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Front End Developer Resume

Mclean, VirginiA


  • Profoundly skilled and driven UI developer with demonstrated aptitude in utilizing new tools and technical knowledge to drive improvements throughout the Software Development Life Cycle with exceptional record in overseeing all facets from Analysis and Design, to Implementation and Maintenance. As a programmer, I believe in putting my best forward in what I do.
  • Over 6+ years of professional experience in developing User Interface (UI) applications using cutting - edge front-end technologies.
  • Worked on all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements gathering through client interaction, Design, Documentation, Development, Integration, Testing, Configuration and Production Support.
  • Hands on experience in web development with a strong background working on open source technologies, including HTML/HTML5, DHTML, XML, XHTML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, ReactJs and AngularJS.
  • Experience on various Charting/UI tools like High Charts, chart JS, Google API, JQuery UI and Bootstrap.
  • JavaScript expertise in both client and server-side.
  • Developed single page applications Using AngularJS/Bootstrap.
  • Experience in Object Oriented JavaScript and use of design patterns like module, revealing module and singleton pattern.
  • Expertise in Client Side designing and validations using HTML, HTML5 and Java Script.
  • Strong exposure to Adobe tools - Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Flash.
  • Good Understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions compatibility and SEO / web standards.
  • Excellent working knowledge and thorough exposure on compatibility issues with different versions of browsers like IE, Mozilla FF, and Chrome.
  • Hands on experience using Firebug for Mozilla, Developer Toolbar for Chrome and IE Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer.
  • Experience in visualization, creating visual designs, Product Logos, developing high quality of work, maintaining team, and design reviews, handling whole project through its life cycle.
  • Experience in system analysis, design, workflow architecture, development, testing and maintenance of web-based applications.
  • Worked extensively in Agile & Waterfall Development process. .
  • Good understanding of Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern.
  • Worked on different MVC Frameworks like Spring MVC.
  • Excellent skills in building elegant professional websites while adhering to W3C standards.
  • Experienced in using various tools such as Notepad++ and IDEs such as NetBeans, Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc., for development and design.
  • Excellent understanding of Software Quality, Configuration Management and Software Release Practices.
  • Extensive Experience in working with Relational Database Management Systems including Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Expertise in developing and implementing SOAP/RESTful web services.
  • Extensive experience in developing Web Services using SOAP, XML-RPC, JAX-RPC, JAXB and Restful, WSDL.
  • Comprehensive experience in designing and developing applications using UML with Rational Rose.
  • Exposure to Application Servers like Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere, JBoss and Apache Tomcat Web Server.
  • Experience in Version Control tools like CVS, GIT, SVN and Clear-Case for Source Code version management.
  • Experience in quality assurance and unit testing, acceptance and integration testing.
  • Involved in designing the user experience interface UI/UX strategy, UI requirements, converting findings into UI designs.
  • Worked extensively on onshore - near shore - offshore model, this includes Client interaction and Co-ordination among teams working at different geographical locations.
  • Ability to write clear, well-documented, well-commented and efficient code for web development.
  • Strong problem-solving, organizing, communication and planning skills, with ability to work in team environment.


Programming Languages: Core Java/J2EE, JavaScript, C#, VB, SQL, PL/SQL.

Angular JS:, React js, Jquery Redux, Node JS, Require JS, Apache CXF

IntelliJ:, Eclipse IDE, Rational Rose, TOAD, Clear Case, Web-storm, Gulp, Developer Tools, Spring Tool Suite, JBOSS, sublime, Amazon AWS tool set.

Databases: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, Mongo DB and DB2.

Windows XP, Mac:, Windows NT/2000, UNIX, Solaris 8.0, Linux.

JavaScript,: Ajax, XML, XHTML, CSS3, JSP 2.0/2.1, JSTL, Spring 3.2, Log4j, HTML5, DHTML, XSLT, AJAX, GWT, JQuery, JSON, RIA framework, Web Services, Restful web service, SOAP.

