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Senior Bi Designer / Developer Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • 15+ years of strong Software Architecture, Leadership and all - round software development expertise building complex cutting-edge Business Intelligence Platforms and Applications in fast paced startups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Hands-on expert in all phases of Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) R&D, Business Analysis, Specification, Design, Architecture, Programming, Integration, Installation, Administration, Tuning thru large scale commercial implementations.
  • Practice Guru, strategist, data evangelist and Subject Matter Expert in BI, Analytics, and Data Science including BigData
  • Demonstrated track record developing multi-threaded, scalable, High Availability industry-leading BI Products w/ ETL, Hadoop, Data Warehouse, OLAP, In-Memory Analytics, Click Stream, Web Traffic Analytics, Business/Self-Service Portals.
  • Proven track record Architecting / developing Data, Enterprise, System and Solution Architecture involving complex infrastructure, Reporting Frameworks, Data Models, Security, Executive Dashboards, business metrics, KPIs and Statistics.
  • Expertise in many Domains/Verticals: Media Entertainment, Social Networking, CRM, SaaS/PaaS, Knowledge Management, Finance, Telecom, Mobile, Internet, Healthcare, Insurance, HR, Retail, Automotive, Utilities, Services and Manufacturing.
  • Multifaceted leader with International business acumen and ability to influence C-Level Execs
  • Mentored and Lead peak performing on-shore/offshore cross functional global teams
  • Skilled in Feasibility Studies, Market Research, CI, Consulting Services, RFP/RFI, ERD, Use Cases, Object/Data Models, PRD/MRD, POC, customer trials and acceptance.
  • Developed and enforced Design / Coding Standards, Best Practices, Processes (Agile SCRUM, ISO, CMMI, FDA) and methodologies, Quality and Performance standards.


BI/Report Tools: All-round Microstrategy BI Suite (10.x//9.x/8.x), Pentaho(PDI/Kettle/ ETL/ BI Suite, WebFocus, Tableau, Hadoop Eco-system, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, BRIO, custom ETL, Informatica, Talend, SPSS

DB: Teradata, Vertica, Confidential, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQLSERVER, Netezza, MSACCESS, UDB, DB2, Informix

CRM: Inquira Knowledge Management, Intelligent Search, InfoCenter, InfoManager, SalesForce.com

Programming/Languages: Ruby on Rails, C, C++, C#, .NET, J2EE, Java, JSP, Servelets, XML, VoiceXML, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, ODBC, JDBC, PL/ SQL, Pro*C, SQL*PLUS, Web Services, Object Oriented Design, OOA/OOD/OOP, Apache, Web 2.0, Web Servers, Xerces, DOM, SAX, Sharepoint, SALT, SOAP, ACE, IPC, Win32, STL, MFC, COM+, TCP/IP, Sockets, CYGWIN, Assembly, Shell Scripts, Python, Spark, Scala. HBase, Hive, HCatalog, Flume

Tools: Visio, MS Project, Microstrategy Office, MS Office, Erwin, TOAD, Autonomy, IIS, Tomcat, WebSphere, Eclipse, Visual Studio, UML,SVN, Subversion, CVS, VisualSourceSafe, ClearCase Source Controls, ClearQuest, DDTS, ITS, SPR, Test Track defect tracking, Rational, Wiki, IVR, CTI, Speech Portals, VUI, Security.

Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, SMTP, SNMP, SALT, TCP/IP, T1, E1, ISDN, SS7 Telecom/Mobile, HLS, Adaptive, SS

Quality/Processes: Agile SCRUM, Rally, ISO 9001, CMMI, FDA, RUP

OS: Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, multiple flavors of Linux and Unix, SunOS, Solaris, AIX, IRMX, HP/Cisco/Dell Blade Server based advanced Data Center /networking/loud platforms /OS/ equipment etc.


