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Ui Developer Resume

Bentonville, AR


  • 6+ years of experience in UI development with rich user interface design and development for media.
  • Extensive experience in developing web page quickly and effectively using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap and experience in making web pages' cross browser compatible.
  • Experience on Web Technologies using HTML5, CSS3, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and jQuery, ReactJS, Bootstrap, AJAX, XML and JSON.
  • Proficient in working with AngularJS, Angular2, Angular 4 and Angular 5 to develop Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Good understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM functions compatibility and SEO/web standards.
  • Experience with Form Validation by Regular Expression, jQuery.
  • Expertise in using XML/JSON and AJAX to link to the back - end application.
  • Used Bootstrap and AngularJS, ReactJS and Node.JS in effective web design.
  • Experience in using CSS Preprocessors like SASS, LESS.
  • Expertise in developing web-based applications using libraries and frameworks like AngularJS, Angular2/4, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node.js.
  • Experience in producing RESTful services using JavaScript, jQuery and Angular2.
  • Experience in using building tools like GULP, GRUNT, and Webpack and used NPM for installing and managing the dependencies.
  • Resourcefully utilized GitHub to spur collaboration between co-workers.
  • Experienced in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Requirement analysis, Specification, Implementation, testing, Documentation and Process management.
  • Worked with AGILE Methodology in recent projects and participated in SCRUM meetings as well in previous projects.
  • Experience in cross browser compatibility amongst major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.
  • Experience in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Accessibility Testing.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills demonstrated through exposure in working with Technical, Quality Assurance and Business Analysis groups..S


UI Developer

Confidential - Bentonville, AR


  • Designed the front-end applications, user interactive (UI) web pages using web technologies like HTML, XHTML, and CSS.
  • Web designing & development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular2/4 and Ajax.
  • Developed ReactJS pages, Web services calls, and AJAX calls for the application.
  • Used ReactJS in components like JSX, creating React components.
  • Used bootstrap and Angular for creating rich, Responsive UI screens for varying screen sizes and devices.
  • Used AngularJS as framework to create Single Page Applications which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Participated with end users and business analyst to understand the business requirements.
  • CSS styles were developed to preserve the uniformity of all the screens throughout the application and positioning of screen objects.
  • Used JavaScript functions to get dynamic data and Client side validation. Involved in usage of MVC pattern utilizing AngularJS, NodeJS, JSF and Spring Controller.
  • Expertise in PHP session variables and cookies implementation.
  • Implemented automated Frontend workflows using Gulp, NPM & Webpack.
  • Responsible for design and development for web pages from mock-ups (PSD)
  • Implemented client side interface using ReactJS.
  • Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using React - Draggable.
  • Used ReactJS for V in MVC and for building reusable UI components.
  • Initiated JavaScript work with a series of custom jQuery plugins and functions.
  • Used web-based GIT repository manager with issue tracking features.
  • Extensively used Git for version controlling and regularly pushed the code to GitHub.
  • Wrote services to store and retrieve user data from MongoDB for the application on devices.
  • Tested cross browser functionality and fixed major layout bugs for supported browsers including IE6.
  • Used Jasmine and Karma as end to end testing tools for debugging and software quality insurance.

Environment: AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, GULP, GRUNT, Jasmine, Karma, MongoDB, Eclipse, XHTML, DOM, RESTful, SASS, jQuery plugins.

UI Developer

Confidential - Orange, CA


  • Designing, planning, developing and implementing Microsoft .Net based solutions that meet quality and code standards, performance requirements and IT security requirements using detailed project planning during the life cycle.
  • As member of a scrum team, partnered with colleagues to build and test web applications. Working on Angular 4 and AngularJS 1.5 development using HTML5, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, TypeScript and LESS.
  • Built and managed multiple customized enterprise Angular 4 and AngularJS 1.5 web applications targeted to support accounting operations.
  • Used built in ng-directives to implement HTML attributes and to create custom functionalities within the project.
  • Using AngularJS developed a single page application that utilized various features including two-way data binding, $scope, and routing.
  • Used Bootstrap for responsive design in conjunction with AngularJS for maximum scalability.
  • Utilized N-Unit testing, along with various automated testing scripts to determine the functionality of the application and its various components.
  • Experience in designing ASP.NET based Graphical User Interfaces with CSS, JavaScript and HTML.
  • Used JSON to stringify and post web form data using Restful services.
  • Used Entity Framework to link data tables created within the SQL Server to efficiently implement the data within the applications.

Environment: Visual Studio 2010 and 2008, ASP.NET, Web Services, SQL, ExtJS, AngularJS, HTML, CSS.

UI Developer

Confidential - Atlanta, GA


  • Development of Web pages using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.
  • Worked on HTML5 SPA which was packaged and distributed as a chrome app, used the same HTML5 SPA for windows application through the use of Apache Cordova.
  • Interfaced SFDC through the use of SOQL queries.
  • Good exposure/experience in AngularJS for building SPA dynamic web page development.
  • Exposure in AngularJS components like controllers, directives, factory and service resources, routing, dependency injection, tow-way data binding and filters.
  • Integrated the AngularJS application with the RESTful web services, used $HTTP service to make request to the server.
  • Using UI Bootstrap coupled with AngularJS to create popovers, Modal Windows, Alerts and Accordians to give the site expressive and dynamic functionality.
  • Worked on Cross-Browser compatibility and fixed the bugs for several browsers.
  • Used CSS features like selectors, different CSS properties for styling the webpage, CSS3 features like multi-column layout, gradients and web fonts, pagination, animation.
  • Used SVN for Version Control.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, Usability Testing, Web storm, Windows.

UI Developer

Confidential - Morrisville, NC


  • Involved in software development life cycle (SDLC), which includes requirement gathering, design, coding, testing.
  • Involved in developing code for multiple modules Order processor, Dispensing, Notification Manager.
  • Applying Spring Framework for transaction Management and Spring JDBC for building ORM, and Dependency Injection.
  • Designed and developed Business Services using Spring Framework (Dependency Injection) and DAO Design Patterns.
  • Used DAO pattern to retrieve the data from database.
  • Involved in the Development of reusable code.
  • Implemented various design patterns in the project such as Singleton, Data Access Object, and Service Locator.
  • Developed web service for web store components using RESTful API.
  • Worked both and producing and consuming side using REST.
  • Used XML, XSD and JSON messages for Data transfer. Used JAXB API for XML parsing messages.
  • Implemented Business logic in the middle-tier using Java classes, Java beans.
  • Extensively used Junit and JMockit for writing unit test cases.
  • Created and modified Complex SQL Commands
  • Used Maven building tool.
  • Implemented agile methodology throughout the project development lifecycles.
  • Used Log4j for Logging various levels of information like error, info, debug into the log files.

Environment: J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, Spring, Spring JDBC, IBM Informix, SQL, XML, XSD, Eclipse, Tomcat Application Server, SVN, Maven, Windows OS, Log4j, Junit, JMockit.




  • Designed and developed various Web forms using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Used JavaScript and jQuery for custom client-side validations.
  • Used CSS sprites to decrease the number of HTTP requests and load time of web pages.
  • Developed components to fetch the data from the back end using Ajax and jQuery.
  • Used Ajax to make asynchronous calls to the server to fetch the data on the fly.
  • Tested/Debugged on browser using Firebug.

Environment: - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery and Windows XP.

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