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Developer / It Support Lead Resume


  • Accomplished & Results Driven Professional recognized for professionalism, commitment to excellence, & demonstrated ability to communicate & working with senior management, associates, & customers.
  • Self - motivated & can work independently or in a team. enthusiast having over 4 years of experience in Information Technology Industry.
  • Design, Development, Implementation & Maintenance of Java & J2EE web & client server-based Internet applications.
  • Expertise with web-based GUI architecture & development using AngularJS, JSP, HTML, AJAX, JQuery, Java Script & CSS.
  • Experienced in developing webPages using UI frameworks including Angular JS Working ability in multiple stages of SDLC of large enterprise class & mission critical projects including initial concept, requirement gathering from business, documentation, design, development, testing, tuning & deployment
  • Expertise in developing web based GUIs using JSP, HTML 5, JQuery, CSS 3 & JavaScript (Ajax, JSON, & XML).
  • Expertise in working with Core Java in any Plat form.
  • Good understanding & experience with Hibernate, including mapping files, configuration file & classes to interact with the database.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Extensive Understanding of Object Oriented programming, Agile Methodology, eXtreme Programming approach, Object-Oriented Analysis, & design approach,
  • Good knowledge & work experience with design patterns Model View Controller - MVC architectural pattern, Data Access Object - DAO, Data Transfer Object - DTO, Singleton, Factory, Façade, Proxy & Service Locator Design Patterns.
  • Working ability on Oracle Databases, MYSQL, PL/SQL Developer, HTML, CSS, MS SQL 2008, Visual Studio, Java, PHP, C, C++, MS Office, Eclipse.
  • Experience in test case reviews & bug fixing using JIRA tracking system
  • Working knowledge of hardware server testing by using LINUX environment.
  • Working Knowledge of network technologies TCP/IP, DNS, SSH, HTTP, FTP, SSL, DMZ & Firewall concepts
  • Business Analysis, Team Management, Project Management, System Analysis, Database Design, Disaster Recovery, Project Planning, IT Policies & Procedures, IT Services Management, Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Business Continuity Management, Information Security.
  • Excellent educational experience creating & writing database Stored Procedures, Triggers, Constraints, Indexes, Alter, Grant, Privilege commands, Functions, Materialized Views, DB Links, Schemas, table spaces, Synonyms, Packages, Sequences, creating spool files for auditing purpose, Stored Procedure debugging, import & export of data into oracle database, extracting data to excel file, INNER JOINS, LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN, FULL OUTER JOIN, aggregate functions in oracle, cases, DDL,DML & DCL operations in oracle database
  • Strong understanding and experience with automation testing along with Data Driven testing, educational working experience with Selenium, Sikuli & TestNG.


Developer / IT support Lead



  • Involved in Design & coding application components in an Agile Environment utilizing a Test-Driven Development approach.
  • Extensively used Java Multi-Threading concept for downloading files from a URL.
  • Worked in designing of the Web framework using Spring as a MVC design paradigm.
  • Designed & developed the business logic for service, controller & data access components using JSP & Servlets.
  • Plan, Conduct & work on complex projects, review completion of technical products to ensure success & timeliness.
  • Developed SQL stored procedures & prepared statements for updating & accessing data from database.
  • Used AJAX framework for asynchronous data transfer between the browser & the server.
  • Used JIRA to manage the issues/project work flow
  • Used HTML, JSTL, CSS & JSP custom tag libraries for designing the JSP.
  • Utilized Angular JS framework to bind HTML template(views) to JavaScript object(models)
  • Extensively used JavaScript to provide dynamic User Interface & for the client side validations.
  • Provided Hibernate mapping files for mapping java objects with database tables.
  • Tested the Web service components Used SOAP UI for sending the request to web-services
  • Design level Optimization of the customer storage infrastructure.
  • Run automated test scripts to perform test on servers & to check hardware failures.
  • Isolated replicated & reported any observed defects in parts & products.
  • Ensured that all products met functional & design specifications.
  • Inspect product functions as well as monitor test procedures & equipment.
  • Performed QA testing on servers by physically inspecting hardware’s as well as running test scripts
  • Used JQuery to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML pages.
  • Used Spring & JavaScript for client-side validation
  • Analyze Storage utilization & develop a strategy accordingly
  • Report all product issues within the appropriate tracking system.
  • Configure server, switches, & racked solution to customer specification.
  • Perform audit of quality control program.
  • Responsible to prioritize & schedule tasks
  • Designed web application forms & Main interface of the accounting system.
  • Facilities Maintenance & Engineering (FME)
  • Research on their current system problem
  • Worked with other team member to define the scope of statement, analyze design processes, identify inefficiencies in current system & recommended improvements.
  • Done different feasibility & comparison analysis on the recommended Automated system & proposed final system design

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