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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

Richmond, VA


  • Having 10+ Years of Professional experience in the developing User Interface(UI)/UX Applications and professional web applications using multiple domains like Finance, Telecom, Insurance, Health and other related domains. Expertise in conceptualizing, designing and coding technical solutions using Java/J2EE technology stacks, HTML 4.0/5, CSS2/ CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS, Angular 2, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Node JS and XML.
  • Worked in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Maintenance, Debugging, Testing and Production support for SoftwareApplications in Client Server environment, Object Oriented Technology and Web based applications.
  • Expertise in front - end development in working with AJAX frameworks: Angular 2 (typescript), Angular JS, jQuery, Sencha, YUI, DWR and Dojo.
  • Experience in Web technologies using HTML 4/5, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Node.JS, AJAX and JSON, Kendo UI.
  • Proficient in working with task runner GULP, Jasmine test framework and test-driven development(TDD).
  • Provide overall UI/UX policies including design, HTML and CSS coding design/development approaches.
  • Strong experience with jQuery,jQuery plugging (Validator, Drag and Drop, AutoComplete), AJAX, Dynamic HTML and JSON.
  • Implemented presentation layer using CSS framework, Backbone JS, Angular JS, Knockout JS, wire-framing, HTML 5.
  • Developed the J2EE application based on the Service Oriented Architecture and used SOAP UI for testing the web services.
  • Highly expertise in modern web architecture using advanced libraries and frameworks like React Js, Angular JS and Angular 2/4 , Material Design, Redux, RxJS, Knockout JS, Node JS, lodash, ES5, ES6 and Typescript.
  • Profound Knowledge in developing HTML pages using DIV layout, Web Accessibility and Web Usability.•
  • Worked on creation of components for routing and forms using the Angular-cli and Angular 4.0.
  • Experience working with CSS precompiles like LESS and SASS.
  • Developed dynamic user interfaces for high-volume Web and Mobile web sites using the latest Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques, media queries and Bootstrap.
  • Fostered close communication with a large development team that included Java developers and a front-end designer to ensure that the user interface remained true to spirit in all aspects of possible data scenarios.
  • Strong Knowledge in JavaScript Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • Professional Knowledge in complying Web pages depending up on Web Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (W3CAG).
  • Expert in designing web applications and web contents utilizing various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • Created Mockups for certain pages using Balasmaiq Mockups 3.0 and displayed to end users for approvals on Design.
  • I do have experience of creating the prototypes of web application using the UXD tool Axure.
  • Created wireframes/mockups, use case diagrams and workflow diagrams using prototyping/design tools Visio, Axure.
  • Strong Knowledge on AWS Amazon EC2 setting up instances, virtual private cloud (VPCs), and security groups.
  • Developed menu in the hybrid mobile app development using IONIC framework .
  • Competent at building a single page application website using AngularJS, Angular 2/4, and MVC.
  • Used AJAX to get the data from the server asynchronously by using JSON/XML object and Jackson API.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge in Document Object Model (DOM) and Kendo Frame Work UI.
  • Used JIRA and HP ALM for bug tracking and issue tracking.
  • Experience in Version Control tools including GIT and SVN.
  • Strong experience in database programming using SQL and PL/SQL (complex queries, stored procedures, cursors and temporary tables) and using Oracle 9i/10g.
  • Extensive experience in SQL, PL/SQL programming stored procedures, triggers and Query optimization, also written quires for insert, update and modification operations.
  • Highly experience in using version controls such as GIT, SVN, TFS and various bug tracking tools like Jira, Bugzilla.
  • Testing application using Jasmine Test Framework and running test cases using Grunt and Karma, Jasmine.
  • Have extensive technical writing experience in areas of Web development including skills of creating, editing and developing Business Process Documentation .
  • Experience in Unit Testing (UIT), Integration Testing and in preparing test cases.
  • Good Team Player with Excellent Communication Skills and Highly Motivated Analytical Problem Solver and troubleshooter with more attention.


Web Technologies & Languages: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, DHTML, XML, XHTML, XSLT, WAI-ARIA, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, Java, Kendo UI, Angular 2/4.

