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Sr. Python Developer Resume

St Petersburg, FL


  • 8 years of strong experience in software/IT industry using Java and Python in various domains such as healthcare & banking.
  • Experience in working on various python packages such as NumPy, SQL Alchemy, matPlotlib, Beautiful soup, pickle, Pyside, SciPy, PyTables.
  • Good involvement in creating web applications in Object Oriented Programming concepts like Multi - Threading, Exception Handling and Collections and executing Model View Control design utilizing Django Framework.
  • Experience in developing Web Services (SOAP, Restful) in Python using XML, JSON.
  • Hands on experience in using Shell scripting for automation by following Python PEP.
  • Hands on experience in working with python editors like PyCharm, PyScripter, PyStudio, PyDev, Wing IDE and Spyder.
  • Experience in developing web services (WSDL, SOAP and REST) and consuming web services with python programming language.
  • Experienced in working with server-side technologies including databases, restful API and MVC design patterns.
  • Proficient in using editor’s like Eclipse, sublime text, NetBeans, PyCharm, Pyscripter, spyder, PyStudio and PyDev.
  • Used Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular form for east timestamp data retrieval and manipulation and for statistical analysis.
  • Analyzed instrument pricing and modelling methodologies and documented how instrument prices move as change in market data source.
  • Experience in developing web applications implementing Model View Control architecture using Django, Flask, Pyramid and Zope Python web application frameworks.
  • Experienced in working with various Python Integrated Development Environments like Net Beans, PyCharm, PyScripter, Spyder, PyStudio, PyDev and Sublime Text.
  • Proficient in building Web User Interface (UI) using HTML, DHTML, XHTML, AngularJS, Hibernate, CSS/CSS3, Node.js, Backbone.js, D3, jQuery that follows W3C Web Standards and are browser compatible.
  • Created UI screens for initiation and validation.
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for improved efficiency of storage and fast access.
  • Added support for Amazon AWS S3 and RDS to host static/media files and the database into Amazon Cloud.
  • Used Django evolution and manual SQL modifications to retain all the data, while site is in production.
  • Successfully migrated the Django database from SQLite to MySQL to PostgreSQL with complete data integrity.
  • Experience in Linux Bash Scripting and PEP guidelines in python
  • Knowledge in Using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk with Amazon EC2 to deploy project into AWS
  • Expertise in usage of python/Django Framework for developing web applications
  • Expertise in developing web based open stack applications for large dataset analysis using Python and Django.
  • Used Python Unit test framework for developing and implementing the unit tests using Test driven approach.
  • Hands-on experience in writing and reviewing requirements, architecture documents, test plans, design documents, quality analysis and audits.


Operating systems: Windows, Linux Ubuntu, UNIX

Languages: Java, C, C++, Python 3.3/2.7/2.4, Perl, SQL and PL/SQL

Scripting languages: CSS, AJAX, Java Script, jQuery, PHP, Shell Scripting

Analytics Tools: JMP PRO, SAS, Tableau, UCI NET, Node XL, MVC3, MATLAB

Markup languages: HTML, XML, JSON

Servers: Apache Tomcat, Apache Spark, IBM Web sphere, open stack, RESTful web services

Databases: Oracle, My SQL, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB.

IDEs/ Tools: Eclipse, Toad, Sublime text, Spyder, PyCharm, ETL

Version Control: CVS, GitHub

Methodologies & tools: Object Oriented Programming, UML, Agile Scrum, Waterfall

Deployment Tools: Heroku, Jenkins, Ansible, Redmine


Confidential, St. Petersburg, FL

Sr. Python Developer


  • Designed the front end of the application using Python, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON and JQuery. Worked on backend of the application.
  • Used UML Rational Rose to develop Use-case, Class and Object diagrams for OOA/OOD techniques.
  • Built database Model, Views and API’s using Python for interactive web-based solutions.
  • Worked on python library for manipulating PCI config space under Linux.
  • Django Framework that was used in developing web applications to implement the model view control architecture.
  • Exposure on Multi-Threading factory to distribute learning process back-testing and the into various worker processes.
  • Working on continuous integration and automation using Jenkins.
  • Performed efficient delivery of code based on principles of Test Driven Development (TDD) and continuous integration to keep in line with Agile Software Methodology principles.
  • Placed data into JSON files using Python to test Django websites.
  • Lock mechanisms were implemented, and the functionality of multithreading has been used.
  • Worked on Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular format for easy timestamp data manipulation and retrieval.
  • Python/Django based web application, Post gresql DB and integrations with 3rd party email, messaging, storage services.
  • Involved in Python OOP code for quality, logging, monitoring, and debugging code optimization.
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript and Angular JS.
  • Responsible for analysing various cross-functional, multi-platform applications systems enforcing Python best practices and provide guidance in making long term architectural design decisions.
  • Generated various graphs for business decision making using Python matplotlib library.
  • Tested various regular expressions in URL Dispatchers in Django.
  • Designed and created the database tables and wrote SQL queries to access PostgreSQL.
  • Deployed the project into Heroku and used GitHub version control system.
  • Used SOAP and Restful API for information extraction.
  • Modified existing webpages to enhance the usability.
  • Maintained Puppet rspec for testing various unit/system automation schemes.
  • Designed framework for Remote communication using Socket Programming, Bluetooth and Infrared and deployed the project into Jenkins using SVN version control system and used JIRA for tracking and updating the project issues.
  • Maintained Puppet for testing various unit/system automation schemes and worked on Using Jenkins to deploy your Django application and run unit tests.
  • Extensive code reviewing using GitHub pull requests, improved code quality, and conducted meetings among peer.
  • Planning, implementing, and converting manual test cases to automation test cases.
  • Trained team members extensively in agile methodologies and implemented by participating in scrum stand ups, Kanban mode, discussing and implementing requirements with clients.

