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Senior Web Developer Resume


  • A dynamic, result - oriented and accomplished professional around 8 years of software development experience.
  • Microsoft Certified User Interface Professional and Oracle Certified Java Professional (OCJP).
  • Worked on various advanced UI Technologies like Angular JS, VUE Js, Backbone Js, Handlebars and Bootstrap css extensively.
  • Good at HTML4/5, CSS2/3, Responsive design, JavaScript, JQuery and U.I methodologies.
  • Adept at using SCSS and LESS for faster and semantic development of CSS instead of vanilla CSS.
  • Knowledge in Cross Browser compatibility, Mobile UI and web page optimization.
  • Proven ability to quickly learn new technologies and apply them in business solutions.
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver high quality results.
  • Communicating effectively, proficient at gathering user requirements and customizing Web Application solutions as per need.
  • Good knowledge in Node, build setup(grunt, gulp or webpack) and Unit test cases.
  • Ability to work as full stack developer both Java and UI technologies.
  • Having working knowledge in AEM, Sitecore and Teamsite CMS Technologies.
  • Occasionally running scrum calls, tfs and processing the Agile methodology.


Web Technologies: HTML4/5, CSS2/3, Responsive Design, Ajax, JSON

Web MVC Technologies: Angular Js, Vue Js, JSS-Vue, Backbone Js, React Js, Handlebar Js

Scripting Languages: Java Script, ES6 and Jquery

CSS Preprocessors: SCSS and Less, Bootstrap, materialize and Foundation frameworks

Build Tools: Grunt Js, Node JS, Bower JSON, Grunt Proxy setup, Jenkins.

Front end Unit Testing: Karma and Jasmine.

CMS Tools: AEM UI components, Sitecore.

IDE: Eclipse, Visual studio

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, Jetty, AWS

Code Repository: SVN, TFS, GIT

Java Technology: Java, JDBC, Servlets, Struts 1x and Hibernate

Database: MySQL

Other Technologies: Micro Formats, Accessibility, Survey tools, Brightcove player


Senior Web Developer



  • Developed application in single page using angularjs framework.
  • Responsible for applying personalization depending on the category of the users.
  • Responsible for creating components and displaying the dynamic content based on the service response.
  • Worked on various innovative ideas and plugins like Required weldapp, Data pooler, and Nucleus components using Vue js.
  • Communicated with back-end developers to get effective rest JSON api’s.
  • Involved in Scrum planning and sprint reviews in Agile environment.
  • Worked on accessibility related development using Aria standards.
  • Working on Sitecore JSS with Vue js for single page application.

Environment: Angular Js, ECMA6, Vue Js, JSS-Vue, HTML5, CSS3, Webpack, NVDA, LESS, SiteCore


Senior UI Developer


  • Planning and participating in business requirement for UI feasibility.
  • Handling Bright cove player integration for both flash and html5 player and its migration.
  • Working on AEM components as full stack developer to handle both Service layer and front end code.
  • Implemented new methodologies like dynamic tagging end screen, bright cove flash to html5 conversion, dynamic hotspot positions in various resolution and raw html component.
  • Worked on DTM analytics tracking tool.


Senior UI Developer


  • Developed entire application in single page using angular js framework.
  • Handling the entire project individually with respective to frond end development.
  • Setup the entire single page architecture using various advanced technologies like Angular JS, Material Design, Sass pre-processor, grunt build tool, proxy server, karma, jasmine, generating converge reports, war file creation.
  • Reusable components for profile searches.
  • Session handling while changing the angular single page routes.
  • Changing the designs based on client suggestions.
  • Involving client discussions to get more productive and giving technical suggestion if they required.
  • Fixing issues in rest web services, which are coming from Adobe CQ nodes.
  • Employer portal is the single page application developed using angular js with restful api web services.
  • Developed Using advanced angular concepts like UI-routes (not just routes), Angular Material Design, Session handling whenever routes changed, reusable factory methods, binding two way and single way data, karma test cases.
  • Developed entire application without using of JQuery.
  • Customizing the angular filter based on the requirement in our application
  • Used twitter bootstrap extensively to make application responsive.
  • Involved in writing Jasmine and karma unit test cases and generating the converge reports.
  • Handling the application to react dynamically based on manager or employer logged in.
  • Developed modal popup plug-in to utilize when there is requirement to show the popup type of scenario.
  • Worked on custom directives and providing functional behavior to make the application most generic.
  • Loading all the library files using bower Json setup.
  • Worked on setup the grunt build for various tasks like sass to css generation, files cache generation, html and js validating using grunt task, war file generated to deploy into server, minify the js and css, proxy server using grunt and node js in testing and developing environment.

Environment: HTML4/5, CSS2/3, Sass, Angular JS, Material Design, Bootstrap grid css, Jasmine, without JQuery, grunt build tool, node js, bower json, liverload proxy server.


Senior UI Developer


  • Responsible for creating efficient design and developing user Interaction screens using HTML5, CSS3.
  • Responsible for creating the screens with table-less designs meeting W3C standards
  • Actively participated in creating style guide across the site.
  • Optimized Page performance by making use of CSS sprites.
  • Developed using LESS framework and its mixins to reduce Development effort.
  • Utilized Modernizer extensively to build HTML5/CSS3 based page layouts that are cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant.
  • Used Grid Layout of Bootstrap to create a responsive, faster, customizable and consistent pages.
  • Identified the common components and build them to reuse across the project
  • Used jQuery library for implementing Functionality across the website.
  • Implemented custom dropdown menu’s, nested accordions, modal popups and errors messaging’s using jQuery bootstrap plugins.
  • Implemented client side custom form validation, which is been used for all the forms across the site.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Sitecore and ASP.Net.


Senior UI Developer


  • Supporting location section, maps and directions, more details and word wheel modules in Advantage and Confidential sites.
  • Designed reusable components for map views to integrate in different sections.
  • Understood the Teamsite architecture of interwoven and added IW content.
  • Created new HTML5 markups and templates from scratch for reservation Module with to the design documents provided by client.
  • DIV based (Table less) layouts with CSS 3, SASS/SCSS for CSS styling.
  • Developed various Mixins in SCSS for reusability of styles in various modules.
  • Reduced HTTP request by using CSS sprites.
  • Using Backbone framework and introducing the MVC approach to JavaScript in all modules of Confidential
  • Modularized JS functionality and CSS to make it as a reusable module.
  • Reused the map view and word wheel in various pages like home page, Special Offers page and Location Details page.
  • Fixed issues while integrating above modules in various pages.
  • Implemented footer links and social network view UI components in AEM
  • Developed the components in AEM to drag each individual component into parasys.
  • Developed three layout structured UI components for special offers sprint.
  • Location Directory page is migrated to angular js with some latest features.
  • Used all angular key features like filters, directives, expressions, controllers and modules.
  • Developed more user friendly location directory page to interact with the customers.
  • Feedback form was developed with angular validations and its dynamic validation messages.

Environment: HTML4/5, CSS2/3, SASS, Angular JS, Backbone, Underscore, Require JS, MapQuest API, JAVA, Team Site(IW), RAD and JIRA Tool.

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