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Sr. Salesforce Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • Overall 8 Years of professional IT experience, with experience on Salesforce Platform Development and working knowledge on Web Development.
  • Experience with Salesforce.com Sales Cloud, Service cloud, Community and Force.com platform.
  • Working knowledge on various phases of SDLC involving Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Deployment, Testing and Maintenance. Well versed with various design patterns and their implementations.
  • Expertise in developing custom code using Apex classes, Controllers, Triggers, and Visual Force pages.
  • Have excellent knowledge in implementing Batch Apex, Schedule Jobs and scheduling reports and dashboards.
  • Strong Knowledge in App Exchange Applications and integrating with Third Party Applications.
  • Experience in Lightning app builder and Lightning experience.
  • Excellent knowledge in using lightning components in building salesforce1 mobile application.
  • Experience of working by integrating web service call outs using the SOAP & REST API.
  • Specialized in writing complex SOQL, SOSL queries across multiple objects within SFDC database.
  • Valuable experience in deploying code using Sandbox to production using change sets along with eclipse and ANT tools.
  • Effectively implemented the development process of a software application using Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, jQuery, AJAX.
  • Regulated the Salesforce Security setup using Profiles, Permission sets, OWD, Role Hierarchy and Sharing Rules.
  • Advocated the usage of best practices in maintaining quality code coverage with Salesforce Governor Limits and patterns.
  • Developed SFDC Configurations/Customizations - User Interface/Page Layouts, Tabs, Custom fields, Custom objects, Record Types etc.
  • Proficient in Data Migration from traditional applications to Salesforce using Apex Data Loader, Import Wizard, SFDC Data Export, Mass Delete etc.
  • Strong hands-on experience with Workbench - importing and exporting data, testing, and troubleshooting the Force.com APIs.
  • Expertise in working with Force.com Plug-in and Eclipse IDE for writing business logic in Apex programming language.
  • Proven expertise in implementing many-to-many, look-up, and master-detail relationships and automating the business processes using Approval processes, Workflows, Escalation Rules, and Auto-response rules.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with self-motivated attitude, adapting to various work cultures with ease.
  • Highly dedicated, quick starter, solution driven pattern programmer, Strong in Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Excellent at solving complex problems under strict deadlines.


Salesforce Technologies:: Salesforce CRM, Apex Classes, Controllers, Apex Trigger, Apex Web services, SOQL, SOSL, Sales and service cloud, Integration, Migration, Batch Jobs, Static resources, Workflow & Approvals, flows, Reports, Dashboards, Standard and Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Schema Builder, Process builder, App Exchange.

Salesforce Tools and Integration Tools: Eclipse, Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Force.com Developer console, Apex Data Loader, Force.com Platform (Sandbox and Production)

Programming Languages: Apex, Java and C.

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, REST, SOAP, visual force.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix.

Database: SQL server 2008, MS Access, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle 10g/9i, MS SQLServer 2005/2000, UDB DB2, MySQL, MS Access 2007/ 2000.

SDLC methodologies: Waterfall model, Agile Scrum.

Source Controls: GIT, SVN.

Language: Java, C, XML, HTML5, SQL, JavaScript.

Integration Tools: Apttus, CTI, Marketo, Pardot.

