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Software Engineer Resume

Vienna, VA


  • Accomplished software engineer and ColdFusion Developer with more than 12 years of experience with private and public customers.
  • Worked on many ColdFusion web application projects such as merging websites, upgrading websites, and migrating Sybase database to Microsoft SQL Server. Major tasks include software analysis and design, coding, troubleshooting, testing and documentation.
  • Executes responsibility for the entire application development lifecycle.
  • Designs and implements superior systems, devises effective solutions to complex problems, oversees data conversions, prepares test cases, and creates codes.
  • Leads effective teams and conducts s for diverse staffs.
  • Combines a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems with expertise with an array of applications.


  • Software Development
  • Distributed Applications
  • Object - Oriented Design
  • Database Design
  • Data Conversions
  • Team Leadership
  • Agile/Scrum Experience
  • Software Architecture
  • Client Services
  • Requirements Analysis, Coding
  • Development, Delivery
  • Systems Security
  • Budgeting, Scheduling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Web Development
  • Data Modeling
  • Test Plans
  • Manual Writing
  • Communications


Programming Languages/Web Technologies: Adobe ColdFusion 5-11, Adobe ColdFusion MX, AJAX, DHMTL, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Transact-SQL, VBScript, Visual Basic, XML, XSLT, SOAP, LAMP

Databases: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 11g, Sybase, MySQL

Project Management and Quality Assurance: Agile, Scrum, CMMI 1.1, CMMI/SE/SW, Microsoft Project

Applications and Development Tools: AutoCAD, AutoLISP, CSS, Serena Dimension, Macromedia Suite, ColdBox, Microsoft Office Suite, PVCS, Subversion, Visio, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Studio 2005, Webmaster, Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Desktop Publishing Applications: Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher

Operating Systems: Mac, UNIX, VAX/VMS, Windows 2000, Windows XP


Confidential, Vienna, VA

Software Engineer


  • Responsible for the developing end-to-end designs, testing, quality assurance and deployment of standards-compliant, web-based applications for the Department of Justice (Executive Office for Immigration Review - EOIR).
  • Write Engineering Change Plan (ECP) and Data Change Plan (DCP) documents which is made up of the analysis, design and solutions to requirements.
  • Develop, maintain, and support the enhancement of the enterprise's integrated solutions, software and data within Agile framework using ColdFusion 11, Microsoft SQL, XML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX.
  • Use JSON for accessing data from JavaScript function to ColdFusion methods, and create Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers used in applications.

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Lead ColdFusion Developer


  • Serve as internal consultant for development methodology, creating error-free major project releases.
  • Develop and maintain dynamic web application solutions for the different departments within the organization utilizing ColdFusion 11 with a Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server backend and Sybase.
  • Designed tables, databases, forms, and reports; connected forms with Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server backend and Sybase.
  • Reverse engineered application and website code to insure against Cross-Site scripting and SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
  • Develop functional systems and applications by analyzing customers’ needs and specifications.
  • Prepare test cases and plans for configuration management of each release. Convert data from tables into spreadsheets. Evaluate codes, user guides, test cases, and test plans.
  • Lead technical team in process development and improvement, as well as successful audits, assessments, and appraisals for SEI/CMM Level 3 Assessment (2015).
  • Responsible for the planning, development, testing, quality assurance and deployment of standards-compliant, web-based applications for the US Housing and Urban Development (Multifamily).
  • Utilized an end-to-end SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) methodology that leveraged technology solutions that included, but were not limited to: ColdFusion, Sybase, XML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX, Sybase.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

ColdFusion Developer


  • Applied SEI/CMMI to all phases of a software development lifecycle for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Compiled customers’ requirements and specifications.
  • Developed dynamic web applications & Upgrades/Enhancements to existing Coldfusion applications.
  • Responsible for Enhancements and environment stabilization using HTML, ColdFusion 7, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Contributed to storage architecture, design, formatting, and content. Created complete coding standards and conventions for all languages.
  • ColdFusion and SQL database used to maintain magazine subscription lists and issues archives.
  • Prevented malicious injections by introducing application-wide security.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Web Applications Developer


  • Contributed to developing Confidential Corps’ flagship Case Management System, which improved case tracking, retrieval and management of data, and reporting.
  • Gathered requirements. Constructed and maintained a database displaying more than 200 tables.
  • Developed and prototyped a personnel rating scheme,, and personnel management system.
  • Created a conversion algorithm, procedure, and codes for existing applications. Designed a 60-page programming standards and procedures manual for developers.
  • Integrated trial counselor and defense counsel information into one system.
  • Provided interim and transitory user support. Developed applications, including business logic, Templates, and input forms.
  • Implemented custom and token-based permission structures, contract management, and offenses and charges procedures and manuals.
  • Automated the Trial Defense Service’s processes.

Confidential, Fort Belvoir, VA

Web Applications Developer


  • Analyzed and deployed a web-based, databased-driven solution to manage all information concerning courses, classes, and students for the Confidential ’s School.
  • Gathered requirements from user groups. Prepared test plans and data and user documents.
  • Tested and monitored record system. Created and maintained data structures with over 80 tables.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Information Technology Trainer/Consultant


  • Delivered ten courses to more than 300 adult learners.
  • Helped to train systems administrators for the Confidential .
  • Furnished one-on-one, desktop, and follow-up support.
  • Contributed to developing web pages, automated office procedures, and a microcomputer course.


Manager, Technical Support and Planning


  • Delivered end-user support and in desktop applications.
  • Managed a ten-member staff.
  • Analyzed requirements for hardware and software.
  • Helped to develop a business plan and budget.
  • Trained engineers and drafts people about AutoCAD.
  • Prepared standards and procedures manuals.
  • Automated procedures. Conducted a technical evaluation of a WANG/VAX interconnection.
  • Customized and monitored systems management tools.
  • Resolved hardware and software problems.
  • Solved hardware issues with fault-tolerant hard drives.
  • Surveyed end users about their needs.

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