Frameworks: Angular JS, Backbone.js, Node.js, React.js Ext JS

IDE & Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, Sublime, JIRA, Aptana Studio, Web Storm, Notepad++, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash Professional + Action Script 2.0/3.0, Microsoft Publisher, Edit PlusDevelopment Tools

Adobe Photoshop CS5, Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing, Balsamiq, Keynote, PowerApps, Axure, In vision, Zipline, OmniGraffle.

Version Control: CVS, SVN, Git

Publishing Tools: Adobe PageMaker, MS Office

Wire Frame Tools: Adobe Illustrator CS3

Debugging Tools: Firebug, Bugzilla, Jira

Database: PL/SQL(Oracle), MySQL, MSSQL, Mark logic.

Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10



Sr. UI Developer


  • Built SPA using Angular 2 and implemented Angular 2 component router for navigation and services to connect the web application to back end APIs.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by Angular 2.
  • Created UI/UX visual designs, devised content strategy for existing products transforming existing marketing website to new Angular 2 platform.
  • Have done a POC to measure effort in migrating Angular 1 to Angular 2 and wrote SPA using RESTFUL web services plus Ajax, Bootstrap and Angular JS.
  • Used NPM for installing required node modules and other published angular NPM modules.
  • Used Web pack module bundler and angular-cli for configuring the angular project and building it for development and production .
  • Built Angular 2 components using Typescript and UI services to consume rest services using Component based architecture provided by Angular 2.
  • TFS (Team Foundation Server) and Visual Studio 2015 are used for developing, editing the code and angular project setup.
  • Development of front-end POC application using Angular 2 JS, Dependency injection , Rx and Http modules with Node.js server for future evolutions.
  • Created maintained and communicated UI/UX policies including design/coding, design/development approaches with cross browser testing and responsive web design.
  • Experience in cloud services such as AWS, Azure and used AZURE cloud service for end point deployment.
  • Hands on expertise in front-end development utilizing JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery as well as front end technologies HTML5/4, CSS3/2, Angular JS, AJAX, and JSON.
  • Developed the front-end web application using Angular JS, LESS, SASS and other front end libraries and frameworks.
  • Worked on creation of components for routing and forms using the Angular-cli and Angular 4.0.
  • Experience in web designing, commercial application development , and client server methodologies focusing on Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Axure .
  • Analyzed UX patterns and implemented into design concepts motion graphics.
  • Developed UI/UX prototypes for demonstrations and protocol specification needs.
  • Done the design, development and testing phases of software development using AGILE methodology and test-driven development(TDD).
  • Working on migration project of moving current applications in traditional datacenter to AWS by using AWS services .
  • Good understanding and working experience in Object Oriented Java Script programming and JavaScript MVC frameworks and implemented React.js, Bootstrap .js for custom validations on the front end.
  • Involved in all the stages of Software Development Life Cycle including Requirements, Analysis and Design, Implementation, Integration and Testing, Deployment and Maintenance.
  • Karma test runner and Jasmine framework are being used for unit testing angular components and used chrome developer tools and firebug for debugging in chrome and Firefox.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the websites.
  • Experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD) with involvement in several web application development projects.
  • Experience in all phase of SDLC like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance, and extensive experience with Agile and SCRUM .
  • Collaboration with team members design, analysis, coding, testing and review website, design and document each module as a part of the implementation/delivery process.
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities, communication skills, time management and team skills with an intention to work hard to attain project deadlines under stressful environments

Environment: HTML 5, XHTML, CSS, SASS, WAI-ARIA, JavaScript, Azure, Java, JQUERY, Redux, AJAX, Drupal, Angular 2/4, React.js, JSON, XML, TOMCAT APACHE, sails JS, Bootstrap, AWS.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Sr. UI Developer /J2EE Developer