Version Control: VSS, CVC, Win CVS, Rational ClearCase, Subversion


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Sr. Salesforce Developer


  • Researched, Prototyped Emerging Technologies and Recommend Business on how to utilize the latest Technology to solve current process.
  • Dissect high-level information into details and communicate these details in a manner understood by relevant audiences.
  • Perform root cause analysis to identify solutions that address the true source of issues and gaps.
  • Managed users, public groups, profiles, and roles within the Salesforce CRM - designating access to the applicable user within the user hierarchy.
  • Coordinated the Database Migration from SQL Server which was essential in building an entirely new and updated Salesforce CRM application.
  • Defined Stories, Estimates, Product Backlog. Involved in Sprint Planning.
  • Work closely with Scrum master for deliverables.
  • Designed and Implemented CRM, Workflow solution in Salesforce with SAML-SSO security.
  • Developed conceptual flow diagram for CRM, Workflow.
  • Designed and integrated SOAP, REST Webservices on Salesforce.
  • Involved in integration of their legacy system with Salesforce CRM package through web services based on BULK API.
  • Implemented Standard Controllers by creating Force.com sites for form processing, record identifiers to implement automatic record retrieval and display/update a record's data, bind input fields to new records, display warning and error messages, place command buttons and create custom messages.
  • Used Data Loader to insert, update, bulk-import/export data from Salesforce.com objects. Used it to read, extract and load data from comma separated values (CSV) files.
  • Performed many declarative administration tasks as needed - managing custom fields, integration and data clean-up.
  • Defined lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects and created junction objects to establish connectivity among objects.
  • Developed Complex Reports and Dashboards using standard reports, HTML and Visual force pages.
  • Developed an automated integration process using workflow rules, validation rules, apex classes to integrate Accounts, Contacts, and Orders between the customer service and sales divisions for different organizations.
  • Built apex classes and triggers implementing SOQL and SOSL statements within Eclipse to manage interaction with the database.
  • Developed back-end data scripts, batches, triggers on Salesforce to sync data and to clean the data.
  • Implemented the Salesforce.com applications using Agile SCRUM Methodology that involves the iterative development methodology.
  • Designed, and developed Visual force pages and Apex controllers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Used JavaScript, CSS for performing validation and assigning style sheet to the visual force page respectively and developed HTML to create Custom Email Templates inside Visual force page and under Communication templates section.
  • Developed Apex classes & triggers and test classes which are part of unit testing and for the code coverage to avoid performance issues.
  • Mapped data sources using Apex Data Loader and loaded data into Call Center application.
  • Created and used Email templates with HTML and Visualforce.
  • Used the Sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.
  • Created modern Enterprise Lightning Apps combining Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder, and Lightning Component features.
  • Worked on Salesforce1 Platform to build Mobile App by enabling Lightning Components for use in the Salesforce1 mobile platform to make Lightning Application mobile.
  • Enabled Aura Framework, by adding Aura Attributes and Aura Handlers for Events to focus on Logic and Interactions in Lightning Applications.
  • Used Salesforce Lighting Connect Integration with third party tools and created modern Enterprise Lightning Apps combining Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component features.
  • Upgraded some Apps from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience to develop rich user interface and better interaction of pages.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visual Force (Pages, Component & Controllers), Pages, Data Loader, HTML, Java Script, SOQL, SOSL, REST, SOAP, BULK, Apex Triggers, Web Services, Security Controls, Sandbox data loading, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Salesforce Lightning (design, components & app builder).

Confidential, Louisville, KY

Salesforce Developer


  • Involved in Salesforce.com setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional needs of the organization.
  • Developed and Customized User interface in salesforce.com using Visualforce, Apex controllers and Force.com IDE.
  • Designed and developed Visualforce pages using JavaScript, HTML.
  • Designed and developed Visualforce pages and controllers for distribution enhancement.
  • Built apex classes implementing SOQL statements within Eclipse to manage interaction with the database.
  • Developed web services using integration of Salesforce.com Webservices API to provide data for third party clients.
  • Developed design document for data loader based on integration.
  • Created and deployed several Reports using salesforce.com platform.
  • Created Visualforce email templates and automated Email Process to send installation instructions to new and existing customers.
  • Used CSS in HTML code to better manage look and feel of Visualforce pages.
  • Created summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts and dashboards to assist the business team.
  • Worked intensely on custom objects, triggers and workflows.
  • Implemented picklists, dependent picklist, lookups, master detail relationships, validation and formula fields to the custom objects.
  • Tested apps by appending multiple components to a Lightning Application thereby deployed Applications from Sandbox to Production.
  • Created custom page layouts with custom fields and buttons.
  • Used field-level security along with page layouts to manage access to certain fields.
  • Designed and built custom applications using Force.com and Visualforce.com.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Apex, Force.com, Eclipse IDE, Visualforce, Data Loader, SOQL, SOSL, Apex Triggers, Security Controls, HTML, Java Script, Partner Community Portal.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Salesforce Developer/Administrator


  • Created the data migration design documents for Salesforce standard and custom objects by taking into consideration of all the governor limits, custom business logic, validation rules and automation rules that impact the migration process.
  • Worked on REST API web services for integration, SOAP API web services with XML as intermediate platform.
  • Used Canvas tools and JavaScript API's to integrate a third-party application in Salesforce.
  • Performed Salesforce.com configuration activities creating Users, Roles, Profiles, Organization Wide Defaults, Permission Sets, Public Groups and Queues.
  • Designed Workflow rules, Approval process and its associated actions like time triggered tasks, email alerts, field updates to implement the business logic.
  • Worked on customizing Salesforce OOTB features - Creating Search Layouts, Record Types, Page layout assignment based on Record Type, Custom links.
  • Implemented picklists, dependent picklists, lookups, master detail relationship, validation rules and formula fields to the custom objects.
  • Worked on various salesforce.com standard objects like person Accounts, Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Opportunities, Leads, Campaigns, Tasks and Events.
  • Responsible for all the activities related to configuring Data Loader, uploading data in CSV files into salesforce.com, checking for the correctness of the data.
  • Deployed application from Sandbox to Production environments using Change Set, Eclipse and Force.com Migration tool.
  • Involved in the training sessions to the internal business users to use the application and develop their own custom reports.
  • Experienced on various standard modules such as service cloud, community cloud, sales cloud and AppExchange applications.

