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Web/middleware Administrator Resume

Houston, TX


  • Client - focused IT enterprise professional with 20+ year track record of progressive support of complex technical projects.
  • Versatile IBM Certified project leader with expertise in system analysis, process flow, monitoring, problem resolution and quality testing for creating/implementing complete system/application upgrades, system-wide.
  • Direct expertise from vague, conflicting requirements to install, design, configure, development, deployment and integration of complex technical systems; progressive talents of engineering successful life-cycle solutions, while maintaining consistent standards.
  • Skilled team-player with recognized strengths in relationship development, active listening, project management, quality systems, documentation support, and technical troubleshooting; delivered excellent customer service.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies and to adapt to changing requirements; delivered next-generation technology solutions by enhancing infrastructure and production-level enterprise systems.


Web Servers: iPlanet 4.x/6SP3, IBM HTTPD 2.x/6.x/7/8.x, Apache 2.x, Netscape, MS-IIS

Application Servers: WebSphere 8.x/7.1/6.x, Web Logic 11g, Tomcat 6/7, BPM8.5, DataPower,JBoss

Monitoring: IBM TEPS, AD V7.1, Xpolog 6.x, PNET, ITCAM, Solar winds, Splunk

Portal Servers: iPlanet Portal Server 3.0 SP3/6

Access Control: S/W SiteMinder 4.x/5.5/R12

Content Management: Vignette 5.0/6

Directory Servers: Netscape 4.16, Sun ONE 5.2/ODS 11.x, IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.1

Scripting Languages: UNIX Korn Shell Scripting, bash, Jacl, Jython (DevOps tools)

Database: Oracle 8i/11g, UDBV8/V9

Operating Systems: RedHat Linux 5.7, Solaris 10, 9,8,2.6/2.7, HP-UX (10.2, 11), Veritas Volume Manager, Dynix/ptx V4.4.8, Clix, Windows NT/2000, AIX 5.3


Confidential, Houston, TX

Web/Middleware Administrator

Technical Scope: Hardware: Mainframes z13, AWS, Intel based high end Dell Servers, IBM RS6000 Servers, SPARC 220/420R, HP 9000, Sun Hardware Cluster, F5 Load Balancers, EMC Storage arrays, etc. Software: Z/OS v2.1,Solaris 10/8/9, Linux 2.x, zLinux 5.3, Apache/IBMIHS 8.x Web Servers, Pega, Scripting using DevOps tools, BPM 8.5, IBM WebSphere 7/8.x, Tomcat 6/7, SiteMinder R12.52, Windows 2000, Oracle, IBM DB2 etc., Monitoring tools like Xpolog, PNET, ITCAM, Solar winds, Splunk etc.


  • Directed daily monitoring and management deployment of applications, fixed database connectivity issues, resolved application issues in Non-Prod/Prod running on Mainframe/distributed Systems, IBM PMR support, SSL certificate renewals for Apache/IBMIHS, troubleshooting Load balancer issues, etc.
  • Deployed “claims pega” layer application(s) migration to AWS cloud infrastructure, set application deployment, based performance on key metrics and log monitoring; migrated Claims' ftp scripts from Unix to Windows platform.
  • Delivered monitoring and alerting solutions including synthetic for “claims” applications using Xpolog/Splunk for 50+ servers containing mainframe and distributed systems in non-production and production systems enterprise-wide.
  • Delivered “answer the call” project for rolling out screensavers on windows/Citrix in over 40+ countries.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Web/Middleware Administrator | L2 Support

Technical Scope: Hardware: Mainframes, Sun E10K, High end Dell Servers, IBM RS6000 Servers, SPARC 220/420R, HP 9000, Sun Hardware Cluster, F5 Load balancers, EMC Storage arrays, etc. Software: Solaris 10/8/9, Linux 2.x, zLinux 5.3, Apache/IBMIHS 6.x Web Servers, IBM WebSphere 6.1/7.x, WebLogic 11g, Tomcat 6/7, FAST 2.x/3.x, JBoss, SiteMinder R12, Wily, Oracle, IBM DB2 etc.


  • Installed, configured new/existing WebSphere applications, produced java core and heap dumps, created JDBC providers and data sources, added admin console security with federated repositories, and configured platforms.
  • Deployed, updated, fixed WebLogic applications; produced, renewed, and installed, SSL certificates for Apache/IBMIHS/IIS and upgraded siteminder web agents from R6 to R12 version levels.
  • Deployed, configured application on Tomcat/FAST by supporting, maintaining, migrating reports for SAP BO.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Senior web systems administrator

Technical Scope: Hardware: Intel based high-end Dell Servers, SPARC 220/420R, HP 9000, Sun Hardware Cluster, HP Storage arrays, etc. Software: Red hat Linux 2.6, Solaris 10/8/9, IHS 7.x, Apache, WebLogic, WebSphere 8, Tomcat 7, Jasper, Alfresco, Liferay, mssql, Oracle 11, 9i, Mysql5.x, kettle, Mirth etc.


  • Programmed open source stack of jasper, ColdFusion, and Alfresco servers; collaborated with database management teams and vendor partners and implemented technology upgrades and/or new technical solution(s).
  • Launched new WebSphere Applications clustered environment; encoded console/wsadmin prompt(s), configured session management, created virtual hosts, generated web server plug-ins, developed JDBC providers and data sources, designed admin console security with federated repository features.
  • Administered and monitored Oracle directory server and Liferay portals on WebSphere.

Confidential, PHOENIX, AZ

UNIX Middleware engineer - L3 support

Technical Scope: Hardware: Mainframe s390, Sun E10K, Intel based high end Dell Servers, IBM RS6000 Servers, SPARC 220/420R, HP 9000, Sun Hardware Cluster, EMC Storage arrays, etc. Software: Solaris 10/8/9, Linux 2.x, zLinux 5.3,iPlanet 4.0/6SP3 web servers, IHS 6.x, IBM WebSphere 3.x, 4.04/5.1/6.0/6.1 , SiteMinder 4.x/5.5, Load Balancer, MQ configuration, Tivoli Directory Server 6, Veritas Volume Manager, ITCAM,TSA.IBM DB2 v9 etc.


  • Developed DevOps automated installs/uninstalls of all middleware software platforms using Shell/Jacl/Jython scripting ; maintained middleware software stack and collaborated with software component owning teams (MQ, UDB, IM); ensured all software components were compatible with platforms systems, no operational issues.
  • Installed, configured, deployed, updated, fixed WebSphere applications on zLinux, Sun ONE servers.
  • Requested, renewed, and installed SSL certificates and upgraded SiteMinder web agents.

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