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Senior Test Engineer Resume



  • 12 years of strong software experience with 5 years as Selenium automation lead and 7 years worked in core java development and other technologies.
  • QA Analysis/Testing of Web based, Mobile Web, Mobile Native and Client Server applications using Selenium Web Driver, JUnit/TestNG, Quick Test Professional (QTP), ReadyAPI, SOAPUI, JMeter and Shell Scripting.
  • Experience of Accessibility Testing WCAG2.0 standards A & AA using plugins aXe.
  • Experience with latest technologies and platforms Saucelabs, TestObject, Postman.
  • Extensive experience with Waterfall and Agile Methodologies (Scrum) and related tools like JIRA.
  • Extensive experience in preparing test plans, test scenarios, test scripts, test cases, test reports and documentation of manual and automated testing.
  • Good knowledge of identifying various test scenarios. Holds strong ability to handle multiple tasks & prioritizing
  • Diversified experience in testing at every phase of the development process Functional, Integration, Regression, User - interface, Acceptance, System, Ad-hoc, End-to-End, Front End and Back End testing.
  • Hands on Coding Experience in Java, C#, C++, C, VB, SQL, and SQL languages
  • Expertise in automating the software testing and hands-on coding using open-source tools like Selenium Web-Driver / Grid, Java, QTP, and Firebug.
  • Exposure to White Box Testing using JUnit4, JUnit3 and TestNG.
  • Performed mobile testing on the mobile web using Sitespeed.io and Native apps on iPhone, Android and iPad platforms.
  • Experience in Automated Functional and Performance Testing using Quick Test Professional & LoadRunner.
  • Experience in Database Testing and writing SQL Queries.
  • Experience in web technologies: JavaScript, XML, XPATH, AJAX, HTML, CSS, SOAP, JSON and JQuery.
  • Executed the test scripts using Selenium to validate the actual and expected results
  • Experience in bug reporting tools like Bugzilla, Quality Center, JIRA and Rally
  • Demonstrated ability to work on Work Flow, Entity Relationship Diagrams, and Data Flow Diagrams
  • Expertise in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy, and informative recreation steps using Quality Center, JIRA, IBM Clear Quest, Bugzilla.
  • Good understanding of DBMS and RDBMS systems in writing and testing SQL queries.
  • Experience in troubleshooting production incidents and verifying logs.
  • Have excellent communications and strong interpersonal skills, which provide with the ability to interact with end-users, managers, technical personnel, etc. Good experience in Onsite-Offshore delivery model.
  • Has extensive domain knowledge in Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Entertainment, Sports and Online Marketing.
  • Flexible and versatile to adapt to a new environment and ability to multitasking and work independently.


Testing Tools: Selenium Web Driver/Grid, JUnit 4.X/ 3.X, QTP, JMeter, Load Runner, Mercury-Quality Center, TestNG, Maven, Mobile Testing, IPhone & Android, Web Service Testing, Sitepseed.io

Automation Platforms: SauceLabs, TestObject, BrowserStack

Framework: AngularJS, Node.js, Protractor, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Postman

Defect Tracking Tools: Zephyr, JIRA, Quality Center, Rally, ClearQuest, Bugzilla

Languages: Java, C++, C#, C, SQL, Unix shell script

IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Basic

Web Technologies/ Tools: HTML, Java script, CSS, XPath, XML, HTML, Adobe Flash, PHP, CSS, .Net, J2EE, JDBC, Maven, Firebug, FirePath, Paros Proxy, HTTP Analyzer, JQuery, aXe

Databases and Tools: Oracle, NoSQL, Mongo DB, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, JSON, SQL Navigator

MISC Tools: Microsoft Visio, MS Office, MS Project, Putty, FileZilla, Jing

Operating Systems: MS-Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Unix, MS-DOS, MAC


