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Ui Developer Resume

Harrisburg, PA


  • 6 years of IT experience in analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of web - based and Enterprise based Client-Server business application using HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, CSS3(SASS, LESS) frameworks, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Bootstrap JS.
  • Extensive experience on JavaScript frameworks like Angular 6, Angular 5, Angular 4.0, Angular 2.0 and Angular JS to develop dynamic web applications.
  • Experience in designing and developing various Angular 2.0/4.0 Components (Ng-Modules), Services (observable/promises), Directive and Pipes.
  • Expertise in client scripting language and serve side scripting languages like JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, DOJO, bootstrap, Node.js, Angular.js, Angular 2 /4/7 , React.js, Ext JS, Action Script, JSF and JSP.
  • Extensively used view rendering JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, React JS and Ember JS.
  • Strong experience in developing Single Page Application (SPA), using MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular and Node) stack.
  • Extensively used the concept of Guards in Angular 5.0 using diverse types of guards such as Can-Activate, Can-Activate Child, Can Deactivate, Resolve and Can Load.
  • Good knowledge in using the Angular 5.0Services which provides an effortless way to share the code and data between two different components and controlled sharing of the service instances using the Dependency Injection.
  • Strong experience in unit testing tools of JavaScript framework like Karma, Jasmine and Protractor for Angular, Mocha and Chai for React JS.
  • Expertise in developing front-end systems with jQuery, AJAX, JSON and MVC frameworks such as Angular JS, React JS.
  • Used Angular Material For designing components in versions of 5.2.5 and version 6.4.7
  • Extensive experience with Angular 4, creating custom directives, decorators, and services to interface with both restful and legacy network services also DOM applications.
  • Actively involved in using Angular JS, Bootstrap4 and HTML5 to enable client-side date to meet specific criteria by applying various validation variable.
  • Good Experience in React JS for creating interactive UI’s using one-way Data flow, Virtual DOM, JSX, React Native concepts.
  • Proficient in User interfaces for n-tier Web application using jQuery, AJAX, JSON and Responsive Web Design (RWD).
  • Experience in using various Amazon Web Services (AWS) components like EC2 for virtual servers, S3 and Glacier for storing objects, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Cache and Dynamo DB for Elastic load balancing, storing data.
  • Developed cross browser compatible pages using Modernizer to ensure proper working of CSS3 and HTML5 features.
  • Used various jQuery and Bootstrap plug-in like Date picker, Slider, Spin, Bootstrap selectors for responsive design.
  • Developed various Typescripts (ES6) objects including Components, Ng-Modules, Providers, Services and classes using arrow functions and optional types.
  • Working experience in version tools GIT, SVN, and Source Tree.


Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

UI Technologies: HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQUERY, Angular2/4/6/7,Moment JS, Node JS, EXT JS, D3 JS, React JS, JSON, AJAX, Grunt & Gulp.

Web Designing: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash CS3

Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre.

Developing Tools: Web Storm, Brackets, Sublime Text, IntelliJ, Notepad++

Testing Technologies/Tools: TestNg, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, Mocha, Chai

Version Control: SVN, Clear Case, Git, Bitbucket.


Confidential, HARRISBURG, PA

UI developer


  • Our team main target was to develop an Agents Sales Tool to get a very affordable quote to the customers coming to them for any policy.
  • Involved in SDLC phase of requirement analysis, design, and development of the web application using Angular 5.0.
  • Worked on Angular 6/7 on Responsive web design (RWD)
  • Develop new features and components using Angular 6.0 and Angular material, lo-dash, ES6 and Git-lab.
  • Perfectly utilizing the Typing concepts in Typescript making the Angular to be an optimized fashion.
  • Implemented UI using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, TypeScript, Angular 5.0, Moment.js and Forms Controls to create responsive web pages.
  • Develop complex features and platform-based code artifacts utilizing Angular 5.0 platform.
  • Developed single page application using Angular 5.0 routes.
  • Created Angular 5.0 custom pipes such as Currency Pipe, Date Pipe, Decimal Pipe, Lowercase Pipe and Uppercase Pipe to format the data before displaying it to the user.
  • Responsible for the using of Regex for validation to parsing/replacing strings, passing through translating data to other formats and web scraping for the different fields of the application.
  • Extensively used Moment.js for performing some functionalities such as date formatting, date validation, manipulating the dates and calculating the difference between the dates.
  • Performed the Angular 5.0HttpClient for the features such as typed request and response objects, request and response interception, Observable apis, and streamlined error handling.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Angular 5 .0 Reactive Forms for some of the important validations as per the business requirements.
  • Extensively used Bootstrap and it’s modules for the exact fit of the application and so to develop a responsive application.
  • Used CSS preprocessor SASS for the styling’s of the application globally using the style.css.
  • Implemented client-side validations for business logic for various Angular 5.0Reactive forms that essentially represent a business logic.
  • Worked with NPM commands and using Package. json for managing dependencies and dev-dependencies of Node.js applications.
  • Developed Web API using Node.js and hosted on multiple load balanced API instances.
  • Implemented Unit Testing with Jasmine/Karma and e2e testing with Protractor throughout application front-end development phase.
  • Followed Agile software management (Scrum) development methodologies for software development.
  • Used TFS for the bug tracking and Bitbucket for the source code version control.

