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Sr. Ui Frontend Developer Resume

Indianapolis, IN


A very smart and passionate Sr Mean Stack & UI Consultant with 8 years of experience in designing and development of UI, Mean Stack, Full Stack applications using wide variety of technologies like AngularJS, Node.js, Express JS, Web Services, SQL & NoSQL Databases.


  • E xperienced in developing applications using UI Technologies like HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, DOM, XHTML, jQuery, and Ajax .
  • Expertise in using Front End JavaScript Frameworks like Angular JS, React JS, Meteor JS, Knockout JS, Backbone JS and use Server Frameworks like Node JS, Express JS, Mongoose JS.
  • Solid ability to code in Scripting Languages like Perl, Python, PHP.
  • Organized multiple technical and cultural fests in school with the association of faculty.
  • Created and integrated numerous RESTful and SOAP API’s for clients adding more functionality and communication between services and applications, streamlined development process using tools such as Grunt and Gulp .
  • Solid experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD) using Bootstrap, CSS media queries.
  • Worked on integrating back - end technologies such as Node with Express with front end JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS and React JS by using AJAX and JSON using both Typescript and ES6
  • Produced visually appealing designs focused on usability, DOM Layout, utility, UX, cross-browser compatibility and hence worked on safari, Internet explorer, Firefox and Google chrome.
  • Good exposure and experience in creating and deploying web services and applications in JAVA, using servlets and JSP
  • Worked in package managers such as NPM, Bower, Homebrew and others. Well trained in deploying applications to Linux environment through various methods such as Docker, AWS instances, Google Cloud and other online providers
  • Experience in performing Unit testing using Jasmine, Karma and End-to-End testing using Protractor. Created test cases using tools like mocha, and q-unit.
  • Expertise in SQL Databases like Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and NoSQL Databases like Mongo DB, Cassandra, Couch DB .
  • Good Experience using JQ uery for interactive web pages, SAAS , CSS for great UI/UX experience
  • D evelop ed applications with server side scripting languages such as PHP and Python .
  • Experience in working with build tools like Ant and Maven, logging framework log4j
  • Worked on cloud consoles such as AWS , Google Cloud, and used Version Control tools like SVN and GIT and Subversion .
  • Experienced with traditional Waterfall , Agile development and Project Management Methodologies (Scrum, XP) and used JIRA for bug tracking and for other solutions
  • Basic knowledge in J2EE Technologies like ( Springs, Struts, Hibernate, EJB, JMS, JNDI )
  • Experience in PL/SQL programming to develop Stored Procedures, Functions, triggers and Packages
  • Experienced in LAMP stack technologies (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP)
  • Used Fiddler, Postman and other Rest clients to test the functionality of Webservices.


Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, XML, CSS3, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Responsive Web Design, JSON, DOM, AJAX

UI JS Frameworks: Angular 6, Backbone JS, Knockout JS, Meteor JS, React JS.

Back End JS Frameworks: Node JS, Mongoose, Mongo, Express JS

Tools: Docker, Gulp, Grunt, mocha, q - unit, bower and NPM

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Couch DB

Java Technologies: Springs, Struts, Hibernate, EJB, JMS, JNDI, JSP, Servlets, Web Services.

CMS & Mobile Technologies: Twitter, Bootstrap, Media Queries, jQuery Mobile, Adobe Experience Manager, Joomla, WordPress, Sitecore, Magento, Drupal

Testing Tools/Methods: Fiddler, Junit, Postman, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor

Version Control: CVS, GIT, SVN, Version One

IDEs: Eclipse, Oracle SQL Developer, Sublime Editor.

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, Glassfish, WebSphere, AWS, Google Cloud, SOAP, RESTful web services

Scripting Languages: Perl, Python, PHP

Others: Jasmine, Junit, SASS, XML, Compass, LESS, Google Analytics, Kendo UI, Python, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Mockups, LAMP, Trello.

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/8, Unix, Linux, Redhat, OS X

Xml Technologies: XML, XSTL, XPATH, XQUERY.

Build Configuration: Ant, Maven, Jenkins


Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Sr. UI frontend Developer


  • Participate in the development processes SDLC including sprint planning, iterative development, estimations and design sessions.
  • Organize the feature requirements and implement them using the Angular 6 framework.
  • Translated UX mock-ups and wireframes into Angular 6 Components. Used parameter decorators like @Input, @Output for component Interactions.
  • Design and build of a portal, design/build UI around scenarios for the analytics engine for project, improve Dashboards and in corporate work from other teams.
  • Work with AWS Services like code pipeline for automation and deployment of the UI code.
  • API integration for Angular framework using AWS API gateway. Use AWS code commit for version control.
  • Using Cognito for uisng User pool management into Angular framework.
  • Design demo scenario to show team progress .
  • Review code and project deliverables and confirm that they are of high quality.
  • Successfully handled cross browser compatibility in browsers like Internet explorer, Firefox & chrome.

