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Devops Engineer Resume

Milwaukee, WI


  • Lead DevOps Engineer with over 10+ years of experience in IT Industry
  • Expertise in AWS ALB services like OIDC/Congnito services which enables application security authentication
  • Expertise in DevOps AWS EC2, RDS, security groups, auto - scaling, load balancers (ELBs), VPC, IAM Software Configuration and Build/Release Management Maven, Chef, Jenkins, Docker, Ant, Maven, GIT, CVS, SVN etc.
  • Expertise in automatizing application security like OIDC/SAML LDAP and 2-factor authentication for all Web Application and entire process automated with chef environment.
  • Enabling SSOID based authentication for Jenkins based on the projects and required privileges
  • Adept at installing Chef Workstations, bootstrapping nodes, writing recipes and cookbooks. Managed on-site OS/Applications/Services/Packages using Chef and AWS for EC2/S3/Route53 & ELB using Chef Cookbooks.
  • Created and managed a Docker deployment pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins.
  • Experience in creating customized Docker images and push them to Amazon ECS, good knowledge in containerization.
  • Implemented a continuous Delivery Pipeline with Docker, Jenkins and GitHub. Whenever a new GitHub branches are created Jenkins automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it.
  • Introduced shift left testing approach by setting up development environments using Docker and Vagrant to enable continuous testing.
  • Experience in various configuration and automation management tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Docker. Have professional experience in deploying Docker Engines in Virtualized Platforms for containerization of multiple apps.
  • Profound knowledge and experience on using MAVEN as build tools, and have built deployable artifacts (jar, war & ear) from source code.
  • Installed, configured and managed Jenkins for continuous integration and end to end automation for all the build and deployments.
  • Installed, configured and managed Jfrog Artifactory for continuous integration and end to end automation for all the build and deployments.
  • In depth experience in BEA WebLogic Application server 9.x/10.x /11G/12c administration under heterogeneous environments like UNIX, SUN Solaris 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, Windows NT
  • Installation done for WebLogic, JBOSS and Glassfish
  • Deployed various WAR, JAR, EAR and J2EE applications on managed servers and in clustered environment using Console or auto deployment scripts in stage and production.
  • Configured WebLogic JDBC connection pools with databases like Oracle 9i/8i, My SQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access and DB2.
  • Having Experience in Configuring Clusters, LDAP Servers, Web Servers, and Security Certificates on WebLogic server.
  • CSR creation and certificate installation and management
  • Excellent MySQL database, UNIX shell scripting and ControlM support skills.
  • Excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.


Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP, UNIX (Solaris), Red Hat Linux,Centos

Languages: SQL, Scripts (UNIX Shell Script), Java, Groovy, Ruby Oracle 11g,MS SQL, Teradata

Version Control Tools: PVCS, CVS,SVN, git

Web Related: Apache Web Server, IIS Server, Cloud (Verizon, AWS and openstack)

Application Servers: WebLogic Server 10.X,11g, JBOSS 6.1.0, 4.2.3, Glassfish 4.0, Tomact 5.x,6.x,7.x,8.x,9.x

Tools: & Utilities: Toad, Control M(Enterprise Manager & Desktop), WinSCP, Informatica, Service Now, JIRA, Jenkins, jfrog, Chef,Dockers

Domain Knowledge: Construction, Banking, Multimedia Healthcare


DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

  • Worked on Migration of existing infrastructure services from physical data centers to AWS cloud and Open stack
  • Worked on managing servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.
  • Proficient in using all Amazon Web Services including EC2, EBS, IAM, S3, ELB
  • With the help of IAM created roles, users and groups and attached policies to provide minimum access to the resources.
  • Managing AMI/Snapshots/Volumes, Upgrade/Downgrade AWS resources
  • Developed and supported the Red Hat Enterprise Linux based infrastructure in the cloud environment.
  • Used Chef for Monitoring system and automation
  • Managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with automation and configuration management tools such as Chef, or custom-built. designing cloud-hosted solutions, specific AWS product suite experience.
  • Implemented a continuous Delivery Pipeline with Docker, Jenkins and GitHub. Whenever a new GitHub branches are created Jenkins automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it.
  • Crated images stored in the Docker container and uploaded to JFrog artifactory.
  • Profound knowledge and experience on using MAVEN as builds tools. Taken responsibility in building deployable artifacts (jar, war & ear) from source code.
  • Troubleshooting, Load Balancing, Clustering, Deploying Applications, Performance Tuning and Maintenance.
  • Creating customized Docker images and push them to Amazon ECS, good knowledge in containerization
  • Create, configure and tune WebLogic domains/applications for performance. .
  • Writing Scripts to handle complex automation / administration using Shell scripting
  • Configuring digital certificates, using java key tool for secured applications
  • Configuring Web Logic Plug-ins for Apache Web Server and configured load balancing and fail-over solutions.
  • Unix/Solaris command line usage and shell scripting
  • Monitoring and analyzing resources, Standard logs, application logs and domain logs
  • Installation and configuration of Jboss and Tomcat
  • Migration of Site minder to OIDC authentication

