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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

Rochester, MN


  • 8+ years of experience in developing web pages and user interfaces using HTML5, DOM, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS 2/4/5/6, Webpack, AJAX, JSON.
  • Experience in designing and developing internet/Intranet web applications using HTML 5, JavaScript, Angular 2/4/5/6, CSS, SCSS, media queries which are responsive, testable, extensible, reusable and meets desired architectural objectives.
  • Expert in Angular JS, worked on Angular JS features like Two Way Binding, Custom Directives, Controllers, Filters, Services and Project Architecture, React JS features like Components, Lifecycle methods, and unidirectional data flow using the Flux Architecture.
  • Well - experienced with User Experience, Usability, Visual Design, Users, Customers, Communication, Relationship, and Business Value.
  • Experienced as a User Interface/Front End Developer in developing applications using HTML/HTML5, CSS/ CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS DOM, jQuery, LESS, Ajax and JSON.
  • Used React-Router to turn application.
  • Rich experience with development using AngularJS and Angular 2.0 extensive features for loading views in a Single Page Application, MVC structure for JavaScript files, data-binding using Angular JS directives and building custom directives.
  • Expertise in Client Scripting language and server-side scripting languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript with ECMA5 features, jQuery, JSON, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular 2.0, NodeJS.
  • Hands on Experience on Angular 2.0 technology for one complete project in rebasing the UI of the application using the techniques in Angular 2.0. into Single Page Application & worked in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept.
  • Extensive use of AngularJS for developing the SPAs (Single Page Applications) for internal application/tool & involved designing in web pages using HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, React.js, Redux, Flex, Mongo DB.
  • Created dynamic web pages using AngularJS framework. Worked on two-way, one-way data binding, built-in components and developed single page applications using Angular JS.
  • Created Angular2 Directives, Components, Pipes, Injectables across the whole system, such as build the custom filter and the main assortment dashboard.
  • Proficient in building Web User Interface (UI) using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and MVC frameworks - AngularJS or Backbone.js.
  • Developed the angular application from scratch using Angular-CLI & ES6 features, used babble, web pack with ES5, React js.
  • Worked with Angular 4 features like Router Param Map and Animations.
  • Handlebar is used to keep our HTML pages simple and clean and decoupled from the logic-based JavaScript files, and Handlebars serves this purpose well.
  • Experience in all phase of SDLC like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance, and extensive experience with Agile and SCRUM.
  • Expertise in designing Event Handling Models such as Listener and Dispatcher in OO JavaScript. With back-end in Spring MVC (Restful services with annotation) architecture framework.
  • Experience with NPM, Bower, Gulp, Grunt built task like Hibernate.
  • Extensive experience in developing web page quickly and effectively using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap and experience in making web pages cross browser compatible.
  • Experienced in frameworks such as React JS, Angular JS (1.x/1.5), Node JS, Backbone JS, Express JS.
  • Extensive experience as web developer with a strong background working on open source technologies, including JSP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, Photoshop.
  • Solid experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD).
  • Rich experience with working on React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations, and flux concepts.
  • Incorporated React UI architecture and built components library, React container, Presentational components.
  • Implemented Node.JS, React JS for developing the Single Page Application (SPA).
  • Experience in working with React JS to handle browsers compatibility issues with browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.
  • Familiar with popular browsers development and debugging tools/plugins for IE tester, Chrome Inspector, Firebug, Jasmine, JSDoc and Karma testing framework.
  • Strong experience in CSS3 preprocessors styling such as SASS and LESS.
  • Experience in popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.js, Node.js, jQuery, Express.js, D3.js, Jasmine, Karma.
  • Expertise in upgraded DOCX using Angular5, Typescript and Raven.
  • Very good experience in Document Object Model (DOM). Deal with client-side applications using React JS and working knowledge on Grunt and Gulp.
  • Working Knowledge of ng add and ng update commands and .json files in Angular6
  • Expertise in Java Script and AJAX calls. Expertise in jQuery plugins and Angular components.
  • Good amount of work done on Reactive forms or Web Forms in Angular5 and their Validations.
  • Designed and implemented the User Interface using JSP, CSS3, JavaScript ES6, JSP, Angular5.
  • Expert in Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with advanced JavaScript Frameworks using Ext JS MVC, jQuery.
  • Worked with CRUD operations in Angular6 and created components using Angular CLI for building apps.
  • Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, Underscore.js, Prototype.js, Backbone.js, Angular.js, React.js, Knockout.js, etc.
  • Expertise in analyzing the DOM Layout, Java Script functions, Cascading Styles across cross-browser using Fire Bug, Developer Tool Bar.
  • Working Knowledge of MVW frameworks like Backbone.js and Bootstrap.js.
  • Proficient in various version control systems SVN, GitHub, Subversion.