  • Worked on 5 verticals of an application on Agile based development cycle with a weekly release schedule. Also involved in complete SDLC Lifecycle-Designing, Coding, Testing, Debugging and production support.
  • Designed and developed React.JS, component required for the project.
  • Experience with Spring 3 MVC and Spring MVC with REST integration and JSON.
  • Contribute to a standards-based web app architecture, and maintain a reusable content library of design patterns, UI components and templates
  • Designed and developed interaction flows, wireframes, visual mockups, and prototypes for software and mobile applications.
  • Developed a mobile app using ionic framework, Cordova tools and angular JS for IOS and Android platforms.
  • Analyze functional requirements to convert them to UX requirements.
  • Customer process checks status in the Mobile as well as in web using Ionic Cordova.
  • Used JSP, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular JS to create interactive user interface and also worked extensively on Angular 1.
  • Created Angular JS controllers, services and used Angular JS filters for filter functionality in search box and integrator functionalities
  • Worked in performance tuning / optimization tools for JEE / J2EE applications including JProbe. jQuery to select and manipulate HTML elements and also CSS manipulation.
  • Extensively used MVC, Factory , Delegate and Singleton design patterns.
  • Used Spring Framework AOP Module to implement logging in the application to know the application status. Used Spring DAO Module along with Struts Framework to deal with Database.
  • Unit test all the front-end Angular JS code using Karma.
  • Involved in implementing multiple directives to the Angular single page Application.
  • Developed the J2EE application based on the Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Discussed requirements with different teams to create application and website. Created mockups and Use Cases from scratch. Used tools like Balasamiq prototyping to achieve them.
  • Used Axure RP 8 to build the wireframes for their Mobile application.
  • Worked upon the dashboard for the project which contained a variety of charts and drag gable components using jQuery UI Library.
  • Developed website using React.JS and node.JS.
  • Performed Test-Driven Development using Jasmine and Karma.
  • Used JIRA and HP ALM for issue and bug tracking and also Analyzing, Debugging and Fixing the Front-End UI issues assigned through MANTIS bug tracking tools.
  • Supported integration of REST and SOAP web services with front end screens.
  • Developed fast loading images using Adobe Photoshop CS3.
  • Contributed code to the development of mobile and responsive design and customized many features of the application in iterative sprints environment using version control tools like GIT and, less scripts, Omniture tracking and JIRA for bug tracking.
  • Worked with QA team on daily basis in fixing the reported bugs/defects and checking cross platform compatibility.


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Sr. UI Developer


  • Responsible for developing the UI pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS, JSON, jQuery, AJAX.
  • Developed Page layouts, Navigations and presented designs and concepts to the clients and the management to review.
  • Worked on core java , using file operations to read system file (downloads) and to present on JSP .
  • Used PL/SQL stored procedures for applications that needed to execute as part of a scheduling mechanisms.
  • Developed web presentation layer using HTML and CSS according to internal standards and guidelines.
  • Worked on the whole application module using technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax Concepts.
  • Created forms to collect and validate data from the user in HTML and JavaScript.
  • Involved in preparing the High Level and Detail level design of the system using J2EE.
  • Developed the applications using Java, J2EE and JDBC
  • Used JQUERY plug-ins to implement features as a light box, sliders and other intuitive features.
  • Designed the table less web applications using CSS and with the help of tags as per W3C standards.
  • UI screens were developed using MVC features of Angular JS and JavaScript.
  • Defined new validations through Angular JS for the form fields.
  • Used Polymers in creating web components and developed browser API's to custom HTML elements
  • Migrating SOAP based API to REST.
  • Data- Binding concepts with developed controllers, filters, directives integrated with back-end services were extensively implemented using Angular JS.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Brief experience on implementing the Angular JS in creating animations based on CSS classes.
  • Involved in writing jQuery-based Ajax requests using jQuery. Get or jQuery. ajax and jQuery. Post.
  • Involved in developing and testing the intranet web applications using JSP, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Experience in maintaining many files through version control (SVN).
  • Developed HTML prototypes and UI deliverables, like wireframes, flowcharts, screen mock-ups, and interface design specifications.
  • Designed Frontend with in object-oriented JavaScript Framework like Node.js and Ext.JS
  • Designed and developed User Interface Web Forms using Flash, CSS, Adobe, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and JavaScript.
  • Designed web site mockups, navigation buttons, etc. using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Strong understanding of supporting XML and JSON based REST web-services, integrating with the front-end.
  • Working knowledge in SOAP-based web service development.
  • Responsible for the design of web applications right from the conceptualization stage to its implementation and maintenance.
  • Worked on tools like GIT and JIRA for version control and bug tracking.
  • Worked in all phases of SDLC, including requirements analysis, design and development, bug fixing, supporting QA teams and debugging production issues.


