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Systems Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Creative Site Reliability Engineer with 8.5 years of experience across a range of software performance monitoring solutions & methodologies on Web Based and GUI based client/server applications in the Information Technology Industry. Proven ability to execute visions with business and technical acumen in team leadership, senior position and engineer efforts. Have successfully designed and implemented Application Performance Management (APM) toolsets in large - scale, enterprise environments. Have successfully executed non-functional requirements elicitation and analysis, performance test strategy, performance test design, performance test execution, performance test result analysis and benchmarking & recommendations. Have hands on experience on performance engineering tools like HP Loadrunner, Performance Center, JMeter, Wily Introscope, App Dynamics, DynaTrace, Splunk, Sitescope, JProfiler. Have programming skills in Java/J2EE, python, Java, C++, Korn Shell Scripting (UNIX), BPEL, SOAP, XML, Oracle, SQL, and PL/SQL and experience in SQL Server, Access and Oracle Databases.
  • 5+ years of experience with Splunk - Enterprise Splunk, Splunk DB Connect, Splunk configuring, implementing, and supporting Splunk Server Infrastructure across Windows, UNIX and Linux.
  • Extensive knowledge of Splunk architecture and various components. Passionate about Machine data and operational Intelligence.
  • Experience in understanding of Splunk 5.x and 6.x product, Distributed Splunk architecture and components including search heads, indexers, forwarders.
  • Expertise in Splunk enterprise architecture such as Search Heads, Indexers, Deployment server, Deployer, License Master, Heavy/Universal Forwarders.
  • Prior implementation and customizations experience with APM tools such as AppDynamics; CA Wily; New Relic; Dynatrace, or similar in Unix environments needed.
  • Certified in HP Loadrunner 12.x software, HP ATP.
  • Extensively used Loadrunner VuGen to develop Vuser Scripts on using Web HTTP/HTML, Web Click and Script, Web Services, Citrix, TruClient, Oracle NCA, Java HTTP, Windows Sockets, Ajax, flex, html5, Database and other web technologies applying object oriented approach.
  • Responsible for testing application and components behavior with heavier loads and optimizing server configurations
  • Excellent working knowledge of designing and implementation of all QA test strategy plans and automated test solutions for client/server and Web applications with Test tools Suite (LoadRunner, Apache JMeter, SoapUI, Selenium and HP Quality Center)
  • Worked extensively with LoadRunner. Created Scenarios, Ran tests with IP Spoofing with process and multithreaded environments, analyzed and generated performance reports.
  • Worked extensively with Loadrunner to validate hardware defects.
  • Extensively involved in performance tuning of application servers such as Weblogic Server and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.
  • Extensively involved in Performance tuning of Webservers such as Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, IIS, IBM WebSphere, ETL systems such as TIBCO Jaspersoft and Informatica Power Center and Database Servers such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Generated load in the system using multiple controllers, Thin and Thick client Confidential the same time.
  • Worked extensively with XML, SOAP and WSDL.
  • Excellent knowledge of UNIX shell scripting, written numerous batch jobs.
  • Extensively worked with Wily Introscope, Dynatrace, Appdynamics, splunk to analyze the application behavior, provided visibility and management across various environments multiple tiers for a complete picture of both networks and infrastructure and their business impact.
  • Experience includes working with various tools like TortoiseSVN, HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Center, JIRA, Rally to perform various activities of Quality Assurance life cycle.
  • Good functional knowledge in Telecom, Automotive and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) domains.


Operating system: Windows2000, Windows NT, WINTEL, AIX, UNIX, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, Cent OS

Environment: Web and App Servers (Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-4830), Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic Application Server, IBM Web Sphere Application Server, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Windows Server (.NET Framework), IBM MQ, BlazeDS, Apache ActiveMQ, JMS, JBoss Messaging, IIS, LDAP, SQL Servers, Oracle Database (12c and 11g).

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle RAC Database.