UI/Web Technologies: Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, CSS2/3, HTML4/ 5, XHTML, XML, XSLT.

Server Side / BackEnd: Java (Spring, Hibernate, J2EE), Php (Drupal, WordPress), Node (MEAN, MERN)

Build Tools / Task Runners: Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Yeomen.

JavaScripts / Unit Test Frameworks: AngularJS 6.x/5.x/4.x/2.x/1.x, ReactJs, BackboneJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, ExtJS, ExpressJS, KnockoutJS, UnderscoreJS, Karma/Jasmine, BootstrapJS, Typescript, Mocha/Chai, Angular Mock, Protractor, Cucumber, Sauce Labs, Selenium.

Development IDE’s: Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Notepad++, IntelliJ, WebStrome, Sublime, Adobe Dreamweaver, Aptana, Microsoft FrontPage.

Web/App Servers: Apache Tomcat 7.0, HTTP Web Server, Webhosting Platforms (Shared, Dedicated, VPS), Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Browser: All (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)

Database: SQLITE, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB

Data visualization: D3js, High charts, Timeline charts.


Confidential, Rochester, MN

Sr. UI Developer


  • Re - engineered the existing legacy application into a web-based application using the latest web technologies.
  • Developing two different Web-based applications and managed in developing various web pages of the e-commerce website.
  • Involved in development of commonly used angular components across teams such as directives for grid, pagination, conditional validations etc.
  • Creating User Interfaces for the applications using Angular 2/4/5/6, HTML5, SCSS, JQuery .
  • Optimized web framework and migrated the framework from AngularJS to Angular 2/Typescript.
  • Developed reusable Angular2 components.
  • Responsible for requirement analysis, design and development of UI.
  • Created layout management in Angular 2 .
  • Involved in developing the web pages using Angular 2, which are powerful in building the Single page web applications.
  • Used Angular 2 UI router to establish routing between nested HTML components.
  • Designed animated webpages by importing the @angular/animations, which is the latest animation package in Angular 4.
  • Implemented LazyLoading in Angular 4 by using the Can Load guard to see if a user can route to a module that Lazy Loaded.
  • Created Angular 4 parent and child components in the application by using the angular-cli command ng g component.
  • Expert in techniques used in Angular 5 with the help of Typescript.
  • Used various features of Angular 4/5 like data binding, custom pipes, routing, custom directives, string interpolation and dynamic binding to meet custom requirements.
  • Used RxJS subjects for handling real time data.
  • Used Angular 4/5 services like Http for fetching data using restful API's.
  • Worked on HTML5, CSS3, Angular 4, Typescript and additional frameworks like Bootstrap for responsive design, less for preprocessing are used.
  • Developed UI pages using $http in Angular 5 for calling the Rest API from Backend.
  • Implemented Services and Dependency Injection in Angular 5 to connect the web application to back-end APIs and for sharing the code between the components.
  • Developed the web pages using Angular 5, which are powerful in building the Single page web applications.
  • Designed UI screens using CSS, Angular Framework and HTML5 .
  • Involved in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX ) design using HTML 5, XHTML, CSS3 and JavaScript and used Table Less Design in CSS for positioning.
  • Developed responsive designs using HTML5 and CSS3 for handheld devices.
  • Involved in VIEW and CONTROLLER section of MVC pattern for CMS project, it includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,jQuery and AJAX which were used for UI development .