DevOps Engineer


  • Discovering application requirement with end users and preparing passport which is the main reference to build the applications in part of migrations
  • Migrating applications of various data centers into cloud environment AWS and GEIX
  • Installing and configuring AWS network VPC to create virtual datacenter for organization
  • VPN Establishing network from AWS to corporate office internet/intranet networks
  • Creating Subnets for and programming for specific firewall rules for intranet/internet gateway
  • VPC peering, security groups and network access list creation for application port access
  • Building up servers according to the application requirement in AWS or GEIX.
  • Installation and configuration of applications servers such as WebLogic, glassfish, tomcat and JBOSS according to existing datacenter requirement.
  • Troubleshooting all application failure issues
  • SAML Configuration for SSO Site minder authentication for the migration application to cloud.
  • Application code build and deployment on application servers and configuration of data source connections
  • Upon testing of Stage/Dev environment, build up the production environment and publishing the URL for migrating from datacenter to cloud.
  • Increasing EBS backed volume storage capacity and restoration of EBS volumes from snapshots
  • Updating rally user stories assigned applications and providing application support and troubleshooting during the stage and production migrations.
  • Coordinating with DNS team for F5 changes for the production migrations and URL/DNS related issues.
  • Performance tuning of the application and webservers
  • Automation of the repetitive jobs using shell script
  • Provide technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of systems.

VMware/web admin


  • Worked in complete VMware environment creating VM’s (Linux & Windows), converting them to standard templates.
  • Configuring VLAN, designing Virtual datacenter, data migration, DC-DR site configuration, site replication.
  • P2V, V2P conversion, backups
  • Performance Tuning of Application Servers.
  • Virtual Hosting configuration.
  • Java Messaging Service Concepts.
  • JNDI /JDBC / Data source configuration of Application Servers.
  • Creation of Admin servers & Managed servers.
  • Deployment of applications on Application Servers.
  • Logical Machine creation for Application servers.
  • Implementation of Web Services according to specifications.
  • Configuration of Private keys, digital certificates, and trusted certificate.
  • Obtaining Private Keys, Digital Certificates, and Trusted Certificate Authorities.
  • Using KEYTOOL & Cert gen Utilities.
  • Keystore creation and installation on Oracle WebLogic Application Server.
  • Authentication /Authorization concepts.
  • Active Directory Configuration with Application servers.
  • Apache web server configuration with Application server (Load balancing).

Web Administrator


  • Building webserver Apache/Ngnix integrating with application servers JBOSS/Tomcat, WebLogic and WebSphere application
  • Application release for UAT, Dev, Stage and Production based on the technicalities Java, PHP, WordPress
  • JVM Tuning of the all WebLogic servers running so that the load testing of the applications can be done efficiently.
  • Performance tune the WebLogic Server resources such as Connection Pool, JMS servers, and to Configure the WebLogic Server for SSL communication.
  • Creation of SSL Certificates and to configure them of WebLogic Server Instances.
  • I have reviewed all the Issues raised by the Customers and then have to decide whether the research done by the Support team is good and the Issue is progressing in the right direction or not.
  • Has to decide when and to which Development team the issue should be assigned if the Issue has not been resolved by the Support team and the issue requires immediate attention.
  • Also has to make sure that there are no escalations from the Customer’s end for any issues.
  • Involvement of Incident Management and Problem Management to streamline the process.

Infrastructure Engineer


  • Administered WebLogic Application Server, Webservers in UAT and Production environments
  • Involved in performance tuning and memory management analysis related activities.
  • L2 Engineering services provided to the client.
  • Created WebLogic cluster for various applications in All Environment.
  • Load testing and fine Tuning of JRockit JVM configurations and parameters.
  • Creation of Horizontal and Vertical Clusters for Failover and Load Balancing purpose and combination of both clusters in some application environments.
  • Performing application deployments as requested by the application teams on the respective environments
  • Monitoring CPU utilization, JVM memory utilization, finding process id with Port number and resolving Port conflicts using various UNIX Commands.
  • Administering WebLogic application server by both command line and GUI
  • Implementing CA certificates through command line and GUI for Web server and apps server
  • Session Management by memory to memory replication and session persistence with Database
  • WLST scripting to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting both server and application related issues.
  • Providing help to the application team members with queries regarding application server/ webserver configuration in relevance to their applications.
  • Maintaining the test environments including SIT, UAT and PAT
  • Deployment of Application, Software, Middleware applications
  • Infrastructure management of all the Solaris/Windows boxes
  • Scheduling, ordering of the ControlM jobs for the Unix and Windows environment
  • Applying the latest OS patches on the Solaris boxes
  • Automation of build deployments so that the QA people can deploy the apps by themselves using front-end of HP PPM Central
  • Monitoring and resolving issues with Nightly Batch
  • Dealing with outside customers if any issues occurred
  • Infrastructure management including Installation of applications and software to production boxes
  • Release engineering admin tasks
  • Build creation using Maven, Ant and cruise control
  • Access provisioning of users to different projects
  • Information Security and Identity management:
  • Assigning access for applications to the users required users after getting approvals from ISO India
  • Auditing users for AA2R (Access Appropriate to Role)
  • Automation of application access

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