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Senior Ui Developer Resume

Rockville, MD


  • 71/2 years IT experience in User Interface Development using HTML, HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Less, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery and Angular JS, Ext JS, Backbone JS.
  • Experienced in developing professional web applications using DHTML, XHTML, Ajax, JSON, and XML.
  • Competent in Gathering user requirements and converting them into software requirement specifications using UML, Design Patterns, Object Oriented Methodologies.
  • Experience in development of applications using java Java/J2EE web applications using Java, Servlets, JSP, JSF, JSTL, Spring, EJB, JMS, ORM, JNDI, Web Services, JDBC, JAXP, Swing.
  • Experience on working with CSS Animations, CSS Text, Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements.
  • Good understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM functions.
  • Deep understanding of Object Oriented JavaScript programming and AngularJS MVC framework.
  • Hands - on experience in creating Single Page Applications using Angular JS along with routers, custom directives, filters and form validations.
  • Experience on working with CSS Background, CSS Layouts, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, CSS table, Pseudo classes, Pseudo elements and CSS behaviors in CSS
  • Experience with Gulp for JavaScript file's concatenation and minify to improve performance in loading web pages.
  • Experience with NodeJS platform, npm, CommonJS, grunt&gulp, bower, forever and Nodemon.
  • Worked with MongoDB - and used Mongo Shell and RoboMongo to access it.
  • Experience of implementation of Web Services using SOAP and Restful.
  • Experience in working on various backend Procedures and Functions using PL/SQL.
  • Implement responsive, adaptive and mobile websites that are flexible to the many different devices and browsers.
  • Experience in developing applications using AngualrJS-Bootstrap like Grids, Toolbars, Panels, Combo-Box and Button etc.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of developing applications with Model View Architecture (MVC) using Struts framework, Spring framework.
  • Strong experience in UNIX and Linux.
  • Experience in using various jQuery UI controls and corresponding Event handlers etc.
  • Highly skilled in using Bootstrap with tables, grids, carousels, form elements and layouts.
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Web Accessibility and Web Securities.
  • Experienced in debugging on various browsers including Google Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox and Safari with Chrome DevTools, IE Tester, and Firebug etc.
  • Wrote application level code to interact with backend and consume the JSON data by making AJAX calls and updating the DOM.
  • Good Experience in working with Backbone.js to handle the large set of Javascript code.
  • Experience with SVN Source Control, TFS and GIT for code management.
  • Expertise in debugging and troubleshooting existing code.
  • Experience with JavaScript utilities NPM, Bower, Grunt, Yeoman, GitHub, Git bash command.
  • Extensive experience working in Agile and Waterfall (SDLC Methodologies) environments.
  • Strong problem-solving, organizing, communication skills, with ability to work in team environment.


UI Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, XHTML, XSL, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, Bootstrap, JSP, CSS5, UI Concept Modeling/Wire framing, AngularJS, Angular 6, Gulp, Grunt, NodeJS, Backbone.js, React/Redux JS.

Server Side Programming: Java, J2EE, JSP, JSF, Servlets, JSTL, EJB, JDBC, JMS, JPA, Web Services, SOAP, Restful, Spring framework, Hibernate3.2/3.5., Java Mail, Google API

IDE, HTML Editor: Notepad++, Eclipse IDE, Adobe Dreamweaver, Visual Studio Code

Web/App Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.0.25, HTTP Web Server

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Prof), Win 7, Linux.

Debugging Tools: Firebug, Developer Tools, Jeera, karma, jasmine, Selenium, Mocha.