J2EE Design Patterns: Front Controller, Composite View, Business Delegate, Session Fa ade, DAO, Command Pattern, Singleton pattern, Service Locator.

Debugging Tools: Bugzilla, Firebug, J Unit v 4.12, Yeoman, Grunt.

Application/Web Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.x/6.x, Web sphere Application Server8.0, IBM WebSphere 7.x/6.x, JBoss 5.0, WebLogic 8.1/9.2, Restful Services, JAX-RS, Apache Tomcat 5.0


Confidential - McLean, Virginia

Front End Developer


  • Involved in developing presentational and container components using React.js and Bootstrap
  • Implemented dynamic page elements and Form error validations
  • Worked with React.js Router for developing Single Page Applications
  • Made AJAX Calls and worked on Webpack for build and webpack-dev-server
  • Used Typescript’s new features such as block scope, type restrictions, decorators, arrow functions, classes, interfaces, modules (import and exports)
  • Involved in Creating and Consuming RESTful Services using Node.js,
  • Extensively used Node.js to manage dependencies
  • Worked with Express.js for development of RESTful web services and middleware configurations
  • Worked with Passport and JSON web tokens for authentication and authorization security
  • Worked with npm commands using package. json for managing dependencies
  • Resolved Cross Browser Compatible Issues for different version of IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  • Worked closely with product, UX and business team to build applications & reach business goals through front end development and UX
  • Worked with npm commands using package.json for managing dependencies and dev-dependencies of Node.js applications.
  • Committed code change into repository by using version control tool Git
  • Used JIRA board to track the status of tasks

Environment: JSX, React.js, Node.js, Babel, React.js-bootstrap, Express Js, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, Node.js. Express.js, JavaScript, Web pack, JIRA, Git

Confidential -Atlanta, GA

UI Developer


  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and JavaScript
  • Created wireframes, graphical templates, and other graphical elements for various web-based projects
  • Designed and Developed user interface from usability wireframes, and prototypes to a fully functional responsive web application using Sketch and Invasion
  • Managed multiple customized web applications
  • Used JavaScript DOM manipulation and JavaScript event to generate the data result in UI
  • Implemented various Validation Controls for Form validation and implemented custom validation controls with JavaScript validation controls
  • Created single page applications with multiple views using route services
  • Worked with Express.js for development of RESTful web services and middleware configurations
  • Using jQuery plugins auto complete, validation, drag and drop and more exceptionally
  • Expertise in Client Side designing and validations using HTML and Java Script
  • Involved in developing various generic functions used for validations
  • Used AJAX module to handle RESTful calls to enable communication between view components and servers
  • Produced visually appealing designs focused on usability, utility, and UX
  • Used Node JS to run Grunt tasks and build the project (compile, minify, concat etc.)
  • Took care of the cross-browser compatibility issues in Safari, Firefox and IE
  • Committed code change into repository by using version control tool Git

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, CSS/LESS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Typescript, Node JS, Git, Bootstrap, Dreamweaver, Agile

Confidential, Peoria, IL

Front End Developer


  • Worked as a UI Developer assisting my team in developing, designing and implementing front end and developed account summary/overview and Login page
  • Wrote code in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and made use of Bootstrap framework
  • Used Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques to enhance user's behavior based on screen-size, platform and orientation
  • Involved in upgrade and maintenance of company's website to the new layout using the Grid orientation model Bootstrap framework and CSS3 Flexbox
  • Involved in Creating and Consuming RESTful Services
  • Used jQuery Validation Plug-in for client-side validation
  • Worked with GIT to optimize code repository
  • Used continuous integration tool Jenkins to deploy application and used JIRA to do bug tracking and project management
  • Used Agile Development Methodology and Scrum team structure for the development process

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Bootstrap, XML, Node.js, GIT, Jenkins, JIRA, Agile, Scrum

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