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Lead Ios Developer Resume

San Mateo, CA


  • 6 years iOS mobile development and 6 years total I.T., with 6 published apps in the app store.
  • Proficient in Swift, Objective - C, native and third-party frameworks, web integration and troubleshooting.
  • Experience in gathering and understanding requirements, planning, architecting and designing mobile applications for iPhone and iPad, and implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.
  • Strong knowledge about Core Frameworks like Map Kit, Core Graphics, CoreData, Core Animation, Core Text, and UIKit.
  • Skilled in programmatic UI with Swift or Objective C, Interface Builder and UIKit
  • Expertise in MVC design architecture, Cocoa design patterns and concepts like delegation, protocols and categories. Knowledgeable of design matters (façade, builder, observer, abstract factory, etc. as well as architectural patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM).
  • Created and customized views, table views, tab bars and navigation bars, which are some basic functionality in a multi-view application.
  • Experienced in various iOS SDKs such as iOS6, iOS7, iOS8, iOS9, iOS10), and various devices (iPhone, iPad, WatchOS)
  • Worked with Raspberry Pi using Core Bluetooth in order to achieve multiple simultaneous connection capability.
  • Proficient in source control with Git/GitHub and SVN and third-party tools such as GitHub and SourceTree, etc.
  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Concepts and application of those concepts in building stable, consistent, and re-usable code in iOS mobile app development
  • Experience working with mobile in-app purchase tools for the iPhone/iPad along with distinct marketing based applications.
  • Experience in the full mobile software development life cycle (SDLC), requirement gathering, and implementing design specifications, following guidelines and standards on iOS development teams.
  • Experience in testing (JIRA, Jenkins, TestFlight, XCTest) and maintenance of iOS mobile apps both unit testing using XCTest and scenario testing using Test Flight for Apple iOS development and approval in the Apple App Store.
  • Involved in the requirement gathering, project planning, effort estimating for successful product delivery.
  • Participated in Agile development environment with daily scrums and various sprints, calls for status reports, and use of Atlassian software for JIRA, Stash and Confluence.


  • Programming
  • Swift, Objective: CC++, Java
  • Experienced with MySQLSystems
  • UNIX environment
  • Databases
  • MySQL, SQLite
  • Web Services
  • RESTful web services using JSON
  • Reachability
  • NSURLSession
  • URLSession
  • NSJSONSerialization
  • NSXMLSerialization
  • Apple Push Notification (APNS)
  • NSUserDefaults
  • NSNotificationCenter
  • NSOperationQueue
  • MessageUI, AddressBook
  • AlamoFire
  • CocoaPods
  • Mobile App Debugging
  • Jenkins
  • TestFlight
  • Hockey App
  • Instruments
  • Crashlytics
  • XCTest
  • Firebase
  • JIRA
  • Web Development
  • Rails framework. iOS Mobile App
  • Quality & Testing
  • TDD
  • Unit Testing
  • XCTest (framework)
  • Automated Testing
  • Jenkins
  • TestFlight
  • Development Tools
  • JIRA
  • Kan Ban
  • Confluence
  • Threading
  • GCD
  • NSOperations iOS Frameworks
  • CoreData
  • EventKit
  • MapKit
  • Core Fata
  • Core Foundation
  • Core Text
  • Core Bluetooth
  • Audio Unit
  • AVFoundation
  • AudioKit
  • HealthKit
  • MessageUI
  • PushKit
  • StoreKit
  • UIKit
  • CloudKit
  • Social Framework and more
  • Social Marketing
  • Facebook API, Twitter API, Google API
  • IDEs
  • Xcode
  • Version Control Tools
  • Git, GitHub, Tower, SourceTree
  • Mobile App Interface
  • UIKit, Core Graphics, CoreAnimation
  • Location
  • MapKit, Core LocationiBeacons
  • Process Methodologies
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall
  • Data Persistence & Caching
  • Core Data, Keychain, File System, NSCoding / NSKeyedArchiver, SQLite, PList, NSUserDefaults
  • Peripherals
  • Apple Watch



