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Hadoop Admin/developer Resume

Dallas, TexaS


  • Having 8 years of IT Experience in Analysis, Implementation and Testing of enterprise wide application, Data Warehouse, Client Server Technologies and Web - based Applications.
  • Over 5+ Years of experienced in administrative tasks such as Hadoop installation in pseudo distribution mode, multi node cluster.
  • Experience in deploying Hadoop 2.0 (YARN).
  • Administration of Hbase, Hive, Sqoop, HDFS, and MapR.
  • Installation of Apache Ambari in Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP2.5).
  • Installation, configuration, supporting and managing Hortonworks Hadoop cluster.
  • Experience in working with cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.
  • Experience in understanding the security requirements for Hadoop and integrate with Kerberos authentication and authorization infrastructure.
  • Good knowledge on Kerberos Security while Successfully Maintained the cluster by adding and removal of nodes.
  • Handsome experience in Linux admin activities on RHEL & Cent OS.
  • Experience in minor and major upgrades of Hadoop and Hadoop eco system.
  • Monitor Hadoop cluster using tools like Nagios, Ganglia, Ambari and Cloudera Manager.
  • Hadoop Cluster capacity planning, performance tuning, cluster Monitoring, Troubleshooting.
  • Involved in bench marking Hadoop / Hbase cluster file systems various batch jobs and workloads.
  • Good Experience in setting up the Linux environments, Password less SSH, creating file systems, disabling firewalls and installing Java.
  • Experienced in design and implementations of robust technology systems, with specialized expertise in Hadoop, Linux and Network Administration.
  • Setting up MySQL master and slave replications and helping business applications to maintain their data in MySQL Servers.
  • Experience in job scheduling using different schedulers like FAIR, CAPACITY & FIFO and cluster co-ordination through DISTCP tool.
  • Administration of Hadoop and Vertica clusters for structured and unstructured data warehousing.
  • Hands on experience in analyzing Log files for Hadoop and eco system services and finding root cause.
  • Hands on experience in Zookeeper and ZKFC in managing and configuring in Name Node failure scenarios.
  • Experience in Amazon AWS cloud Administration and actively involved highly available, Scalability, cost effective and fault tolerant systems using multiple AWS services.
  • Ability to interact with developers and product analysts regarding issues raised and following up with them closely.
  • This project involves File transmission and electronic data interchange, trades capture, verify, process and routing operations, Banking Reports Generation, Operational management.
  • Experience in dealing with Hadoop cluster and integration with its Ecosystem like HIVE, HBase, PIG, SQOOP, Spark, OOZIE, Flume etc.
  • Experience in AWS CloudFront, including creating and managing distributions to provide access to S3 bucket or HTTP server running on EC2 instances.
  • Good working knowledge of Vertica DB architecture, column orientation and High Availability.
  • Performed systems analysis for several information systems documenting and identifying performance and administrative bottlenecks.
  • Good understanding and extensive work experience on SQL and PL/SQL
  • Experience in designing and implementing of secure Hadoop cluster using Kerberos.
  • Monitor health of the platforms and Generate Performance Reports and Monitor and provide continuous improvements.


Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Hadoop Admin/Developer


  • Responsible for building scalable distributed data solutions using Hadoop.
  • Hadoop installation, Configuration of multiple nodes using Clouder platform.
  • Installed and configured a Hortonworks HDP 2.2 using Ambari and manually through command line. Cluster maintenance as well as creation and removal of nodes using tools like Ambari, Cloudera Manager Enterprise and other tools.
  • Handling the installation and configuration of a Hadoop cluster.
  • Building and maintaining scalable data pipelines using the Hadoop ecosystem and other open source components like Hive and HBase.
  • Involved in developer activities of installation and configuring Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS, Developed multiple MapReduce jobs in java for data cleaning and preprocessing.
  • Importing and exporting data into HDFS and Hive using Sqoop.
  • Involved in Cluster Level Security, Security of perimeter (Authentication- Cloudera Manager, Active directory and Kerberos) Access (Authorization and permissions- Sentry) Visibility (Audit and Lineage - Navigator) Data ( Data Encryption at Rest)
  • Handling the data exchange between HDFS and different web sources using Flume and Sqoop.
  • Monitoring the data streaming between web sources and HDFS and functioning through monitoring tools.
  • Close monitoring and analysis of the MapReduce job executions on cluster at task level.
  • Inputs to development regarding the efficient utilization of resources like memory and CPU utilization based on the running statistics of Map and Reduce tasks.
  • Install OS and administrated Hadoop stack with CDH5 (with YARN) Cloudera Distribution including configuration management, monitoring, debugging, and performance tuning Scripting Hadoop package installation and configuration to support fully-automated deployments.
  • Day-to-day operational support of our Cloudera Hadoop clusters in lab and production, at multi-petabyte scale.
  • Changes to the configuration properties of the cluster based on volume of the data being processed and performed by the cluster.
  • Involved in creating Spark cluster in HDInsight by create Azure compute resources with Spark installed and configured.
  • Setting up automated processes to analyze the system and Hadoop log files for predefined errors and send alerts to appropriate groups and an Excellent working knowledge on SQL with databases.
  • Commissioning and De-commissioning of data nodes from cluster in case of problems.
  • Setting up automated processes to archive/clean the unwanted data on the cluster, in particular on Name Node and Secondary Name node.
  • Set up and managing HA Name Node to avoid single point of failures in large clusters.
  • Discussions with other technical teams on regular basis regarding upgrades, process changes, any special processing and feedback.
  • Involved in Analyzing system failures, identifying root causes, and recommended course of actions. Documented the systems processes and procedures for future references.
  • Worked with systems engineering team to plan and deploy new Hadoop environments and expand existing Hadoop clusters.
  • Administering and Maintaining Cloudera Hadoop Clusters Provision physical Linux systems, patch, and maintain them.

