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Senior Firmware Engineer Resume


  • Software and firmware engineer with many years of professional experience in research, analysis, design, algorithm development, implementation, testing and bug - fixing for telecommunication system, Video, Audio products.
  • Optimization and integrating of various audio and video codec on different processors/DSP. Strong background on embedded system.
  • Expertise on embedded system, firmware and software developing.
  • Expertise with DSP theory. Experience in audio, video and image digital signal processing.
  • Experience with hardware level embedded software developing.
  • Familiar with video codec standard H.264, H.263, MPEG4.
  • Familiar with audio processing, MP3, AAC, G.7xx, AMR, AGC, DRC, loudness control, …
  • Worked on VoIP, UMTS, LTE wireless system.
  • Proficient in designing and implementing DSP/embedded software/firmware algorithms in C/C++ and assembly. Integrated algorithms into RTOS.
  • Hardware testing, device driver developing.
  • Algorithms developed: OFDM, OFDMA, FFT, FIR/IIR filter, Echo Canceller, Noise Depression…..
  • Familiar with microcontroller, multi-processor system coding, lower level peripherals and devices driver


Languages: C/C++/C#, Perl, Python script, Matlab and SimuLink.

Assembly language: ARM9/7/Cortex, TI C55/54, C64xx, Z80, 8051, VLIW DSP

Operating System: Windows, UNIX and Linux.

Real Time Operating System: VxWorks, TI DSP/BIOS, Linux.

Development Environments: Clear Case, SVN, CVS, Share Point, Agile, Rally and Synergy Agile/SCRUM.

Developing Environments: MS Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio, GNU.

Microprocessor and DSP: ARM9/7, Intelx86, Z80, 8051, DaVinci, OMAP, TI TMS /55, C62xx, 64xx, 6678 and so on.

Laboratory tools: Oscilloscope, JTAG, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Audio Precision.

Network Protocols and Standards:: VoIP, xDSL, ATM, IP,TCP,UDP,RTP,RTCP,SRTP,SIP,H.323.


Senior Firmware Engineer



  • Integrated audio algorithms into multi threading real time operating system and optimization.
  • Confidential algorithm algorithm new futures.
  • Developed I2S, I2C, SPI, UART device drivers

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Newark, NJ


  • Camera hardware interfaces and drivers on Android, Linux, OS X and windows system.
  • Hardware video codec interface developing on Android system.
  • Video/Audio codec (X264, openh264, VP8 Speex Opus) integrated to Android and iOS video apps, debugging and testing.
  • Video/Audio codec bit rate control according to wireless bandwidth by using RTCP.
  • Video resolution change according to the wireless bandwidth estimation.
  • Video performance control and testing. Video/Audio streaming transport by RTP and RTCP. SIP/SDP, WebRTC, FFMPEG and PJSIP implementing and testing in Android system.


Senior Software Engineer, Dallas, TX


  • Configuring Linux video server system. Integrated Confidential and some video/audio codec into system.
  • Ported X264 video codec from Linux version to Windows Visual Studio 2010 version.
  • Video/Audio trans-coding algorithm developing on TI 6678 DSP. Ported x264 source code to GPU, by using Open CL and CUDA. Image post processing by Confidential .
  • Developed video camera data transferring interface on ARM cortex microcontroller.
  • Http adaptive streaming workflow testing on both server and mobile side.
  • Video and audio synchronization, Voice activity detection and active speaker switching.
  • Video/audio relay stream control, bandwidth estimation and bit rate control, H.264/SVC video bit rate control and dynamic thinning.
  • H.264 AVC/SVC RTP video stream packing/de-packing, trans-coding.
  • Clients information management by MySQL Implemented RTCP features related with AVC/SVC on client software and performance testing.


Senior Embedded Softeware Engineer


  • Developing signals acquisition and processing algorithms on multi threading real time operating system and optimization.
  • Optimized 3D FFT and some other signal processing algorithms on C64++ DSP Developed I2S, I2C, SPI, GPIO, DMA, UART, Bluetooth device drivers, RF transmitter, camera RGB to Confidential interface and FPGA driver. Radar and image signal computer vision algorithm Matlab simulation.
  • Motion control algorithms developing on ARM9 controller.
  • Data transfer by CAN DSP algorithm creating, simulation data creating and test result verification by Matlab.
  • DSP and ARM interface development.

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