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Senior Front End/ Ui Developer Resume

Phoenix, AZ


  • 8+ years of strong experience as a Front - End UI Developer in analysis, design, development and testing of different modules.
  • Expert in developing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using JavaScript, jQuery, XUL, HTML5 /DHTML, DOM, XHTML, XML, JSON, CSS3, and Ajax.
  • Experience in applying the latest software development approaches including MVC, event - driven applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, Joi, JSON and XML.
  • Extensive experience with full software development life-cycle (SDLC), architecting scalable platforms, object-oriented programming and agile software methodologies (scrum).
  • Expert in HTML5/CSS3 development and have experience in Backbone.js, Require.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Knockout.js, Express.js,Underscore.js, React.js, Ember.js, Pdf.js, Spine.js, Ext.JS, Responsive design.
  • Experience with Java web framework technologies, such as GWT and spring.
  • Experienced implementing Web Services using Apache SOAP, WSDL, JAX-RPC,JAX-WS,RESTful and UDDI.Expert in designing web applications and web contents utilizing variousSEO techniques.
  • Extensive experience in developing web applications with open source frameworks like spring, JSF, Struts, hibernate. Expertise in developing applications in Sencha Ext.js and Apache Flex.
  • Extensive experience in developing web applications with User Experience Design (UX)like Visual Design, Interactive Design and extensive Human Computer Interaction Concepts.
  • Exposure to data visualization technologies such as D3.js, Highcharts, Graphviz.
  • Experienced in using Front End editors like Espresso, Textmate, Sublime Text 2 and Microsoft Expression Weband also in maintaining enterprise-level applications and tools of ASP.NET (C#).
  • Experience in designing UI patterns and UI applications with the help of Adobe products like Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator CS3.
  • Developed scalable applications using the MEAN (Mongo-DB + ExpressJS + AngularJS+ NodeJS) stack and created POC's for rest service development using NodeJS, Express. JS and MongoDB.
  • Experience in designing and developing prototype designs into fully functional, web sites (standard, hybrid, flash and ecommerce).
  • Creative knowledge in art creation, modification, and conversion- Logos, print media, web page and software interface design using Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and Illustrator.
  • Experience in using various tools and IDEs for development and design like NetBeans, XAMPP, Notepad+ +, and Adobe Photoshopand Experience in NoSQL Database like Apache and MongoDB.
  • Expert in designing web applications and web contents utilizing various SEO techniques.
  • Experience on working with CSS Background, CSS Layouts, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, CSS table, Pseudo classes, Pseudo elements and CSS behaviors in CSS.
  • Proficient in implementing concepts in C# like Delegates, Generics, Collections, Multithreading and Exception Handling.
  • Knowledge in using Dojo Components and integrating back-end applications with AJAX driven web 2.0 front-end using OO JavaScript framework and had experience with client-side templating like Handlebars.js.
  • Proficient in Object Oriented Design/Development (OOD), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), Model View Control (MVC) design pattern and Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • Strong Experience in database design using PL/SQL to write Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and strong experience in writing complex queries, using Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Strong experience in writing and updating the technical documents on daily basis with the changes made to the existing environment on daily basis.
  • Also,Excellent analytical, logical and programming skills, Self-Motivated, Self-Starter, and Team Player, can work with minimal supervision. Effective Communication, Organizational and Time management skills.


Web Technologies: JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap, jQuery, JSON, Apache, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, DOM, DHTML, XML, XHTML, XSLT, Joi.

JavaScript Libraries: Ext JS 2.0/1.0, Angular.js, Node.js, Knockout.js, Express.js, Ember.js, React.js, Underscore.js, Pdf.js, Backbone.js, Require.js.

Databases: Oracle 8/8i/9i/10g/11g, PL/SQL (oracle), MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, IBM Websphere, JBuilder, BEA WebLogic.

Web Services: RESTful, SOAP, XML

IDE's and Tools: Eclipse IDE, NetBeans, Dreamweaver, Firebug, Developer Tools, JSfiddle, WebStorm, Edit Plus, YUI, IntelliJ Idea, DataStream, Sublime, Stash, Hibernate.

