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Product Delivery Manager Resume


  • Worked more than 10 years as a UX or UI designer displaying proven know - how combining human factor information and usability viewpoints which result in creating expert Web and mobile applications; experienced optimizing user engagement connecting psychology to design and technology to enhance the user’s experience; demonstrates’ the ability to understand business goals and user behavior to create brands that enhance user experience and brand loyalty.
  • Knowledgeable in constructing semantic code using the HTML5 framework; create responsive layouts using CSS3 techniques for front-end interface development. Familiar in the merits of using CSS preprocessor tools. (such as SASS and LESS)
  • Have performed key roles in lifecycle development projects, utilizing Web strategies tailored to client requirements to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations.
  • Over two decades effectively applying Section 508 standards; interpreting Section 508 standards against products or services designed, maintained and procured to comply with applicable Section 508 provisions; use Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to scope for accessibility conformance issues and corrections.
  • Expert document remediator for many of the widely-distributed file formats such as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), InDesign and HTML.
  • Manage, instruct and train content creators and stakeholders to produce products using best practices. Making people aware of the importance of accessibility compliance for all ICT, for the maximum availability to the widest possible audience.
  • Comfortable within Scrum team development environments, working to assist delivering agile Sprint deliverables within iterative production workflows.
  • Perform key support tasks as a resource for stakeholders within life-cycle development projects; manage schedules, interact with vendors, effectively utilize resources, and deliver artifacts for projects in time and on budget.
  • Communicate effectively so that customers can clearly interpret design and technical methodologies, and plainly explain reasons and purposes, and as to why the best outcomes are met performing tasks and projects.
  • As a print and web designer for many years, created responsive cross-media customer-centered layouts, wireframe, prototypes and storyboard graphic representations for project presentation within timelines from conception to deliverables in the design process.


Operating System Proficiency: Windows 10, 8.1, & 7; SQL Server 2005, IIS; Ipswich WS FTP Server; Apple OS 9.0

Web Design: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, SharePoint Designer 2010, Expressions Web; Adobe Creative Cloud (includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver); Adobe ColdFusion, Captivate, XD; Balsamic and Axure; HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, CSS2/3, XSLT, JQuery, ActionScript (Flash), Spry, SCORM, ASP.NET, and JavaScript.

Graphic/Desktop Publishing Programs: Quark Xpress 9; Adobe Pagemaker 6.5; Acrobat XI Professional; Metacreations Infini-3d; Kinetics 3d Studio Max 2; Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Access); Swift3d 5.

Assistive Technologies (AT): JAWS 7-13; NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA); Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5; Dragon Dictation; ZoomText 10; Hi-Software AccVerify, Compliance Sheriff; Windows built-in speech recognition.



Product Delivery Manager

  • Experience with SharePoint
  • Independent and innovative thinker
  • Familiarity promoting client HR Web Services to the public


Section 508 Compliance Analyst

  • As a key member who provided subject matter expertise in all aspects of the Bureau’s Accessibility Compliance Program; a technical resource, advocate and promoter of cultural accessibility awareness for every disabled user. As a member of the Accessibility Program Team, created testing standards, assessed Section 508 compliance issues, presented sound testing practices and followed federal standards for the FBI community. Helped to standardize assessment practices while acting upon community accessibility issues. Targeted efforts toward the goals that elevated ICT products, increased those products towards quality full accessibility standards, and strengthened the accessibility culture throughout their working community.


Webmaster/Section 508 Analyst

  • At Confidential supported the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); included management and maintenance of their public Website. Also, helped maintain their multiple Intranet business environments, while supporting content accessibility as their only Section 508 Analyst.
  • Spearheaded reporting requirements used to present a transformational plan for federal customers to take their consultant managed commercial website to a federal government domain. Outlined all the steps needed to submit their domain waiver, transaction requests between agencies (DHS, OMB, and GSA), and federally register their domain/domain names.
  • As the front-end design lead for redesign projects across their many program, helped upgrade many of their web-based business applications. Evaluated mission requirements, developed personas, created digital and paper wireframes with ideation techniques to produce prototypes to help plan and execute project development products. Interacted with business groups to architect functionally practical navigations taking user experience input into consideration to present deliverables which were on time and under budget. Finished products were tailored to customer expectations.
  • Performed accessibility audits to identify areas for remediation initiatives in detailed reports
  • Established Section 508 training using best practices across their iService Team groups to standardize IT governance directives for information content to codify their overall maintenance policy.


Section 508 Analyst

  • Performing Section 508 Compliance validation using automated tools and manual testing methods to be in accordance accessibility standards, while providing detailed summary reports of results.
  • Offered technical assistance and guidance to developers and other relevant stakeholders to resolve 508 non-compliance issues.
  • Developed step by step reference guides, user manuals and checklists, and multimedia tutorials on how to create accessible websites using industry best practices.
  • Resolved accessibility non-compliance issues to best practices in developmental environments.
  • Created targeted training materials, conducted individual and group training sessions to increase the capabilities for accessibility document creation.
  • Developed processes to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Section 508 planning, design, development and testing methods.
  • Ensured System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) work products produced follow the project and organizational standards and are properly maintained.