Physical Machines: IBM PCs, Unix boxes, GNU/Linux Boxes, IBM Mainframes, AS/400

Languages: Java, Java Script, JSP, Html, Perl, Oracle, C, C++, SQL, XML, BPEL, Python

Testing and monitoring tools: LoadRunner, Jmeter, Dynatrace, Performance Center, JConsole, VisualVM, Java Mission Control, JProfiler, Splunk, Wily Introscope, AppDynamics.

Other: Shell Programming, Empirix (RSW), Wintel, MapReduce,Oracle Enterprise Manager, Clearcase, Clearquest, PVCS, BPMN, ActiveVOS, Jenkins-Hudson, Luntbuild.

Methodologies and frameworks: Waterfall, Iterative and Incremental development (IID), Agile, Scrum, DevOps, TDD, FDD, Performance Engineering, CMM, Quality Assurance.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Systems Engineer

  • Maintaining the DynaTrace infrastructure, Creating and maintaining business transactions, measures and dashboards to expedite application monitoring and reporting and custom configure for Business teams to get full visibility into their entire environment.
  • Designing and implementing complex DynaTrace deep diagnostics solutions across multiple platforms and configure UEM agents to have the browser side of the metrics.
  • Assisting internal customers diagnose and resolve complex technical issues.
  • Managing critical customer-facing issues and facilitating communication between the Application Support and Development teams.
  • Triaging, diagnosing, and resolving or escalating internal system alerts to ensure we maintain our Service Level Agreements.
  • Onboarding application servers and support application releases, ensuring the availability and functionality is deployed as intended.
  • Functioning as a front-line technical resource for best practices in developing and deploying DynaTrace in customer environment.
  • Training users on best practices and DynaTrace to proactively monitor performance in their environment as well as use the product to identify bottlenecks as needed.
  • Building deep technical expertise on the DynaTrace product and the application stacks and use those skills to address business and technical issues as needed.
  • Creating and maintaining quality knowledge articles and help documentation in both our internal and external facing communities to provide superior issue resolution.
  • Providing design considerations and write technical requirements.
  • Headed Proof-of-Concepts on Splunk implementation, splunk indexing and plugins, mentored and guided other team members on Understanding the use case of Splunk.
  • Installation and implementation of the Splunk App for Enterprise Security and documented best practices for the installation and performed knowledge transfer on the process.
  • Expert in installing and using Splunk apps for Unix and Linux (Splunk nix).
  • Used Time chart attributes such as Span, Bins, Tag, and Event Types. Created and configured management reports and dashboards.
  • Experience on Data Analytics, Advanced Data Analytics, Visualization, Advanced Visualization, Dashboard Customization, and Advanced Dashboard Customization in Splunk.
  • Experience on Splunk Enterprise Deployments and enable continuous integration as part of configuration using (props.conf, Transforms.conf, Input.conf&Output.conf, Deployment.conf) management.
  • Experience in Create and Manage Splunk DB connects Identities, Database Connections, Database Inputs, Outputs, lookups, access controls.
  • Experience on log parsing, complex Splunk searches, including external table lookups, Splunk data flow, components, features and product capability.
  • Experience on Splunk query language and Monitored Database Connection Health by using Splunk DB connect health dashboards.
  • In depth and extensive Knowledge in setting up alerts and Monitoring recipes from the Machine generated data.
  • Installing, Configuring and maintaining CA LISA on windows and Linux based machines and installing Client components on client machines.
  • Collaborating with Architects and technical resources on CA LISA service virtualization strategy to develop and deploy Virtual Service Model and Virtual Service Image as it applies to QA test environments and in the research and writing of test cases using CA LISA Workstation.
  • Analyzing ISO 8583 message request data and developing custom jars to parse the request data.
  • Developing java script code to add validation in the run time request data.
  • Ensuring the virtual service is capable to handle multiple requests and messaging queues.
  • Working with the QA leadership team to define metrics, and report status of virtualized assets weekly.
  • Collaborating with Architects and Developers on Automation strategy as it applies to QA and Dev environments.
  • Requirement gathering for API Automation/Testing. Analyzing Request url, xml and json.
  • Designing Testing strategy, test case creation and test case execution report.
  • Designing Data Driven Automation Framework using LISA and java.
  • Creating and maintaining documentation on the platforms, such as platform details, playbooks, escalation procedures, and any other that becomes a necessity.
  • Creating current state of system flow that will be used as an artifact for future development and troubleshooting.
  • Installing, and Configuring ALM on clustering and load balancing on servers and installing Client components on client machines.
  • Maintaining existing projects and adding new projects, fields, workflows to HP Quality Center data elements.
  • Maintaining user accounts and authentication via LDAP/Active Directory.
  • Ensuring users have the right roles/permissions to accomplish their goals.
  • Managing the availability of the testing environments and test tools.
  • Maintaining Test environment, Dev environment and QA environments, perform Pilot Migration/upgrade prior to the actual Migration; managing the migration of all the projects and its database schemas from legacy servers to the new servers.
  • Performing the ALM customizations as per the story requirements.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Lead Performance Engineer

