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Ui Developer Resume

San Francisco, CaliforniA


  • Over 8+ years of experience in software development as a Java with UI Developer and UX Designer in various environments.
  • Experience in web development with a strong background working on open source technologies, including HTML/HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, DOM, jQuery etc.
  • Experience in UX design with a strong background working in Wireframes (low fidelity and high fidelity) Prototypes, Mockups, Storyboard and User Flows.
  • Translate business requirements into wireframes, screen mock - up and prototype.
  • Experienced in breaking up layered PSD into HTML using CSS.
  • Experienced in designing, developing, delivering and implementing data-driven desktop and Web applications for clients and assisting in the development and maintenance of company Web applications (Internet and Intranet).
  • Strong exposure to AJAX, XML and JSON.
  • Strong problem solving ability and analytical skills and able to integrate quickly into team and work independently toward team goals.
  • Strong exposure to Adobe tools - Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Flash.
  • Extensive experience in visualization, creating visual designs, Product Logos, developing high quality of work, maintaining team, and design reviews, handling whole project through its life cycle.
  • Strong experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Progressive Enhancement.
  • Exposure in Responsive Web Designing, Strong experience in Unit Testing, Integration Testing.
  • Expertise in effective interactive design solutions that meet business, project, and design goals, based on standards and guidelines.
  • Skilled in conceptual development of Web-based Projects, including Project Strategy, Functionality, Information Architecture, Navigation Systems.
  • Extensive experience in attending client calls, Provide the estimate of effort required to complete a unit of design task to ensure the completion of job within given timeframe.
  • Worked with BA to develop and iterate design mockups, user stories and other design doc.
  • Handled multiple projects and had a review with whole project at the end of the course.
  • Very quick learner and keen to adopt new technologies.
  • Strong team playing skills coupled with the ability to build excellent customer relations.


UI Developer

Confidential, San Francisco, California


  • Mobile application development with Titanium SDK.
  • Used JavaScript & Titanium tools. Implemented the entire Prototype of email app, including SQL Lite database schema and query design, JS based HTTP request to fetch email data and UI design & implementation.
  • Develop mobile time tracking user interface for iPhone and Android using PhoneGap library
  • Developed iPhone and Android mobile app using Sencha Touch and Phonegap framework
  • Used Sencha Touch and EXT JS for the Mobile web interface development. Also used JSON and JQuery for Mobile application development. Worked with HTML 5 and CSS 3.
  • Using sencha touch for development to find relevant people for the same social Networking Websites.
  • Delivered mobile app for book reading capability with HTML5 Sencha and online services with Flash/Flex.
  • Implemented Presentation layer using JSP, Servlets, backbone, angular, sproutcore, knockout, CSS framework, SASS, LESS, Compass, 960Grid, HTML/CSS into java deployed applications, Wire-framing, HTML5.
  • Used JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS3, and HTML5 as data and presentation layer technology.
  • Design and development of Web Pages using PHP, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, ajax.
  • Currently working on developing web application on a mobile platform using jquery mobile, jquery Google API plugin and ASP.Net MVC.
  • Worked on the modernization of a legacy and outsourced UI. Technologies used were Backbone.js, Can.js, and JQuery
  • Built main application in Python, Django leveraging technologies such as Tastypie, Backbone.js, and Celery
  • Developed the presentation layer (UI) using JSP, Tag libraries, HTML, Flash, CSS and client validations using JavaScript.
  • Proficiency in web designing using HTML, DHTML, CGI-PERL, Java Script, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage, Home site, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.
  • Worked with Core Location and MapKit framework for the purpose of showing current locations on a map on iPhone applications.
  • Develop step-by-step training resources for iPad IOS technology use;
  • Worked in team to develop iOS and Android application
  • Developed book -reader for the Windows phone 7 platform using Microsoft Visual Developer us ing the Silverlight platform and C# and using JSON as the data -source.
  • Created mobile applications for Blackberry, Android, Windows 7, and iPhone mobile phones using Java.
  • Develop prototype application on Android handset and tablet for viewing editing, sharing, and creating montages of photos, videos, events and albums which can be transferred wirelessly across other devices.
  • As a Senior Programmer involved in design phase and assisting the team to develop admin UI services like manage users, roles, messages, etc., using Spring MVC and Acegi security.
  • Implemented JBOSS Cache provider with Hibernate second-level cache for clustered caching using cache factory interfaces and also defined configuration mappings like setting the Isolation levels and other cluster configurations.
  • Implemented front end changes based on spring integrated with Struts along with JSP view and Java code as per requirement
  • Deployed the application on Weblogic Application Server cluster on Solaris 10 environment
  • Implement web service components using Apache CXF framework
  • Developed Rest architecture based webservices to facilitate communication between client and servers.
  • Worked on the Struts framework and JSP and Struts tag libraries to page display technology
  • Developed the Servlets for processing the data on the server.
  • Created webservices using WTP tool plugin to the eclipse IDE which is deployed as a separate application using Maven scripts.
  • MySQL to access data in the database at different Levels.
  • Selenium test cases for management module with integration with cruise control (complete ant suite starting/stopping tomcat and creating /deploying war and running the selenium test cases
  • Created webservices using WTP tool plugin to the eclipse 3.2 IDE which is deployed as a separate application using Maven scripts.
  • Agile/SCRUM was used as the project management methodology and JIRA & Confluence were the tools used to keep things in check.
  • Migrated the code base from Subversion/Clearcase to GIT.
  • Designed and currently developing 3 Tier Web 2.0 based price management system using GWT, Grails and MySql. Used and using Talend Open Studio to load data into the new system from the legacy data formats.
  • Worked with business teams using Agile methodology to integrate business line of apps with SOA in a seamless fashion.
  • Develop complex web applications in PHP, AJAX with Informix as the database to model the business logic of the company which is Supply Chain Management.
  • Applying Ruby on Rails and JQuery debugged, enhanced, extended business-to-business SAP application. Provided extensive integration and functional mocks testing.