Confidential, Chicago IL

UI Developer


  • Built pages from Photoshop mockups using JavaScript, jQuery, CSS2/3, HTML4/5, AJAX and JSON
  • Experience on working with CSS Background, CSS Layouts, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, CSS table, Pseudo classes, Pseudo elements and CSS behaviors in CSS.
  • Creator of educational software and reading materials for mobile devices.
  • Developed concepts for children’s education on mobile devices.
  • Ability to rapidly prototype interface designs in hand-coded validating, standards-compliant, and semantically-rich code and be aware of cross-browser compatibility and bugs.
  • Thorough understanding of the differences and bugs in various browsers and browser versions.
  • Understanding of application development lifecycle methodologies.
  • Built custom websites for clients using CMS's (Drupal) by coding custom modules and themes, as well as utilizing e-commerce APIs for secure payment processing.
  • Knowledge of human factors and usability, best practices for interface design
  • Strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills working within cross-functional teams
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently.
  • Deep understanding of JavaScript and the jQuery framework
  • Created and optimized graphic prototype websites and applications interfaces using HTML and CSS.
  • Involved in write application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Implemented interaction between frontend and backend using the JSON object.
  • Implemented and designed user interface for web-based customer application.
  • Designed business applications using web technologies like HTML, XHTML and CSS based on the W3C standards.
  • Developed data formatted web applications and deploy the script using client-side scripting using JavaScript.
  • Worked on Cross-Browser compatibility and fixed the bugs for several browsers.
  • Created cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant CSS-based page layouts.
  • Integrated with back end code (PHP) for highly interactive AJAX based applications.
  • Maintained 24/7 high volume availability demands using open source tools such as Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

UI Developer


  • Involved in technical discussions with BA, QA and product owners in the story board sessions and in agile meeting sessions.
  • Involved in analysis and design of business requirements for the application development.
  • Created web pages in Site Core and validated the HTML code with W3C Validator.
  • Worked in developing single-page applications (SPA) using backbone.js, underscore.js and bootstrap.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the coded documents and manipulated the nodes using DOM.
  • Developed dynamic e-mails using JavaScript and hand coding of HTML, XHTML, and CSS .
  • Responsive web application development using HTML, jQuery.
  • Enhancements were made to existing project for cutting edge in the market with the extensive use of JS flavors like Node.js, Require.JS and Ext.JS.
  • UI components involving event handling, closures are developed using JavaScript.
  • Worked on JSON for storing and exchanging information between browsers and servers.
  • Responsible to make sure that look and feel of the UI designs works same in different versions of different browsers (IE 7/8/9, Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera).
  • Actively used XML (documents and transformations) for creating templates with dynamic data from XML file.
  • Defined the site layout and developed Wire-frames using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Involved in Form validation implementations, Layout designs, and mock up screens development.
  • Involved in the UAT Build, Configuration, Integration and Deployment of application activities and coordinating them from offshore team.
  • Worked closely for better understanding of functional requirements with BA group.
  • Followed agile software development with scrum status meetings, paired programming.
  • Sublime editor is used for developing UI modules.
  • Actively participated in discussions with clients on User Acceptance Tests ( UAT) and to get the approval from business on the design changes.
  • Worked on tools like Tortoise SVN and JIRA for version control and bug tracking.



Web Developer


  • Designed the class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Developed the UI Screens using HTML, DHTML, XML, and JavaScript, jQuery Custom-tags, JSTL DOM Layout, Ajax and CSS.
  • Client-side validations are developed using jQuery and JavaScript.
  • CSS based page layouts that are cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant were developed.
  • Responsible for the color scheme of the website, overall layout design using HTML, XHTML and CSS.
  • Implemented AJAX methodologies for required page update for improving the efficiency of the page load of the application.
  • XML, XSLT and XPATH were used for cross platform information parsing.
  • Designed graphics using Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop.
  • AJAX scripts were used to improve the performance of the page.
  • Involved in designing wire-frames and process work flow of the application.
  • Extensively used/modified jQuery to perform AJAX calls for creating interactive web pages on JSON response.
  • Played active role in Analysis, Design, Coding and Development of customized application interfaces.
  • Designed the presentation layer and GUI framework for the view part of the application written using JSP and client-side validations were done using JavaScript.
  • Designed applications were tested using debugging tools like Firebugs/IE Developer Tools when deployed in different available browsers.
  • Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash are used for designing new HTML pages.
  • Testing of the product: Unit Testing, Module Testing, Integration Testing and Regression Testing.
  • To track and maintain the history of bugs/issues on everyday basis, Bugzilla is used.


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