Development Tools: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing (spring tool suite) Publishing Tools Adobe PageMaker, MS Office.

Debugging Tools: Firebug, Jira, Bugzilla, (internet explorer), Karma, Jasmine, Chai, Sinon.

Wireframe Tools (wireframe): Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6 (basic idea on wireframe and visual design)

Version Control: CVS, GIT, SVN, PVCS, Accurev,TFS.

Operating Systems: Windows, MS Dos, Windows Server, Linux, MAC OS X


Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Senior Front End/ UI Developer


  • Analyzed business requirements, participated in technical design, development & testing of modules assigned.
  • Involved in web designing using HTML4/5, XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and used Table-less Design in CSS for positioning.
  • Built SPA with multiple views using route services using Angular 2 Node.js.
  • Designed Frontend with object-oriented JavaScript Framework like angularjs, Node.js, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, React.js, Spine.js, Ember.js,Require.js, Express.js,Pdf.js and Ext.js and Experience with client-side templating like Handlebars.
  • Developed front-end code with Ajax call in Angular2 and jQuery to retrieve data as JSON Object from controllers in back-end RESTful Server and created popup forms using Bootstrap Models, Angular JS Models and AngularJS Controllers.
  • Developed entire server side using Node.js with Express.
  • Written code according to coding standards& Created AngularJS Controller Which Isolate scopes perform operations.
  • Used Rxjs catch library & catch functions to handle Error Handling in Angular 2 Application.
  • Implemented Angularjs Services for connectivity Between web application &back-end API'S using TypeScript.
  • Built SPA with multiple views using route services using Angular 2 and Node.js.
  • Created Angular 2 components, implemented interpolation, input variables, Bootstrapping, NgFor, Ngif, Router Outlet, binding the events, decorators.
  • Developed, maintained user interface screens using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap UI, ASP.NET MVC, C#.
  • Created TypeScript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by Angular4.
  • Experience in developing and creating a rich user interfaces and related data modelling using Angular4 .
  • Experience in building end to end web applications using MEAN stack with Angular1.X, 2.Client-Side code were written in ReactJS and Server Side Code were developed using MVC4.
  • Used Ext.js framework and Object-Oriented JavaScript (OOJS) to develop rich interactive user interface for CRS application a Desktop Application running in browser.
  • Designed rich internet applications using Google web toolkit (GWT). Configured the Sencha5 command tool for building the entire Ext.js project into minified JS file.
  • Used jQuery to make the HTML, DHTML and CSS code and Joi to interact with the JavaScript functions to add dynamism to the web pages at the client side. Working with React Router for developing SPA’s.
  • Develop various screens for the front end using ReactJS and used various predefined components from NPM.
  • Worked on different React.JS frameworks like FLUX, REDUX, RELAY.
  • Framework was set up for all current and future front-end projects to use backbone.js for framework, organized module definitions and unit tests.
  • Used Wire Frame Tools like Adobe illustrator CS3 for basic Visual design and followed User Experience Design (UX) properties also created Images, Logos and Icons that are used across the web pages using Adobe Flash and Photoshop.
  • Experience in creating test suites using Jasmine and Karma with angular 2integrations.
  • Enhancement of existing application utilizing JSP, Created HTML5 navigation menu that is role-based menu items changes dynamically, derived from the database in the form of XML.
  • Created, guided and encouraged the GWT incubator, an online community to create widgets and test new ideas for with the Google Web Toolkit code was written to create presentation layer using GWT widgets and event handlers. Designed animated web pages by importing the @angular/animations with latest animation package in Angular 4.0.
  • Worked with making calls to APIs to fetch the data from the backend as JSON response and parse it on the UI for DOM/CSSManipulation.Designed and documented REST/HTTP APIs, including JSON data formats
  • Developed client-side AJAX application that uses XSLT, XPath, JavaScript, OOP, and more Bind objects and retrieve them via JNDI interface and having experience in handling data import from NoSQL solutions like MongoDB to HDFS.
  • Used GitHub UI, Git bash to commit, changes to the repository for maintaining various versions of the agile process.
  • Experience working with Angular 2 including building components, directives, Routers and other modules based on Angular CLI.
  • Developed Web Services for data transfer from client to server and vice versa using Apache Axis, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. Coordinate with QA for testing, releases, Application deployment and integration.
  • Designed the User Interface using use case diagrams, class diagrams, and sequence diagrams as a part of Design Phase using Rational Rose. Created Graphic User Interface (GUI) and applied to web site.
  • Designed and development of many PL/SQL batches using JAVA with connectivity to Oracle for data maintenance and handling. Used CSS Blueprint to create grids and adopt cross browser interactive features.
  • Debugged the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions using Firefox and IE Developer Toolbar for IE.