Environment: Hadoop, Confluent Kafka, Hortonworks HDF, HDP, NIFI, Linux, Splunk, Yarn, Clouder 5.13, Spark, Tableau.


Hadoop Admin/Developer


  • Worked on analyzing Hadoop cluster and different big data analytic tools including Pig, Hive and Sqoop.
  • Created POC on Hortonworks and suggested the best practice in terms HDP, HDF platform
  • Set up Hortonworks Infrastructure from configuring clusters to Node
  • Installed Ambari server on the clouds
  • Setup security using Kerberos and AD on Hortonworks clusters/Cloudera CDH
  • Assign access to users by multiple users’ login.
  • Installed and configured CDH cluster, using Cloudera manager for easy management of existing Hadoop cluster.
  • Installed/Configured/Maintained Apache Hadoop clusters for application development and Hadoop tools like Hive, Pig, HBase, Zookeeper and Sqoop.
  • Extensively using Cloudera manager for managing multiple clusters with petabytes of data.
  • Having knowledge on documenting processes, server diagrams, preparing server requisition documents
  • Setting up the machines with Network Control, Static IP, Disabled Firewalls, Swap memory.
  • Managing the configuration of the cluster to the meet the needs of analysis whether I/O bound or CPU bound
  • Worked on setting up high availability for major production cluster. Performed Hadoop version updates using automation tools.
  • Working on setting up 100 node production cluster and a 40 node backup cluster at two different data centers
  • Performance tune and manage growth of the O/S, disk usage, and network traffic
  • Responsible for building scalable distributed data solutions using Hadoop.
  • Involved in loading data from LINUX file system to HDFS.
  • Perform architecture design, data modeling, and implementation of Big Data platform and analytic applications for the consumer products
  • Analyze latest Big Data Analytic technologies and their innovative applications in both business intelligence analysis and new service offerings.
  • Worked on installing cluster, commissioning & decommissioning of data node, name node recovery, capacity planning, and slots configuration.
  • Implemented test scripts to support test driven development and continuous integration.
  • Worked on tuning the performance of MapReduce Jobs.
  • Responsible to manage data coming from different sources.
  • Load and transform large sets of structured, semi structured and unstructured data
  • Experience in managing and reviewing Hadoop log files.
  • Job management using Fair scheduler.
  • Exported the analyzed data to the relational databases using Sqoop for visualization and to generate reports for the BI team.
  • Using PIG predefined functions to convert the fixed width file to delimited file.
  • Worked on tuning Hive and Pig to improve performance and solve performance related issues in Hive and Pig scripts with good understanding of Joins, Group and aggregation and how it does Map Reduce jobs
  • Involved in scheduling Oozie workflow engine to run multiple Hive and Pig job
  • Responsible for cluster maintenance, adding and removing cluster nodes, cluster monitoring and troubleshooting, manage and review data backups, manage and review Hadoop log files.
  • Managed datasets using Panda data frames and MySQL, queried MYSQL database queries from Python using Python-MySQL connector MySQL dB package to retrieve information.
  • Developed various algorithms for generating several data patterns. Used JIRA for bug tracking and issue tracking.
  • Developed Python/Django application for Analytics aggregation and reporting.
  • Used Django configuration to manage URLs and application parameters.
  • Generated Python Django Forms to record data of online users
  • Used Python and Django creating graphics, XML processing, data exchange and business logic
  • Created Oozie workflows to run multiple MR, Hive and pig jobs.
  • Supported in setting up QA environment and updating configurations for implementing scripts with Pig and Sqoop.
  • Develop Spark code using Scala and Spark-SQL for faster testing and data processing
  • Involved in the development of Spark Streaming application for one of the data sources using Scala, Spark by applying