  • Successfully Leading and Completing Non-functional end to end testing of more than 20 updated versions of the released version of Confidential &T’s n-tier SOA architecture based Application using various tools for simulating Load volumes and monitoring.
  • Working with product management, QA and engineering leads to gather SLAs and non-functional requirements to model scenarios for load/stress testing, monitoring and performance tuning.
  • Installed & Configured HP Loadrunner /QC 11.
  • Configure AppDynamics to monitor Applications.
  • Setup and Analyze AppDynamics analytical data to predict future performance based on historical trends.
  • Perform analysis on logs and use problem solving techniques.
  • Build/maintain AppDynamics dashboards.
  • Integrate AppDynamics with third party products.
  • Configure auto mail rules.
  • Perform Patches & Upgrades.
  • Generate Monthly Operational Reports.
  • Complete user request tickets on AppDynamics Administration, Customizations, and Maintenance & Extract Reports
  • Writing macros/scripts.
  • Deployment of hosts, software/services, patches and hotfixes, add-ins, etc.
  • Developing test plan/test Strategy, test cases, high level scenarios for load testing.
  • Developing and applying customized performance testing strategy that includes load, stress and scalability testing.
  • Developing Load Runner scripts using Flex, Web Services, Web HTTP/HTML, Java Over HTTP, SAP - Web, Windows Sockets, Action Message Format (AMF), Siebel-Web, Ajax Protocols.
  • Developing scripts using VuGen, Design scenarios and prepare valid Data for testing.
  • Setting up, gathering and evaluating statistics from all monitors.
  • Working on cloud environments using network fundamentals.
  • Working on Weblogic Server Clustering, understanding of Servlets and JSPs, EJBs and RMI Objects and JDBC Connections.
  • Working to ensure that developed products meet design specifications and are within total quality management limits and standards.
  • Implementing test practices, standards and processes.
  • Working with both functional and technical leaders in constructing a plan utilizing their insight and experience in defining tasks and scheduling.
  • Working with SQL and data querying through SQL plus and SQL dev.
  • Strong understanding of servers, networks, Virtualization and database concepts.
  • Engaged in Infra work tracking through JIRA.
  • Engaged in Heap dump and thread Analysis; Engaged in Application Performance tuning and troubleshooting using Jprofiler and JConsole.
  • Involved in Performance tuning of the class objects/ paging issues/database queries & capacity planning.
  • Working with UNIX shell scripting on Red Hat Distribution Linux.
  • Performing Quality Assurance and pre-stage monitoring with Wily Introscope and App Dynamics; Working on performance tuning, optimization and capacity planning.
  • Worked on Splunk and App Dynamics Data Analytics and monitoring tools.
  • Working on JProfiler’s JDBC and JPA/Hibernate probes.
  • Working on the JProfiler’s Semantic layer on top of the low-level profiling data, like JDBC, JPA/Hibernate, JMS and JNDI calls that are presented in the CPU profiling views.
  • Working on customizing probes on JProfiler in addition to the high level information about the RMI calls, files, sockets and processes.
  • In addition to CPU and thread profiling, working on JProfiler’s heap walker to solve simple and complex memory problems.
  • Monitoring performance and availability of EJBs, JSPs, Servlets, Classes, Methods, JTA, JNDI, JDBC, JMS, Socket Activity, File Activity and XML using Wily Introscope & App Dynamics.
  • Engaged in architectural change reviews and system capacity impacts.
  • Performance/Load/Stress/Longevity/Benchmark Testing using Load Runner; prepared test plan and strategy.
  • Conducted tests for baseline, current and future projected volumes and integration;
  • Engaged in Requirement Reviews, Test Case Designing, Execution, Defect Identification and Tracking.
  • Planning and managing deliverables for: Performance testing, performance diagnostics, capacity planning and performance monitoring.
  • Administering and monitoring defect management process to make sure defects are properly assigned, researched, and resolved in a timely manner using Quality Center and JIRA.
  • Working on Continuous Integration for software development using Jenkins-Hudson.
  • Working on detailed defect reports and helping development and UAT teams in reproducing the issues.
  • Engaged in analyzing results and reporting to stakeholders.
  • Mentoring team members in technology, processes, architecture and delivery of applications.