Confidential, Elk Grove, IL

Sr. Python Developer


  • Created Python and Bash tools to increase efficiency of retail management application system and operations; data conversion scripts, AMQP/RabbitMQ, REST, JSON, and CRUD scripts for API Integration.
  • Developed Python based API (RESTful Web Service) to track the events and perform analysis using Django.
  • Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework.
  • Worked on several python libraries like Python, NumPy and matplotlib and used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer information to the Credit Monitoring Systems.
  • Involved in Using Python, Flask and AngularJS for the design, development and deployment of the application.
  • Worked on Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular format for easy timestamp data manipulation and retrieval.
  • Designed and developed the UI of the website using HTML, AJAX, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed UDF’s using python and also implemented graphs using python with big data analytics.
  • Design, develop, test, deploy and maintain the website and used Django Database API's to access database objects.
  • Wrote Python scripts to parse JSON documents and load the data in database.
  • Used Python and Django to interface with the jQuery UI and manage the storage and deletion of content.
  • Implemented web applications in Flask frame works following MVC architecture.
  • Worked on front end frame works like CSS Bootstrap for development of Web applications.
  • Involved in deployment of project using AWS.
  • Unique skills in developing user friendly, simple yet effective web-based applications.
  • Created a Python/Django based web application using Python scripting for data processing, MySql for the database, and HTML/CSS/JQuery and HighCharts for data visualization of the served pages.
  • Developed web-based applications using Python, Django, XML, CSS, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and Jquery.
  • Successfully migrated the Django database from SQLite to MySql to PostgreSQL with complete data integrity.
  • Developed Merge jobs in Python to extract and load data into MySql database.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery.
  • Executed various MYSQL database queries from python using Python-MySql connector and MySqldb package.
  • Using Django evolution and manual SQL modifications was able to modify Django models while retaining all data, while site was in production mode.
  • Generated property list for every application dynamically using Python and created unit test/regression test framework for working/new code.
  • Performed efficient delivery of code based on principles of Test Driven Development (TDD) and continuous integration to keep in line with Agile Software Methodology principles
  • Different testing methodologies like unit testing, Integration testing, web application testing, Selenium testing performed.

Environment: Python 2.7, Django, HTML5/CSS, MS SQL Server 2013, MySQL, JavaScript, Eclipse, Linux, Shell Scripting, JQuery, GitHub, Angular.JS, Jira

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Sr. Python Developer


  • Developed an embedded software data driven test automation framework in Python.
  • Developed Views and Templates with Python and using Django's view controller and template language, Website interface is created.
  • Implemented Business logic, worked on data exchange, processed XML and HTML using Python 2.7 and its familiar framework Django.
  • Designed and Developed User Interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap and JSON.
  • Developed Django dashboard with custom look by using the study of Django admin site and dashboard.
  • Automated data movements using Python scripts.
  • Worked on Selenium testing framework.
  • Written Shell Scripting for automation.
  • Used Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular format for data manipulation and retrieval.
  • For manipulation of data from the database, various queries using SQL were written and created a database using MySQL.
  • Deployed the project into Jenkins using GIT version control system.
  • Involved in splitting, validating and processing of files.
  • Created and populated digital brochures using PageTurnPro and built photo galleries on website in the Django CMS and also using Django CMS plugin.
  • Configuring SSO for different applications in different domains with Cookie Provider and troubleshooting issues related to them.
  • Maintenance and development of a high-traffic and demand site and platform running on a custom-rolled Django CMS.
  • Implemented automate scripts to back up the old records using MongoDB export command and transfer these backup files into backup machine using ftplib.
  • Maintaining multiple copies of data in different database servers using MongoDB Replication concept.
  • Worked with Linux shell commands and command line utilities.
  • Developed and configured test automation networks and execute stability and performance tests.
  • Responsible for debugging and troubleshooting the web application.

Environment: : Python 2.7, Django, Django-CMS, SSO, Django-CMS plugins, MySQL, MongoDB Linux, Shell Scripting, Pandas API, Selenium, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JSON.

