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Mobile Web Developer Resume

Lexington, SC


To design, develop and create open source, responsive mobile to desktop website software by using the latest “state of the art” coding technologies and practices. To maintain and improve existing JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 code through studied integration with current JavaScript frameworks and future web innovations. To provide for a superior, efficient and seamless responsive user web experience.


  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CSS jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Backbone
  • AngularJS


Confidential, Lexington, SC

Mobile Web Developer


  • Create website software to allow equal access via desktop or mobile devices.
  • Current project is Confidential, a highly structured and layered collection of tightly integrated JavaScript and CSS code, used to create, control and troubleshoot responsive websites or single page app's.
  • Utilizing the power of standard JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, jQuery - ­UI, Underscore.js, Modernizr.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap and AngularJS, Confidential automates the display of size adjusted pages across browsing devices while adding the ability to load HTML content and JavaScript on demand.
  • Employing this hybrid "single page" website model particular to Confidential, content injection via JavaScript can include very complex HTML, JavaScript and CSS at any point in the page rendering process.
  • Very efficient because only the JavaScript, HTML and CSS required for each "content page" needs to be loaded at any give time.
  • Only load the user interface code need for each content page.
  • Controlled HTML injection and JavaScript execution
  • Modular JavaScript coding for easy maintenance, prototyping
  • Automatic dependency management for all module loaded code
  • Synchronous and asynchronous code loading for reduced page times
  • On demand management of culture and language localization
  • On demand loading of all major UI widgets and dependent plug-ins
  • Mobile centric 12 section, responsive grid, base on percentage widths
  • Extensive debugging capabilities, with fine grain error reporting
  • All coding utilizes standards compliant open source technologies
  • Full integration with Bootstrap, Backbone and AngularJS for SPA's

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