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Software Robustness Engineer Resume

Warren, MI


  • 4 years of Experience with expertise in Model - Based Algorithm & Software Development, Auto code generation and Embedded software development.
  • Certified MATLAB Programming Associate.
  • Expertise in modeling tools like MATLAB, SIMULINK, STATEFLOW
  • Expertise in Real-time simulations on CarSIM/CarMaker
  • Gained Knowledge on Automatic Emergency Braking, Imminent Braking Assist and Collision Alerts
  • Good working knowledge in standards and protocols like CAN, LIN, FlexRay, TCP/IP, UDP.
  • Expertise in using Vector tools such as CANalyzer, CANoe.
  • Good working experience with CANalyzer tool to analyze the data transmission in Automotive projects.
  • Knowledge of ISO 26262.
  • Knowledge in creating test environments to perform Functional, Unit and Subsystem automated tests and verification
  • Experienced in GNU Tools (.gcc, .gbd), Conf iguration Management Tools (Synergy) and Requirement Management Tool (DOORS)
  • Good exposure to software development life cycle (SDLC) like Feasibility, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance
  • Experienced in using various testing tools (CarSim) and code checking standards (MISRA)


Programing Languages: C, C++, MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow

Operating System and Networking: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, Ubuntu, MAC

Communication Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, CAN, RS-232, J1939

Hardware: Woodward ECUs, Kvaser CAN

Software: CarSIM 17.1, Carmaker 4.0,SolidWorks, MATLAB, Simulink, Moto Hawk (Model-based Design Tool), Moto Tune (Calibration Tool), keil, VeriStand, ETAS, ATI, CAN King, LT-Spice, Rational DOORS, Electric Software, Electric Power World, P-Spice, VxWorks


Software Robustness Engineer

Confidential, Warren, MI


  • Worked on requirements for Model-in-loop testing using IBM rational DOORS and software configuration management using IBM rational Synergy
  • Worked on various versions of EOCM software based on latest Cadence and updated in the MIL interface
  • Worked on several Confidential Features like Collision Imminent Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Following Distance Indicator
  • Worked on Closed loop Functionality in Simulink for Automatic Emergency Braking and Open Loop Functionality for Collision alerts
  • Created framework for MIL testing interface in MATLAB Simulink for various brake commands
  • Executed test scenarios in CarSIM and exported variables Simulink for simulation
  • Used Model Verification in Simulink for debugging the error with in the Simulink Model
  • Generated S-function in Simulink based upon the input and output variables for testing
  • Created a switch conditions to MIL framework for testing realistic data from the vehicle
  • As a part of integration, test and Verification team worked from Unit level test to Vehicle test
  • Modified MATLAB scripts calibrations for better result and impact assessment
  • Performed various Stress test for Software behavior on EOCM using Virtual Sensors
  • Integrated the test model such a way that Braking commands are actually based on Time to Collision from Sensor detection
  • Involved in SDLC process like requirement analysis, designing, coding, testing, releasing
  • Verified MIL data withthe real time Dspace HIL bench data and Vehicle data

Embedded Software Developer

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Involved in the development of software requirements and functional specifications for new Advanced Driver Assistance and Chassis Systems
  • Involved in the design of Confidential using modeling tools such as MATLAB, Simulink/State Flow/RTW
  • Hand-coded algorithms using C/C++ programming language in VxWorks environment
  • Tuning the fixed-point setting using TargetLink Auto scaling tool
  • Experienced in MATLAB/Simulink/State flow and Auto-code generation
  • Developing Encoder Sensor Simulation Model Using Model Based Design
  • Designed the electrical circuit by using MATLAB/Simulink and Simscape Software and PSpice software to analyzed Electrical components performance in Electrical circuit
  • Involved in every step of SDLC process like requirement analysis, designing, coding, testing, releasing and providing product maintenance, and documentation at each stage
  • Powertrain Controls Software requirement specification and development.
  • Electric Powertrain Architecture Control Modeling PCM, Power Control Module for EV Powertrain with 110 KW Electric Motor.
  • Performed system-level integration of the software
  • Gained knowledge and experience on CAN protocol, and on using the CANalyzer software tool
  • Documented CANoe model functionality including panel functionality, security features, installation instructions, etc
  • Gained experience in advanced features like ACC, LDW, LKW, RCTA, etc.