Version Control: Git, svn

Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2

Methodologies: Agile, water fall model, Rational Unified Process(RUP), UML


Senior UI Developer

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Integrated the Java code (API) in JSP pages and responsible for setting up Angular JS framework for UI development. Developed html views with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Angular Js.
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Developed single page applications using Angular, Angular 6, Typescript, web pack and grunt.
  • Worked closely with a group of engineers focused on developing the stack for PaaS.
  • Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations, troubleshoot and resolve issues in the platform stack.
  • Design and develop web application functionalities with Object Oriented design, MVC Zend framework and PHP 5.x library.
  • Worked with software developers to deploy and operate bioinformatics systems in the cloud infrastructure using infrastructure-as-code and continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines.
  • Created TypeScript reusable components and services to consume REST API’s using component-based architecture provided by Angular 6. Worked on resolving User Interface issues using various front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular and AJAX.
  • Developed the relevant backend RESTful API using Node.js and Express.js.
  • Assisted in the development of WebAPIs such as designing RESTful services to integrate with other data providers.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with API’s, Web Services using AJAX and Angular resources.
  • Migrated the application from angular to angular 6 application from the scratch with material ui components and bootstrap.
  • Worked with the team of backend developers to gather requirements and enhance the application functionality.
  • Good hands on experience and knowledge on Redux and ngrx store to manage the State, Subscribing and unsubscribing the state changes and dispatching the actions in angular 6.
  • Involved in rendering additional components with custom HTML tags using React.js.
  • Experience creating Angular UI components and using Reactive forms for validation.
  • Created Dashboards, Search Results pages, Header, Footer, Navigations, Layouts from scratch.
  • Worked with Agile methodology, developed scrum teams within the development team and have ability to complete the tasks within given sprints.
  • Utilized Postman for end point testing.
  • Handled response data from RESTFUL web services using XML, JSON and jQuery to update UI.
  • Interacted with java controllers (jQuery, Ajax and JSON to write/read data from back end systems).
  • Developed creative intuitive user interfaces that address business and end-user needs, while considering the technical, physical and temporal constraints of the users.
  • Created GET/PUT request and response using RESTFUL web services.
  • Involved in Developer testing, Review Testing and Trouble shooting.
  • Used gulp for building the angular project.
  • Used Trello for tracking the project.
  • Utilized version control tool GIT to communicate with other team members in to work on the same code-base in the repository.
  • Used npm and bower front end package manager to install and handle all the packages.

Environment: AngularJS 1.8, Angular 6, Bootstrap4, Bootstrap3, ngrx, Type Script, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Grunt, NPM, Node.JS, JIRA, Grunt, Jasmine, Karma, Web Services, Agile methodology, GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Scrum.

Senior UI developer

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Complete exposure with MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js) full stack programming.
  • Developed the relevant backend RESTful API using Node.js and Express.js
  • Design and develop web application functionalities with Object Oriented design, MVC Zend framework and PHP 5.x library.
  • System Integration with payment and shipment gateways through a SOAP WS call using PHP code.
  • Development of custom modules using PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON.
  • Used Node.JS, Express.JS to create server-side API with MongoDB.
  • Experience with React JS and React Flux Architecture.
  • Involved in writing the front-end code for the application using Angular 2, designed and developed the Presentation layer using Angular 2 and Angular Material.
  • Develop various screens for the front end using React JS and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and Redux libraries.
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) & configuration management using Puppet.
  • Using reactive forms from Angular2.0 framework form validations were performed on the web application.
  • Experience in configuring, deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Utilized MEAN stack REST design pattern, MVC and SPA (Single Page Application) framework based on Angular 2.
  • Build Web Apps with React JS and Flux.
  • Build several major Enterprise Application using React JS, Redux JS, JavaScript ES6, HTNL5, Bootstrap, CSS3, WebAPI, MVC.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by Angular2.
  • Built SPA with loading multiple views using route services using Angular2 and Node.js.
  • Developed models, routes, and admin/user features with Mongoose.
  • Extensively wrote unit test cases using Jasmine for client side with a test coverage of 60%
  • Developed a single page, mobile-first, cross-device/cross- browser web application for real-time location sharing using AngularJS.
  • Developed various generic Component, Directive, Pipes and SASS classes to use across the both project. Including generic Module and Service Provider.
  • Worked the backend by using Node JS, Express and Mongo DB.
  • Used Angular 2 for Client-side validations while rendering JSON validation errors in the backend.
  • Developed Angular 2 Template driven forms and Model driven forms builder by using ngModel .
  • Wrote custom filters and custom directives in Angular.JS to make rich single page applications.
  • Involved in developing object oriented JavaScript and experienced with AJAX, JSON, HTML5, AngularJS, Node JS and CSS3.
  • Implemented angular app with CRUD features utilizing all concepts of Angular 4 i.e. Data binding, Components, Directives, in-built and user-defined directives, Routing, Observables, Forms, Pipes, Services with Dependency Injection.
  • Designed Angular 5 front-end which includes user profile, messaging, photo gallery, reactive home page
  • Core developer of the application infrastructure using GWT as the front-end Worked on the Java collections API for handling the data objects between the business layers and the front end.
  • Designed and developed back-end components for analysis and collaboration software in Java and XML.
  • Involved in writing test plan using Jasmine and Karma to ensure 100% code coverage
  • Participated in Automation testing using selenium.
  • Developed JSP pages using JAVA RMI, Hibernate 3, SPRING framework and ORACLE .
  • Developed cross-browser/platform with Ext JS 5.x/6.x, JQuery, AJAX and DHTML/CSS to desired design specs for single page layout using code standards.
  • Developed, maintained and supported front-end applications based on Ext JS 4/5/6
  • Developed Ext-JS components like Grids, Toolbars, Panels, Combo-Box and Button etc.
  • Administered and supported Ext JS applications within scope.
  • Handled JIRA tickets and responded very quickly to bug fixes with the best design practices.
  • Responsible for all client side UI Validation and implementing Business logic based on user selection using AngularJS.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data on the fly.
  • Worked closely with the QA teams and support UI implementation efforts.
  • Involved in Agile/SCRUM based approach to UI Development.
  • Handled response data from RESTFUL WebServices using XML, JSON and JQuery to update UI.
  • Interacted with java controllers (JQuery, Ajax, and JSON to write/read data from back end systems).
  • Created GET/PUT/UPDATE request and response using RESTFUL web services.