Environment: Java, SAAS, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS 2, React, Node.js, GIT, AWS Amazon Web services, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, SOAP and REST services, Oracle, TOAD, Apache tomcat, WebLogic, Maven, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Confidential, Terre Haute, IN

Sr. UI/Mean stack Developer


  • Involved in the analysis, design, and development and testing phases of Software resulting in multiple stable releases and more efficient systems .
  • Design entire wireframes and mockups for web pages. Also, use Figma for Design.
  • Highly use of Typescript , CSS and JQuery to create actual design as per wireframes .
  • Developed Dynamic and robust UI using Angular 2 & 4 , React JS, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, JQuery by connecting backend API’s with JSON .
  • Extensively used Angular 2 (Angular Bootstrap) for ng-grid, and UI components. Responsible for designing SPA with using Angular JS as framework along with HTML and CSS
  • Used Bootstrap along with HTML5 and CSS3 to make the user pages more interactive and responsive.
  • Used Node JS, Express JS, and Mongo DB along with Mongoose.JS to create server side applications.
  • Designed and documented REST/HTTP APIs, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
  • Designed and coded customized Angular 2 services to interact with the backend API and serve components
  • Used Karma and Jasmine for automated test along with using Gulp and Bower for automated tasks
  • Achieved client side scripting which helps reduce server side trips and thus helps in performance boost
  • U sed GIT for version control . Improved the Page Performance drastically.
  • Developed Restful based web services and used JSON as the communication for REST mechanism.
  • Coded Typescript and ES6 supersets, mastered Docker deployment in Cloud machine instances
  • Used Oracle as the back end and wrote SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Developed Restful & SOAP Web Services using Jersey API & JSON as media type in integration with Spring
  • Improved Performance, Availability of an Application’s Database by migrating to NoSQL such as Mongo Db .
  • Deployed applications in cloud using AWS , regulated traffic and other services using multiple AWS services.
  • Wrote unit test cases for the JavaScript code using Karma & the automated the application using the protractor e2e test as a part of test driven development. Used Trello for project Management.

Environment: Java, SAAS, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS 2, React, Node.js, GIT, AWS Amazon Web services, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, SOAP and REST services, Oracle, TOAD, Apache tomcat, WebLogic, Maven, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Sr. Mean Stack Consultant


  • Worked with project manager, Developers & QA to see projects through full development life cycles.
  • Involved in development of User Interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, React JS, and Backbone JS.
  • Created package.json for Bower and NPM. Extensive experience using Bootstrap for layout.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Develop Presentation layer with Struts, JSTL, JSP & Tiles. Enable interaction with flash, JSP & Tag Libraries
  • Used LESS preprocessor to develop personal sites. Developed the pages that are complaint to W3C standard.
  • Develop client web applications by using Ext JS, Debug JavaScript using Chrome developer Toolbar, Firebug
  • Developed UI with extensive use of JavaScript, JSON and Ajax. JSTest is used for Unit Testing of application.
  • Utilized AJAX extensively to implement front end /user interface features in the application.
  • Used Backbone.js for the functionality and structure. Developed core component of Analytics with Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js and Require.js.
  • Version control through CVS. Developed web pages using Eclipse IDE. Used JBoss Webserver.
  • Experienced in using Modernizr to check cross-browser compatibility, making sure that the HTML and CSS features are working properly.
  • Proficient in responsive web development using Twitter Bootstrap and Media Query.
  • Developed Hibernate with Spring Integration as the data abstraction to interact with the database.
  • Worked on creating responsive website for smart devices (Laptop, tablet) using Responsive design and media queries.
  • Worked on Data mining concepts and database management using Apache Kafka and Kafka API’s for stream processing and stream computing
  • Designed and developed the web-tier using HTML, JSP’s, Servlets and Tiles framework
  • Used Http compression and AJAX for faster response time , used Maven for build automation
  • I mplemented Web services by applying SOA concepts in conjunction with SOAP
  • Wrote SQL queries and Stored Procedures for Data Access Objects (DAO) and executed using hibernate . Involved in writing, complex queries, mapping persistent classes and managing the mapping files
  • Automated nightly build and release processes developed in JavaScript and other languages using Gulp JS ,
  • Deployed application on to WebSphere application server 5.0, Apache Tomcat server in Linux environment

Environment: PHP, Backbone JS, kafka, Ruby on Rails, JSON, XML, AJAX, Jasmine, Karma, GIT Linux, MYSQL, Oracle DB, Angular JS, Node JS, Express, HTML, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, Gulp, Maven, JQUERY, ANT, Log4j, JUnit, XML, JSP, PL/SQL, LDAP, MongoDB.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Sr UI Developer