Confidential - Johnston, RI

Sr. Python Developer


  • Involved in software development life cycle (SDLC) of tracking the requirements, gathering, analysis, detailed design, development, system testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework.
  • Involved in designing user interactive web pages as the front-end part of the web application using various web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, jQuery, AJAX and implemented CSS for better appearance and feel.
  • Knowledge of cross-browser and cross-platform development of HTML and CSS based websites in Windows like IE 6, IE 7, IE 8 and FF.
  • Interactive in providing change requests, trouble reports and requirements collection with the client.
  • Actively involved in developing the methods for Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) in Active Record.
  • Used NumPy for Numerical analysis for Insurance premium.
  • Used Robot Test automation framework for Testing of the GUI of the application.
  • Implemented and modified various SQL queries and Functions, Cursors and Triggers as per the client requirements.
  • Managed code versioning with GitHub, Bit Bucket and deployment to staging and production servers.
  • Implemented MVC architecture in developing the web application with the help of Django framework.
  • Used Celery as task queue and Rabbit MQ, Redis as messaging broker to execute asynchronous tasks.
  • Designed and managed API system deployment using fast http server and Amazon AWS architecture.
  • Involved in code reviews using GitHub pull requests, reducing bugs, improving code quality, and increasing knowledge sharing
  • Implemented monitoring and established best practices around using elastic search.
  • Install and configuring monitoring scripts for AWS EC2 instances.
  • Implemented task object to interface with data feed framework and invoke database message service setup and update functionality.
  • Working under UNIX environment in development of application using Python and familiar with all its commands.
  • Developed remote integration with third party platforms by using RESTful web services.
  • Automated Production tasks.
  • Updated and maintained Jenkins for automatic building jobs and deployment.
  • Used Apache CQ, Team Foundation Server for the content management.
  • Used many regular expressions to match the pattern with the existing one and store them in data base on a chronological basis.
  • Implemented code to perform CRUD operations on MongoDB using PyMongo module.
  • Improved code reuse and performance by making effective use of various design patterns and refactoring code base.
  • Involved in development of a Map based application for integral analysis purpose.
  • Updated and maintained Puppet rspec unit/system test.
  • Involved in analysis and design of the application features.
  • Worked on debugging and troubleshooting programming related issues.
  • Worked in MySQL database on simple queries and writing Stored Procedures for normalization.
  • Deployment of the web application using the Linux server.

Environment: Python 2.7, Django 1.4, HTML5, CSS, XML, MySQL, JavaScript, Backbone JS, JQuery, Mongo DB, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, Git, GitHub, AWS, Linux, Shell Scripting, AJAX, JAVA.


Python Developer


  • Responsible for the design and development of different web-based applications based on client’s requirements.
  • Developed applications using CherryPy, Flask (Python frameworks)
  • Deployed web applications to Google App Engine.
  • Learnt to deploy projects using Jenkins.
  • Utilized Pandas - python library for analyzing data and data structures.
  • Managed large datasets using Pandas data frames and SQLite
  • Designed email marketing campaigns and also created responsive web forms that saved data into a database using Python / Django Framework.
  • Learned about the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern
  • Learned new technical skills as required for the system like Django, CherryPy and Flask Frameworks.
  • Developed Python scripts to read from Excel files, generate XML configuration files and for generating IP access frequency lists in different data logs
  • Performed front-end development for web initiatives to ensure usability, using HTML and CSS.
  • Tested all completed work to ensure proper and error free functionality
  • Enhance quality, feel, and usability of consumer-facing website
  • Wrote Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams Sequence Diagrams, and State Diagrams.
  • Collaborated with a team of instructors and programmers to develop the curriculum and guidelines for workshops to teach the logic of programming.
  • Designed manuals, workbooks, and other printed media for reference purpose.
  • Created and ran custom SQL queries and stored procedures and also created applications to stored client phone calls and emails that were routed to various developers

Environment: Python 2.6/2.7, Django 1.2, CherryPy, Flask, SQLite, Google App Engine, Jenkins, Pandas, HTML, CSS.


Java Developer


  • Involved in Design and development of UI screens for Add and Update Lending Application using Struts frame work.
  • Involved in developing the business components using JAVA and JDBC.
  • Design and development of UI screens using JSP.
  • Developed and implemented the user registration and login feature for the application process from scratch by extending Django user model.
  • Used Restful web service calls for the validation.
  • Worked with AJAX framework to get the asynchronous response for the user request and used JavaScript for the validation.
  • Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, MySQL and custom tools developed in Python and Bash.
  • Developed user-friendly modals for the form submissions using simplemodal.js, jQuery, Ajax and JavaScript.
  • Designed and developed the UI of the website using HTML, AJAX, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript.
  • Used Django framework for database application development.

Environment: Java, Python, Django, J2EE, JSP, Oracle, Eclipse, MySQL, Linux, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScriptEducation:

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