Senior BI Designer / Developer

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

  • Analyzed, Architected, Designed and Developed BI Enterprise Reporting Solutions for DirectTV / Confidential &T involving BigData Lake, Informatica ETL, Cognos, Qlikview, Microstrategy, Teradata, SAP, and Confidential with hands-on in all phases of SDLC
  • Developed Data Architecture, Data Flow, Data Dictionary, HLD, Tech Specs,, and validated data from multiple sources
  • Designed Logical and Physical Data Models using Erwin tool
  • Decoded and normalized AVRO/JSON data from Amazon S3/AWS cloud and Hadoop cluster to Hive tables
  • Analyzed Morega Stats, customer Acquisition/Retention, media Transcoding / Streaming, GenieGO, Mobile DVR, Sales data
  • Managed onshore and offshore IBM resources and collaborated with worldwide Business, Technical and Executive teams
  • Developed BI Strategy, Best Practices, Self-Service BI, Synergy, migration and User Adoption techniques

Lead BI Architect/Developer

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

  • Designed and Developed BI Enterprise Reporting Solution for Consumer Product Group involving Informatica 9.6, Microstrategy 10.2 BI suite, MS SQL Server 2016, Teradata 15 with hands-on in all phases of SDLC
  • Developed Data Architecture, Data Flow and Data Dictionary documents, mapped and validated data from multiple sources
  • Designed Logical and Physical Data Models using Erwin 9.6
  • Architected and Developed MicroStrategy Schema, Report Objects and Dashboards for Financial Forecasting, Licensee Management, Contract Management, Merchandising POS and Work flow Management
  • Developed BI Strategy, Best Practices, User Adoption techniques, and Releases /management
  • Developed POC using Information Builders WebFocus and Hadoop Eco-system tools on Cloud

Sr BI Architect

Confidential, Aliso Viejo, CA

  • Developed and successfully implemented BI strategy, Meta Data and Master Data Management using BigData Analytics and advanced BI tools in a fast paced environment.
  • Designed, developed, Installed, Configured and deployed bleeding-edge BigData Business Intelligence platforms from scratch using Microstrategy BI suite, Tableau, WebFocus, Hadoop Eco-System, NoSQL DB, Vertica columnar DB, MySQL/MariaDB RDBMS, Web Services, Tomcat /ngix/ Apache Web Servers on Windows and Linux Servers.
  • Explored error patterns, data anomalies, and issues, identified customer segments, and made strategic recommendations /corrective actions in Beta Phases to stabilize Datacenter/Cloud Apps for commercial launch.
  • Correlated PS3/PS4/Bravia TV Game Titles popularity, Player Analytics, eCommerce data and Pricing models.
  • Built predictive Analytics reports and dashboards using data mining t functions and techniques
  • Using Microstrategy Visual Insights built ad-hoc Reports/Dashboards for quick multi-source data analysis.
  • Using MSTR Desktop, Architect and Web, developed advanced Microstrategy Schema and Report Objects, Intelligent Cubes, 100+ Operational reports, interactive and Dynamic Dashboards.
  • Managed Metadata, migrated Reports/Code/Data from Dev/Staging/UATs to Production scripts and Object/Command Manager
  • Developed Network, Device and Streaming KPIs/Metrics to monitor/tune global Datacenter deployments
  • Developed and distributed Financial Dashboards reflecting Sony Store Commerce transactions and State Of Gaikai Technical reports on Cloud, Streaming and Gaming activities to Developers, Analysts and C-Level Execs.
  • Recommended strategies to improve performance and segment/target/monetize Remote Play activities
  • Developed Data Warehouse Data Model, Logical Model, Data Marts and Cubes to facilitate multi-dimensional slice n’ dice Analysis and Operational reporting via Enterprise Self-Service portal.
  • Authored Best Practices and Change Management Process documents and enforced policies and procedures.
  • Designed and developed real-time dashboards to analyze Partner (eg: Google Storage) API calls
  • Implemented Security policy using Active Directory, SSL, LDAP, X509 Certificates and Security filters.
  • Developed ETL and Data Analytics functions using HDFS, HBase, Hive, HCatalog, Flume, Python, Java, Scala, Spark SQL
  • Mentored and lead a peak performing team, partnered with Vendors, evaluated commercial and Open Source BI tools and made recommendations to management.

Senior Software Architect

Confidential, San Mateo CA

  • Performed front-end UI to back-end Server Analysis of Architecture, Business, Function and Code of Hadoop eco system, NoSQL DB, SAN, Blade server and network based complex Big Data in-memory BI platform and Analytics applications.
  • Developed white papers and recommended changes to R&D and Senior management
  • Developed Site/Solution Architecture to capture, monitor and analyze high volume Subscriber Activities of Verizon Wireless.
  • Went beyond call of duty to Integrate, deploy, train and support customers 24X7 Confidential nationwide Data Centers
  • Evaluated various BI and Data Warehousing/Modeling tools (PDI/Pentaho, Talend, ERWin, Tableau etc)
  • Architected, Designed and Developed high-end complementary technologies like On-line platforms, Mobile Devices, and various Browser based Video Player Analytics solutions utilizing different Streaming Protocols (Adaptive, Smooth Streaming/Silverlight, Apple HLS) to help Ad Agencies & ISPs monetize Subscriber Activities.
  • Evaluated Cloud Technologies, Designed/implemented OpenStack/RackSpace based Private Cloud.
  • Collaborated with inter/intra departments, customers and vendors including C-Level executives.