Environment: Java, HTML 4/5, CSS2/3, JavaScript, jQuery, DHTML, MVC, DOM, JSON, AngularJS, Node.js, D3.js, Express.js, Backbone.js, React.js, underscore.js, pdf.js, Require.js, Ext.js, JSP, ASP.NET, C#, .NET, AJAX, SOAP, XML, Joi, XPATH, Adobe Flash, GWT, Photoshop, Karma, Mocha, TFS, PLSQL, Oracle, Windows.

Confidential, Naperville, IL

Senior Web/ UI Developer


  • Involved in Requirements and Analysis. Understanding the requirements of the client and the flow of the application as well as the application Framework.
  • Involved in web designing using HTML5XHTML, CSS 2/3, JavaScript and extensively used Table-less design in CSS for positioning and in designing Responsive Web pages using media queries and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Designed Frontend with in object-oriented JavaScript Framework like AngularJS, Node.js, Backbone.js, Require.js, Express.js, React.js, Underscore.js, Pdf.js, Ember.js and Ext.js.
  • Have used AJAX to retrieve data from server synchronously in the background without interfering with the display and existing page in an interactive way.Created an internal browser based text editor using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, backbone.js.
  • Developed, maintained user interface screens using JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.NET, C#.
  • Used AngularJS UI-route to manage URL route.
  • Worked on Creating an AngularJS Application using a MVC framework.
  • Utilized AngularJS framework to bind AngularJS template(views) to JavaScript object(models).
  • Created features like dropdown list, search function and card model by using AngularJS material.
  • Used HTML5 and AngularJS to format the input forms and handled the input validations.
  • Implemented ReactJS Controllers to maintain each view data.
  • Maintaining Parent and child elements by using State and Props in ReactJS.
  • Responsible for React UI and architecture. Built components library, including Tree, Slide-View, Table Grid.
  • Worked on tools like Eclipse and GIT repositories and Installed and configured GIT and synced with multiple GIT-Hub repositories.
  • Used Bootstrap and AngularJS in effective web design.
  • Designed and developed ReactJs component required for the project.
  • Used Custom AngularJS Filters to provide better search experience.
  • React Hot Loader is a plugin for Webpack that allows instant live refresh without losing state while editing React components.
  • Solid understanding of React Virtual Dom Algorithm, for React performance optimization
  • Implemented and design the application to interact with server for getting the Ajax response of jqGrid Data.
  • Modularized Front-End CSS and Node JS code with sass. Built real time mouse/click user analytics web services with Node JS.
  • Ran bower and grunt components and wrote the scripting using Node JS implemented a NodeJS server to manage authentication. Implemented modules into NodeJS to integrate with the design and requirements.
  • Good experience in developing Ext.js applications with extensive server calls using AJAX and strong hold in handling the server data and exceptions to provide interactive user experience.
  • Created reusable components like Menu Navigation, Session Monitor which was very useful in the application using Ext.js. Used Ext.js with Web API retrieve data from database and Joi for validation.
  • Extensive experience in developing web applications with User Experience Design (UX)like Visual Design, Interactive Design and extensive Human Computer Interaction Concepts.
  • Used Wire Frame Tools like Adobe illustrator CS3 for basic Visual design and followed User Experience Design (UX) properties and also used pair programming model for the development.
  • Developed Web Services for data transfer from client to server and vice versa using Apache Axis, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. Version control through GIT.
  • Followed Agile/Scrum methodology of software development thereby satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • Good experience in unit testing by using Karma and Mocha .
  • Having a decent work experience on Jasmine, YUI to test JavaScript code very quick. Knowledge in CSS preprocessors SASS and LESS and in executing test cases in DEV/QC/UAT environments.
  • Experience in using tools like Jira, AccuRev, Site Refresh and multiple browser testing.

