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Embedded Software Engineer Resume

Novi, MI


  • 5+ years of experience in development & testing of Embedded Automotive systems and control software.
  • Experience in coding, debugging, integration, and system testing in automotive domain.
  • Experience in Integrating CANbedded stack and MICROSAR Stack and Embedded C coding in Real Time Embedded Projects.
  • Hands on experience in Configuring and integrating code in vector Da - Vinci configurator, Developer and CANoe.
  • Proficiency in Win IDEA workbench with iSYSTEMS debugger.
  • Strong experience in compiling the code and debugging.
  • Hands on experience in unit testing with VECTOR CAST.
  • Good experience with MISRA compliant code (QAC7.0 -2004).
  • Good knowledge in Model Based Design using MATLAB/Simulink and code generation with RTW & Target Link and integration .
  • Hands on experience with vector, CAN and LIN based tools such as CANalyzer, CANoe.
  • Good understanding in ADAS, Transmission Control Module (TCM), Body Control Module (BCM) and Electronic Control Units (ECU), Power Distribution Module.
  • Knowledge of using automotive networking standards such as SPI, CAN, CAN FD, J1939, LIN, MOST, Ethernet, and Flex Ray.
  • Familiar with Product Development Cycle, V-model, Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Proficient in analyzing System and Functional Requirement Specifications and writing Test Plans, Test Strategies, Test Scripts, Test Scenarios and Reusable Test Cases. Involved in Requirements Traceability Matrix(RTM).


AUTOSAR Tools: Vector Davinci configurator, Davinci Developer, EB Tresos and Vector Geny

MCU/MPU: 8051, Infineon-Tricore TC29xx,Renasas RL78

Programming Language(s): Embedded C,MATLAB

Debugging Tools: IC 3000/5000/5500, JTAG

Debuggers: ISYTEMS,GCC

Testing tools: CANalyzer, CANoe

Project Management Tools: Git, SVN and ALM Plus.

Compilers: GNU, HIGHTEC,IAR v3.10

Instrumentation: Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Multimeter

IDEs: Eclipse -Oxygen, IAR Work Bench.


Confidential, Novi, MI

Embedded Software Engineer

Environment: Davinci configurator, Davinci Developer, Canoe, Vector CAST, GNU, iSystem-iC5000 Debugger, WINIDEA x64.


  • Performed Requirements Analysis based on the customer requirement for customer specification document.
  • Responsible for creating Cdd (complex device driver) application component to integrate the CANbedded stack and Microsar Stack.
  • Exported and imported Arxml files to generate the C code templet.
  • Developed Embedded C code for Ford PDB (Power Distribution Box) features Like Voltage Range Monitoring, Low Volt Status, FET Short Circuit Detection, Vehicle speed processing etc.
  • Responsible for testing the CAN signals reaching the Software Component Unit through CANoe.
  • Developed the code in MISRA compliant.
  • Performed Unit testing and compound testing with Vector CAST.
  • Build the software with the customer compiler requirement. Fixing the compiler errors and warnings.
  • Performed debugging and testing the code.
  • Flash the compiled and linked file into the microcontroller using the flash debugger.
  • Followed Vector Software Development PROCESS -3(A-SPICE) and AUTOSAR software architecture.
  • Participated in Configuration of AUTOSAR CAN stack in Vector GENY and generated code, integrated, tested.
  • Involved in configuration of SBC (system basic chip) SPI, PORT module in Davinci configurator and generated C code and integrated.
  • Prepared the Design and Technical Reference Document for the Integration of CAN Stack and MICROSAR Stack.

Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI

Embedded Software Engineer

Environment: CANoe, Vector CAST, dSPACE, Target Link.


  • Develop control algorithms for embedded controllers.
  • Implement code for embedded systems using C.
  • Develop MISRA / SPICE compliant code.
  • Collaborate with software engineers for control logic and transmission software integration
  • Preformed real time and simulated verification via HIL(hardware-in-the-loop)
  • Assist in developing hardware/software test plans.
  • Develop detailed software design documentation.
  • Develop unit and integration test plans and perform unit and integration testing.

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

Embedded Software Engineer

Environment: MATLAB Simulink, dSPACE, Davinci Developer, Target Link.


  • Model re-architecture of ADAS based models and support for integration with AUTOSAR BSW.
  • Involved in algorithms for Lane centering, Automatic Lane Change, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Warning, and Cross Traffic Alert.
  • Followed AUTOSAR software architecture, A-SPICE.
  • Responsible for AUTOSAR RTE configurations/Generation and Integrations
  • Carried testing and debugging with dSPACE and CANoe.
  • Also involved in verification and validation of the SW related to ADAS.
  • Developer testing (MIL, SIL & PIL) & Autocode generation using RTW/ Target Link.

Confidential, Windsor, CT

Systems Test Development Engineer

Environment: Simulink, C++, LabVIEW, HIL, SIL.


  • Simultaneous testing of multiple BMS units.
  • Hardware configurations for up to 1000V pack simulation.
  • Individually controlled cell voltage simulation for over 200 channels.
  • Performed systems integration lab (SIL) data systems, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, line replaceable unit (LRU) testing, and production testing.
  • Controlled BMS current, temperature, IO, and communications simulation.
  • Performed fault insertion and auxiliary system measurements.
  • Involved in Chamber and vibration control interface for environmental testing.
  • Performed BMS control IO and communication simulation.
  • Test BMS algorithms and system performance during the early stages of development.
  • Software application for manual operation, automated test and reporting.


Embedded Software Engineer

Environment: MATLAB, Simulink, CANalyzer.


  • Creation of software modules using the C language, testing of software at component.
  • Used MATLAB/Simulink for MBSD control system development and code generation for target controllers
  • Maintain and develop control algorithms for machine control module using MATLAB, Simulink, and State Flow.
  • Creation of subsystem test environment.
  • Studying the functionality of subsystems and develop the test cases for the range of input signals.
  • To achieve the code coverage of lowest level subsystem as 100%.
  • Also involved in implementation of algorithms on embedded platforms.
  • Perform the MIL and SIL simulation and compare both the simulation results.
  • Analyze the bugs and report it in to issue list.
  • Document the test cases and corresponding results in the Module test specification template.

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