Environment: Ionic, Angular 5, TypeScript, Moment.js,HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ext.js, Node.js, Jasmine, Karma, SASS, Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, Postman, Bitbucket, TFS, Agile.

Confidential, TX

UI Developer/React JS Developer


  • Worked on React JS Virtual DOM and React Views, rendering using components which contains additional components called custom HTML tags.
  • Used React JS for templating for faster compilation and developing reusable components with well-defined interfaces.
  • Developed cross-browser/platform to match design specs for complex page layouts while adhering to code standards.
  • Implemented React container and presentational components (as Stateless and Functional components when applicable)
  • Build responsive web page using semantic HTML, CSS3 and LESS CSS preprocessors.
  • Worked with JSON for data exchange between client and server.
  • Utilized various jQuery plugins to build Rich Internet Application to make it look more intuitive.
  • Involved in User Interface which is generally testing the graphical user interfaces, how the user interacts with the application, testing application elements like fonts, layouts, buttons, images, colors etc.
  • Using CRUD operations of MongoDB database management system and handled database access using Node JS.
  • Designed DOM based interactive to reprogram selected links adopted WCAG 2.0 standards.
  • Worked in Kanban process and project methodologies which include for source code management, JIRA and GIT.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, JavaScript, React JS, Node JS, Agile, Web Storm, WCAG 2.0, Jasmine, GitHub .


Angular.js Developer


  • The project main Idea was to use Cpl Xpress platform that enables lending institutions to take their services mobile, and automatically issue approved loans for various loan products based on their own credit and risk criteria, and customer information.
  • Developed a new 1-Click Digital Lending Automation website which is more user interactive using latest technology Angular 4.0.
  • Constructed webpages that provides consumer lending solutions for financial institutions using HTML5, SASS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular 4.0, Typescript, Node.js and JavaScript.
  • Designed animated webpages by importing the @angular/animations which is the latest animation package in Angular 4.0.
  • Developed animated pie by using the d3.js.
  • Used Pipe Title Case in the development of each webpage to write the titles that changes the first letter of each word to uppercase.
  • Created Angular 4.0 parent and child components in the application by using the angular-cli command ng g component.
  • Extensively used @Ng Module to import different modules, to declare different components, to describe the providers and services that are used to develop the Angular 4.0 application.
  • Designed animated pie charts in different webpages using the ngx-charts and D3 charts.
  • Worked with the team to develop model form controls by adding the ngModel directive where ever needed in the application.
  • Used Ng2AutoComplete for the development of user friendly auto complete forms in the Angular 4.0 webpages.
  • Developed different forms using Angular 4.0 forms by importing the FormsModule from @angular/forms and use the same in the imports array.
  • Built the Angular 4.0 forms by importing Forms Module from @angular/core to application module.
  • Imported many dependencies such as @swimlane/ngx-charts, angular2-wizard, angular2-ui-switch, @jaspero/ng2-confirmations, etc. for the development of the webpages.
  • Involved in creating TypeScript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by Angular 4.0.
  • Assisted team to use the CSS preprocessor SASS and implemented the custom stylings for the entire application by creating style.scss as a common stylings file to the whole project.
  • Extensively used Bootstrap and Angular 4.0 to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Imported Bootstrap modules such as Accordion, BsDropdown, Collapse, Modal, Progressbar, Tooltip and Popover for the user attractive Angular 4.0 application.
  • Used Angular 4.0 to create views to hook up models to the DOM and synchronize data with server as a Single Page Application (SPA).
  • Worked with NPM commands and using Package.json for managing dependencies and dev-dependencies of Node.js applications.
  • Developed Web API using Node.js and hosted on multiple load balanced API instances.
  • Implemented test cases and performed unit testing using Jasmine and Karma.
  • Used Agile software management (Scrum) that included iterative application development, weekly Sprints, stand up meetings, Followed JIRA for tracking processes and streamlining Agile planning.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for source code version control.

Environment: Angular,D3.js, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Node.js, Jasmine, Karma, SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery, WebStorm, Visual Studio, TFS, Agile.

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