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Sr. Mule Developer Resume

Zeeland, MI


  • 6+ years of IT SOA Experience in Design, Implementation and Performance Monitoring of Message Based Business Systems using Mule ESB(Mule 4.1.4, 3.5), IBM MQ Series,IIB 9.0, WMB 8.0, WebSphere DataPower XI52, on UNIX (AIX), z/OS and Windows Environments.
  • Expertise in developing Message Flows in Mule ESB with appropriate decision of what are the nodes that are needed to be added to make the flow performance centric.
  • Thorough understanding on the structure of Mule Message under processing to access different parts both in Mule 4.x and its predecessor versions.
  • Planed and implemented different environments for all stages of development as well as production for mainitaining Mule artifacts Lifecycle
  • Strictly implemented the Guidelines of Mule API Led Connectivity for proper reuse of Services to avoid redundancy and to implement advanced security
  • Knowledge in Publisher/Subscribe application models and also models which work on parallel processing using Scatter - Gather Component in Mule
  • Competent expertness in Developing message flows using Rabbit MQ,Active MQ, Anypoint MQ, File, FTP, HTTP,Salesforce Connector and Batch Connector.
  • Developed information strategic plans, technical architectures, and business solutions utilizing a wide array of technologies.
  • Strong experience in MQ, IIB/ Message Broker and DataPower Installation and Configuration, Migration and Firmware updates
  • Good experience with REST and SOAP Web Services design and development.
  • Expertise in using Data manipulation component(Transform Message,Message Enricher) Dynamic routing component(Choice Router Component), Error handling Strategies for routing and transformation across various platforms.
  • Expertise in writing Dataweave user defined functions.
  • Experienced on API Management design and development using API Connect and Mule Anypoint API Manager.
  • Highly experienced in gathering requirements and developing design documents.
  • Expertise in developing middleware modules and converting the business rules into message interfaces.
  • Experience in administering and using Version control systems like Clear case, CVS and PVCS.
  • Expertise in shell scripting.


Middleware Tools: Mule 3,4, Anypoint Platform, Anypoint Studio 6,7, IBM Integration Bus (IIB) 9, Message Broker 8, 7, DataPower XI52, MQ Series 7.5, 8

Languages: Dataweave 2.0, 1.0, MEL(Mule Expression Language), XSLT, Groovy, ESQL, JAVA, C,XSLT, Shell Scripting DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Mainframe, MS Visual

Testing Tools: Mercury Quality Center, SOAP UI, ARC, Postman, Curl, Load Runner RFH-Util and Rational Tools



Confidential, Zeeland, MI

Sr. Mule Developer

  • Designed and Developed API’s by making use of Anypoint platform and published them to the Anypoint Exchange by enabling proper SLA and Security configurations
  • Implemented Transformations by making use of proper Dataweave Coding for working with different message formats like XML, JSON and CSV
  • Build Rest webservices which inturn call the Legacy SOAP based webservices by making use of Webservices Consume Component
  • Configured Message Enricher functionality with appropriate Source and Target xpath information to read and update the further part of the message using Transform Message Component.
  • Refactor the code to maintain API led layered approach.
  • Deployed the Applications into the Cloudhub for vertical scaling of the Application by making proper selection of the Load Balancer and VPC’s
  • Developed Mule asynchronization (publish and subscribe) flows with Rabbit MQ & Active MQ.
  • Created Services for Batch processing in Mule for processing Database polling to be updated to the Salesforce Objects.
  • Strong knowledge and hands on experience in documenting and designing RESTful API’s as per RAML specification.
  • Created Cache Startegies for Database Query results to appropriately store them with the TTL settings to avoid the reading of Stale data
  • Configured Message flows to call the endpoints in Asynchronous fashion using Async Search, Async Status and Async Result for scaling of parent application with a large number of asynchronous events.
  • Created Test Cases using Munit for Mule Application using of validation by Assert payload
  • Created various pipe drive integrations in Mule
  • Implemented the Best Practices guidelines necessary to be followed to build the services with enabled security for Credit card transactions.
  • Worked with Filters, routers and Scatter-gather and custom aggregate message between multiple Citizens Services
  • Implemented multiple flows and sub-flows which includes Filter, message enricher, poll, custom connectors to connect to DB
  • Has involved CI/CD pipeline setup for hybrid deployment approach.
  • Worked with Sales force, Database, SAP, Work day

