PowerDNS.
  • Setup and maintenance of automated environment using Chef Recipes & Cookbooks within AWS environment.
  • Designed and built a continuous integration and deployment framework for Chef Code using test driven development.
  • Implementation project workflow on JIRA and creating custom workflow.
  • Service requests and Change requests using ServiceNow ticketing tool.
  • Created different application processes in uDeploy which would deploy applications, run automated tests, add status messages based of the results and rollback the deployments based on the failures into different environments.
  • Involved in configuring S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to backup files and archive files in Glacier and configured S3 to static host web content.
  • Creating new IAM users & groups, defining roles and policies and Identity providers using IAM service.
  • Deploying cloud stack using AWS OpsWorks.
  • Configuring ELB (Elastic Load Balancers) with EC2 Auto scaling groups.
  • Creating alarms and trigger points in Cloudwatch based on thresholds and monitored the server's performance, CPU Utilization, disk usage.
  • Responsible to setup Jenkins server and build jobs to provide continuous automated builds based on polling and post-hook scripts in source control systems (GIT and SVN) during the day and periodic scheduled builds overnight to support development needs using Jenkins/Rundeck, Junit, Maven.
  • Experience with Build Management tools like Maven for writing build.xml and Pom.xml.
  • Migrated java applications to Maven and Gradle build tools.
  • Wrote deployment scripts using Shell, Perl and Python scripts.

Environment: AWS, Chef, Gitlab, Jenkins, Rundeck, Maven, Gradle, Nexus, GIT, JIRA, Unix/Linux, Windows, Shell, Perl and Python scripting, Udeploy and Servicenow.

Confidential, Fort Myers, FL

DevOps Engineer


  • Setup and build AWS infrastructure various resources, VPC, EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Security Group, Auto Scaling, and RDS in Cloud Formation JSON templates.
  • Configured Amazon S3 to host static web content, Elastic Load Balancers with EC2 Auto Scaling groups and deployed CloudStack using AWS OpsWorks.
  • Using Amazon RDS Multi-AZ for automatic failover and high availability at the database tier for MySQL workloads.
  • AWS services and architecture from a support/design/implementation perspective.
  • Experience in writing Chef Recipes to automate our build/deployment process and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Maintain and track inventory using Jenkins and set alerts when the servers are full and need attention.
  • Modeled the structure for multi-tiered applications orchestrates the processes to deploy each tier.
  • Integrated delivery (CI and CD process) using Jenkins, Nexus.
  • Migrated Projects from SVN to GIT.
  • Used Splunk for performance management of the server and for Log Trace Monitoring.
  • Provided detailed security and compliance advice for designing cloud-based implementations wisely.
  • Designed AWS Cloud Formation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates.
  • Worked on Migration Strategy and developed a POC migrating VMware/On-premise datacenter to AWS utilizing, AWS EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, and Direct Connect.
  • Working experience with the designing of VPC, Route Tables, Direct Connect, Internet Gateway, Security Groups, and CloudWatch Monitoring Alerts.
  • Build server deployment on Cloud AWS (EC2) servers with help of DevOps tools like Chef.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups, Configured S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to and backup files and archive files in Amazon Glacier.
  • Used Amazon IAM to create new users, roles, and groups.
  • Configured and monitored distributed and multi-platform servers using Nagios.
  • Managing a production infrastructure on Amazon Web Services VPC utilizing AWS CodeDeploy, S3, EC2 Container Service, Cloud Formation, including Auto Scaling.
  • Experience in RedHat Linux 5.x, 6.x (Installation, Configuration, Tuning and Upgrades).
  • Server migration using cloud services like AWS from physical to cloud environment.
  • Experience in monitoring System/Application Logs of the server using Splunk and Nagios to detect Prod issues.
  • Maintained and administered GIT source code tool.
  • Support the code builds by integrating with continuous integration tool (Jenkins).
  • Installed and configured Jenkins for automating Deployments and providing an automation solution.
  • Integrated GIT into Jenkins to automate the code check-out process.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using CloudWatch.
  • Created ChefRecipes for automating the Infrastructure, deployment process.
  • Managed Nodes, Run Lists, roles, environments, databags, cookbooks, recipes in Chef.
  • Written recipes scripts to customize the Chef as per our environment.
  • Configured Nagios to monitor EC2 Linux instances with Chef automation
  • Configured Apache Webserver in the Linux AWS Cloud environment using Chef automation.
  • Expertise in working with MySQL databases, Apache Web server, Tomcat, Nginx Application servers.
  • Worked on Routers and firewalls
  • Define/setup network protocols, Network File Services (NFS) and Network Information

