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Embedded Software Engineer Resume

Austin, TX


  • Developed Software and firmware in Embedded C, C++, JAVA, Android, STL, Design Patterns, Linux and system Kernel.
  • Experience in Validation and Verification of Embedded systems and designing test cases.
  • Experience in SVN, Git, Jenkins. Hands on knowledge about business tools, Repo and build maintenance tools, and different firmware & software development tools.
  • Worked on 16, 32 and 64 - bit Intel, ARM, Cortex, TI, Qualcomm, Atmel Microcontrollers, FPGA with Free RTOS, QNX, TI-RTOS and Hardware designing.
  • Experience in handling full product lifecycle, software configuration and change management, projects starting from gathering customer requirements, planning, tracking to delivering the product.


Confidential, Austin, TX

Embedded Software Engineer

Solution Environment and tools: C/ C++, Linux, Windows, RTOS, Bluetooth, SVN, Git, JIRA, Android Studio, Confluence, Code Composure, TI-RTOS, TI’s Bluetooth tools, Ellisys


  • Worked on SPI, I2C, HDMI, Audio driver’s development, identifying issues with the drivers and developing features.
  • Debugged and developed app for reading and writing Bluetooth Low Energy services on platform, worked with Voice Over GaTT, BLE protocols 4.2
  • Managed and consulted offshore implementation team, developed and validated firmware and software for the Bluetooth Remote and updated technical documentation. Supported team through the complete SW Development Life Cycle for real-time, embedded SW development.
  • Worked on CTS test cases, developing environment, developing basic test cases and scripts for the Confidential devices.
  • Engaged in code reviews, designed architecture and reviewed it, implemented formal software delivery to improve video processing of the product platform.
  • Coordinated with product management for roadmap, release plans, grooming stories and the firmware fixture for the remote hardware with principal architect.

Confidential, Holtsville, NY

Embedded Software Engineer

Solution Environment & Tools: Design patterns, Android, XML, Agile, JAVA, C/C++, TI-RTOS, Jenkins, Git/Gerrit, JIRA, Android Studio, Eclipse, Confluence.


  • Worked on the Android Application framework and UI level for developing and verifying the functionality of Application.
  • Implemented and troubleshooted Licensing Framework features on the service side.
  • Evaluated functionality of BSP’s (Board Support Package) for different Android Mobile computing devices, designed for scanning documentation processing on the build repos.
  • Worked with JAVA, XML, Android Studio, Gradle, JTAG, ADB, Eclipse, code review tool like Gerrit, integration server like Jenkins, project management tools like JIRA, Kanban.
  • Verified applications and code using Android Studio, Eclipse and ADB tools.
  • Led the test team for standard test procedure and investigate results to draw system performance review.
  • Facilitated and assisted Scrum Master in organizing JAD sessions for faster development of quality features and conducted code reviews for other teams on different project modules.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Embedded Firmware Engineer

Solution Environment and Tools: C, C++, OOAD, Design patterns, Linux, GDB Debugger, Microsoft Visual studio, Doors, Git, Trello, Altera’s FPGA, Quartus II


  • Designed and Developed prototype of real time occupancy system based on IoT and Digital Signal Processing unit. Designed digital logic, debugged, conducted synthesis and simulation on Altera’s DE2-115 FPGA board with Quartus II.
  • Worked on hardware and firmware using C/C++.and involving communication protocols WIFI, Bluetooth, I2C, SPI and UART.
  • Continually established clear operational and technical specifications to formulate software requirements.
  • Investigated circuit board diagnostics on product to improve functionality and performance.
  • Coordinated remote team to plan design and develop robust solutions in a timely manner and maintained business, technical and requirement documentation of the product during development.
  • Helped in tech fundraising events by demonstrating product working to investors.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Hardware Engineer

Solution Environment and Tools: C/ C++, LEAN, Eclipse IDE, ARM M0, ARM M4, Wifi, FreeRTOS, Linux, confluence, Cadence, PCBs, Digital and Analog Design, Agile, DOORS.


  • Worked with photo-sensor, CO2 sensor, buzzer, smoke sensor and ARM processor and implemented Hardware Circuit, simulation, schematic capture and PCB designing using Altium tool.
  • Validated and debugged the product and ensuring functionality and managed unit and integration tests to consistently deliver high quality features.
  • Developed the ARM based processor supporting drivers and firmware using C/C++.
  • Conducted manual and automated tests under various scenarios to check Battery consumption, power consumption and firmware development for low power battery operation.
  • Assisted manufacturing strategy for production line of PCBs with CTO.


Software Engineer

Solution Environment and Tools: C++, QML, GDB, IAR compiler, Android, QNX, CIP, CANanalzer, DOORS, JIRA, Scrum works, Code Wright, Rational Clear case, Perl


  • Designed and developed customer and production diagnostics feature via CAN and UART.
  • Designed and developed Tuner Modules (SAT Radio, AM/FM Radio) and Phone PDAL (includes Bluetooth Module) modules.
  • Completed tuner application development for triple tuner system including basic tuner features and RDS features.
  • Coordinated Project on-site for 6 months during software feature freeze, Hardware test sample build and field test for RDS and TMC feature phase.
  • Fixed serious bugs, implementing enhancement requests and answering customer queries.
  • Conducted Vehicle CAN Trace Analysis in CANoe.

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