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Performance Test Engineer Resume

Eagan, MsP


  • Over 6 years of experience as a Performance Tester with great experience into Performance Testing Process during Performance Test Life Cycle (PTLC).
  • Good Experience in working with Performance Testing tool LoadRunner , Performance Center 11.0, 11.52, 12.55 and JMeter 3.0.
  • Analyzed Throughput graphs, Hits per Second graphs, transactions per second graphs using LoadRunner Analysis tool.
  • Good working experience on Parameterization, Correlation, Error Handling, Adding Transactions, Text Checkpoints, Rendezvous Points .
  • Experience in JMeter Script recording, Execution and Results analysis for the Performance Improvement.
  • Interface with developers, Project managers, execution and reporting of test automation results, identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks during the development lifecycle.
  • Experience in working with various protocols like Web (Http/Html), Web Services, Ajax Truclient and Flex.
  • Identified and reviewed Test Scenarios, Execution and Effort Estimations.
  • Used Ajax Truclient protocol interactively recorded scripts as to navigate through business process.
  • Experience in Defect reporting, Tracking and resolving using HP Quality Center.
  • Configured the HP Performance Center controller for running the tests and also verified that the LoadRunner scripts are working as expected on different Load generator machines.
  • Analyzed load patterns and created real time load test scenario in the performance center and executed test.
  • Accurately produced regular project status reports to senior management to ensure on - time project launch.
  • Develop scenario based testing for the JMeter scripts.
  • Expertise in Load Testing, Baseline testing, Stress Testing, Endurance Testing, Failover Testing, Spike Testing.
  • Created test strategies and conditions for load, stress, concurrent users and network bandwidth scenarios in HP Performance Center .
  • Worked closely with architects and tech leads to define term strategy for repeatable performance testing within the organization.
  • Experience in monitoring tools like DynaTrace , Wily introscope , SiteScope, AppDynamics, Splunk.


Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7,8,10

HP: LoadRunner 11.0, 11.52, 12.55,12.60, HP-Performance center 11.0, 11.52, 12.55,12.60, JMeter 3.3.

Protocols used: Web (HTTP/Html), Ajax Truclient and Flex, SOAP, REST

HP: Quality center.

Monitoring Tools: AppDynamics, Wily introscope, DynaTrace, Splunk, SiteScope.

Languages: C,C++,Java, HTML

Databases: SQL,Oracle10g, 11g,DB2

Applications: C, Java


Confidential, Eagan, MSP

Performance Test Engineer


  • Involved in gathering Non Functional Requirements, prepared test plan.
  • Conducted Performance Testing of the application by generating Scripts Using LoadRunner 12.60.
  • Recorded Vuser Scripts using Vuser Generator (VuGen), inserted transaction points to calculate the transaction response times to simulate real world scenario.
  • Executed different Scenarios Stress Test, Load Test and Soak Test based on client needs to test the performance of the application.
  • Executed Stress Test to identify the breakpoint for the Product by increasing number of users using the application support without degrading the performance .
  • Also, executed Soak Test for longer duration of time to check the application stability, tested the application with peak load by performance Load Test.
  • Developed skills in writing custom functions and Correlations to handle dynamic content for scripting in VuGen component of LoadRunner.
  • Validated the scripts with customization, correlation, parameterization and Runtime settings.
  • Changed the runtime settings and performed load rate calculation that includes setting up think time, pacing, selecting number of Vuser, number of iterations and number of transactions .
  • Created Scenarios based on the needs of client requirements and studied application performance and maximum scalability, critical parameter such as number of users, response times, Hits per seconds (HPS) and Throughput using LoadRunner Analysis.
  • Helped in performance tuning of the application.
  • Involved in performance testing of server's load and scalability by creating multiple Virtual Users by using performance Center Virtual User Generator component.
  • Used Performance Center to create the scenarios for User's Ramp up, Ramp down and assigned Vusers group to different Load Generators and prepared production like scenario.
  • Analyzed the Transaction Summary Report and graphs generated in a LoadRunner Analysis session.
  • Monitored and identified hardware capacity, Disk Usage, CPU, Memory for Web, Application and Database servers.
  • Extensively used Wily Introscope to analyze the system resources bottlenecks like Memory Leaks, CPU utilization, Response time, TPS as well as problematic application.