Confidential, NYC

Senior Test Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • www.msg.com:
  • Automated Testing of Msg.com - Confidential - Official Web Site.
  • Integrating automated Jenkins build infrastructure with github and building TestNG suites with Maven Archetype.
  • Utilizing the SauceConnect tunnel capabilities for Saucelabs build and automated tests for multiple platforms.
  • Created Test Archetype in JIRA using ZEPHYR Rest API with JWT token handling and creating meta data e.g. Test Cycle, Test Case, Test Step etc. directly from Sprint User stories or from Excel by reading the excel datasets.
  • Accessibility Testing adhering WCAG2.0 standard A & AA using aXe plugin. www.rockettes.com:
  • Automated Testing of Rockettes.com - The world’s most famous precision dance company.
  • Integrated automated Jenkins build infrastructure with github and running TestNG suites with Maven Archetype for multiple environments (e.g. dev, qa, prod).
  • Utilized the SauceConnect tunnel capabilities for Saucelabs build and automated tests for multiple platforms.
  • Performed multi-threading in scripts to fire off the tests for multiple platforms at once on Saucelabs .
  • Created Test Archetype in JIRA using ZEPHYR Rest API with JWT token handling and creating meta data e.g. Test Cycle, Test Case, Test Step etc. directly from Sprint User stories or from Excel by reading the excel datasets.
  • Performed data crunching of Google analytic s data for top mobile devices and platforms of users.
  • Performed web profiling on desktop and android devices on different wi-fi and cellular networks using Sitespeed.io . www.mymsgsuites.com/
  • Automated Testing of myMSGSuites.com - MSG Suites App for booking of suites and orders.
  • Integrated automated Jenkins build infrastructure with github and running Data driven tests with Maven Archetype based on the MS Excel.
  • Utilized the SauceConnect tunnel capabilities for Saucelabs build and automated tests for multiple platforms.
  • Created Test Archetype in JIRA using ZEPHYR Rest API with JWT token handling and creating meta data e.g. Test Cycle, Test Case, Test Step etc. directly from Sprint User stories or from BDD Excel by reading the excel datasets. api.msg.com:
  • Automated Testing of api.msg.com - Event Engine API Platform for MSG.
  • Integrated automated Jenkins build infrastructure with github and running TestNG suites with Maven Archetype for multiple environments (e.g. dev, qa, staging, prod).
  • Utilized the SauceConnect tunnel capabilities for Saucelabs build and automated tests for multiple platforms.
  • XML Suite was built up in ReadyAPI (tool from SOAPUI) for end points of /artists, /venues, /dates, /events etc. Suite is handling Positive, Edge and Negative test cases for API testing.
  • Created Test Archetype in JIRA using ZEPHYR Rest API with JWT token handling and creating meta data e.g. Test Cycle, Test Case, Test Step etc. directly from Sprint User stories or from Excel by reading the excel datasets.
  • Performed authentication handling in headers using Basic Auth. Mechanism for access controls.
  • http://www.nba.com/knicks/:
  • Automated Testing of Knicks - New York Knicks | The Official Site of the New York Knicks .
  • Started with collecting requirement and forming the core Automation framework architecture.

Environment: Saucelabs, TestObject, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Java, HTML, CSS, Log4j, TestNG, JUnit4, Maven, Web Services, API, SOAP, REST, MongoDB, J IRA, Agile, Mac OS X, ReadyAPI.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

Programmer Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Attended Release Planning, Daily SCRUM meetings and created tasks and defects in JIRA.
  • Developed detailed test plans and test cases, as well as an Entrance and Exit criteria for the application being tested ensured along with standards for documentation to be followed.
  • Involved in analyzing system specifications, design, development and execution of test plans and test cases for Manual and Automated testing.
  • Performed security testing, system testing, positive and negative testing, Cross browser testing using Saucelabs.
  • Performed Functionality Testing and Regression testing using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Wrote and executed automated test cases using Selenium WebDriver to automate testing solutions.
  • Implemented wide range of UI functional testing with Key Word and Data Driven framework for Selenium .
  • Used css selector, XPath, Firebug, FirePath & DOM to work with dynamic (AJAX) and static objects with Web Driver .
  • Implemented open source tool Selenium Web Driver for cross browser and cross platform web testing .
  • Worked and updated the Selenium testing Custom Common components (XLS reader using JXL, JDBC Utility, property files readers) and Hybrid Test Automation Framework
  • Updated Maven pom.xml from to retrieve the necessary Selenium artifacts from Maven Repositories
  • Responsible for Log4j, TestNG configurations files for logging the information while executing selenium tests
  • Performed Unit testing for Java applications using JUNIT4
  • Executed Web Services functional testing and created test suites for validating SOAP and REST based services using SOAP UI.
  • Created and Maintained Traceability Matrix to ensure test coverage of all requirements.
  • Performed and Analyzed setups, supervised the flow from Old Test cases of Selenium to make it more efficient.
  • Used QC, divided the application into modules or functions to be tested, defined tests for each module and specified the steps for each test.
  • Submitted defects detected in the application and tracked the progress of defect fixes.
  • Used SQL queries for retrieving data from database for executing user specific test cases.
  • Documented Business requirements in Requirements grid for Quality Center.
  • Coordinated offshore and onshore teams and responsible for work prioritization.
  • Acted as single point contact and was responsible for all deliverables.

