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Sr. Python/django Developer Resume



  • Over 6.2 years of IT Experience in design, development, testing and implementation of various stand - alone and client-server-based enterprise applications.
  • Hands on experience in developing web applications implementing Model View Control (MVC) architecture using Django, Flask web application frameworks.
  • Exposure in working for developing a portal to manage and entities in a content management system using Django/Flask.
  • Extensive experience of object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts using Python and C+ +.
  • Experienced with all aspects of technology projects including Business Requirements, Technical Architecture, Design Specification, Development and Deployment.
  • Hands on experience working in WAMP (Windows, Apache, MYSQL, and Python) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python) Architecture.
  • Experienced in developing web-based applications using Python, Django, JAVA, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and jQuery, AJAX.
  • Experienced in working with Python ORM Libraries including Django ORM, SQL Alchemy.
  • Proficient in PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL databases with Python.
  • Understanding of Python Best Practices (PEP-8).
  • Hands on experience in SVN and Git.
  • Extensive use of Linux (Ubuntu), SSH, Flask/Django.
  • Worked on AJAX framework to transform Datasets and Data tables into HTTP-serializable JSON strings.
  • Experienced in creating web applications with Python Flask.
  • Creating repositories in GitHub for version controlling.
  • Setting up databases in AWS using RDS and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket.
  • Experienced in setting up Elastic Load Balancers (ELB's) and Auto Scaling groups on Production EC2 Instances to build Fault-Tolerant and High Availability applications.
  • Experienced in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud services such as EC2, EBS, S3, VPC, Cloud Watch, Elastic Load Balancer.
  • Having Knowledge on AWS Lambda, Auto scaling, Cloud Front, RDS, Route53, AWS SNS, SQS, SES.
  • Good knowledge on hosting Python applications using WSGI modules.
  • Worked in Waterfall and AGILE methodologies and various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Good Experience in requirement gathering, Use case development, Business Process Modeling: extensively used UML to develop various use cases, class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Very strong experience writing API's and Web Services in Python.
  • Experienced in working with different operating systems WINDOWS, LINUX, and iOS.
  • Excellent communication skills, team player, quick learner, organized, and self-motivated.
  • Exceptional problem solving and sound decision making capabilities, recognized by associates for quality of data, alternative solutions, and confident, accurate, decision making.
  • Worked in fast pace Agile environments and actively participated in Scrum and Sprint meetings
  • Experienced in working with and administering different operating systems Windows, UNIX/ LINUX and strong knowledge of Linux systems administration and operations.


Languages: Java, C, C++, PL/SQL, XML, HTML

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC

Scripting: JavaScript, CSS, JQuery

JavaScript Libraries: Angular.js Front End UI: HTML 5 and CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery

Database: Oracle and MS SQL Server

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere and JBoss

IDE tools: Eclipse, Net Beans, Visual Studio

Web Services: REST

Software Testing: Junit

Version Controls: Git and SVN

Operating Systems: Windows & Unix


Confidential, NY

Sr. Python/Django Developer


  • Analyzed system requirement specifications in client interaction during requirements specifications.
  • Designed the front end of the application using HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON and JQuery.
  • Worked on backend of the application, mainly using Active Records.
  • Designed and developed communication between client and server using Secured Web services such as Django-rest-framework. Integrated Redis-Cache with the Django-rest-framework for reading the data faster.
  • Created UI using JavaScript and HTML5/CSS Developed and tested many features for dashboard using Python, Java, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Developed consumer based features and applications using Python and Django in test driven Development and pair based programming.
  • Performed Unit testing, Integration Testing, GUI and web application testing using Rspec.
  • Building, publishing customized interactive reports and dashboards using Tableau server Worked on Jenkins continuous integration tool for deployment of project.
  • Created interactive data charts on web application using High charts JavaScript library with data coming from Apache Cassandra. Worked on frontend frameworks like CSS Bootstrap for development of Web application.
  • Worked in MySQL database on simple queries and writing Stored Procedures for normalization and denormalization.
  • Used Django-celery with the help of RabbitMQ message broker for large processing.
  • Generated Dashboards with quick filters, parameters and sets to handle views more efficiently.
  • Updated the client admin tool to have the new features like support for internalization, support for customer service etc.
  • Developed Tableau visualizations and dashboards using Tableau Desktop.
  • Worked on rebranding the existing web pages to clients according to the type of deployment.
  • Skilled in using collections in Python for manipulating and looping through different user defined objects.
  • Work with team of developers on python applications for RISK management.
  • Improved code reuse and performance by making effective use of various design patterns.
  • Documented the design solutions and created stories for client requirements.

