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Online Product Manager/senior Coldfusion Developer Resume

Waterloo, IA


Position as Product Manager


  • Four years’ product management experience in corporate travel and federal government
  • 16 years' supervisory and programming experience with ColdFusion and MS SQL Server
  • Mastery of product lifecycle, including stakeholder collaborations, functional and technical requirements, product roadmaps, sales/, launches, and post - launch reviews
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office suite and relational database design and development
  • Strong troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • Adept at bridging the gap between technical and less technical users
  • Able to prioritize and manage concurrent tasks
  • Excellent communication, organizational, and time management skills


  • ColdFusion (Adobe, Railo, and Lucee)
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • XML
  • PHP
  • ColdBox
  • ColdSpring
  • FW/1
  • DI/1
  • Fusebox
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MS Access
  • Git
  • SVN
  • Ant
  • Jenkins
  • SourceTree
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • FusionReactor
  • BugLog
  • Sublime Text
  • Eclipse
  • Dreamweaver
  • IIS
  • Windows
  • Agile/Scrum
  • Responsive Design
  • PCI
  • Section 508
  • SharePoint


Online Product Manager/Senior ColdFusion Developer

Confidential, Waterloo, IA


  • Product manager and SME of the online corporate travel management booking tools.
  • Created and documented needs, processes, and requirements for both client and development usage; prioritized and managed support ticket assignments and completions; liaised with third-party suppliers of our travel data; and managed concurrent projects.
  • On the programmatic front, maintained legacy applications and implemented new functionality using ColdFusion (Adobe, Railo, and Lucee), CF frameworks (FW/1 and ColdBox), dependency injection (DI/1 and ColdSpring), Bootstrap, AngularJS, SQL Server, MySQL, and web service calls to third-party travel providers.
  • Utilized Git, SourceTree, Ant, and Jenkins for version control and code deployment, FusionReactor and BugLog for error monitoring, and assorted Atlassian products and Agile/Scrum processes for communication.

Senior Web Developer

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Developed small-and large-scale web-based applications for the Confidential .
  • Sites included hazardous material tracking applications written in ColdFusion, jQuery, and SQL; a PHP-based online document repository for the Confidential ; and a Confidential hazardous materials waiver request site created in SharePoint 2010.
  • Assumed full lifecycle process managerial and technical duties, including meeting with clients; determining requirements; researching comparable systems; providing time and cost estimates; developing relational databases and websites; testing; debugging; deploying; and writing all necessary documentation associated with said activities.
  • Assisted systems administrators with server maintenance tasks, including backup routines, code/data transitions, and update installations.
  • Actively participated in new business development by finding federal contracts of interest and writing responses to RFP's.

Web Consultant

Confidential, Burke, VA


  • Provided web development/consulting work for a number of companies and organizations.
  • Utilized ColdFusion, Fusebox, and SQL for a large-scale, web-based Curriculum Repository System for Confidential that houses the Confidential curriculum, test items, assessments, and resources used for assessing K-12 student learning.
  • Also helped engineer a complete static-to-dynamic website overhaul and ecommerce platform migration for a non-profit research site utilizing a Confidential content management system, a tightly-integrated bookstore, and extensive search collections.
  • Conducted new business development activities for myself and other companies.
  • Taught ColdFusion and Fusebox at the Digital Division facility.

ColdFusion Developer/Team Lead

Confidential, Dulles, VA


  • Primary technical contact for a large-scale, web-based system for the Confidential 's Foreign Consequence Management Program that included a response system for the real-time coordination of efforts related to international incidents.
  • Represented Confidential at the client site, provided real-time support during crisis situations, and attended conferences/workshops.
  • Also served as team lead/project manager for other government and government-affiliated projects, including an XML registry for the Confidential and an information system for the Organization of American States that allowed members to upload articles and events and translate them into several different languages.
  • Performed full lifecycle process managerial and technical duties. Taught various database- and programming-related skills to fellow web developers.

ColdFusion Developer/Team Lead

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • Developed a multitude of static and dynamic web-based applications - including prototypes, registration forms, newsletters, searches, calendars, and shopping carts - primarily for trade associations and non-profit organizations.
  • Site creation included ColdFusion, SQL Server, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and online payment functionality.
  • Performed requirements analysis, specifications support, relational database design and development, secure key implementation, testing, debugging, and documentation.
  • Served as team lead/project manager for several projects.
  • Mentored less experienced programmers and project managers.

Operations Analyst

Confidential, Langley, VA


  • Produced numerous quick turnaround products and analytic thinkpieces, frequently during times of crisis.
  • Presented the results of the above findings to senior U.S. and foreign government officials to further operational and legislative decisions.
  • Traveled abroad and internally to brief and/or debrief individuals possessing the potential to assist the United States in its efforts to combat terrorism.
  • Served as project manager for several of the Agency's sensitive sources of information.
  • Assisted for several years in the nighttime of future clandestine officers.

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