Environment: Titanium, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, backbone, angular, sproutcore, knockout, CSS framework, SASS, LESS, Compass, 960 Grid, HTML/CSS into java deployed applications, Wire-framing, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery mobile, Backbone.js, Flash, CorelDraw, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Tablet, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Weblogic, APACHE CXF, REST, JSP, SERVLET, MYSQL, Eclipse, Selenium, MAVEN, Subversion (SVN), Agile, Web 2.0, SOA, PHP, Ruby.

Sr UI Developer

Confidential - Malvern, PA


  • Implemented UI, UX, HTML5, CSS3, Ember.js, Javascript to provide development services.
  • Developed and Implemented Web Services and used Spring Framework.
  • Used the light weight container of the Spring Frame work to provide architectural flexibility for inversion of controller (IOC).
  • Implemented the caching mechanism in Hibernate to load data from Oracle database.
  • Implemented application level persistence using Hibernate and Spring.
  • Implemented Persistence layer using Hibernate to interact with the Oracle database, Used Hibernate Framework for object relational mapping and persistence.
  • Developed Servlets and JSPs based on MVC pattern using Struts framework and Spring Framework.
  • Expertise in developing enterprise applications using Struts Frameworks.
  • Configured JMS Server setup and DB Connection pool setup & deployed Returned items in Weblogic Server.
  • Maintained the business standards and the requirements in EJB and deployed them on to WebLogic Application Server.
  • Implement web service components using JiBX and Apache CXF framework.
  • Involved in the deployment of Web-Service End-Points using Apache CXF.
  • Developed Rest architecture based webservices to facilitate communication between client and servers.
  • Created all the services to work with the various entities provided and restified the services using REST APIs.
  • Designed and modified User Interfaces using JSP, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.
  • Developed UI screens using YUI, CSS and JQuery.
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, JSF frame work with AJAX, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, and CSS.
  • Developed AJAX scripting to process server side JSP scripting.
  • Integrate the ExtJs/Sencha framework with Oracle BPM.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using JS, EXTJS and JQUERY.
  • Developed Web based Dynamic Form Builder using DHTML, JavaScript Object-to-XML.
  • Designed and developed the UI using Struts view component, JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Reduced system downtime by 20% and increased on-line business opportunities / revenue by implementing content management system enhancements leveraging Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Design, develop and test of SOA services using SOA / Web Service / Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • Worked in Agile environment with active scrum participation.
  • Agile and scrum process is used for tracking and developing the application.
  • Worked on designing and creating business rules using IBM ILOG Rules Engine.
  • Configured glassfish server; Design shipping rate template upload UI using Adobe Flex and Developed Jasper report.
  • Created Clear Case VOBs and setup triggers and backups for a new project. Wrote roll out procedures and plans. Environment was mixed Windows and AIX, projects written in C++.
  • Used AJAX, Java script and GWT to create interactive user interface.
  • Core developer of the application infrastructure using GWT/GXT as the front-end architecture using AJAX.
  • Quickly learned iText and implemented to solve Hungarian Special Character Issue.
  • Prepare Java/J2EE development structure for Eclipse, maven, Jetty.
  • Used the Eclipse as IDE, configured and deployed the application onto WebLogic application server using Maven build scripts to automate the build and deployment process.
  • Wrote test cases using JUnit testing framework and configured applications on Weblogic Server.
  • Developed and designed interfaces using HTML, JSP, Server Side components using Servlets on Eclipse.
  • Mentored/trained a team of 5 junior to mid-level developers in Java/J2EE Development using UML design documents.
  • Implemented Persistence layer using Hibernate to interact with the Oracle database, Used Hibernate Framework for object relational mapping and persistence.
  • Experience in Hibernate 3.0 which includes integrating legacy databases, writing custom CRUD statements, integrating stored procedures and functions and also performed polymorphic associations.
  • Created SQL queries, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions for the Database layer by studying the required business objects and validating them with Stored Procedures using DB2. Also used JPA with Hibernate provider.
  • Developed stored procedures, Triggers and functions in Oracle 10g to process the trades using PL/SQL and mapped it to Hibernate Configuration File and also established data integrity among all tables.
  • Developed hibernate DAO Accessor Classes using Spring JDBC Template, Worked with Hibernate for object relational mapping and connection management.
  • Developed the Presentation and Controller layers using JSP, HTML, Java Script, Business layer using
  • Spring (IOC, AOP), DTO, JTA, and Persistent layer DAO, Hibernate for all modules.
  • Implemented User interface (UI) entire application using JSP, JSTL, Custom Tag Libraries, JavaScript, XML/ XSLT, HTML and CSS.
  • Created applications, connection pools, deployment of JSPs, Servlets, and EJBs in WebSphere.