Confidential, San Mateo, CA


  • In lieu of doing many individual bug fixes, I rewrote the mobile app from the ground up in Swift to provide performance, stability and user experience across multiple devices, both new and legacy.
  • Added landscape orientation on iPad and improved package tracking capabilities using Interface Builder, Storyboards, and Swift.
  • Added the ability to add tracking numbers to orders and mark shipments as delivered in the mobile app using Swift code. Fixed and improved Amazon shipment tracking.
  • Added the ability to remove deleted orders and bring back missing manual orders in the mobile app in Swift
  • Added a back button from tracking page on iOS8 mobile.
  • Parsed JSON responses into useable objects using NSJSONSerialization features.
  • Regularly performed Swift code reviews to ensure efficiency, readability, and maintainability.
  • Created the Jenkins script for testing purposes.
  • Used TestFlight for final testing of mobile app functionality and deployment to the App Store.
  • Participated in all phases of the iOS mobile app software development life cycle (SDLC) from design and development through testing, QA and approval.
  • Wrote Unit Tests for code using XCTest library.
  • Used Jenkins and GIT for continuous integration testing.
  • All web communications are performed in background threads to enhance performance and the user experience.
  • Managed GitHub repository creating branches doing merge, pull request and releases.
  • Developed layer to consume RESTFul web service using NSURLSession.

TECHNOLOGIES: iOS SDK, Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, TestFlight, Jenkins, XCTest, RESTful, JSON, SDLC, Git


Confidential, Kirkland, WA


  • Created Mockulus, a mock version of the Nest Camera’s Oculus service in order to test camera functions. Mockulus is now a permanent part of the testing suite.
  • Researched technologies for this particular use case in relation to integrations with server and hardware.
  • Used GCDAsyncSocket framework to establish a socket connection from a server to a client.
  • Implemented functions to create a secure connection with TLS settings.
  • Created a certificate authority and a root certificate and using Apple's Security framework.
  • Created the ability to send information across the connection using a Confidential internal frameworks and Swift Data type.
  • Created XCtests for each step in the Mockulus process.
  • Tested Nest Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat features. There was a particular feature on the Nest Thermostat.
  • Used Earl Grey assertions to test the function and created two-factor authentication tests.
  • During the project we used Git for version control, and the project was maintained on Bitbucket.
  • Continuous integration was also handled on a site called Bamboo, and our pull requests had to pass the build with two approvals before it was allowed to be merged in.
  • Served as reviewer to review and approve pull requests.

TECHNOLOGIES: TDD, XCTest, TestFlight, JIRA, MVVM, Xcode, instruments, GitHub, Sprint, SourceTree, Git, Hudson

SENIOR IOS Developer

Confidential, Plano, TX


  • Updated Card UI for the ‘Beauty Services’ section on the home screen.
  • Created UI for viewing a snapshot of customer account details using Synchrony API on “Wallet” after clicking “Payment Methods”.
  • Created sign-in view that appears if user is not signed in to JCP Credit Card.
  • Created views for authenticated JCP Credit Card user, including available balance and recent transactions.
  • Created function for guest user being able to transfer their wish list items to their account upon sign-in.
  • Created promo banners on “Wallet” after clicking “Payment Methods” to display the benefits of the JCPenney Credit Card to non-card holders, and messages for card holders as well, that displays depending on recognized user status.
  • Created promo banners for the rewards dashboard as well.
  • Created on several screens a “Message Us” UI button with logic that will access live customer service assistance.
  • Created UI for “Proposition 65” warning on certain products for California residents.
  • Refactored entire user sign-in view controller.
  • Created data analytics tags for many new integrated features.
  • Created flags around many new features that allowed for AB testing.
  • Wrote unit tests as needed for certain models.
  • Successfully resolved various issues that had been plaguing the application.
  • Corrected the alignment of price views when certain items are in cart.
  • Displayed separator lines in iPad o landscape orientation.
  • Restricted promo coupon on “Add Savings Page” to one per customer per purchase.
  • Adjusted size of error banner upon reaching max wishlist limit.
  • Showed proper views upon signing in to JCPenney Credit Card.
  • Fixed delete confirmation UI on inbox screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the gift card check box to persist upon selection/various data analytics tag fixes.