  • Created interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using Angular, Bootstrap, Node.js and jQuery .
  • Analyzed recorded and modified client-server traffic using an HTTP monitor with SOAP.
  • Created Angular 5 components, implemented interpolation, input variables, Bootstrapping, NgFor, NgIf, Router Outlet, binding the events, decorators.
  • Created services with Angular 5 @injectable property, as to make the service available for dependency injection when creating components.
  • Developing the components using Angular 5 needed for the application from the scratch and customizing from various Angular related libraries to meet the application's functionality.
  • Updating the projects with latest angular versions ( Angular 6 ) and updating the projects with the latest features.
  • Leveraging Angular 5+ and CLI to upgrade applications to Progressive Web Applications . Creating the ngsw-manifest.json and manifest file, to make the applications installable and live on the user's home screen, without the need for an app store, providing offline support and also improving the application load time drastically.
  • Creating custom native elements (new in angular 6), to be used in any other web application, not necessarily angular application. This will enable the search and lineage feature of the metadata to be available to other applications across the enterprise.
  • Responsible for designing elegant User Interface by coding in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, ReactJS and Node.js to build SPA Single Page Application .
  • Integrating ReactJS framework to scale and keep up the apps better while dealing with the huge amount of data.
  • Developed Header and Footer of web app as a UI component in ReactJS .
  • Created customizable components for the new website using ReactJS and React-Routes to create a single page web application.
  • Developed various screens for the front end using ReactJS and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library.
  • Responsible for ReactJSUI and architecture, building components library, including Table Grid and worked extensively on the ReactJS, React-Bootstrap, JSX, CSS2/3, SCSS, Media queries for responsiveness.
  • Built dynamically generated dropdown lists using ES6 and ReactJS.
  • Used Node.js to run Grunt tasks and build properly the project (compile, minify, concat etc.)
  • Implement modules into Node JS to integrate with designs and requirements.
  • Built backend REST API with Node.js, Express.js .
  • Created proof-of-concept using responsive web design, Node.js, React JS, HTML5 and CSS3 .
  • Used CSSSprites to decrease the number of HTTP requests and load time of web pages .
  • Created Images, Logos, and Icons for web pages using Dreamweaver .
  • Maintained Cross Browser compatibility & implement Responsive Design using Twitter Bootstrap .
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration of builds and GIT for Source Control.
  • Maintained the code base by frequent updates to the code repository using TFS
  • ECMAScript 6 use to support across browsers.
  • Developed page layouts, Navigations and presented designs and concepts to the client for review.
  • Created and tested scripts using jQuery on various browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, etc.
  • Worked with architects & Developers to enhance application functionality and add new features.

Environment: JavaScript, HTML 5, AngularJS 2/4/5/6, CSS3, JSON, AJAX, SOAP, DOM, Ajax, Gulp, Grunt, jQuery, Spring, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Angular 5/6, Typescript, Node.js, ExpressJS, ReactJS, Jenkins, Bootstrap Typescript, Jasmine, Karma, GIT, VS Code, Team Foundation Server.