Environment: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Web logic, APACHE CXF, REST, JQuery, AJAX, Sencha ExtJS, JavaScript, JSP, JSTL, SERVLET, Oracle, CRUD, PL/ SQL, JDBC, UML, Eclipse, Junit, MAVEN, ITEXT, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Clear Case, Jasper report, ILOG, Agile, Web 2.0, SOA.

Front End Mobile Application Developer

Confidential - San Francisco, California


  • Worked with clients to develop layout, color scheme for their website and implemented it into a final interface design with the HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
  • Created webpages according to client's guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Established standards and best practices for coding and design.
  • Extensively used CSS to change the styles to be used in future web layouts and debugging the errors issues with CSS.
  • Used various adobe tools to improve quality of images.
  • Improved user experience introducing JQuery validation framework.
  • Designed web pages using HTML and CSS/CSS3.
  • Implemented functionality in JavaScript.
  • Tested application on Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome to achieve Cross Browser Compatible Issues. Deploy and test applications targeting different devices and versions that include tablet devices, & smartphones devices.

Environment: Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Websphere Portal, APACHE CXF, soap, Web, Services, DOJO, JavaScript, "Sencha ExtJS ", CSS, AJAX, Html5, JSP, JavaServer, SERVLET, DB2, CRUD, PL/ SQL, JDBC, UML, Eclipse, Junit, MAVEN, ITEXT, XML, Oracle Enterprise Content Management (Oracle ECM ), GWT (Google Web Toolkit), JIRA, Subversion (SVN), Jasper report, ILOG, JRules, Scrum, Web 2.0, SOA, JMS, Apachi TomcaT, Linux. PHP.

Sr. Web Developer (Java Platform)

Confidential - San Francisco, California


  • Involved in development and enhancements of features to restrict the usage based on Authorization and Authentication tokens.
  • Worked on the database that was used for department wide access.
  • Used SQL Lite for database operations.
  • Involved in bug fixing.
  • Debugged and tested the application on device. Platform used: Windows 2000/XP Languages: Java and XML.

Environment: Eclipse, ADT Plugin, Android SDK, SVN

Confidential, New York, NY

Java Developer


  • Involved in the requirement-capturing meeting with the subsystem with the end users and Department Heads in Vehicles.
  • Designed and Developed from scratch.
  • Involved in development and design of the complete flow from the front end to the back-end for each UI existing in the current application.
  • Developed presentation layer using for enhancing the performance of the application. Integrated with jsp to enhance the UI. Client side validations using Struts Validation framework.
  • Used Action Script for implementing screens.
  • Implemented Hierarchical grids with complex search mechanism.
  • Calling pl/sql stored procedures to display data into database.
  • Developed the classes in java to get the PDF data from DataBase.
  • Developed the Utility java classes in java to do Date and String manipulations.
  • Used Stored Procedures to save and get the information to/from Database.
  • XML is used to create the mapping between UI fields and Value Object fields.
  • XSL is used to display the data in PDF from xml file.
  • Used CSS for applying style in entire applications.
  • Estimate the infrastructure/ tools and technical manpower required for developing and delivering the Web Solutions to the clients or partner companies
  • Developed the customized components for Reports.

ENVIRONMENT: Core Java, Jsp, J2EE, Java, Spring MVC, Web Services, Hibernates, Adobe, Ajax, Servlets, DAO, PL/SQL, MS SQL Server 2005, XML, Log4j, Jsf, CSS, eclipse, Apache, Ant .

Confidential, Ashburn, VA

Java Developer


  • A new interface between Acela and IMPACT was developed. IMPACT will provide a web service that will allow Acela to notify it to start and stop monitoring of a circuit. Acela will utilize the Web services adapter to communicate with IMPACT.
  • Built UNIX scripts to monitor each instance of ICS, which check if ICS process is running, application adapters are running and bring them up if they are down.
  • Responsible for developing complex SQL queries for ICS Core
  • Designed and Developed the Collaboration flow for each interface
  • Performance tuning of interfaces developed by other development teams
  • Development of the Business Objects, Maps, Collaboration Template/Objects
  • Extensively used JDBC, Email, Workflow and Web services connectors
  • Involved in the testing phase and in the deployment of interfaces from DEV to QA, QA to UAT and UAT to Production environments.
  • Debugging data in Work In Progress (WIP) tables
  • Used Flow Manager for failed flow resubmission
  • Debugging of Production issues in critical time bound situations.
  • Prepared production support documentation

Environment: JDK, IBM WBI ICS, Web Sphere MQ, Web services Adapter, JDBC Adapter, Workflow Adapter, Email Adapter, Oracle8i .

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