Environment: HTML4/5, CSS2/3, JavaScript, JQuery, DHTML, MVC, DOM, JSON, Angular.js, Node.js, D3.js, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, React.js, Ember.js, Require.js, ASP.NET, C#.NET, AJAX, SOAP, XML, XPATH, Adobe Flash,Jira, AccuRev,Jasmine, Mocha, Sinon, Stash, GWT, Photoshop.

Confidential, Birmingham, AL

Senior Front End Developer


  • Involved in the Software Development Life Cycle phases like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and estimating the time-lines for the project.
  • Developed dynamic web pages using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3,JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, LESS, CSS3 and Sublime Text Editor.
  • Worked on JavaScript and HTML5 Browser Cache mechanism for storing and retrieving data for the website
  • Involved in developing the functionality for communicating between the modules mostly involved in VIEW and CONTROLLER section of MVC pattern for CMS project, it includes HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX which were used for UI development.
  • Involved in the Software Development Life Cycle phases like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and estimating the time-lines for the project.
  • Optimized Application using jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, Caching and CSS/ JavaScript. Experience working with JSON and XML based web services.
  • Designed Pdf, Excel and Print previews for all the reports in the application using HTML, JavaScript and SQL Stored Procedure. Worked on prototypes for Responsive design.
  • Involved in developing XML, HTML, and JavaScript for client side presentation data validation on the client side with in the forms and Developed a core component of Analytics with Node.js, Angular.JS,Knockout.js, Ext.js and Socket Stream.
  • Used the Node.js, Angular.js, backbone.js, underscore.js, pdf.js and RequireJS MVC Frameworks in the development of the web applications.
  • Worked on Angularjs by using its two-way data binding to achieve the feedback functionality from the user.
  • Created class based views to pull data from MySQL database in to the DOM for presentation.
  • Used Ext.js UI components to implement functionalities and validation.
  • Implemented the Single Page application template using AngularJS Route Providers.
  • Maintain Cross Browser compatibility & implement Responsive Design custom media queries, etc.
  • Created and tested scripts using jQuery on various browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, etc.
  • Designed DOM based interactive to reprogram selected links and adopted WCAG 2.0 standards for HTML and XHTML and W3C standards for CSS as well also implemented Remote Validation using unobtrusive JavaScript and JSON. Used Bootstrap in effective web design.
  • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer the amount to transfer application that is remote and global to different financial institutions.
  • Called the Restful web services calls for POST, PUT, DELETE AND GET methods and with microservices.
  • Developed views using Master Pages, Partial Views, custom HTML helper and jQuery with Razor view engine. Involved in creating View models and DAL using Entity Framework and C#.NET.
  • Worked on designing and coding (WCF) Service Contracts, Data Contracts and Operation Contracts. Coded pages with best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • Solved Experience in Agile development methodology.
  • Used Firebug, Firebug Lite, IE Developer Toolbar for debugging and browser compatibility.
  • Testing, fixing the bugs and troubleshooting technical problems.

Environment: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery,AJAX, Highcharts, DOM, DHTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, SQL Server, and Windows XP.