Environment: Loadrunner 11.52, Quality Center11/10, JIRA, SQL developer, App Dynamics, Wily Introscope 10.1, JProfiler, JConsole, Jenkins, CITRIX, Unix, putty, ORACLE Database 11g, SQL Server, JMS, EJB, SOA, BPEL, BPMN 2.0, ActiveVOS, webservices, Web logic 9/10, GNU/Linux Boxes, JAVA, Java Script, HTML, SOAP, XML.


Software Performance QA Engineer

  • Served functionally as, Sr. Performance Engineering Consultant developing Performance test strategy, Performance test planning, Performance test framework, and performance Engineering.
  • Responsible for Statement of work creation, renewal, identification of deliverables, timelines, project planning, budgeting, control, documenting and deliver entire testing process.
  • Worked with different performance testing tool vendors like HP ALM, HP (Performance Center / LoadRunner, Dynatrace APM, Redgate ANTS, Neotys for purchase and support agreements of the tools.
  • Advanced skill in Capacity Planning and Performance Management for multi-tiered and multi-platform networked computer landscapes utilizing analytical and statistical methods.
  • Support test data preparation in collaboration with data migration team
  • Validate Test Environment, Test scripts & Test data through sanity tests.
  • Extensively worked on creating data creation for end-to-end Business Scenarios for Performance testing.
  • Worked extensively on HP LoadRunner 9.5+ to 11.5 using different protocols like Web Http/Html, Web Click and Script, Web Services, Ajax, Citrix, Ajax True client, SAP (GUI, Web, and Click & Script), SMTP, MAPI, LDAP, Database and other web technologies
  • Expertise in Heap Dump, Thread Dump and GC analysis
  • Experience in analyzing performance metrics of Load Balancing servers, Web Servers and Application Servers such as Microsoft IIS, Web logic and Database Servers Such as SQL and Oracle Servers, Windows, UNIX/Linux & Solaris Servers during Performance Testing
  • Worked on Amazon web services and cloud computing.
  • Worked on Splunk Enterprise to gain operational Intelligence, analyzing data, searching data using Splunk search processing language, identifying patterns between events, creating Reports, Alerts and dshboards.
  • Tracked performance of services and instances, validated cloud deployments, optimized auto scaling and elasticity, optimized resource usage, managed costs using Dynatrace integrated with AWS compute platforms.
  • Worked on Dynatrace for Cloud, Server and Database monitoring.
  • Worked on ANTS, .NET performance profiler, to profile .NET code and data access layer, enhanced data access profiling on SQL Server.
  • Strong knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Software Test Lifecycle (STLC) and performance test lifecycle (PTLC) proficient in utilizing performance tools, analyzing results, resolving performance related issues, including optimization and tuning.
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite including Quality Center, Unified Functional Testing (aka QuickTest Pro), and Performance Center/LoadRunner as well as new end to end monitoring
  • Setup, configure, and maintain the performance testing environments.
  • Understanding of throughput, latency, memory and CPU utilization.
  • Working knowledge of operating system design / tuning.
  • Working knowledge of database tuning.
  • Monitored and managed an elastic database pool with the Azure portal.
  • Prepared & Published the Performance test results to all parties.
  • Developed customized test harness for error handling, logical data input and Output messages.
  • Worked with Process Teams to create Solution Manager TPR creation documentation.
  • Participated in Triage/Defect review meeting with both the stakeholders and developers.
  • Participated in weekly review meetings and final GO/NO-GO meetings.