Gasoline Controls Engineer Trainee

Confidential, Pontiac, MI


  • Designed Engine PID controller, plant model and engine position tracking (EPT) system for a GM Ecotec 4 stroke 2.0 Liters gasoline engine
  • Developed state machine for stall/crank/run/overload states and calibrated engine for different states
  • Implemented gain scheduling and feed forward loop up table for lower response time and stabilized engine speed
  • Development of PID Electronic Throttle Controller (ETC)
  • Designed a PID controller model in MATLAB Simulink and performed model in loop (MIL), Hardware in loop (HIL) and Software in loop (SIL) simulations
  • Used MATLAB Simulink, MotoHawk, Moto Tune to implement PI Control Loop to achieve Duty Cycle from Acceleration Pedal Position (APP) and Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) through 48 and 128 pinned ECUs
  • Implemented different techniques to improve PID controller model (Gain Scheduling, Saturation, Anti-windup etc.)
  • Calibrated the throttle position of a Bosch Dv-e5 electronic throttle using NI VeriStand and NI CompactRIO
  • Responsible for software safety analysis and dependent failure analysis as part of ISO26262 functional safety
  • Achieved expertise on Unit Testing, Functional Testing (SIL, MIL, HIL) and Regression Testing on the embedded software written for Electronic Engine Management modules which includes Application layer, Engine On-Board Diagnostics and core features (physical layer, air features, engine features).
  • Gained experience in high level hardware and software debugging using oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and simulators.
  • CAN Driver integration and maintenance
  • Worked on UDS Implementing and testing
  • Software Build Integration, Maintenance and Release
  • Tracked and maintained requirements traceability matrix using DOORS to ensure all system level requirements given by the customer are met during release

Power Controls Quality Engineer Intern



  • Developed a mathematical model of a servo system (torque transducer) to control the velocity and position of a physical system, and calculated different parameters desired to control the physical system
  • Position Control of DC Motor without Velocity Feedback: Design and implementation of P and PD controllers to satisfy design constraints like percentage overshoot and settling time on the oscilloscope, and compare the values obtained to those obtained using MATLAB
  • Velocity Control of DC Motor with Velocity Feedback: Design and implementation of PI controller to satisfy the design requirements like percentage steady state error and percentage overshoot on the oscilloscope, and compare the values obtained to those obtained using MATLAB
  • Controller: Designed P, PI and PID controllers to control DC-DC converters regulating output for load and line voltage, measuring and extending efficiencies
  • Implemented characteristics of open-loop transfer functions of the boost converter in Continuous Control Mode, and the P, PI and PID controllers in series with the boost converter plant for efficient control
  • Performed root cause analysis which resulted 10% reduction of distortions in Inverter.
  • Recommended Engineering change for shaft core based on results from MATLAB simulation
  • Created manufacturing processes procedures, which reduced quality control rejections by 70%

Systems Engineering Intern



  • Developed algorithms for STMP36xx controller that drove a stand-alone controller with A/D, D/A, PWM inputs logical and algorithmic process.
  • System validation or existing drivers: serial, Ethernet 10/100, I2C, SPI, LCD, USB host and device, Bluetooth)
  • Both products supported RS232 and RS485 serial buses.
  • Performed design (using Orcad PSpice, Psim), implementation, test and onsite customer integration.
  • Integrated engineering tests and measures inside code resulting in enhanced functionality and speedier development.
  • Worked alongside senior power engineers in the review of design and stress analysis reports.
  • Developed reliable operational electrical system guidelines
  • Performed tasks that supported power-testing program prior to release of product
  • Working on EGAS standard architecture for Combined Inverter DCDC (CIDD) projects for powertrain application
  • Developing Generic Sensor Simulation Model Using Model Based Design
  • Brainstorming and Implementing the ideas to showcase the results using different visualization tools
  • Reviewed and analyzed control software code (C code) to troubleshoot issues
  • Developed a distributed control system to communication between the sensors and actuators of different ECUs using J1939 CAN messages

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