Confidential, Omaha, NE

UI Developer


  • Involved in Developing the front-end featuring rich web interface implemented using JavaScript libraries like jQuery, Backbone.jsand alsoused Mustache tempting system with huge multi-advertisement layout engine that was cross browser compatible.
  • Redesigned and implemented complete web application to meet web and industry standards.
  • Designed web pages using with HTML, CSS and jQuery, Backbone.js based on the W3C standard.
  • Developed CSS page layouts, styles and table less coding for efficient design.
  • Proficiency in implementing the design to meet web standards (W3C), SEO and worked on various browsers for cross-browser implementation.Used the Mozilla Firefox extension, Firebug, to view and debug HTML, DOM and JavaScript.Developed UI, Virtual Objects by using Flash, Ajax, and Action Script 3.0.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using DHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Setting up AngularJS, framework for UI development. Developed html views with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JSON, and JavaScript.
  • Utilized PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (Cross-Platform), HTML, XHTML, CSS to modify existing website, replaced existing functionality with new code.
  • Designed the front-end with HTML4/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3, by taking advantage of the MVC pattern of the AngularJS framework. Used Gulp as a build system and JavaScript Task runner.
  • Used CSS selectors for condition based styling and pseudo-classes to add some special effects to selectors.
  • Developed application using MVC Frameworks like Backbone.JS, Node.JS, AngularJS and Bootstrap.
  • Developed and used Angular bindings for various scripting tasks in AngularJS.
  • Utilized the excellent modules for the flow control in asynchronous non-blocking of I/O with the help of Node.js.Expertise in JavaScript/CSS and JS frameworks like YUI.
  • Worked with single thread and lightweight scripting for fastest data transfer within the Node.js.
  • Implemented jQuery based accordion styles and handled complete jQuery in showing Rich Internet
  • Application (RIA). Used JSON to fetch the data from Web Services.
  • Provided production level code to the engineering team for product development, including cross- browser support, and CSS optimization. Coded pages with best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • Used to interact with Business Analystand also used E-commerce methods in success driven models.
  • Provide the Secured digital certificates and maintained the performance through secured socket layer.
  • Created test suites using Jasmine, Karma and worked on tools like NPM.

Environment: JavaScript, AJAX, AngularJS, NodeJS, Grunt, Bootstrap, SASS, Web Services WSDL, SOAP, Commons Lang, Log4j, Junit, MongoDB.


UI Developer


  • Redesigned the existing site and to create new interfaces.
  • Involved in extensive HTML coding and developed web forms using HTML for the application.
  • Connected with clients to appreciate their present applications and design the site as showed by their structure essentials and developed data insertion forms and validated them using JavaScript and CSS style sheets
  • Designed dynamic client-side JavaScript codes to build web forms and simulate process for web application, page navigation and formvalidation.Produced GUI prototypes for business logic presentations.
  • Utilized various JQUERY plugins to build Rich Internet Application (RIA) to make it look more intuitive.
  • Worked closely with the programmers and graphic designers for project requirement and analysis.
  • Participated in bug thrashing sessions to discuss and resolve bugs with developers.
  • The new website has made it much easier for the users to access the page and check the required info.
  • Created Stored Procedure, Trigger for database access and events.

Environment: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, XML, MS SQL, Sublime, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver.


Java/ UI Developer


  • Involved in requirements gathering, implementation and setting up the development environment.
  • Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery for designing the UI.
  • Designed components for company's object framework using best practices and J2EE design patterns such as Model-View-Controller (MVC), Data Access Object, Value Object, and Business Delegate .
  • Strong experience in developing applications using Core Java concepts like OOPS, Multithreading, Collections Frameworks, Exception Handling, Data structures, Generics, Enumsand JDBC.
  • Actively participated in the complete life cycle of development, from the design phase to implementation Phase.
  • Creating use cases, class diagrams, activity diagrams and collaboration diagrams.
  • Responsible for environment setup in LINUX environment .
  • Played a key role in the development of server-side functionality of handling the requests and responses using Java Servlets.
  • Created Data Access Object (DAO) which is used by the Hibernate API calls to interact with the database.
  • Designed and implemented Web Services calls for service provider methods.
  • Used Apache Tomcat as the server to run the application.
  • Used Oracle as the relational database
  • Used GIT as the version control repository.
  • Developed unit testing using JUnit .
  • Involved in developing new functionality as per the needs of the users.

Environment: JSP, Servlets, Struts framework, MVC, Java Beans, JDBC, Tomcat, Linux, Oracle 10g, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, UNIX/LINUX,GIT, JUnit

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