Confidential, Austin, TX

UI Full Stack Developer


  • Worked as UI Full Stack Developer with proficiency in web technologies and web designing Tools.
  • Hands-on experience in building cross browser compatibility applications using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap including CSS Pre-Processors like Sass, Less.
  • Developed GUI using JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML/HTML5, DOM, XHTML, AJAX, CSS3, AngularJS, and jQuery as a part of current project.
  • Significant experience in designing and developing Single Page Application (SPA) using AngularJS MVC framework.
  • Used Angular 4 features, Router ParamMapand Animations for developing a web application.
  • Implemented Angular 4 component router for navigation and the services to connect the web application to back-end APIs.
  • Created multiple reusable components and services using Angular 2 built-in and custom directives.
  • Used Angular 2 for Client-side validations while rendering JSON validation errors in the backend.
  • Developed Angular 2 Template driven forms and Model driven forms builder by using ngModel.
  • Designed and Developed components in Angular 2 supporting various Web Application efforts.
  • Involved in Agile Story point methodologies and full software development lifecycle, that includes designing, coding, testing, debugging and support.
  • Worked on some of the new features of Angular 4 like new if else syntax, ng-templates, form validators, Router etc.
  • Created single Page Application with loading multiple views using route services and adding more user experience to make dynamic by using Angular 4 framework and Node JS.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Frameworks Angular 2 And ReactJS.
  • Experience in web development with MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js). Good knowledge on React and Redux frameworks.
  • Created single Page Application with loading multiple views using route services and adding more user experience to make dynamic by using Angular 2.0 framework and React JS .
  • Worked with Angular JS Controllers, Directives, Factory, Services, Events, Angular Routing and UI router.
  • Utilized AngularJS 1.5.5 for consuming a RESTful web service using AJAX services like $http, $resource and handled cross domain requests to retrieve the required JSON data for the application.
  • Created and developed real time applications using Redux in React frameworks and adhering to ECMA Script specifications.
  • Responsible for creating efficient design and developing User Interaction screens using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, BackboneJS, AJAX, and JSON.
  • Created Services to consume REST API's and to communicate between components using Dependency Injection provided by Angular 4.
  • Experience and proficiency in developing application using Angular2, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and other supporting JavaScript frameworks .
  • Extensively used Node.js tools like Gulp, Grunt, Developed internal CLI applications for application build.
  • Extensive experience with Spring modules such as IOC, AOP, MVC, Forms, Transaction Management, Security and Batch.
  • Migrated 4 Angular 2 applications developed in previous versions to production level 2.0 release.
  • Evaluate current applications and recommend processes to move applications into Angular-cli and Angular 4/5 with backend services.
  • Developed applications using several design patterns such as MVC, Singleton, Factory, Session Facade, Service Locator, Data Access Object ( DAO ) and Data Transfer Object (DTO).
  • Experience in Hibernate as ORM (Object Relational Mapping) frameworks in persistence layer of web applications.
  • Demonstrated development experience with both producing and consuming web services (SOAP and REST).
  • Solid Understanding of RDBMS concepts and Extensive development experience using databases such as MySQL, NoSQL databases like MongoDB. Well versed in writing SQL and PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and triggers.
  • Extensive use of data visualization tools like D3.js . Utilized JIRA and Bugzilla for bug tracking.
  • Proficient in TDD (Test Driven Development), writing test cases using Junit, Jasmine test API and Karma for unit tests and Selenium Webdriver, Protractor for E2E testing.
  • Experience and understanding with unit testing, release procedures, coding design and documentation protocol as well as change management procedures.
  • Experience in web servers like Apache Tomcat 8.x, JBoss 7.x and version control tools like SVN, CVS, GIT and deploying enterprise applications by using Jenkins that provides Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Excellent understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and methodologies like agile approaches.
  • Self-starter, fast learner and consistent team player with excellent communication skills.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Angular2/4, Typescript, Node.js, Express.js, React.JS, Gulp, JavaScript, JQuery2.x, Bootstrap, D3.js, MongoDB, Jasmine, Karma, Apache Tomcat 8.x, Jenkins, Agile