Environment: Hadoop, HDFS, Pig, Sqoop, Shell Scripting, Ubuntu, Linux Red Hat, Spark, Scala, Hortonworks, Cloudera Manager, Apache Yarn, Python, Machine Learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing)


Hadoop Admin


  • Launching Amazon EC2 Cloud Instances using Amazon Web Services (Linux/ Ubuntu/RHEL) and Configuring launched instances with respect to specific applications.
  • Installed application on AWS EC2 instances and also configured the storage on S3 buckets.
  • Performed S3 buckets creation, policies and also on the IAM role based polices and customizing the JSON template.
  • Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using AWS Cloud watch.
  • Managed servers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform instances using Puppet, Chef Configuration management.
  • Developed PIG scripts to transform the raw data into intelligent data as specified by business users.
  • Worked in AWS environment for development and deployment of Custom Hadoop Applications.
  • Worked closely with the data modelers to model the new incoming data sets.
  • Involved in start to end process of Hadoop jobs that used various technologies such as Sqoop, PIG, Hive, Map Reduce, Spark and Shell scripts (for scheduling of few jobs.
  • Expertise in designing and deployment of Hadoop cluster and different Big Data analytic tools including Pig, Hive, Oozie, Zookeeper, SQOOP, flume, Spark, Impala, Cassandra with Horton work Distribution.
  • Involved in creating Hive tables, Pig tables, and loading data and writing hive queries and pig scripts
  • Assisted in upgrading, configuration and maintenance of various Hadoop infrastructures like Pig, Hive, and HBase.
  • Exploring with the Spark improving the performance and optimization of the existing algorithms in Hadoop using Spark Context, Spark-SQL, Data Frame, Pair RDD's, Spark YARN.
  • Developed Spark code using Scala and Spark-SQL/Streaming for faster testing and processing of data. Configured deployed and maintained multi-node Dev and Test Kafka Clusters.
  • Performed transformations, cleaning and filtering on imported data using Hive, Map Reduce, and loaded final data into HDFS.
  • Worked on tuning Hive and Pig to improve performance and solve performance related issues in Hive and Pig scripts with good understanding of Joins, Group and aggregation and how it does Map Reduce jobs testing and processing of data.
  • Import the data from different sources like HDFS/HBase into Spark RDD.
  • Developed a data pipeline using Kafka and Storm to store data into HDFS.
  • Performed real time analysis on the incoming data.
  • Used Spark Streaming to divide streaming data into batches as an input to Spark engine for batch processing.
  • Implemented Spark using Scala and SparkSQL for faster testing and processing of data.

Environment: Apache Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Sqoop, Flume, Pig, Hive, HBASE, Oozie, Scala, Spark, Linux.




  • Responsible for implementation and ongoing administration of Hadoop infrastructure and setting up infrastructure
  • Analyzed technical and functional requirements documents and design and developed QA Test Plan/Test cases, Test Scenario by maintaining E2E flow of process.
  • Developed testing script for internal brokerage application that is utilized by branch and financial market representatives to recommend and manage customer portfolios; including international and capital markets.
  • Designed and Developed Smoke and Regression automation script and Automation of functional testing framework for all modules using Selenium and WebDriver.
  • Created Data Driven scripts for adding multiple customers, checking online accounts, user interfaces validations, and reports validations.
  • Performed cross verification of trade entry between mainframe system, its web application and downstream system.
  • Extensively used Selenium WebDriver API (XPath and CSS locators) to test the web application.
  • Configured Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven tool, Cucumber, and BDD Framework and created Selenium automation scripts in java using TestNG.
  • Performed Data-Driven testing by developing Java based library to read test data from Excel & Properties files.
  • Extensively performed DB2 database testing to validate the trade entry from mainframe to backend system.
  • Developed data driven framework with Java, Selenium WebDriver and Apache POI which is used to do the multiple trade order entry.
  • Developed internal application using Angular.js and Node.js connecting to Oracle on the backend.
  • Expertise in debugging issues occurred in front end part of web-based application which is developed using HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Node.JS and Java.
  • Developed smoke automation test suite for regression test suite.
  • Applied various testing technique in test cases to cover all business scenario for quality coverage.
  • Interacted with development team to understand design flow, code review, discuss unit test plan.
  • Executed tests in System & integration Regression testing In Testing environment.
  • Conducted Defect triage meeting, Defect root cause analysis, track defect in HP ALM Quality Center, manage defect by follow up open items, and retest defects with regression testing.
  • Provide QA/UAT sign off after closely reviewing all the test cases in Quality Center along with receiving the Policy sign off the project.

Environment : HP ALM, Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, Cucumber, Angular JS, Node.JS Jenkins, GitHub, Windows, UNIX, Agile, MS SQL, IBM DB2, Putty, WinSCP, FTP Server, Notepad++, C#, DB Visualizer.

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