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Sr. Software Engineer/full Stack Developer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • Over 7+ years of experience as a Python Web Application Developer and Software Engineer using Python, Django, Java. Over 7+ years of experience as an Analysis, Design, Development, Management and Implementation of various stand - alone, client-server enterprise applications using Python.
  • I am a Full-Stack developer/Python developer with experience writing and deploying code, configuring servers, troubleshooting production systems, interacting directly with the customer, migrating data from legacy systems, leading a team, and personnel acquisition/development.
  • Seeking a challenging and rewarding Python developer role with a fun, fast-paced and upwardly mobile organization where my skills, experience and personality can be utilized to their fullest potential.
  • Expertise in Backend Web Technologies using Python, Django, Flask, Java, spring, Hibernate and REST API.
  • Hands On experience in Front-end technologies- HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQUERY, JSON, and AJAX to deliver cutting-edge user interfaces and components.
  • Experienced in developing API services in Python/Tornado, Node.JS while leveraging AMQP and RabbitMQ for distributed architectures.
  • Experienced with full software development life-cycle, architecting scalable platforms, object-oriented programming, database design and agile methodologies.
  • Expertise in Python Full Stack development (Python2/3, Django, Flask, AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, AWS/OpenStack etc).
  • Proficient knowledge with cloud platforms like Confidential AWS and Google App Engine.
  • Experienced in developing applications using Confidential web services like EC2, Cloud Search, Elastic Load balancer ELB, S3, Cloud Front, Route 53 and Implemented automation using Selenium WebDriver, Python.
  • Expertise in designing web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and frameworks like AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap etc.
  • Exposure to automation in Ansible using its Python API. Extensively worked on JSF Framework integrated with EJB 3.0, Hibernate 4 and MyBatis 3 for both projects.
  • Strong Experience in Automating Web Application Testing using Selenium WebDriver with Testing Framework and strong exposure testing applications on different browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and expertise in locating the web elements using XPATH and CSS.
  • Strong experience in developing software in Python libraries to speed up development (libraries used: Beautiful Soup, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, python -twitter, Pandas data frame, network, urllib2, MySQL dB for database connectivity, JSON libraries).
  • Experienced in WAMP (Windows, Apache, MYSQL and Python) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python) Architectures and good experience in setting up REST API using Django.
  • Good knowledge in front end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.JS, Angular.JS, XML, Ajax and JQuery.
  • Good understanding of NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Datastax, Redis and Apache Cassandra. Good experience in Shell Scripting, SQL Server, Unix and Linux, Open stock.
  • Proficient in writing SQL Queries, Stored procedures, functions, packages, tables, views, triggers using. Good Experience on Selenium IDE and creating Scripts in selenium RC by using Python.


Programming Languages: Python 3.6/3.4.6, Django 1.8/1.7, Flask, Java, C++, Shell Script, SQL, Java/J2EE, PyJamas, Jython, Iron Python, PL/ SQL, Golang, Bif Data, Hadoop

Python Framework: Django 1.8/1.7, Celery, MongoDB, AngularJS, Django Rest Framework, Flask, Hibernate, Spring MVC, ASP.NET MVC, Git.

Web Technologies: AJAX, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, D HTML, X HTML, XML, React, JSON, JQuery, Angular JCSS, Boots trap, Webservices, REST API's.

Database: My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle 11g, NoSQL, PostgreSQL.

Operating systems: Windows XP, Win 7, 8.1, 10, Linux, OSX.

Methodologies: Agile, V Model, Waterfall, Hybrid.

Code Versioning: Subversion, GIT, Perforce, SVN, CVS

JavaScript Frameworks: Node.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, ExtJS, Ember.js, AngularJS.

Platforms: Linux, Unix, Windows.

Tools: & IDE: Selenium, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Netezza.

Web Servers: IBM Web Sphere, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat.

Python Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, Shell, Unit Test, JSON, CSV, XLS, Perl, Bash

Linux Versions: Hypervisors Ubuntu, Red Hat, VM Ware, KVM, Hyper-V, Centos.

Key Areas: PIP, Ansible, Puppet, Chef.

