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Full Stack Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • Five years of industry experience in web application development, Full stack developer with satisfied knowledge in developing and examination Web based application.
  • Two years of experience in developing web application with React.
  • Experienced in developing web application based on React to design Component, utilized state and props to design React component layout different visual effect, used React - Router to build single page application.
  • Have solid involvement with build web application with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and React.
  • Working on utilizing prominent UI library such like Material-UI to enhance the view of the website page and client experience.
  • Excellent knowledge about different third-party libraries from npm.
  • Outstanding knowledge of JavaScript concepts such like class, promises, arrow function, and closures.
  • Experienced to use Redux to control the data in the React project and use Thunk to deal with the async operations.
  • Experienced in using Node.JS frameworks like Express.JS to design and implement the server side of the web application.
  • Experienced in creating React reusable component in the development of web application.
  • Outstanding knowledge about MongoDB and Node.JS, store JSON file in the database.
  • In both desktop application and web application, knowledgeable to use MySQL as the database to manage data.
  • Experienced in design a unify port between server side and client side by using Restful.
  • Knowledgeable in Python and Rest API to design and implement web applications.
  • Experienced using GIT do the version control.
  • Be professional in several different IDE, such as Visual Studio Code, eclipse, Visual studio.
  • Knowledge about Java, and use Java implement algorithm and design management system.
  • Perfect communication skills, outgoing and teamwork developer, perform well as a team member in the group.
  • Knowledgeable about SCRUM in small team to manage task.
  • Design a Rest API by node.js and express.js and Mongoose to get data from MongoDB.
  • For various website application projects used relational database management system such as MySQL.
  • Experienced on DOM manipulation via JQuery and had hands-on experience on using JWT passport to implement authentication and authorization.
  • Dedicated to maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge and skills.


Programming Language: JavaScript (ES5, ES6), HTML, CSS, Java, Python, C++, C, SQL

Library & Framework: React, React-Redux, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Material-UITechnologies Node.js, Express.js, JSON

Operation System: Microsoft Windows, Unix

Software: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, MongoDB, Eclipse, SQL-Database

Database: MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server

Version Management Tool: GIT

Project Management: JIRA


Confidential,San Jose, CA

Full Stack Developer

  • Designed and implemented an interactive UI using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Material-UI-React to present different information of users.
  • Built both container components and presentational components for reuse and rapid developments.
  • Developed Navigation bar, menu bar, drop down list with React and Material-UI.
  • Material-UI is used as the website layout framework to improve the visual effect of the web application.
  • Using the React Router to design the Single Page Application, and React to built frameworks to develop the user interface components and implementing them following React workflows.
  • Use state to store the components temporary data and control variable, used props to pass value between components.
  • Deployed Redux to manage state. Developed well-designed store, actions and reducers to deal with requests from client-side.
  • Implemented infinity scroll on the main page.
  • Implemented image upload via library multer/cloudinary.
  • Applied jwt passport to protect route to make authentication work.
  • Separated state with React, created store to contain the state and reducers and used mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps to connect the components and the store.
  • Used Axios to send HTTP requests and handled the returned promise with either refilled completion or rejected completion.
  • Create component hierarchy with more than 60 components, including container component and presentational components.
  • Deployed several ES6 new features such as class, arrow function, spread operator, set and map.
  • Used Thunk to deal with async functions and create a middleware between actions and reducers.
  • Used MongoDB to store the customer information and product details, design the data schema and manage the data using MongoDB as the database for the system, use mongoose lib to control and modify data in MongoDB.
  • Express.js is used to develop the Rest API to complete CRUD operations from MongoDB.
  • Used Git as the version control and collaborate tools.

Confidential,San Francisco,CA

Front-end Software Developer

  • Used JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and CSS to develop the front-end client-side application
  • Involved in designing and developing the GUI for the user interface with various controls.
  • Created interactive web pages with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Filtered the channel by implemented Google map API and AJAX.
  • Used AJAX to allow web page to update asynchronously by exchanging data with the server.
  • Built RESTful backend APIs to meet server client’s request for search results.
  • Parsed the fetched JSON response to a more structured format utilizing builder pattern.
  • Developed a three-tier Restful web pages for users to search stores based on location and preferences.
  • Involved in analyzing the Functional specification documents(FSD) and the Use Cases to write Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Develop and review test plans and test scripts
  • Built relational database MySQL to fetch data.
  • Visit customer site for organization of product deployment.

Confidential,Portland. OR

Front-end Developer

  • Developed the front-end page by HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Using Bootstrap to develop the responsive web design and improve the performance.
  • Used JQuery to manipulate Document Object Model (DOM), manage style, text, and content, also handle event, and manage animation.
  • Used JavaScript to design the dynamic response which page use.
  • Implemented routes, page layout, navbar and forms to built the structure of the web application.
  • Experienced with serious of APIs to do the HTTP requests interact with Node.JS and Express.JS
  • Used Git as the version control tool by using GitHub.
  • Used mongoose Schema and model to design and implement different models do the data.
  • Used Node.JS with some different npm libraries such as express and body-parser.
  • Implemented the back-end server used MongoDB as the database and use mongoose library to access the storage.
  • Using Express.JS to implemented the Restful interface, and it has CRUD functionalities.


Software developer

  • Developed JavaScript DOM-based code for increased activity.
  • Participated in designing and implementing a warehouse management system using JavaScript.
  • Participated as a team member in designing the user interface using HTML and CSS to make the interface use-friendly.
  • Work on user access authority design.
  • Implemented data base design, management using SQL Server.
  • Developed SQL scripts to Insert/Update and Delete data in SQL Server database tables.
  • Build table relationships and wrote stored procedures to clean the existing data.
  • Kept maintain the system including simple testing new functions, debugging, installing and uninstalling.

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