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

DevOps Engineer


  • Have good working knowledge with Docker containers.
  • Developed Docker images to support Development and Testing Teams and their pipelines.
  • Wrote scripts for automation of Build & Release with Docker and Jenkins.
  • Experienced on Jenkins Pipeline to build real world CD pipelines for containerized applications using Jenkins and Docker.
  • Created Docker files for internal services and applications as well as 3rd party applications.
  • Implement tests for resulting containers in multiple environments using Docker.
  • Built continuous integration and Deployment (Infrastructureascode) for cookbooks with Lint (unit testing), rspec/cucumber (BDD), Test kitchen (integration tests).
  • Developed Cloudformation scripts to setup Blue/Green deployment infrastructure along with VPC, configuring subnets, EC2, Security groups, ELB, Cloud Watch/Alarms, Lambda, AutoScaling, SNS, SQS, RDS in AWS environments.
  • Developed Jenkinsfile to create dynamic Pipelines to support continuousIntegration and ContinuousDelivery.
  • Designed, built and coordinate an automated build & release CI/CD process using Gitlab, Jenkins/Rundeck, Nexus and Chef on hybrid IT infrastructure.
  • Designed and built a continuousIntegration and Deployment framework for Chef Recipe Code using test driven development.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks/Recipes to deploy Java applications into Tomcat nodes.
  • Deployed the Java applications into ApacheTomcat Application Servers.
  • Migrated applications from data center to AWS cloud Environment.
  • Responsible for automated Scheduled Builds/Emergency Builds and Release using ANT scripts for Enterprise application (J2EE)
  • Writing shell scripts for Automated Back- ups and Cron Jobs.
  • Setup and Install Chef workstation, Chef Server and bootstrapping the Chef Clients using knife.
  • Installed, configured and web servers like Apache HTTP Web Server, Apache Tomcat and Websphere Application Server on Red Hat Linux.
  • Worked on uDeploy creation of process, components and application to automate the deployments.
  • Created Dashboards for tracking build versions in different environments using Perl scripts and PHP.
  • Deploying JAR, WAR and EAR files to Webpshere, Tomcat and Node Apps to Ngnix webservers.
  • Used Splunk for monitoring applications across the board.
  • Used Jira as Ticketing System Tool to handle the issues/tasks/service requests created by multiple team members across the project
  • Integrated JUNIT, Cobertura, PMD, Find bugs and check style code quality tools.

Confidential, Manteca, CA

Build and Release engineer


  • Expertise building and monitoring software projects continuously with CI Tool Jenkins or other similar tools.
  • Create and maintain build scripts for J2EE (Maven) applications.
  • Expertise in using Maven to manage a project's build, reporting and documentation.
  • Create and maintain deployment scripts of Java/J2EE Applications to Web Logic Application Server.
  • Used SVN for branching, tagging, and merging.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the Subversion Repositories, views, and the access control strategies.
  • Designed and implemented SVN metadata including elements, labels, attributes, triggers and hyperlinks.
  • Experience in writing implementation plans for installing software components on build agents, and working with application services team to execute the install.
  • Support QA regression deployments, monthly and weekly releases of applications.
  • Extensive experience with Maven builds process and repository managers like Artifactory and Nexus.
  • Working knowledge of LINUX Shell scripting, Perl scripting.
  • Integrating the code quality analysis tools like Cobertura, FindBugs, JUnit, PMD, and CheckStyle into the projects.
  • Worked with JIRA for Issue Tracking and monitoring.
  • Worked closely with the Development Team in the design phase and developed use case diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Worked with the Architects on SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process being the owner of post development environments.
  • Participate in release coordination and communication to stakeholders.

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Build and Release engineer


  • Primary duties include Build and Deployment of the java applications onto different environments Dev, QA and UAT.
  • Involved in Installing Hudson on a Linux machine and created a Master and Slave configuration to implement multiple parallel builds through a build form.
  • Generated Ant, Maven, Perl & UNIX scripts for build activities in QA, Staging and Production environments.
  • Worked on the transition project which involves migration activities from Ant to Maven to standardize the build across all the applications.
  • Merged release branches to the trunk after the production release and resolved the conflicts rose if any during the merge in Subversion.
  • Managed Users and Groups in Subversion and involved in troubleshooting client spec issues and user issues.
  • Automated the deployment and server bounce process is by creating the scripts using WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST).
  • Strong in object oriented design/analysis, UML modeling, classic design patterns and J2EE patterns.
  • Build artifacts (WAR’s and EAR’s) are deployed into a WebLogic app server by integrating the WLST scripts to Shell Scripts.
  • Maintained configuration files for each application for build purpose and installed on different environments.
  • Directed the Release Management Calls to synchronize with the Developers, Testers and DBA teams for successful Release.
  • Presented reports to the Project manager about the progress and issues tracking key project Milestones, plans, and resources.

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