Environment: Selenium IDE/ WebDriver, Java, J2EE, JDBC, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Log4j, TestNG, JUnit4, JXL, Firebug, FirePath, Maven, Web Services, SOAP, REST, SOAP UI, SQL, Quality center, Rally, Agile, Oracle11g, SQL, TOAD, SQL Navigator, MSWord, MS Excel, UNIX, Windows 10.


Deputy Manager

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Performed functional, UI, UAT, smoke, regression testing and recorded issues along with product enhancements. Worked with Engineers to troubleshoot problems and inconsistencies.
  • Participated Scrum meeting, Release and Iteration planning meetings
  • Testing and Implementing Selenium testing platform and using test scripts with Eclipse IDE, writing Selenium Web Drivers scripts, using TestNG and Selenium for automated testing
  • Perform Web Services Testing using SOAP UI for Various Web Services
  • Developed test automation projects in Selenium Web Driver and Java.
  • Built up a Selenium test support framework against an AJAX/JavaScript heavy web application utilizing a page object pattern.
  • Developed test automation framework for Mobile version of Web App using Web Driver Backed and Test NG.
  • Use of XPath in the context of Selenium Web Driver in order to pick out page elements in a robust manner by avoiding index based expressions. These XPath were then abstracted behind Page Object classes to provide a central point of change of any UI changes made in the application.
  • Experience with troubleshooting using firebug and tail application logs (for any exceptions) while testing.
  • Attended code reviews of developer work, when a feature will not work as intended in the context of the whole system.
  • Experienced in automation project continuous integration (Jenkins / Hudson with Ant/Maven).
  • Communicate effectively with both management and peers while detecting/solving issues
  • Developed and executed SQL statements for the database testing
  • Developed, maintained and executed load and stress test with JMeter
  • Created and executed JMeter scripts that simulated 4 times the current production load and monitored ROR log, SQL slow logs and monitored server using VM Monitor.
  • Investigated bug reports by black box testing and examining code to track down the source of issues for documenting in our bug tracker to help developers.
  • Responsible for deploy latest build and services on different stages for testing and developer purpose

Environment: Selenium, Selenium Web Driver, Java, Firebug, FirePath, TestNG, Jenkins, JMeter, SQL, Oracle, Rally, Web Services, SOAP, RESTFUL, Quality Center, ANT, Maven, HTML, Java Script, CSS, XML, XPATH, Web Services, SOAP UI


Senior Systems Analyst


  • Prepared Test Plan, test Cases, Test scripts and Test data for the application as well as for the database verification based on the functional requirements and test specs.
  • Involved in testing various business rules User/Customer functionalities, and Change Processes.
  • Developed and implemented robust MVC pattern base testing with Selenium WebDriver which cut down the script development time in half.
  • Developed automation scripts using Selenium WebDriver, Eclipse, JUnit and Java.
  • Developed re-usable function using TestNG for the Test Automation.
  • Worked on creating test case for Object -driven framework for selenium WebDriver.
  • Involved in automating test cases using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG.
  • Extensively used Selenium IDE to record, playback and debug individual test cases, using Selenium WebDriver provided more flexibility in automating test cases.
  • Performed Integration and Regression testing to check compatibility of new functionality with the existing functionalities of the application using Selenium.
  • Used SOAP UI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API.
  • Developed SQL Scripts for Backend Testing to ensure that the data is updated as per the Business Rules.
  • Prepared user documentation with screenshots for UAT (User Acceptance testing).
  • Developed automated script for back-end testing using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Coordinated with developers and record defects in JIRA to track until they are resolved.
  • Maintained Test Matrix and Project Matrix using an excel sheet to keep track of the Project's schedule and status.
  • Performed Regression testing on new builds, every modification in the application using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex automation challenges involving Ajax, dynamic objects, custom object types, unexpected event handling.
  • Interacted with development and product management teams for the quick resolution of reported bugs and various technical issues.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Java, JDBC, TEST NG, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MAVEN, Eclipse, JIRA, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, RESTFUL, Oracle, TOAD, Agile/ Scrum Methodology, Linux, Windows