Methodologies: Agile (Scrum), Waterfall


Sr. Software Engineer/Full stack developer

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Senior software engineer for a highly scalable and reliable service-tier application which integrates with core e-commerce platform for digital media across entire fulfilment cycle.
  • Our existing API infrastructure is largely written in Python 2, with portions of services in Python 3 and Java. We use Git for version control and communicate internally using email, GitHub, JIRA, and Confluence where we use multiple open sources technologies.
  • Implemented Agile Process on software development life cycle and done effort estimations using function points and 3p estimations.
  • Created and customized modules to run in the Odoo business framework using Python 2.7, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PostgreSQL 9.3 and AWS.
  • Designed, developed, coded, worked in penetration testing and implemented a concurrent - multi-parallel - event oriented-processing - AKKA Actor System and Actors; to consume Scala Spark-SQL Rules which aggregated data to produce Quality Performance Reports (QPR) on Fiscal projections against Apprentice and Intern Job data.
  • Installed and configured Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS, Developed multiple MapReduce jobs in java for data cleaning and pre-processing.
  • Developed application using Confidential Web Service like EC2, cloud search, Elastic load balancer ELB, Cloud Front Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Confidential web services (AWS) & configuration management using puppet.
  • Used Selenium Library to write fully functioning test automation process that allowed the simulation of submitting different requests from multiple browser to web application.
  • Migrated infrastructure from inhouse servers to AWS cloud. Used Docker Container, EC2, IAM, RDS, Route 53, REST API gateway and Lambda of AWS.
  • Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, MySQL and custom tools developed in Python and Bash.
  • Developed GUI using Python and Django for dynamically displaying block documentation and other features of python code using a web browser.
  • Designed and configured MySQL database and back end applications and programs. Developed elaborate Python scripts to migrate data from proprietary database to MySQL.
  • Designed and developed the UI for the website with HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java Script AJAX and Angular JS. Utilized Angular libraries like angular-UI-router, angular-resource to make the powerful single page application and utilized angular-storage to briefly store the information utilized as a part of this application.
  • Used Test driven approach for developing the application and Implemented the unit tests using Python Unit test framework.
  • Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework.
  • Worked with Lucene, EC2, Apache, Python, AWS, MySQL, Java and mod python to keep data current and keep knowledge representation models relevant to user experience.
  • Developed web platform to be scalable, secure, rich-featured site and CMS. Platform also incorporated ad serving and predictive / reactive scaling.
  • Built a metadata API that incorporated product information from a feed of digital and physical assets. Wrote cloud-based applications using GAE and AWS.
  • Explored and worked with node.js and Twitter Bootstrap as prototyping tools and frameworks to build applications upon. Experimenting with RabbitMQ and Redis to implement notification queues or distributed caches.
  • Involved with visualization libraries and tools like D3.js, HIGHCHARTS, Bokeh, matplotlib, Tableau etc.
  • Involved in Unit testing and Integration testing and created voice-controlled application for client using Jasper. Responsible for Integration test cases for Cloud Computing applications on AWS using Python with Boto library
  • Performed cryptanalysis to create strategy for generating unforgeable codes.
  • Constructed API so that multiple sites can access platform for sales and marketing for analytics.

FullStack developer/ Python Django Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • As Full Stack developer, created a custom CMS built using Django, AWS ( Confidential web service), REST, Jason with JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX components, worked closely with designer.
  • Followed Agile Methodologies to manage full life-cycle development of the project. Associated with various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Developed micro service for handling external calls, redirecting them to the external web services, aggregating and filtering returned data using Python 2.8, flake8, CherryPy, Docker and Google Cloud.
  • Developing new web application modules using Python 2.8, JavaScript, Regex, PostgreSQL 9.1 and Git as version control system.
  • Used the Node.js, Angular.js MVC Frameworks in the development of the web applications. Unit testing with JavaScript and node.js.
  • Written Cloud formation templates and deployed AWS resourcing. Build application and database servers using AWS EC2 and create AMIs also using RDS for Oracle DB.
  • Build backend security services for Client platforms such as web & email security appliances and cloud services, firewall, and next-generation backend intelligence systems.
  • Worked in building single page applications (SPA) using Angular.js with expertise in creating User Controls, Web Forms and client-side validations using JavaScript, jQuery and Angular.js
  • Designed and developed python microservices with using simply module to calculate complicated time consumption by each operation in assembly line.
  • Developed and tested many features for dashboard using Python, Java, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Developed tools using Python, Shell scripting, XML to automate some of the menial tasks.
  • Designed front end and backend of the application using Python on Django Web Framework
  • Implemented business logic, data exchange, XML processing and created graphics using Python and Django. Resolved ongoing problems and accurately documented progress of a project.
  • Prepare Test scripts for different applications using QTP & Selenium and run a Regression test on Selenium after every build.
  • Performed Compatibility testing of applications for dynamic and static content of browsers using HTML Ids and XPath in Selenium.
  • Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework with GIT. Designed and managed API system deployment using fast http server and Confidential AWS architecture.
  • Wrote and executed various MYSQL database queries from Python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQL dB package also used Pandas library for statistical Analysis
  • Used NoSQL database Apache Cassandra to load the data in database and wrote Python scripts to parse XML documents and load the data in database.
  • Interfacing with supervisors, artists, systems administrators and production to ensure production deadlines are met and designed and developed the UI of the website using HTML, XHTML, AJAX, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Collaborated with internal teams to convert end user feedback into meaningful and improved solutions and automation of internal web application through Selenium 2 WebDriver.

