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Ui/ Front - End Developer Resume

Stamford, CT


  • 3+ years in UI, Web and Front - end Development and Maintenance
  • 3+ years’ experience of front-end technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, AJAX
  • 3+ years of UI/front-end framework: AngularJS, Bootstrap
  • 2+ years with database control and data handling: SQL, Oracle, JSON
  • Strong experience of JavaScript framework and MEAN Stack technologies: AngularJS / MongoDB / Node.js / Express.js
  • Experience developing Web applications with ASP.Net, MVC and C#
  • Experience of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), OOD (Object Oriented Design), SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Experience with Unit Testing tools: Mocha, Jasmine, JUnit, Jira
  • Experience on web service: RESTful Web Service
  • Experience of using non-relational and relational database: MongoDB and Oracle 11
  • Extensive experience of developing app by using Java technologies and SOA application with IDE Eclipse .
  • Strong Skills of Java Libraries and Framework: JDBC, JSP, Maven, Spring Framework, Spring Hibernate
  • Good knowledge of TDD (Test Driven Development)and BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
  • Knowledge of latest framework Angular 2 with typeScript to build complex web application.
  • 3+ years of Git source control with Git Gui tools including GitKraken, GitHub and SourceTree
  • 1+ year in Data Science with Python, R, Algorithm, Data Structure, Excel
  • SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) experience, including documentation, design implementation, code review, code debug and maintenance
  • Agile and SCRUM development methodologies by using JIRA
  • Knowledge of React.js for building user interfaces.
  • Team player, fast learner with positive attitude.


Web Technologies: AngularJS, MEAN Stack,Node.js, Express.js, RESTful, jQuery,HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, PHP, XML, YAML, JSON, Angular2, D3.js and Responsive Design

JavaScript and OOP JavaScript: Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Hoisting, Promise

Testing and Testing Tools: Jira, JUnit, Jasmine, Mocha,TDD, BDD, Regression Test, JUnit

Database: Oracle, SQL, and MongoDB

Editor, IDE& Tools: Sublime Text, GitKraken,Eclipse, Robomongo, Visual Studio Code for Angular2, Gulp, Webpack

Design Patterns: MVC, DAO, Java EE Design Patterns, GOF(Singleton, Observer, Adapter, etc)

Technical: Python, C, C++, Algorithm, Data Science, Data Structure, Git.

Java: Java 1.6-1.8, Multithreading, Collections, JDBC, Servlets, JSP

Java Frameworks: Hibernate, Spring (Spring AOP, Spring Dao support, Spring MVC)

Tools: Maven, Tomcat Server, JIRA, Jenkins


Confidential, Stamford, CT

UI/ Front - end Developer


  • Implemented UI webpage layout with better clarity and accessibility by using HTML, CSS, JavaScrip, AJAX and jQuery .
  • Developed web applications in gaming flow with designed animations, which combine with artist instructions and assets.
  • Applied Front-End framework AngularJS for dynamic web application and data manipulation
  • Applied different Angular directives, including ng-model, ng-click, ng-submit in order to accomplish data binding and custom behavior.
  • Implemented Angular routing to navigate through different pages without page reloading.
  • Involved Angular controller with scopes in order to manage different functionalities of different pages of Angular applications.
  • Used Angular local storage service to retrieve and store data from backend database, and achieve user login, logout performance.
  • Wrote Angular scope.$watch, scope.digest, scope.$emit and scope.$broadcast function to dispatches event based on scope hierarchy, and display information based users choices.
  • Read and stored user data of JSON format to implement interactive web application and facilitate communication with databases server by applying RESTful API, which allows $http.get, $http.post request
  • Applied Bootstrap framework for better responsive design of Buttons, Navigation Bar, and grid layout.
  • Wrote and used varies JavaScript service, including swear word filter service, timer service, sound service in different project for efficient code production.
  • Implemented Analytic Service by using JavaScript, to store and analyze user information, user answer and score, so that system admin is able to track and monitor learner’s result and behavioral trend.
  • Meet with other developers to test software, find and implement debugging solution by using Jira to conduct Unit Testing .
  • Attend daily meeting under team leader supervision to discuss about production progress, and get approval of completed tasks.
  • Worked and provide technical leadership in an Agile team.
  • Used code source control Git GUI GitKraken to update project process in the team.
  • Communicate and collaborate with Architect and Artist team to understand business requirements, implement functionality with other team by following project document
  • Deepened skills of writing well-structured, clear and production-ready code.
  • Provided language support to verify the Chinese translation is accurate for Chinese users.