TECHNOLOGIES: TDD, XCTest, TestFlight, JIRA, MVVM, Xcode, instruments, GitHub, Sprint, SourceTree, Git, Hudson


Confidential, Mountain View, CA


  • Bug fixes using Swift and Objective-C on viewing of bank and credit card balances in registers.
  • Optimized the iOS mobile apposing Swift for iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus
  • Created quick company insights on Apple Watch app in Swift
  • Enabled customer signatures on invoices and estimates.
  • Implemented updates to the look of the P&L report per UI/UX team specs using Swift.
  • Responsible for defining technical evaluation criteria for product and technology selection and determining technical approaches to ensure all architectural solutions result in a coherent systems design.
  • Developed UI sizes and orientations using Storyboard and Auto Layout features necessary for mobile app to display correctly on various mobile screen.
  • Solved major defects in iOS mobile app navigation controller behavior using Swift.
  • Solved issues raised due to upgrade to iOS9 version of the app in Swift.
  • Tested the app on iPhone6 to assure quality and performance. iOS app development was implemented using iPhone SDK, XCode, interface builder, and instruments with Swift.
  • Used Core Animation framework to animate the flip view between two views.
  • Coded mostly in Swift with some legacy Objective-C.

TECHNOLOGIES: Apple Watch, Swift, CRM, Auto Layout, Instruments, XCTest, TDD, Jenkins, JIRA, GIT, iPhone6, Xcode, XIBS, Interface builder, Core Animation, Storyboards, UIKit, UI/UX


Confidential, Champaign, IL


  • Accessed the Core Location framework to track nearby locations.
  • Achieved Version Control using Git and GitHub.
  • Acted as a Key contributor to brainstorming sessions for App enhancements and bugfixes.
  • Added animation between UIViews for smooth transitioning and better user experience.
  • Application developed in MVC architecture using Xcode, Interface Builder, and Xibs.
  • Built wireframes for app designs, built application test framework with UI Automation.
  • Built, tested and deployed a scalable and modular application. Also, modified existing software to correct errors, improve performance and adapt to new versions of iOS.
  • Contributed to the full mobile application development lifecycle using Agile processes.
  • Coordinated with QA team to ensure the quality of application
  • Coordinated with technical staff in the configuration of iTunes App Store.
  • Defined sprint goals, and evaluated the iteration during sprint review/retrospectives.

TECHNOLOGIES: iOS SDK, Xcode, XIBS, Agile/Scrum, Instruments, Interface Builder, XCTest, MVC, UIViews, Git, GitHub, Core Location, Wireframes


Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Redesigned iOS UI for product page views using Storyboard for new look and feel per UX team specifications.
  • Enhanced user ratings and reviews ability using third party tools to allow and encourage more valuable info from users.
  • Using Storyboard, added views for MSDS and assembly instructions to assist users in shopping.
  • Improved scanning of barcodes and QR codes for greater speed and accuracy.
  • Used iBeacon with Core Bluetooth and Core Location for instore navigation and assistance as well as store finder.
  • Implemented UI screens as demonstrated in the UI specification documents using custom UITableViews to display product details, SFSafariViewController and QRCode scanners, QRCode generators at the point of sale (POS).
  • Enabled global choice of pick-up or ship product from catalog of over 600,000 products by using web shopping cart API.
  • Added store layout, shopping lists local store and workshop events.
  • Participated in various cross-functional teams, such as converting iOS app to ARC, and migrating off deprecated methods.
  • Implemented various OOP practices including MVC architecture and KVO and Singleton patterns.
  • Developed strategies to minimize customer impact during code releases.
  • Assisted approval of all updates to the iOS Apple App Store.
  • Performed QA, unit testing with XCTest and internal testing using TestFlight.
  • Followed continuous integration and test driven development (TDD) principles in a strict Agile/Scrum environment.
  • SVN repository was used for version control and Terminal was used to connect and commit to repository.
  • Imported and integrated 3rd party libraries through CocoaPods tool.
  • This iOS app and all features developed to be compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod. Handled different iOS devices, screen sizes, orientation changes using Auto layout and Storyboards.
  • Developed complete client iPad login and signup module that includes UI design and backend communication with Web Services.

TECHNOLGIES: iOS SDK, OOP, SVN, Agile/Scrum, TDD, XCTest, MVC, KVO, and Singleton, CocoaPods, instruments.

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