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Web Application Programmer Resume

Moorestown, NJ


Full Stack applications programmer involved with the design, development and testing of software


SOFTWARE and METHODOLOGIES: C/C++, C#, VB, .NET, VBA, Access, Ajax, ASP, CSS, Excel, FLASH, HTML, Javascript, Oracle, Silverlight, SQLXML, WPF, WCF, WWF, SOAP, SOA, Google Charts API, CSS3, Paint Shop, JQuery, HTML5, AngularMVC, Web Services, COM, ADO, XAML, EDI, LINQ, OOP, OOD, JSON, Agile, Waterfall, Crystal Reports, POSQueues, State Management, Controls, Web Service, XML, File I/O, Data Bound Controls, Cookies, Managed Providers, Error Handling, Validations, Stored Procedures, Callbacks, Complex Queries, Bootstrap, Angular


Confidential, Moorestown NJ

Web Application Programmer

Technologies: ASP.NET 2013, SQL 2012, CSS, SOA, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, WCF, REST, Angular


  • Coded C# web applications, including front end design, interface event handlers, data set CRUD.
  • Coded DLL(s) for Job Control program and test modules using runtime reflection for DLL access.
  • Agile development in a multi - tasking multiple projects environment.

Confidential, Holbrook , NY

Web Database Programmer

Industry: EDI Clearing House Technologies: VB.NET, SQL, ADO.NET, Stored Procedures, Entity Framework


  • Coded changes EDI applications for medical claims which from messaging to XML through web services.

Confidential, Mt. Laurel , NJ

Web Database Programmer

Industry: Payment Solutions Technologies: VS2010 VB, C#, ASP.NET, T- SQL, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery


  • New coded and enhancements to Credit Card Web Service Program Credit-Gift Card CRUD .Net/SQL Database
  • Programmed new web testing services .NET software to interface with Credit Card services.
  • Code emphases on javascript using XMLHttpRequest for data fetch routines allowing high speed grid and tree control data paging and user control event actions by partial paging algorithms.
  • Rewrite of previous CRUD customer data tracking software from VB.NET to MVC/C#.
  • Set up VS2010 for C# interface coding to Twilio for phone text communication to handle API calls in applications and coded message tracking applications.

Confidential, King of Prussia , PA

Software Programmer

Technologies: VS 2010 C#, ORACLE SQL, Code for Toad, CSS, Javascript


  • Coded complete C# debugger to splice EDI record, check for tables, created or truncated tables by EDI record
  • Coded C# .NET Grid View web daily track database in order to report daily work status
  • Coded Tab Dialog WPF expense database windows application.
  • Coded new screens for pharmaceutical application. Used Interface class to Oracle/SQL database and coded stored procedures stored in packages. Tool for ORACLE programming was Toad for Code 9.0

Confidential, Phila., PA

.NET Developer

Technologies: ACCESS, VS 2010, VB.NET, WinForms, T-SQL


  • Lead developer for Parking Ticket Violations Database upgrade from ACCESS windows to VB.NET T-SQL Winforms application.
  • Meter agents record violations into Duncan Handheld ticket machines and those records are downloaded to a SQL database.
  • The application allowed users to view records in a data grid, change the data and enter new tickets manually.

Confidential, Marlton, NJ

C#/COM Windows Programmer

Technologies: C#, WinForms, COM+, ACCESS, SQL


  • Full life cycle developer of software program for NSWCCD-SSES Philadelphia engineers to use in building ship and submarine simulators.
  • Program called custom Visual C++ DLL containing controls for simulators.
  • Development used processes reflection, persistent memory and marshalling techniques to read the COM controls allow change of properties.
  • Designed and developed complete windows menu driven front end user interface to allow engineers design simulators.
  • Coordinates of control’s positions are saved in an Access database.

Confidential, Sewell, NJ

Telephony/.NET-SQL and Reports developer

Technologies: ACCESS, C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL, VBA, EXCEL, TouchStar, Javascript


  • Programmed address, credit card, bank routing, correct formatting, dates and other integrity validations.
  • Code supported Confidential ’s Telemarketing Database System for a telemarketer to interface with the infomercial product selling system.
  • Completely coded a new C#.NET intranet web page database system,
  • Coded customer-to-client orders distribution automation programs in each customer's documented format with VB.NET or ACCESS-VBA programs to create the files, deliver by ftp or XML, and e-mail acknowledge that orders were ready.
  • Designed, developed, tested, and deployed TouchStar telemarketing operator entry forms and validation code.

Confidential, Cherry Hill, NJ

C#.NET Programmer

Web Development Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, T-SQL 2005, Javascript, HTML, CSS


  • Web page database development to add, change, delete, and grid view MS SQL Database information.
  • Use javascript client side programming for data validations, menus and form functionality.

Confidential, Pennington, NJ

.NET Upgrade programmer

Technologies: VB.NET


  • Added new front end controls and code to use SOAP messaging service and Service
  • Response to confirm user logon information and for queries, which resulted in nested XML elements.

Confidential, Mt. Laurel, NJ

VB.NET/SQL Programmer

Financial Technologies: VB.NET, SQL, Crystal Reports


  • VB.NET/XML/SQL/Stored Procedures for Web Apps to allow Internet Message Posting and document tracking
  • Crystal Report using SQL Sequel Server 2000 Stored Procedures with multiple tables
  • Documentation for Web and Widows projects including Requirements, Business Analysis, Functional Specs.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

ACCESS/VBA Developer

Technologies: ACCESS, Crystal Reports, VBA, Classic ASP


  • Worked on attorney reports, tracking systems and custom utilities with Access and VB6.

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