Software / BI Architect

Confidential, San Mateo CA

  • Architected, Designed, and implemented advanced Business Intelligence Architecture for multi-dimensional analysis and real-time streaming of cloud based Social Media Network platforms and Mobile Apps.
  • Developed Pentaho (Kettle, Spoon, Kitchen) based multi-threaded ETL Jobs, Extracted data from multiple data sources (OLTP DBs, Apache/ Web Server logs, flat-files, Web Services, JSON Inputs etc), Transformed & loaded high volume Data Warehouse.
  • Using Pentaho BI Suite (Analyzer, Report Designer) Explored and Discovered patterns in customer activities
  • Laid out strategies for globally distributed multiple Data Centers, gathered requirements from cross-functional global teams and execs, conducted GAP analysis, evaluated BI Tools/vendors.
  • Developed Product roadmap, Release train, published functional specs, white papers, trained C-level Execs, Analysts and customers in Business Portals and Self-Service model.
  • Developed Data/Logical Models, analyzed Social Media Network activities, inter /intra-Company/ group /individual interactions, Mobile Recruiting, API Calls, Devices, Clients, Protocols, Billing, HR, Search, Experts metrics, KPIs.
  • Developed and distributed predictive analytics reports using Data Mining techniques
  • Developed Dynamic dashboards and scheduled automated multi-media notifications and alerts.
  • Using Microstrategy BI Suite developed complete Analytics framework with advanced Schema n’ Report Objects, metadata, Hierarchies, prompts, filters, drill maps, consolidation, level metrics, Dashboards, templates, heat maps, charts, KPIs, Scorecards, tactical reports, Click-thru Web Analytics, and advanced business metrics.
  • Microstrategy BI Suite (9.X), OLAP services, Intelligence Server, Desktop, Architect, Web, GUI, Report Services, Go-Mobile, Flash, Ajax, Data Mart, Intelligent Cubes, FreeFormSQL, Object Manager, Command Manager), Pentaho BI (4.x), PDI/Kettle multi-threaded ETL, Web Services, Ruby, Java, XML, IIS, Tomcat, Confidential 11g, MySQL, SQL, Scripting, advanced Data, Schema /Logical Modeling, DWH techniques used.

BI Architect/Developer

Confidential, Cupertino, CA

  • Architected, designed, developed and deployed multi-million $$, multi-platform, complex Enterprise Business Intelligence platforms in clustered configuration for iconic iAd/Mobile Advertising cloud, AppleCare, iDesk, iLog, Knowledge Management, and Search using high volume Data Warehouse, ETL and Microstrategy BI suite.
  • Installed, configured and administrated high availability, high volume Global BI network with Microstrategy 8.x/9.x Reporting suite with NarrowCast Services in Windows, Linux and AIX.
  • Developed complex Dynamic Dashboards, Advanced Document Services, KPIs, advanced Analytics reports, NarrowCastor based schedules and notifications on web and mobile (iPhone/iPad) devices.
  • Resolved complex BI performance issues by troubleshooting complex ETL (Java, PL/ SQL, Kettle /Pentaho /PDI), tuning DB and OS parameters, advanced memory models with 4GT OS switch.
  • Provided deep dive Business Intelligence on high volume data centric Mobile and Web user activities, content management and document authoring workflow activities for iconic iAd / Mobile Ad network, Enterprise Search, Content Management, CRM & Customer Services Portals, Call Center Apps, SaaS, Sales and Marketing etc.
  • Used Hadoop, Hives, Cloudera, Confidential, MySQL, ETL, Pentaho, Microstrategy BI Suite/tools, Business Objects, Inquira Enterprise Search, Omniture, Teradata, Array of Apple products and applications.