Techniques: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Angular.JS, Phaser, JSON, Git, GitKraken, JSON, Jira, YAML, hbs, Node.js, Promise, RESTful API, Bootstrap, Unit Testing, AJAX, Sublime Text, Gulp, Chinese

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Full Stack Developer


  • Full Stack Developer with strong understanding of full stack development process and enterprise flow.
  • Comprehend and practice new technology with better understanding under business work environment.
  • Developed individual project, which combines read, request and pass data from/to back-end with front-end implementation. Developed strong understanding as full stack developer.
  • The individual project includes:
  • Developed DOM based web application with JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, PHP and CSS
  • Designed single layered webpage and data manipulation by using AngularJS .
  • Implemented MEAN Stack to build dynamic web application.
  • Write advanced SQL code to interact with Oracle database.
  • Applied RESTful web service in node.js to read information in JSON files.
  • Used Node.js Express framework in empservice to better implementation of web application.
  • Used bootstrap for responsive web application.
  • Used countries.js library so user can select country and state with drop down box in a convenient way.
  • Applied MongoDB with Robomongo management tool in order to save information to database.
  • Transformed user input to JSON format with RESTful web service in Node .js in order to store information in MongoDB database.
  • Wrote Daotier with Node .js to retrieve data from MongoDB .
  • Trained to user Mocha and Jasmine as Unit Testing Tools for better code performance.
  • Applied JavaMail API and implement in Eclipse to provide mailing system in order to send newsletter to users.

Techniques: DOM, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, jQuery, CSS, AngularJS, MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js), SQL, Oracle, RESTful, Node.js bootstrap, Mocha, JAVA, JavaMail API, Eclipse.

Confidential - Portland, OR

Web Developer


  • Designed object-oriented website and content management system with WordPress platform using scripting languages and relational databases including JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP and HTML to interact with Google form and map via two-layered framework.
  • Used D3 .js library for visualizing data with HTML and CSS .
  • Involved jQuery to use jQuery function for better performance of webpage.
  • Applied Promise for AJAX call to get, add, update, and delete data from database.
  • Applied Git as source control in order to update the code process within team.
  • Deepened understanding of social web and data, presented data collection clearly with statistical techniques.
  • Trained to implement Angular.js and bootstrap for better performance and design of web application.
  • Trained to designed and apply SQL for database control with Oracle.
  • Developed strong understanding of MEAN stack framework.
  • Understanding Data Structure, and apply Data Science knowledge to analyses the user input and information combined with Python .
  • Worked both independently and collaboratively with other colleagues to share actionable insights, analyzed the insights with new technologies into valuable marketing opportunities.
  • Trained strong communication and written skills, and explained technical challenges and result of web project in a clear manner.

Techniques: JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP, HTML, Data Science, Python, D3.js lib, jQuery, AJAX, Git, Angular, bootstrap, Oracle, JSON, Node.js, MEAN stack, Google form/map

Confidential, Portland, OR

Data Science Projects


  • Applied Python with platform of Anaconda to manipulate large databases in order to analyze the correlation between bike-rental behaviors and environmental and seasonal settings in Washington State.
  • Implemented data visualization of analyses to enhance and clarify content of the project presentation.
  • Deepened understanding of algorithms and data structures .
  • Worked closely with other engineers, built models and tested code, conducted experiment-driven project.
  • Data mining, formulated hypothesis and built models, collected data, conducted statistical analysis.
  • Applied R and Excel to investigate 5 year data sets in order to study the relationship between traffic fatalities and factors such as age and gender of drivers, road conditions, and vehicle types.
  • Solved problems with statistical analysis approaches; data visualization and data mining of the research.
  • Trained strong communication and writing skills to present the result of quantitative analysis within a clear and effective manner.

Techniques: Python, R, Algorithms, Data Structure, Data visualization, Excel

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