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Software Engineer Resume

Reston, VA


To make a difference in the world through quality workmanship, leadership, research, honesty, and best practices.


  • Through Software Engineering best practices, skill and common sense, develop successful software with the least amount of headache, as close to on time and on budget as is possible.
  • Deep Understanding of Software Engineering Principles and Best Practices.
  • Skilled at Software Design and Problem Solving.
  • The Charisma, Drive and Motivation to get the job done.


  • Proficient in many languages (7+ yrs C/C++ exp., 4 yrs python exp., 3 yrs .Net (VB/C#), JS/HTML/CSS, Java, BASH script, PHP, XML/JSON, SQL, Lisp, Prolog, Objective C)
  • Adept with a variety of tools (Eclipse, Visual Studio, Git, GitHub, Subversion, Docker, MinGW, GNU toolchain (make, gcc/g++), NSIS Installer, RPM, Jenkins (build server), and more...)
  • Practical experience with a variety of concepts and methodologies (Socket programming, TCP & UDP, Peer - to-Peer networking, HTTP, message-based and streaming protocols, WebAPIs, AJAX, Requirements Gathering, DevOps, Agile, concurrent, distributed and multithreaded programming, test driven development and unit testing frameworks, regression testing)
  • Intimately Familair with a variety of NoSQL and traditional databases (Mongo, MySQL, OrientDB, Titan, Redis, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, BigData)
  • Work with a variety of user interface frameworks (HTML/CSS/Javascript, Flask/Bottle, Win32, GWT, Windows Forms, C# and embedded HTML, OpenGL, SFML, DirectX, GDI+, MFC, Swing)


Confidential, Reston, VA

Software Engineer


  • Investigated and Examined NoSQL technologies for Intelgraph project. Became intimately familiar with database designs and inner workings; especially graph databases and document stores.
  • Lead maintainer on malware repository, database and static malware analysis system " Confidential " which contains over 200 million malware samples.
  • Took this system from being unstable, unmaintainable, and monolithic, to being well designed, modular and distributed.
  • Lead the requirements, design, and implementation of the Vulnerability Exploit Intelligence Work Queue system.
  • Re-wrote the iDefense Entity Extraction system, resulting in a 300x speed up and correct performance.
  • Lead maintainer on three other iDefense internal systems.
  • Worked extensively with NoSQL databases.
  • Expert in MongoDB.
  • Experienced with Redis.
  • Trained in Elastic Search and OrientDB.
  • Worked with Titan, Cassandra and BigData.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Software Engineer


  • Principle software engineering on the Fishnet project. Provided consulting in translating Matlab prototypes into streamlined C++ applications. Developed interfacing modules, simulators and output displays for integration, debugging and testing.
  • Independently re-designed and developed the “Bamas” website for noise monitoring on military bases working with managers for specifications. Maintained, re-factored and updated Bamas backend software.
  • Worked on distributed sonar detection and tracking software. Developed C++ abstractions to aid in defect detection for fixed-point math. Debugged precision errors in Fixed-point FFTs.
  • Associate developer on the Gravity distributed communication framework. Developed .Net bindings for Gravity. Developed Archival and Playback modules for Gravity.

Confidential, Chantilly, VA

GIS Tools Engineer


  • Researched and experimented with new ways of detecting trees from 1 st and 2 nd LiDAR returns.
  • Designed and implemented a tool to partition very large (130 GB) raster datasets into tiles. Implemented polygon rasterization algorithms.
  • Experimented with using the Hough transform to filter the edges of buildings from data and methods of doing edge detection on buildings.
  • “Revolutionized” the Forest Processing process by conceiving of, designing, and implementing the Automatic Bow Tie Removal Tool.
  • Independently designed and developed new tools both as requested and as I saw processes needing improvement.
  • Creating and Maintained tools for geographic data processing efforts using ArcObjects
  • Maintained and extended the LiDAR Bare Earth tools. Researched and established performance bottlenecks, proposed a better algorithms then coded the resulting changes, resulting in a 10x speed increase to the LiDAR building attribution. Implemented a batch processing framework for Arc Tools. Documented the LiDAR toolbars.
  • Created and Maintained LAS processing tools - Built, used and improved open source tools such as liblas and GDAL.
  • Designed and implemented a general purpose LAS validation and repair tool.
  • Created, improved and maintained 32 different of LAS, raster processing and texturing tools.
  • Work extensively with Geospatial and Geographic Data
  • Experimented and explored new ways of classifying trees using Eigen values and plane normals in LAS point clouds then, based on that research, implemented our first LIDAR LAS tree classification process.
  • Lead the effort to test the Confidential Arc Toolbars
  • Gathered data and requirements from users.
  • Developed testing goals and strategies for our specific project.
  • Planned and wrote test scripts for over 100 tools using TestComplete7.

Confidential, Ashburn, VA

Computer Programmer


  • Maintained, tested, and debugged large scale modular client-server communication applications.
  • Worked extensively with embedded devices and phones. Worked in C++, C# and embedded Java.
  • Independently designed, built and tested the InteletrackerGPS system (ask for Datasheet).
  • Developed KD-tree implementation to improve search of geographic datasets.

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