Environment: Python, Django, Jenkins, CSS Bootstrap, High Charts JS, MySQL, Mongo DB, Linux, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Apache, Linux, GIT, AWS.

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Sr. Python Developer


  • Worked with Python, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and XHTML to build a fully Web 2.0 compliant social networking website around online HD streaming video.
  • Developed scalable applications using Django framework.
  • Performed documentation and user training.
  • Built key modules including photo gallery, blogging system, forums, profiles, articles, newsletters and email.
  • Used Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular format for east timestamp data manipulation and retrieval.
  • Build all database mapping classes using Django models and Cassandra.
  • Used several python libraries like wxPython, numPY and matPlotLib.
  • Wrote multi-thread scripts to obtain optimal performance.
  • Used AJAX to reduce page reloads.
  • Used the Model View controller (MVC) framework to build modular and maintainable applications.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries.
  • Created table-less design using CSS.
  • Developed multi-page applications from beginning to end.
  • Performed Flow Control, response to Front-End Request using Python /MySQL/AJAX.
  • Conceived and created tables using MySQL 5.
  • Created tables, stored procedures, triggers and views for data access and manipulation.

Environment: Python, MySQL, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Cassandra, Pandas, HTML/ XHTML, XML, Django framework, SVN, Apache, Linux, Windows.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Python Developer


  • Involved in entire lifecycle of the projects including Design, Development, Deployment, Testing, Implementation and support.
  • Designed and developed the UI of the website using HTML, XHTML, AJAX, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework.
  • Created backend database T-SQL stored procedures and Jasper Reports.
  • Added support for Amazon AWS S3 and RDS to host static/media files and the database into Amazon Cloud.
  • ETL process for continuously bulk importing catalog data into ElasticSearch.
  • Managed large datasets using Panda data frames and MySQL.
  • Maintained program libraries, user manuals and technical documentation.
  • Deployed with Fabric on AWS on EC2 instance with Postgres RDS and S3 file storage.
  • Worked with millions of database records on a daily basis, finding common errors and bad data patterns and fixing them
  • Wrote HTML front end pages using Django templates.
  • Experienced in Agile Methodologies and SCRUM Process.
  • Involved in development of Web services using SOAP for sending and getting data from the external interface in the XML format.
  • Implement code in Python to retrieve and manipulate data.
  • Used Django configuration to manage URLs and application parameters.
  • Performed troubleshooting, fixed and deployed many Python bug fixes of the two main applications that were a main source of data for both customers and internal customer service team.
  • Resolved ongoing problems and accurately documented progress of a project.

Environment: Python 2.7, Django, HTML5/CSS, Parse Database, jQuery, GitHub, Review Board, Amazon AWS S3 CLI, Amazon BotoPil, Jira.MS SQL Server 2013,T-SQL,Jasper Reports, JavaScript, Eclipse, Linux, Shell Scripting.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Python Developer


  • Designed the front-end to pages like Login, Signup, Search, Contact . And About, using web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Implemented the entire front end using AJAX calls.
  • Implemented MVC design patterns to make calls to the backend explicitly and rendering the data into web view asynchronously.
  • Designed responsive webpages from the provided photoshop design mockups, using CSS.
  • Developed and implemented a custom grid system to support the responsive web design.
  • Made sure all the data moving to and from the front end to be more secured.
  • Made sure the page loads are quick and provided cross browser compatibility which also includes mobile browsers.
  • AWS Cloud management and Deployment.
  • Automated deployment of builds to different environments using Jenkins
  • Strong experience utilizing Jenkins for enterprise scale infrastructure configuration and application deployments.
  • Installed and configured configuration tool such as Chef Server / workstation and nodes via CLI tools to AWS nodes
  • Worked on Chrome/Firefox Developer tools to verify network speeds using Network Throttling, making sure all the elements are rendering correctly irrespective of the Screen size, Resolution, orientation, etc.
  • Ran Unit Tests on every single module (div) to make sure everything works as expected before submitting the code for final deployment.
  • Worked very close to the backend team to get real-time updates on how the data endpoint works and how to call some endpoints.
  • Managed the whole work environment using SVN Version Control Management System.
  • Expertise in working with MySQL databases, Apache Web server, Tomcat Application Servers.
  • Written Cloud formation templates and deployed AWS resources using it.

Environment: Linux, Windows XP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AWS, SVN, AJAX.

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