ENVIRONMENT: HP LoadRunner 12.60 HP Performance center 12.60, HP ALM (Quality Center), CA Wily Introscope, Application Servers, SQL Developer, Web Servers, C.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

Performance Test Engineer


  • Worked with Design team in the completion of system/software requirements and responsible for collecting the frequency of JVM Heap and Garbage Collection in Web Logic during test.
  • Worked with the Business teams to find out the end user actions and scenarios. Coordinate with project technical team on performance remediating bottlenecks.
  • Involved in identifying performance bottlenecks and worked with the application tuning on remediating bottlenecks and used application/user profiling tools like Wily Introscope, App Dynamics, Dyna Trace Monitoring tools to break down the issues related to bottlenecks.
  • Responsible for developing and executing performance and volume tests and conduct load testing for various sub modules of the application by generating load through virtual users using Load Runner.
  • Monitored different graphs like transaction response time, hits per second, and analyzed server performance status.
  • Gathered performance requirements for the application and designed performance tests for multiple clients within the organization. Involve in Offshore and Onshore coordination.
  • Worked with Performance Testing Web Services, Web Application, using LoadRunner. Proficient in debugging and executing Load Runner scripts.
  • Conducted Performance Testing of the application by generating Scripts Using LoadRunner 12.55.
  • Used Performance Center to run the scripts that are generated in VuGen.
  • Monitored Test Scheduling, Hosts Availability, Hosts Maintenance & Support Work and Configured Hosts in Performance Center .

ENVIRONMENT: HP LoadRunner 12.55, HP Performance center 12.55, HP ALM (Quality Center, SQL Developer, Web Servers.

Confidential, Itasca, IL

Performance Tester


  • Involved to creating performance Test Plans including test objectives, environment requirement, test data, types of testing, and real time production like scenario.
  • Developed scripts and scenarios for testing new and enhanced web based products using LoadRunner and JMeter.
  • Simulated heavy load using JMeter Master-Slave model to test applications strength and to analyze overall Performance under different load types
  • Performed the monitoring performance of the application and database servers during the test run using tools like AppDynamics and SiteScope.
  • Created Correlation as well as Parameterization using LoadRunner VuGen.
  • Designed the LoadRunner scenarios to meet the User load requirements close to production environment.
  • Executed Load Test, Stress Test, Endurance Test, Spike Test.
  • Worked on JMeter to create Thread Groups and test Web Application using SOAP/REST protocols for various loads on key business scenarios
  • Worked closely with business team, application team and identified their requirements and objective for performance testing.
  • Created Reports/Graphs using JMeter and LoadRunner .
  • Added various monitoring parameters (CPU, Memory) to the LoadRunner controller for monitoring, also using SiteScope for monitoring database and application servers.
  • Executed performance test scripts using LR Performance Center and analyzed the results using Analysis.
  • Analyzed the Application and Database server resource utilization for any bottlenecks.
  • Prepared and reviewed final Performance test reports.
  • Conducted performance testing using LoadRunner for the entire applications using various scenarios specifically that are designed for testing real world scenarios.
  • Used Performance Center to enhance the VuGen , Analysis and Help center.
  • Analyzed throughput graphs, hits/second graphs, transactions per second graphs and rendezvous graphs using LoadRunner Analysis tool.

ENVIRONMENT: HP LoadRunner 11.52, Controller, Performance Center 11.52, Apache JMeter 3.0, Ajax Truclient, AppDynamics, SiteScope, Web Servers, Oracle 11g, Java, HP ALM (Quality Center).


Performance Tester


  • Testing environment, User Profiles, Risks, Test Scenarios, explanation about the Tools used, Schedules and Analysis, Monitors and Presentation of results.
  • Worked with Application Development, Production, Technical and Business Managers in planning, scheduling, developing, and executing performance tests.
  • Developed LoadRunner Scripts and used Random pacing between iterations to get the desired transactions per hour.
  • Gathered the Test Input data which includes Test Result.
  • Used Performance Center to create the scenarios for User's Ramp up/Ramp down and assigned Vusers group to different Load Generators and prepare production like scenario.
  • Executed Baseline Test, Load Test and Stress Test.
  • Analyzed load patterns and created real time load test scenario in the Controller and executed test.
  • Created test strategies and conditions for load, stress, concurrent users and network bandwidth scenarios in Controller .
  • Assisted Application Developers and technical support staff in identifying and resolving defects.
  • Created LoadRunner scenarios and scheduled the Virtual Users to generate realistic load on the server using LoadRunner (Load generator machine)
  • Checked the Splunk Logs for methods taking long time for particular transaction during the test run period.
  • Analyzed results using LoadRunner Analysis tool and analyzed Oracle DB connections, sessions, Web Logic log files.
  • Responsible for analyzing application and components behavior with heavier loads and optimizing server configurations.

ENVIRONMENT: HP LoadRunner 11.0, Controller, Splunk, C, SiteScope, Web (HTTP/Html), DB2 .

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