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Full Stack Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • 4+ years of experience in Full - Stack/Front-End development websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Restful API, Node JS, Express JS, Mongoose, AJAX and JSON.
  • Experienced in ES6, React states and props, Redux Middleware.
  • Experienced in new features in ES6 including promise, scoping, class, destructing assignment, Regular Expression.
  • Experienced in using NPM(Node package Manager) for necessary modules.
  • Experienced in implementing components, Router, Forms, Events, Keys, Single Page Applications(SPA) for UI library, React.
  • Experienced in using HTTP request.
  • Understanding deeply in using component lifecycle methods.
  • Experienced in using CSS/CSS3 including Flexbox and Media Queries.
  • Experienced in using Bootstrap, Material-UI for web layout.
  • Experienced in implementing responsive web application by HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • Used the concepts of Pseudo classes, layouts, positioning, text, padding, border and transforms in many projects.
  • Experienced in developing client side by React as the UI library which follows W3C standards.
  • Skilled in using Chrome Developer’s tool, React developer Tools, Redux DevTools, server-side terminal and client-side terminal to debug web application.
  • Experienced in using Node JS framework, Express JS and creating Restful API.
  • Experienced in using Mongoose API to manipulate data in Mongo DB.
  • Experienced in developing event driven applications using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Detailed understanding of Virtual DOM manipulation, One-way data flow, and JSX.
  • Experienced in building scalable MERN stack applications.
  • Experienced in Developing, Testing, Debugging, Integrating and Deploying enterprise applications using Integrated Development Environment(IDE) IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and Visual Studio.
  • Experienced using Agile, SCRUM software development to work with team members.


Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, ES6, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Node JS, Express JS, React, Redux, JSON, AJAX, XML, Agile, SCRUM

Database: NoSQL, MongoDB, MySQL

Language: JavaScript, Java, C, Python, C++


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Full Stack Developer


  • Responsible for developing Surgical Robotic Product Management to search, sort, add, edit, delete, paginate, send email and make phone calls for information searching.
  • Responsible for developing Node JS for server side and installing modules for design requirements.
  • Implemented Express JS for router, model and controller
  • Created Restful APIs for each web feature except getting particular detail by using Mongoose API.
  • Developed Mongo DB(NoSQL) for surgical product data and connecting with Express JS through Mongoose.
  • Designed product data schema in Express JS model.
  • Used JSON to send response from server side.
  • Responsible for developing and testing web client side by using React, Redux.
  • Created UI components for principal features.
  • Communicated client side and server side by making axios calls from the client side.
  • Built necessary actions in Redux store.
  • Used Middleware, Redux Thunk to receive data from Restful API calls.
  • Created Reducer in Redux to receive different actions and change states accordingly.
  • Implemented client side Interface by React for DOM manipulation.
  • Implemented dispatch actions and states from Redux store to React.
  • Implemented necessary modules for React from NPM(Node package Manager).
  • Implemented Router for SPA.
  • Worked with Redux state, used Redux store as props and passed it to React container component..
  • Built form for the product list and fetched user actions.
  • Debugged the web using Chrome Developer’s tool, React developer Tools, Redux DevTools, server-side terminal and client-side terminal.
  • Wrote JavaScript and JSX for component manipulation.
  • Implemented HTML5, CSS3 including for editing view and adding view and Material-UI for product list view for layout.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Web Developer


  • Designed a email client system and separated email data in collections for inbox, sent, drafts, trash. Showed the number of emails in each collection.
  • Implemented React for manipulating virtual DOM tree to update the web quickly and change HTML views.
  • Implemented 3 components for toggle email, email list and email detail for UI library, React.
  • Initiated necessary state in Redux store. Designed action to get email data from Mongo DB in JSON format. Used actions and previous state in Reducer to update state.
  • Implemented Middleware, Redux Thunk for action of calling API.
  • Implemented Events, Keys and used props in components
  • Developed SPA using React to utilize the HTML DOM features.
  • Designed the web using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Designed CSS3 styles to maintain the uniformity of all the screens throughout the application and positioning of screen objects.
  • Developed animated buttons.
  • Implemented Flexbox for layout.
  • Implemented necessary modules for React from NPM(Node package Manager).
  • Debugged the web using Chrome Developer’s tool, React developer Tools, Redux DevTools, server-side terminal and client-side terminal.
  • Used JavaScript and JSX for component manipulation.
  • Invoked in creating reusable components by modify Material-UI classes.


Software Engineer


  • Designed an image categorization system that allowed user to import 16682 images and predict the image category in 20 classes with accuracy of 0.59.
  • Sampled randomly 10% of the images as validation set for training Confidential .
  • Sampled randomly an additional 10% as test set for evaluation.
  • Used pretrained network firstly to extract image features and trained a SVM classifier which discriminated between 20 object categories.
  • Run each image in train sets through pretrained network and extracted layer feature.
  • Tested SVM on the test sets.
  • Run each image in train sets through pretrained network and extracted layer feature.
  • Tested SVM on the test sets.
  • Trained a new network by exacting image features from Confidential .
  • Set the classifier to output 20 object classes in dataset.
  • Implemented a loop to loop through train sets 25 epochs.
  • Extracted features for each image stored them.
  • Provided Caffe with the images and labels.
  • Trained a linear SVM by features stored to predict which class an image came from.
  • Trained train sets in MATLAB and evaluated the network on validation set.
  • Reported accuracy of the new network on the train set and test set without SVM.
  • Used MATLAB, Caffe package(a popular deep learning framework for Computer Vision.
  • Plotted train losses and validation set accuracies.


Junior Software Engineer


  • Developed raw shopping mall Parking Lot System.
  • Responsible for client’s requirement including parking time.
  • Used Java Spring Boot to create Restful APIs.
  • Implemented client side with JavaFX and styled JavaFX with CSS.
  • Modeled parking lots and one garage door for vehicles entering and exiting.
  • Simulated the first car parking from one side and other cars parking in a sequence followed.
  • Implemented parking classification for customers, staff and members.
  • Implemented one data model including vehicle license, arrival time and departure time.
  • Stored data with XML in MySQL.
  • Stored updating data in local cache and also updated to database, MySQL in case of power failure.
  • Made output for vehicle parking number or position in waiting line.
  • Made output for vehicle staying time in parking lot and parking fee.
  • Hooked up with external charging system for cashier to manage.

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