Senior Software Engineer


  • Master Data Governance Framework (MDGF), Intel/Apple: Master Data Governance was a role based framework for creation/update of master data objects. Project was executed to create a user interface for data quality layer where in the users should have the possibility of removing the duplicates from the datasets e.g. in our business case scenario business partner have multiple addressed entered by the end users therefore the data was needed to be merged for all addresses and displayed in the form of a tree and entries were ranked in the order of relevancy. In UI it was also allowed to keep the most relevant address entries and remove the rest of them.
  • Material requirement planning (MRP) enterprise service, BMW Automobiles: Provisioning of enterprise services to effectively support the tasks of a material planner in the manufacturing industries focusing here on a customer scenario in the automotive industry. Each material planner had to manage the supply of a group of materials for all the assembly plants, which means, he/she had to access each of the individual ERP systems and clients separately, without an overall view and access to the data. Services were modeled in ARIS and WSDL was provided to be consumed in 3rd party applications.
  • Material basic data enterprise service, The Home Depot (THD): Enterprise Services were created for material master basic views. The service operations could be used for creating and changing the material in the Confidential System once the user provided the basic details of the material at Input. Meta structure of services were created in Confidential enterprise services repository and backend interfaces were mapped using SPROXY. Custom ABAP was built in the wrapper over the standard Confidential BAPIs for create or change the materials.

Environment: VB.Net, MS Access, Database, SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, ABAP, Build, Patching, Support Package Stack, Web Services, XML, SOA.


Development Specialist


  • Assembly Database Development & Support, Confidential AG: Assembly Database was created for maintaining the Non-ABAP product assembly line in Confidential . The tool had the connection with in-house interfaces e.g. product & production management systems (PPMS), SWDC, customer service system (CSS) for fetching or upgrading assembly data. It provided the capability of delivering the Installations & Upgrades for Non-ABAP products of Confidential along-with Support Package & Patches for Multiple Platforms (OS-DB).
  • Inventory Application for Confidential Software Distribution Center, Confidential AG: The inventory application for Confidential Software Distribution Center was created for maintaining the inventory of all software that were available to customers via Confidential service market place. The application allowed the user to check the no. of downloads for an object, verify the download basket of the user, switch the download of higher volumes to Akamai (Fast download interface) at runtime.
  • Customer License Application for Confidential Software Distribution Center, Confidential AG: The application was used for maintaining the assignment of customers to Confidential products. It involved ramp-up customers, complete product licenses etc. The application was replicating the license and customer data to various systems present in different-2 departments of Confidential for making the license information consistent across landscape.
  • Patch PD Database Development and Support, Confidential AG: The application was the base tool for delivering the support package and patches for Non-ABAP products of Confidential . It did used the windows services, connected interfaces, DLLs etc. for maintaining the support packages & patches meta information e.g. release date, size, hierarchy etc.
  • Maintenance Application for Generic Tables, Confidential AG: The ABAP application for maintenance of generic tables using ALV Grids was designed. It allowed the DB Updates along-with replication or comparison of data from different systems in Confidential landscape.
  • Assembly of Non-ABAP Components, Confidential AG: The assembly of Non-ABAP Confidential Products e.g. Trex, Confidential SCM Optimizer, Confidential Kernel was handled. The task involved the setting of right infrastructure for the builds & debugging of them in case of any errors. The project created a thorough knowledge for code line model, CVS, and maintaining builds & Perl script.

Environment: VB.Net, MS Access, Database, SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, ABAP, Build, Patching, Support Package Stack.

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