Confidential, Mount Laurel, NJ

Sr. UI Developer


  • Involved in developing the UI pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and AngularJS.
  • Designed and developed React.JS component required for the project.
  • Built Angular JS framework including MVC architectures, different modules, specific controllers, templates, custom directives and custom filters.
  • Handled UI with Angular JS (MVC framework) to control the page layout.
  • Developed front end along with pages for user interactions; for the entire website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript JSON, jQuery, and AJAX.
  • Used Selectors, Events, AJAX and Dom Manipulation using components in Angular 2.0 for updating content on DOM nodes.
  • Expertise creating all kind of Directives, Attribute Directives, Structural Directives and Component Directives in Angular 4.
  • Updated the project midway to Angular 4 for its performance benefits.
  • Transferred part of the application from a Multipage application to a Single Page Application using Angular 2 to improve performance and user experience.
  • Developed various screens for the front end using React.JS/Redux and used various predefined components from NPM.
  • Used Angular 2 routing for navigations, pipes, services etc.,
  • Exposure to new features and issues addressed in Angular 4.
  • Validated forms using Angular 2 and regular expressions there by providing client-side validation and server validation.
  • Well-experienced with User Experience, Usability, Visual Design, Users, Customers, Communication, Relationship, and Business Value.
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using JavaScript and Angular JS.
  • Used AngularJS framework for building web-apps and is highly efficient with PHP framework as well as using Restful services.
  • Worked on Angular 2.0 by consuming Restful web services & used Angular 2.0 forms like Template Driven forms and Modern Driven (Reactive) forms to perform form validations both on server and client side.
  • Worked with Http Interceptors configurations for security in Angular 2.0 applications.
  • Used Handlebars.js that takes any HTML and Handlebars expression and compiles them to a JavaScript function.
  • Created Angular 4 custom pipes to format the data before displaying it to the user.
  • Involved in localization and internationalization of web pages using JSON, XSL, XML, and Angular.js.
  • Participated in meetings with the end-clients to develop layout, color scheme for the web page and implemented them with the help of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Created single page applications in java-based UI with Angular frame work and node js, integrated with type script (ECMA Script 6).
  • Rich experience with Babel integration in React JS. Integrated and resolved many cross-browser compatibility issues arising with React JS.
  • Integrated front-end applications with Node JS using NPM.
  • Responsible for development of SPA in React JS frameworks.
  • Developed SPA’s using integration of React JS on front-end and Node JS on backend.
  • Experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux)
  • Converted data from database into JSON or XML format files and retrieve useful information using AJAX calls to display them on the browser.
  • Used Angular JS framework where data from backend is stored in model and populated it to UI.
  • Integrated the front-end UI to the back end using Spring MVC framework.
  • Designed Frontend with in object-oriented JavaScript Framework like bootstrap, Backbone.js, Require.js, Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js and Ext.js.
  • Polymer is used to compose encapsulated JS, CSS, and HTML as Custom Elements, much like Angular element directives.
  • Involved in running the bower and grunt components and writing the scripting using the Node.js.
  • Experience in cross browser compatibility check and thoroughly performed unit testing and integration testing.
  • Good understanding and working experience on client-side frameworks like Angular JS and Jasmine Unit Testing.
  • Involved in Enhancement of existing application utilizing Angular.js, created HTML navigation menu that is role based wherein menu items changes dynamically based on the values derived from the database in the form of XML.
  • Implement the JavaScript/JQuery frameworks such as React JS, Node JS for MVW/MVC framework.
  • Used GRUNT for initialization of project and used GULP to do a lot of stuff within the development workflow
  • Experience in Version Control tool SVN.
  • Involved in Rally workflows for the bug tracking and project management.
  • Involved in AGILE process, two-week Sprints, and daily Scrums to discuss the development of the application to deliver in time.

Environment: AngularJS, React JS, Html 5, CSS 3, AJAX, JSON, D3.js, Backbone.js, Node.js, Express.js, XML, Jasmine, Eclipse, Grunt, Gulp, Agile, AEM, Responsive Web Design, IE 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Firefox, Chrome, ECMAScript Handlebars, MVC Spring Bootstrap.

Confidential - Chicago, IL

Web UI Developer


  • Front-end web development using HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JSP, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Has built single-page applications using React on top of a Redux architecture
  • Responsible for making responsive web pages using twitter bootstrap and media queries.
  • Used AngularJS framework to bind HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (models).
  • Created wireframes & prototype for web & mobile apps design and Mobile Application Design for (Android & IOS).
  • Dealing with client-side applications using React JS and working knowledge on Grunt and Gulp.
  • Consumed Web Service using JSON, BSON and REST to get the registered users, update their status.
  • Developed JSF Tags and Components.
  • Involved in creating UI interfaces using native React concepts, Virtual DOM, one-way data binding and JSX.
  • Code development to synchronize all feature of Client website with Payweb2 site.
  • Used Backbone.js and ReactJS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Responsibilities include Coding, Designing, Unit Testing, Documentation, Module Integration, Code Quality, Performance Enhancement.
  • Worked with Angular JS Forms, Validations, Modules, Factory Services, DOM, Events, Expressions, Directives, Controllers, filters, Http Request.
  • Experienced with all client-side UI Validation and implementing Business logic based on user selection using AngularJS.
  • Integrated the Front-End web interface with the React JS, AngularJS, NodeJS, JSP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
  • Created React components to develop stand-alone functions using web-service and AJAX calls.
  • Developed the user interface for back office support and worked collaboratively in agile scrum team on the design and development of application based MVC framework using Angular.js, HTML 5.0 and CSS3.
  • Used ECMAScript language with structured, dynamic, functional, and prototype-based features.
  • Design and develop prototype video to showcase company features.
  • Implemented client-side scripting using JQuery and Angular.js.
  • Designed and developed various Screens using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Architected and developed a mobile web application publishing framework component library based on AngularJS.
  • Updated the progress of project in JIRA.