Environment: Mule 4.1.4, Dataweave 2.0, Anypoint Studio 7, ARC, CloudHub,Rabbit MQ, F5 Load Balancer, XML, Java/J2ee, SVN, RFHUtil, WSRR, Altova XML Spy, Git Hub, Jenkins, AIX, AWS SQS, AWS S3 and Windows

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

Mule & IBM Middleware developer

  • Created Rest API which would internally invoke multiple SOAP based Webservices by calling the a Configuation file for appropriate SOAP Action and Url’s
  • Configured the CXF component by using the operation as JAX-WS Service to expose the Legacy functionality from the Mainframes system to be exposed as SOAP based Webservice from Mule 3 Perspective
  • Created Scheduler polling based Message flow which passes the specific ID based on the Event emitted by making use of the Session Variables which at last updating Salesforce with this ID.
  • Integrated Oracle Database with Mule Message flow to call Routines which internally use the Cursors to implement the DQL Commands in Mule Runtime 3.8
  • Created Message flow which calls the recent updated Data from Oracle Database by configuring the Cache mechanism to behave as Mule Ehcache with Oracle Database change Notification
  • Deployed the Mule Artifacts with the appropriate Environment properties by making use of the common Global config file in the context property placeholder location
  • Created Message flow which reads the Scheduler Poller based zip file source using a File connector in the Binary mode and further send it as a input to the Java Class which unzips the files using ZipInputStream Constructor and further transform the data and push it into SalesForce.
  • Experience in pulling data from the Mainframe via a COBOL copybook (EBCDIC), placing it on an MQ, and having Message Broker perform a transformation during the MQ get to convert it to ASCII.
  • Prepared mapping documents for each individual interface.
  • Developed Message flows without Message set which used custom XSD/XSLT transformations to transform into XML and Fixed Length Message (TDS).Configured and deployed WBI Adapters.
  • Developed Interfaces using TX nodes and File Nodes.
  • Created a deployable broker archive (BAR) file. Configured and deployed the BAR files to a test as well as DEV environments.
  • Deployed message sets and flows on QA and Production brokers.
  • Developed test cases for Common flows and tested those test cases in UT (Unit Testing), ST(System Testing ) and IT(Integration Testing).
  • Coordinated with test team in resolving defect reports (DR#) throughout SDLC process.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging routing and data conversion issues.
  • Actively Involved Business in decision-making process ensuring quality Deliverables.
  • Maintained interface documents, broker components and MQ scripts in harvest.
  • Set up the rules on MQ objects to monitor the interfaces.
  • Provided 24/7 production support on rotation basis.

Environment: Mule 3.5, MEL, Dataweave 1.0, Anypoint Studio 6, MQSeries 7.5, WMB,ESQL, Oracle, XML, Java/J2ee, SVN, RFHUtil, WSRR, Altova XML Spy, Harvest, AIX, AS/400 and Windows.


Message Broker and Data Power Developer

  • Configured Multi-protocol gateway, WS Proxy services on DataPower
  • Configured AAA, SSL proxy profiles, Processing and deploying policies and Log targets in Datapower
  • Experience working on call support for the issues related to the Production environment.
  • Developed Message flows to Consume and Provide REST and SOAP Web services
  • Involved in SAP and DB2 integration with Message Broker
  • Developed Common components for reusability and Error handling
  • Developed message flows using File, MQ, Construction, Transformation nodes
  • Developed message flows to handle Aggregation and Collection of messages
  • Worked on performance improvements and tuning of existing message flows
  • Worked with mapping nodes to perform Database manipulation operations
  • Developed XSLT transformations in DataPower using extension functions
  • Worked closely with the QA to write the test cases and ensure quality services
  • Worked on troubleshooting Message Broker and DataPower issues and resolved them
  • Involved in setting up, administration and maintenance of MQ, Message Broker and DataPower in Windows and Linux Environments
  • Developed WTX maps and type trees and modified existing maps as per the specifications
  • Worked with EDI, CSV, Text, Cobol Copy book, JSON and XML message formats
  • Performed Message transformation, routing and data enrichment in Message Broker
  • Involved in promoting the properties to bar file level and creating broker archive files
  • Developed ESQL for calling stored procedures and external Java interfaces from Compute Nodes

Environment: MQSeries 7.5, WMB, ESQL, Oracle, XML, Java/J2ee, SVN, RFHUtil, WSRR, Altova XML Spy, Harvest, AIX, AS/400 and Windows.

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