Environment: Salesforce.com platform, Visual force (pages, components & controllers), Apex Language, Force.com IDE, Eclipse, XML, JavaScript, REST, SOAP, workflows and approvals, Data loader, Sandbox.


Salesforce Developer


  • Actively participated in various stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, requirement engineering, architecture design, development, deployment and maintenance of Force.com sites and other enterprise applications.
  • Worked extensively on Apex for implementing Apex Classes, Extension Classes to support Visualforce pages development, Test Classes for Unit testing and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Designed, Developed and Published a certified Salesforce app (Field Aware SF Connector).
  • Administrated and monitored the organization's Salesforce CRM application (1 Production instance, 3 full Sandboxes, 12 developer Sandboxes) and developed plan and governance for environment management.
  • Processed Service contracts by using Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to create an Excel spreadsheet, uploading the spreadsheet to CRM, and create the service billing plan.
  • Used REST API from JavaScript that serves from a domain outside Force.com to integrate Visualforce pages.
  • Worked on implementing REST API and expose to external System.
  • Integrated the SOAP and REST based Web Services for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of salesforce.com.
  • Debug Apex scripts using Debug Logs and System Log Console to catch Exceptions and execute Governors Limits.
  • Worked on Force.com Explorer for querying Salesforce database using SOQL & SOSL queries and Data Loader for data migration, insert, update, and bulk import or export of data.
  • Involved Performing administrative tasks such as customizing Formula fields for calculation, validation rules, creating custom reports and dashboards to track the usage for productivity and performance, managing CRM content.
  • Expert in designing and implementing sharing and security models at object, field, record level for various users at various levels of organization.
  • Creating workflow rules and defining related tasks, time triggered tasks, email alerts, business logic.
  • Creating email templates, approval processes, approval page layouts and defined approval actions on them to automate the processes.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Visualforce, Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Force.com, Eclipse IDE, SOQL, SOSL, SOAP, REST, JavaScript, workflows and approvals.


Front End Developer


  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible web page using web design techniques HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Worked on both mobile responsive web design and desktop pages.
  • Maintain and enhance existing web applications and all integrated systems JavaScript, AJAX, and jQuery.
  • Responsible for creating responsive application by using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.
  • Creating Interactive slide show by using Bootstrap and jQuery.
  • Design and create optimized landing pages in HTML5 and CSS to support company's marketing and promotional needs which include Salesforce integration and cross-browser compatibility
  • Used JSON to store and access the data in search pages.
  • Developed modules to retrieve data using AJAX calls through jQuery method.
  • Applied XML into transferring administration data to the back end.
  • Validated the user input using jQuery validation plugin.
  • Implemented a lightweight customizable jQuery plugin for style appearance.
  • Resolved Cross Browser Compatible Issues for the different version of IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox.
  • Achieved responsive effect on internal test website using Bootstrap.
  • Tested and debugged code using IE tester, Chrome Inspector, Firebug, Safari Web Inspector and Jasmine testing framework.
  • Cooperated with team members to conduct user research with effective communication, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Environment: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, SQL, SVN, Bootstrap, Photoshop, XML.


Web Developer


  • Designs, Develop and re launches responsive websites and E-commerce sites.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest industry trends in UI design and usability.
  • Translating market and product requirements into UI designs in the form of conceptual models, and prototypes.
  • Designed SQL queries and accessed them through JSP pages.
  • Designed web pages using with HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XSL, XSLT, jQuery, and CSS based on the W3C standards.
  • Implemented best practices of W3C and other web design standards.
  • Utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVN for e-commerce site development
  • MVC Web app migration from server to client (JavaScript, Backbone.js).
  • Designed Frontend with in object-oriented JavaScript Framework like Node.js and Ext.js.
  • Used jQuery extensively for event handling, DOM manipulation and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Involved in developing web Page Applications using AngularJS.
  • Custom Angular development, migrating pre-existing PHP web content to AngularJS
  • Worked with promises and asynchronous programming in Core JavaScript and AngularJS.

Environment: HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS.

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