Environment: React.js, angular.js, node.js, GULP, GRUNT, Node.js, Dreamweaver CS6, JSON, BSON, REST, Photoshop CS6, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS, Redux.

Confidential - Bloomington, IL

UI Developer


  • Understanding client’s business requirements and participating in client meetings for designing and developing userfriendly front-end customer facing product site using a mix of technologies and techniques such as HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, XHTML, JavaScript including popular JS frameworks such JQuery and JQuery UI.
  • Developed UI and pagination using Angular.js.
  • Implemented AngularJS client-side validation. Implemented AngularJs modules.
  • Involved in UI design and Front-End Development for Web/Mobile applications with strong analytical, effective web development and designing skills
  • Used ECMAScript for client-side scripting, writing server applications and services using Node.js.
  • Demonstrated passion for user experience (UX) design.
  • Responsible to create front end application using Angular JS.
  • Used MS Visio and Photoshop tools for web application development.
  • Created different Carousels using JQuery Carousel, and Accordions with the help of JQuery UI for different product categories.
  • Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components using Angular JS.
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, Auto Complete, JSON, Angular JS, JavaScript.
  • Worked extensively with Angular JS to create single page applications. Worked on Angular JS routes, components, custom directives, services, and form validations.
  • Converted .PSD files (Adobe Photo Shop document) into HTML and wireframes into user interfaces according to design specifications.
  • Implemented React JS to handle events triggered by clients and serve requests with the server.
  • Interacted with Java consultants to create the web services that are to be consumed by HTML web pages.
  • Responsible for Building Angular and node modules to achieve different UI functionalities in the product.
  • Tested pages for cross-browser compatibility for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE by cross browser hacks and requirements.

Environment: Anugular.js, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS (3), Bootstrap, JavaScript, ECMA Script, jQuery and jQuery UI, AJAX, JUnit, PHP 5, MySQL 4.7, Microsoft Visio.


Java Developer


  • Involved in designing and developing enhancements per business requirements with respect to front end JSP development using Struts.
  • Implemented the project using JSP and Servlets based tag libraries.
  • Conducted client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Coded JDBC calls in the servlets to access the Oracle database tables.
  • Generate SQL Scripts to update the parsed message into Database.
  • Worked on parsing the RSS Feeds (XML) files using SAX parsers.
  • Designed and coded the java class that will handle errors and will log the errors in a file.
  • Developed Graphical User Interfaces using struts, tiles and JavaScript. Used JSP, JavaScript and JDBC to create Web Servlets.
  • Utilized the mail merge techniques in MS Word for time reduction in sending certificates
  • Involved in documentation, review, analysis and fixed postproduction issues.
  • Worked on bug fixing and enhancements on change requests.
  • Designed the various animations with different graphics using with Macromedia Flash MX with Action Script 1.0, Photo Impact and GIF Animator.
  • Understanding the customer requirements, mapping them to functional requirements and creating Requirement Specifications.
  • Developed web pages to display the account transactions and
  • Application UI creation using GWT, Java, JSP, CSS and web standards improving application usability always meeting tight deadlines
  • Responsible for the configuration of Struts web-based application using struts-config.xml and web.xml
  • Modified Struts configuration files as per application requirements and developed Web services for non-java clients to obtain user information details pertaining to that account using JSP, DHTML, Spring Web Flow and CSS.
  • Used Flash Animations and Storyboard & User Flows for e-learning tutorials using human factor engineering design concepts.

Environment: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, JDK 1.3, Servlets, Java Beans, MDB, JDBC, MS SQL Server, JBoss, Struts, Spring MVC, jQuery, MVC concepts, XML, SVN.

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