Director of Analytics/Architect

Confidential, San Bruno, CA

  • Reporting to the VP of Engineering, played multifaceted hands-on roles and successfully accomplished the #1 priority of the company to stabilize the legacy Analytics platform and develop the next generation cutting-edge Analytics/closed-loop Knowledge Management BI platform.
  • Successfully Researched, Designed, programmed, integrated and launched multi-million $$ advanced Analytics applications with multi-platform high availability, High Volume Data Warehouse, ETL, Customer Portals, Web Services, and Reporting.
  • Developed Notification, Monitoring, Scheduling, Security, Configuration and Self-Service Portals.
  • Demonstrated expert use of Microstrategy Tools and Wizards for Data Modeling, connection management, Project/VLDB configurations, Cache Management, Metadata migration, Intelligent Alerting, License/Audits, User and Role Administration.
  • Provided in-depth BI on high volume data centric user activities on Content Management, Document Authoring Workflow, Enterprise Search, CRM, CS/Call Center Apps, Online Banking, Healthcare, Sales & Marketing, SaaS and Web Services.
  • Used ETL (Java, PL/SQL, Scripts, Pentaho), Teradata, Netezza, Microstrategy BI suite (9/8.x/7.x, OLAP, ROLAP, Narrowcaster, Desktop, Architect, Report Services, Go-Mobile, Flash, Web/GUI, Ajax, Data Mart, Intelligent Cubes, FreeFormSQL, Command Manager, Object Manager), Talend, SPSS, Web services, J2EE, C, C++, XML, IIS, Tomcat, Confidential 11g, MS SQLSERVER, UDB DB2, MySQL, SDK, Stored Procedure, Schema, Data Modeling/Data Warehousing techniques
  • Achieved multiple BI certifications and was Subject Matter Expert for Microstrategy and Pentaho
  • Mentored and managed highly skilled cross-organizational onshore/offshore development teams.
  • Played multiple roles as multi-faceted principal developer, Project Lead, and a Software Architect.
  • Spearheaded Full Lifecycle development and commercial deployment of multi-million $$ custom applications to leading enterprises Apple, RedHat, IBM, VeriSign, Verizon, Bank Of America, Capitol One, Budget, Avis, National, Norwich UK.
  • Formulated customer behavior analysis strategy, performed user behavior modeling & forecasting, CI and published White Papers, PRD, and Best Practices.
  • Lead brainstorming sessions, reviewed Design/Code, supported global customers 24X7
  • Developed and implemented new Quality Standards, Agile-SCRUM processes, Site Architecture, Implementation Checklists, Roadmaps, feature matrix, sizing and pricing documents.

Architect/Lead Developer

Confidential, Openwave, CA

  • Reporting to senior Director of Engineering, played multiple roles to successfully design, develop and implement large scale multi-OS Business Intelligence platforms and applications for industry leading Mobile/Wireless/Telecom Carriers, ISPs and Enterprises worldwide.
  • Played multifaceted roles as Technical Lead, Architect, Business Analyst, and hands-on BI Guru.
  • Lead concurrent development of MSTR based MBI, OPPS Personalization Segmentation, Campaign Management, and Media Cast Server BI platforms and Applications
  • Performed Business, Web Traffic, Click Stream, Statistical Analysis and regression
  • Developed Data Models, Business Metrics, Transformations, predictive/ historical/ Statistical Analytics, notifications, GUI, KPIs on 50M+ global Mobile/Internet subscribers.
  • Demonstrated expert Hands-on skills in Full Lifecycle Development of n-tier Architecture, Installation, Security, Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Subscription Portals, and Intelligent Alerting / Notification / Distribution
  • Trained and Certified in all aspects of Microstrategy BI Suite and established “Go2” Subject Matter Expert reputation
  • Demonstrated expert use of MSTR Tools for Logical Modeling, Project design, VLDB, Cache Management, Metadata deployment, data migration, and Administration.
  • Developed Best Practices, Business Use Cases, Functional Specs, GAP Analysis, Sizing, Planning, Roadmaps, CI, White papers, Quality Standards, Development Processes, Release train, Customer Dashboards, PRD, RFP/RFI, Site Architecture.
  • Lead cross functional domestic / offshore teams in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore involving company, vendors, and partners.
  • Successfully executed 16 on-network product trials and commercially launched multi-million $$ cutting-edge anti-abuse security solutions & BI for leading ISPs, Broadband and Mobile Networks.
  • Used MSTR BI Suite 8.x, OLAP, NarrowCastor, Web Services, SDK, Web, GUI, SPSS, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Confidential, 5TB+ DWH, Netezza, Informatica ETL, Autonomy, ECO APIs, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Java, JDBC, ODBC, C/C++, PL/SQL, SQL, XML, XSLT, CSS, SDK, Stored Procedure, scripts, TOAD, ErWin, mobile

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