Web Design and Section 508 Compliance Analyst

  • At Advanced Software Design (ASD) as an independent subcontractor I conducted accessibility and usability testing, and web interface design for Enterprise Portal Integration to validate code to requirement standards. Worked modifying navigations on web pages to address usability requirements, and to troubleshoot against targeted browser compatibility issues. Worked to accomplish Agile Sprint deliverables, and daily backlog updates to maintain a tight workflow and stay within projection timelines. Documented time and progress accurately until completion of assigned mission. Provided suggestions on technical issues requiring solutions for jQuery, and other Java Scripting inconsistencies that were identified and developed. Constructed common-sense usability scripts to be used for JAWS screen reader testing.


Senior Section 508 Compliance Specialist

  • My role as a Senior Compliance Analyst at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Information Resource Accessibility Program (IRAP) office as a subject matter expert to the Section 508 Programs Director, and technology stakeholders for Electronic Life Cycle (ELC) projects.
  • Responsibilities included review of procurement technology contracts, Statements of Work (SOW), purchasing Task Orders (TO), and all other requisitions to ensure they captured adequate Section 508 emphasis, and ensure these contracts or deliverables to include clear Section 508 language as required by law.
  • Worked directly with internal developers and project stakeholders, and external product vendors writing test scripts and conducted evaluations to determine Section 508 compliance. Analyzed design documents to include proper accessibility importance, reviewed and interpreted interface mock-up, created wireframes, and evaluated technical materials to provide informed recommendations that ensured products kept an included approach for accessibility.
  • Assisted in developing job-aid documentation, writing compliance/risk statement plans, or accessibility conditions used as guidance for ICT to move towards a path of federal Section 508 compliance standards.


Section 508 Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Usability Designer

  • As a Section 508 SME tasked to integrate Section 508 compliance standards into interface design for the PSC Acquisition Portal Business Application at Health and Human Services (HHS). This assignment called for providing analysis and recommendations writing and implementing changes needed to establish Section 508 standards, as well as training the PSC developer team on accessibility remediation techniques, and how to maintain accessibility on an ongoing basis.
  • My experience as a designer allowed provided much needed perspectives in user interface and usability infrastructure for clear choices to enhance their Oracle portal to a more customer-centered environment Established and organized classifications for document inventory; identifying those needed for archive.


Web Developer, Designer/Section 508 Expert

  • Directly assisted Executive Section 508 advisors to make accessibility and compliance standards used throughout the Institute. Played a large role in drafting their OD Institutes’ Compliance and Remediation Plan. Became a panel member for the NIH Section 508 Advisory Board to provide guidance throughout the agency institutes regarding Section 508 issues. For over a year sat in as a member of the NIH Accessibility Accommodation Committee where when necessary accommodation approvals for ICT was approved.


Freelance Media Designer

  • Supported federal and private sector assignments in Web and print design projects as a consultant at marketing and staffing agencies like BossStaffing, Inc., Vistec, Inc., and Aquent Partners. As a front-end designer, worked direct assignments creating interactive testing tools, and wrote support documents used to help evaluate talent, aptitudes and knowledge for specific skill-sets. Abilities in design and process development included extensive beta testing, documentation, and staff training.
  • While working for several U.S. Government clients, created and maintained Intranet, and Internet sites, developed accessible web templates, delivered support in desktop publishing, print, multimedia design, and multimedia animation.
  • Worked a fast-paced, complex and demanding assignment with the US State Department Foreign Service Institute (FSI), developing online training courseware to meet Section 508 and SCORM guidelines, and performed as a mentor at Morgan State University with technical and production support to redesign and maintain their Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center Web site.
  • At Sojourner-Douglass College, provided project coordination and technical assistance for their campus website, Workforce Transportation Referral Center, and their Workforce Development Coalition micro-sites.
  • As a web designer for the U.S. Justice Department I worked with departmental content managers maintaining, updating, revising Internet and Intranet website products; reviewed ICT against Section 508 accessibility standards, and administered websites through the Vignette Content Management System (CMS). At their Justice Management Division (JMD), Web Development Section, worked as a with technical team of creative specialists where I utilized my expertise in layout and design to help train content managers to maintain Internet and Intranet interface templates through their CMS application with accessibility standards in mind.
  • In a key role as an Illustrator, created original illustrations assets used in online educational curriculums at www.K-12.com. Alongside instructional content designers, created original art that was used in instructional Adobe Acrobat PDFs.
  • At Ruesch International’s Strategic Marketing department my role was as a creative designer to help launch their redesigned website. Using multimedia applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Macromedia Flash, worked with their information technology department to in corporate online applications, printed marketing materials and materials for their training department.

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