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Contract Information Designer Resume



Cloud Services: Confidential, DropBox, Google Drive/GSuite, Microsoft Office 365.

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Interleaf/Quicksilver.

Operating Systems: Confidential MacOS/iOS; Microsoft Windows, Arduino, UNIX, Linux (Raspian).

Maker Tools: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, RFID, LEDs, soldering, basic electronics.

Photo Editing and Management: Confidential iPhoto, Confidential Aperture, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom.

Productivity: Confidential Pages/Keynote/Numbers, Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, JIRA, Confluence.

Provisioning Tools: Active Directory, DeployStudio, JAMF Casper, MUNKI.

Social Networking: Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Slack, Twitter, YouTube.

IT Support: Confidential, FreshService, JIRA, Confluence, ITGlue, Bomgar, Okta, Meraki.

Version Control: Cornerstone SVN

Video Conferencing: ZOOM, HighFive, Google Hangout, Skype for Business.

Video Editing: Confidential Final Cut Pro X, Confidential iMovie.

VOIP Services: CISCO WebEx, Nextiva, AVAYA.

Web Tools: CSS, HTML, Prezi, SquareSpace, wiki, Wikipedia, Wordpress .


Confidential, Cupertino

Contract Information Designer


  • Editing and managing the approval process for Quick Start Guides, Safety & Handling, Compliance & Regulatory documents for hardware accessories.
  • Creating SEO metadata for online Pro App help documentation.
  • Using Adobe InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Cornerstone SVN, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and internal support apps.

Confidential, Santa Clara

Technical Consultant


  • A Technical services firm offering contract and managed IT services.

Confidential, San Francisco

Contract Desktop Support Analyst


  • Documented IT Support computer provisioning process using Office365. Re - Built IT inventory system.
  • Provision Macs using JAMF and PCs using SCCM for onboarding and replacements.
  • Populate FreshService with solution documents & follow-up on tickets.
  • Support the needs of CEO and executive team. Manage Cisco WebEx video conferences.

Confidential, San Francisco

Contract Incident Manager


  • Organized and ran Post Mortem meetings to determine root cause and remediation of product degradation/outage incidents across data centers.
  • Captured raw info on a Slack channel, copied key notes into Confluence for team use, then summarized the outcome on Google Docs for Execs.
  • Maintained consistency of incident documentation.
  • Revised Red Alert document templates to be more efficient for teams to use.
  • Tracked and reported incident timelines for Vice President of Operations.

Confidential, Redwood City

Contract Technical Writer


  • Overhauled hardware decommissioning & data center disaster recovery RunBooks for Confidential compliance.
  • Simplifed data import process to data center inventory database (DCIM). Documents in Confluence, JIRA, and Google Docs in the Cloud.
  • Developed a one stop Data Center Status page for at-a-glance review of power usage and capacity.

Confidential, San Francisco

Contract Technical Writer and IT Support Engineer


  • Converted 1,000 computers to Confidential compliance with encryption, virus protection, Active Directory, JAMF Casper MDM.
  • Steamlined onboarding process from 2 weeks to 2 days using Active Directory, JAMF Casper.
  • Managed C-Level Executive Admin tech support.
  • Documented daily activities via Confluence, FreshBooks. Used Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JIRA/Confluence, DropBox.

Confidential, San Francisco

Contract IT Support Engineer


  • Initiated the first in-house computer training program.
  • Developed efficient laptop provisioning using Deploy Studio and MUNKI.
  • Managed IT documentation via cloud-based wiki tools and Confidential .
  • Received Letter of Recommendation from CFO for excellent service.

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