Environment: AngularJS 1.8.x, AngularJS 2, Bootstrap3.x.x, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Grunt, NPM, Node.JS, Ext.Js,2.3.x, Express 4.x, JIRA, Express.js, React.js, Redux JS, Jasmine, Karma, SOAP, Web Services, PHP, GitHub, Scrum.

Senior UI Web Developer

Confidential, Greensboro, NC


  • Involved in the requirements analysis, designing, development, testing and maintenance of the websites
  • Developed websites using HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Google Maps API (JavaScript Library), XML and Ajax
  • Created web application prototype using jQuery and Angular JS.
  • Implemented Restful Web Services for other applications to communicate
  • Design, developed and updated the user interface using CSS, JavaScript and Dreamweaver
  • Performed client side validations over the forms using JavaScript
  • Used Ajax to refresh only certain section of the page and reduce the load on the web server.
  • Defined text alignment, borders, positioning and many other typographic characteristics
  • Used Responsive Web Design so that the website is compatible with different devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Work with our current application teams to understand our current applications and make migration recommendations and to-be architectures in AWS.
  • Used Rxjs catch library and catch functions to handle error handling in Angular 2 Application.
  • Used Ajax Controls, Web forms, JavaScript and HTML for Commission, Payment and Inventory reports.
  • Creating React.js / Flux /Redux front-end UI, and Node.js applications for backend
  • Involved a full complement of Express.js, Angular 2, Node.js and MongoDB to store and present assessments.
  • Developed, tested, and deployed Storify Business featureset in Node.js with Express and MongoDB backend, incorporating APIs from Twitter and others for Storify features
  • Built a storefront from scratch using Hapi.js, jQuery, jade, and Object Oriented CSS with Sass.
  • Worked on AJAX controls like Update Panel to manage the post back of the web page to server, AJAX Script Manager and Script Manager Proxy controls to register JavaScript and web service files.
  • Used AJAX for asynchronous communication between client and server.
  • Installed environment for developing Angular 2 include getting familiar with NodeJS, Typescript and Loader.
  • Used Angular 2 to connect the web application to back-end APIs, used RESTFUL methods to interact with several API's, and wrote custom directives for a responsive, CSS-animated user interface.
  • Design HTML prototypes, visual interfaces and interaction of Web-based design and hand code CSS.
  • Craft graphic elements, assets and visual treatment that adapt and flow with responsive design systems by using visual design.
  • Understand the relation between the source code files, the compiler, and flash player for flex frame work.
  • Created several patterns of representation using different MVCs.
  • The Angular JavaScript framework for building web applications is highly efficient to use with Laravel PHP framework as well as using Restful services.
  • Executing selenium test cases and reporting defects.
  • Dynamic content management at client side using AJAX, JavaScript, DHTML.
  • Involved in implementation of MVC pattern using Angular JS, JSF and Spring Controller.
  • Extensively tested the websites, identified the bugs using Firebug and fixed them.
  • Responsible for code optimization and testing across other browsers.

Environment: CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, AngularJS, Angular 2, Express.JS, Ajax, React.js, Hapi.js, Dreamweaver, Selenium, FLEX, Google Maps API, Hadoop, SQL Server, visual design.