Environment: Loadrunner/Performance Center 11.50, Apache JMeter, CA Agile Central, HPE ALM/Quality Center, qTest, Redgate ANTS, Selenium, Dynatrace, Diagnostics, AWS, Amazon DynamoDB, Splunk, Unix, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, SOA, WebServices, .NET Framework, Load Balancing, Microsoft IIS, Windows NT, VB, .Net, HTML, REST, XML


Software Performance Tester

  • Successfully Completed Non-functional and functional system Integration testing of Confidential ’s Service Oriented Architecture based User process management (UPM) software using HP Loadrunner, Performance center on UNIX based Solaris systems.
  • Interact with business analyst, developers, and hardware teams to determine the performance requirements and load testing requirements.
  • Design and develop test plans and design steps that represent expected production traffic.
  • Design and develop scripts in HP Load Runner using Web/HTTP, TruClient, Oracle NCA, and Web services, Java HTTP, SAP Web, Win Socket, Ajax, flex, html5, http/html Protocols that included correlations, parameters, condition controls, error checking, and validation functions.
  • Execute tests, generate test reports, and present the findings to management with the recommendations.
  • Coordinate testing between multiple test teams sharing multiple environments.
  • Monitor transaction response time and analyze server performance, hits per second, throughput, windows resources and database server resources.

    Cross reference application, server, and message queue logs from multiple sources to determine cause of functional and performance issues.

  • Make recommendations for fixing performance and functional issues.
  • Administer and monitor defect management process to make sure defects are properly assigned, researched, and resolved in a timely manner using Quality Center and JIRA.
  • Conduct meetings with developers, application teams, and business teams to resolve defects.
  • Manually test and diagnose issues using SoapUI, HTTP Watch, and Fiddler.

    Work with management, database administrators, and developers to ensure successful deployment of applications and features.

  • Engaged in results’ reviews with stakeholders to identify performance hot-spots and suggested alternative solutions; Performed resource utilization monitoring of the OS (Unix), and helped interpret the findings; Understanding of network traffics, routings, and web protocols.
  • Reviewed JVM log files and pinpointed performance bottlenecks and suggested improvements, as discussed with clients; Monitored Application Server thread counts, pool sizes, transaction settings, EJB settings etc. and reported issues.
  • Point of contact for Performance Center maintenance, upgrades, and request.
  • Performance/Load/Stress/Longevity Testing using Load Runner; prepared test plan and strategy.
  • Implemented test practices, standards and process; Communicated with Project Managers, Architects, Dev/Database/Testing and Business People.
  • Design, Show and tell, Daily Scrum and Defect Triage Calls as part of Agile SDLC.
  • Engaged in Signing off release notes for each build and release.

Environment: Java, C, Jcaps, Pega, Siebel CRM, Edifecs, Datapower, Woosh, STAA, Motive, cISP, RBSC, Broadsword, SDP, NSP, R1OSS, XML Web Services, UNIX Solaris, Oracle, Share point, Apache JMeter, JVM, TortoiseSVN, Diagnostics, QTP 9.5, Quality Center 9.2, Load Runner/ Performance center 9.0/9.51, Web Logic, Apache Active MQ, Oracle ESB (BEA Logic), VM Ware, JVM, Windows, Apache Tomcat, JIRA v6.1.3,VMSTAT,TOP

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