Python Developer/AWS Back End developer

Confidential, Dallas, Texas Area


  • Application was based on service-oriented architecture and used Python 2.7, Django 1.5, JSF 2.1, Spring 3.2.5, Ajax, HTML, CSS for the frontend.
  • Develop consumer-based features and applications using Python, Django, HTML, Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and pair-based programming.
  • Rewrote existing Python/Django modules to deliver certain format of data and responsible for debugging the project monitored on JIRA (Agile).
  • Performed troubleshooting, fixed and deployed many Python bug fixes of the two main applications that were a main source of data for both customers and internal customer service team.
  • Transformed design mock-ups into cross-browser compatible HTML5/CSS3 layouts and implemented dynamic elements and reusable libraries with JavaScript, JQuery and Angular.js (v1.5). Developed Automation Scripts for Regression using Selenium Web Driver and Python.
  • Created Python and Bash tools to increase efficiency of operations: data conversion scripts, REST, JSON, and CRUD scripts for API Integration.
  • Worked in DevOps group running Jenkins in a Docker container with EC2 slaves in Confidential AWS cloud configuration.
  • Collaborate in the automation of AWS infrastructure via terraform and Jenkins - software and services configuration via chef cookbooks.
  • Set up databases in AWS using RDS, storage using S3bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket also Migrated on-premises IT infrastructure to AWS cloud environments, delivering significant financial savings, scalability and elasticity.
  • Wrote and executed various MYSQL database queries from python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQL dB package.
  • Utilized Cloud watch to monitor resources such as EC2, CPU memory, Confidential to design high availability applications on AWS across availability zones.
  • Worked on Integration of Selenium RC/WebDriver with existing API to test Framework.
  • Used Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular format for east timestamp data manipulation and retrieval. Configured Elastic Load Balancers with EC2 Auto-scaling groups in AWS.
  • Developed and handled business logic through backend Python code to achieve optimal results and worked on Element Tree XML API in Python to parse XML documents and load the data in database.
  • Performed troubleshooting, fixed and deployed many Python bug fixes of the two main applications that were a main source of data for both customers and internal finance team.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Used Python Library Beautiful Soup for web scrapping to extract data for building graphs.
  • Played a key role in a development wide transition from Subversion to Git, which resulted in an increase in efficiency for the development community.
  • Enhanced existing automated solutions, such as the Inquiry Tool for automated Asset Department reporting and added new features and fixed bugs.
  • Managed, developed, and designed a dashboard control panel for customers and Administrators using Django, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, and VMWare API calls.
  • Experience in writing Sub Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, and Functions on MySQL and PostgreSQL database.
  • Used many regular expressions to match the pattern with the existing one and used Robot Framework, RIDE and developed few test suites for testing application and implemented the validation, error handling, and caching.
  • Worked in development of applications especially in Linux environment and familiar with all its commands and Refactored existing project to make it more RESTful and thread-safe.
  • Designed RESTful XML web service for handling AJAX requests and Created project designs utilizing MVC architecture components and Responsible for debugging and troubleshooting the web application.

Python Developer

Confidential, Novi, MI


  • Wrote Python routines to log into the websites and fetch data for selected options.
  • Implemented the OOP features of Python to full extent to build the web applications
  • Built Django web applications for its medical and health clients that include few to several Views as part of Rapid Application Development(RAD).
  • Rewritten existing Python/Django module to deliver certain format of data and created database using MySQL, wrote several queries to extract data from database and wrote scripts in Python for extracting data from HTML file.
  • Built an AWS and REDIS server for storing the data and performed defect analysis and interaction with Business Users during UAT/SIT
  • Worked on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.JS, Git, REST API, Mongo DB, Intellij IDEA. Held meetings with client and worked all alone for the entire project with limited help from the client.
  • Designed and Set up of environment of Mongodb with shards and replicasets. (Dev/Test and Production).
  • Designed and developed the UI of the website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and worked on writing and as well as read data from csv and excel file formats.
  • Worked on resulting reports of the application and Tableau reports and Modifying data using SAS/BASE, SAS/ MACROS, extracting data from the database using SAS/Access, SAS SQL procedures and create SAS data sets.
  • Developed approaches for improving NLP pipeline and Create custom VB scripts in repackaging applications as needed, NLP File Prep Settlement-Prepare files for review for Settlement.
  • Developed entire front-end and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework and designed and developed data management system using MySQL.
  • Worked with Web-services in backend development using Python (CherryPy, Django, SQLAlchemy)
  • Participated in developing the company's internal framework on Python. This framework became a basement for the quick service's development. Framework based on CherryPy with GnuPg encryption (reGnuPg module) on the top and Developed rich user interface using CSS, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery. Created a Python based GUI application For Freight Tracking and processing and used Django framework for application development
  • Developed and maintained various automated web tools for reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency of the Global Shipping Team.
  • Effectively communicated with the external vendors to resolve queries also Used Perforce for the version control.

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