  • Worked in all phases of SDLC, including requirements analysis, design and development, bug fixing, supporting QA teams and debugging production issues.
  • MEAN stack implementation, AngularJS Full-Stack generator (generator-angular-full stack), and actually run, edit, and deploy an application.
  • Custom Node JS proxy used to simulate API responses before client implementation was complete, and to proxy requests to finished client APIs, handling authentication, custom headers, virtual application root, etc.
  • Design and implementation of REST APIs for collection and retrieval of high volume data.
  • Worked on tools Bower, Grunt, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor
  • Implementation includes data retrieval from database and displaying it on a web UI.
  • Rapidly designed & built object-oriented, data-driven JavaScript working prototypes of applications. Implemented performance best practices to a web site.
  • Created Angular custom services, custom filters and used various angular services like $rootScope, $modal, $location, $q, geolocation Service, $filter, role Access Service as dependency injections in the controller.
  • Created different Carousels using jQuery Carousel, and Accordions with the help of jQuery UI.
  • Used Node JS to link-up with server and all Data-driven events, Ajax calls are handled using Angular JS.
  • Implemented responsive web design using media queries and Bootstrap.
  • Worked with Java consultants to create web services that are consumed by HTML web pages using Grunt, Gulp and Bower.
  • Create web pages based on wireframes. Collaborated with the designers to get new requirements.
  • Coordinating the offshore team for coding and performing testing. Used Subversion SVN for CVS.
  • Involved in preparation of test cases for unit & integration testing and User acceptance testing.
  • Used Grunt as the automated task runner for a better development/build/production workflow.
  • Tested web sites and fixed any existing bugs using Firebug.

Environment: HTML4, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Fire Bug, AJAX, Adobe Photoshop CS3, PHP5, MySQL 4.7, Microsoft Visio, Angular JS, Node JS, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor

Confidential, Fremont, CA

Sr. Frontend Developer


  • Used LDAP protocol for security and authentication purposes and Web Sphere Application Server for deploying application
  • Used Bootstrap for responsive web design, also used HTML5 and CSS3, JQUERY , Angular JS, React for better UI and UX
  • Achieved client side scripting which helps reduce server side trips and thus helps in performance boost
  • Used caching and server side scripting for efficient processing and minimizing response delay for database operations
  • Worked in Node JS and express JS to enable communication between server and client through REST API’s, mastered MVC design pattern for web applications by working on several projects
  • Used multiple tools such as Bower, Homebrew , Gulp, Docker , Karma, Jasmine , Chai f or testing and automation purposes
  • Designed and hand coded Angular app for single paged application, Used REST for backend API communication
  • As a backend developer, I was responsible for creating RESTFUL Web Services using Node.js & Express.js
  • Applied optimization techniques to reduce page size & load times to enhance user experience using sprites.
  • Extensively used Git for version controlling and regularly pushed the code to GitHub .
  • Design and write code in Spring MVC to replace EJB transactions
  • Well-equipped with knowledge of CSS preprocessors like LESS and SASS.
  • Built applications using React.js which allowed us to render pages on both the client and server using the same codebase
  • Worked on multiple CMS , involved in coding and deploying application which hand les huge amount of customer’s data
  • Improved the SQL Query Performance by doing Query Analytics, implementing Indexes, fine-tuning it etc.
  • Implemented intranet applications using Ruby on Rails & ngreSql on Heroku Cloud Packages & Triggers in Oracle
  • Designed SOAP API’s and RESTful API’s for communication between multiple applications, along with AJAX, JQUERY and CSS for better user experience.
  • MongoDB geo location API leveraged for user proximity lookups.
  • Wrote SQL procedures and functions used for LAMP stack applications
  • Worked on PHP language for creating dynamic web applications, followed best industrial practices
  • Contributed my services in different applications using Scripting Languages like Perl, Python.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node.js, AWS, Docker, Linux, PHP, Apache Tomcat Server, Jasmine, Karma, MySQL, Oracle, Gulp, REST and SOAP


UI/Java Developer


  • Development of user interface using and dynamic web pages using PHP JSP , HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Hands-on experience in working with XML related technologies such as XML Schema, XSL , and XSLT
  • Tested frontend code in multiple browsers to ensure the cross-browser compatibility.
  • Wrote unit test cases for the JavaScript code using Karma & the automated the application using the protractor e2e test as a part of test driven development.
  • Wrote and deployed Servlets on Application servers such as Websphere , Tomcat and Weblogic
  • Responsible for user validations, Authentication on client side and server side
  • Development of the Java classes to be used in JSP and Servlets
  • Used Hibernate for persistence to Oracle Database
  • Improved the coding standards, code reuse. Increased performance of the extended applications by making effective use of various design patterns such as Front Controller, DAO
  • Used JDBC to retrieve data from Oracle database, and created API’s to utilize data and send them across multiple services . Wrote with PL/SQL procedures, created, maintained and updated databases.
  • Developed build scripts using Ant , used GIT and Subversion for version control
  • Used Test Driven Development approach, and wrote many unit and integration test cases
  • Designed and developed web services and web application based on MEAN stack technologies, performed the duties of a FULL stack developer gaining huge exposure in FULL stack development.
  • Used Bower, NPM other package managers for installing dependencies and other services

Environment: J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, WebSphere, JQuery, RESTful and SOAP API, MEAN stack, Apache Tomcat, GIT, Ant, Oracle, Bower, NPM, MYSQL, Maven, WebSphere, LINUX

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