Senior UI Developer

Confidential, Memphis, TN


  • Analyzed business requirements, participated in technical design, development and testing of various modules assigned.
  • Developed and tested website using the MEAN Stack (Mongo DB, Express, Angular JS, Node JS).
  • Followed the overall application MVVM architecture to create MVC layers in Angular JS and Node JS layers.
  • Experience developing production Node.js applications with Express module.
  • Designed and implemented CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations of Mongo DB Database management system and handled database access and data transmission based on RESTful Web Service.
  • Developed page layouts, Navigations and presented designs & concepts to the clients and management review.
  • Developed a Single Page Application (SPA) for client managers to keep a track of the flow of inventory between various departments.
  • Used various features from Angular JS like data binding, routing, custom filters and directives to meet various customized requirements.
  • Used React router from Facebook for Routing/Navigation of views
  • Used http services $http and $resource in AngularJS to get and handle JSON data from backend.
  • Maintained cross browser compatibility achieved responsiveness using Bootstrap (HTML5 and CSS3).
  • Used React JS in the development of the web applications
  • Developed JavaScript code using an XMLHttpRequest Adapter to send an AJAX request to the server side code and also implemented a callback function to handle the results.
  • Built components using JSX in React JS for rich user interface view, used web pack built tool and Babel-Loader for transpiling JSX and ES6 to ES5
  • Tracked issues using JIRA using confluence.
  • Deployed the application on WebSphere server.
  • Responsible for writing Unit tests for services, controllers and directives and used Karma to run the tests.
  • Created Maven build file to build the application and deployed on Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Used NPM (Node Pack Manager) for successfully implementing the dependencies.
  • Responsible for compiling and submitting an error report for management each week.
  • Involved in Unit & Integration Testing for different Modules in the application.
  • Application support on different environments from QA to Production. Was responsible for analyzing the issues, providing technical & functional support to the users and fix them.
  • Used SVN as a version control system and for maintaining the code base.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, Express JS, Mongo DB, Bootstrap, AJAX, Maven, JIRA, JSON, SVN, WebSphere, RESTful, NPM, Karma.

UI Developer

Confidential, Wilmington, DE


  • Developed and maintained several websites using a content management tool Jhoomla.
  • Developed a global CSS and individual CSS for cross browser compatibility for IE 6, IE 7, Firefox 3.0, 3.5, Safari and Chrome.
  • Worked with designers and developers to solve technical and design challenges.
  • Collaborated with a team of project managers, Java developers and QA engineers to see projects through full development life cycles.
  • Followed unobtrusive JavaScript for better user experience.
  • Developed rounded boxes using CSS, images and HTML tables and wrote CSS for media types such as Print and email.
  • Resolved Internet Explorer several CSS bugs within given tight schedule.
  • Quickly prototyped new user interface concepts in object-oriented JavaScript and tested on IE/Firefox browsers to validate UI approach.
  • Used grid system CSS for page layouts.
  • Rapidly designed & built object-oriented, data-driven JavaScript working prototypes of applications.
  • Applied Software Development Lifecycle SDLC project management principles to develop new applications of existing software deployments.
  • Implemented performance best practices to a web site.
  • Worked on the JSP pages to include HTML elements.

Environment: Java, HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, ANT, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, Jhoomla, Linux, Windows, Photoshop, SVN.

Web/UI Developer



  • Involved in the Software Development Life Cycle phases like AGILE and estimating the timelines for projects.
  • Involved in developing of design documents with UML class diagrams.
  • Involved in all phases including Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Documentation.
  • Developed web pages and components using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Utilized JavaScript and jQuery to improve overall design and UI of the website.
  • Worked alongside backend Java programmers to troubleshoot Java Script related issues with front-end connectivity.
  • Extracted data in UI for different client information using JSON format.
  • Implemented client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Used Firebug and IE developer toolbar and Chrome Canary tool for debugging and browser compatibility.
  • Participated in maintenance and production support.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Eclipse, XML, SQL, Windows.

UI Developer



  • Redesigned the existing site and to create new interfaces.
  • Used Dreamweaver as HTML editor for designing new pages.
  • Responsible for content and UI development.
  • Developed HTML prototypes and ready XHTML documents with CSS style sheets.
  • Designed dynamic client-side JavaScript codes to build web forms and simulate process for web application, page navigation and form validation.
  • Worked closely with the programmers and graphic designers for project requirement and analysis.
  • Produced GUI prototypes for business logic presentations.
  • The new website has made it much easier for the users to access the page and check the required info.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Triggers for database access and events.

Environment: HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Windows

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