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Sr. Cloud / Devops Engineer Resume



  • DevOps Professional having around 7+ years of experience in IT comprising of Linux System Administration, Designing, Development, Integration of DevOps tool stack, Cloud Automation, Provisioning, Containerization, Continuous Deployment, Delivery management, Configuration Management, Build and Release, Cloud Migration etc.
  • In depth experience on SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings of public cloud offerings like Azure, AWS, Google cloud platform, OpenStack, VMware, Slack, Salesforce etc.
  • Proficient in DevOps tools like GIT, ANT, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, Docker, Kubernetes, Chef, Ansible, Splunk, New Relic, Nexus, Nagios, JBoss and Apache Tomcat etc.
  • Strong Experience in AWS platform and its dimensions of scalability including EC2, S3, Route53, EBS, ELB, SNS, RDS, IAM, Route 53, Auto scaling, CloudFront, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFormation and VPC, Security Groups etc.
  • Proficient in DevOps Tool offerings of Hashi Corp like Terraform, Packer, Vault and Consul.
  • Converted existing AWS infrastructure to Serverless architecture with AWS Lambda, Step Functions and deployed with Terraform and AWS CloudFormation Templates to build staging and production environments.
  • Designing and distribution of data across all the nodes and clusters on different availability zones in AWS Redshift and experience in automating the infrastructure using Terraform in AWS console.
  • Experienced in dealing with Microsoft Azure IaaS - Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines (Availability Sets and Scale Sets), Cloud Services, Resource Groups, Express Route, Traffic Manager, VPN, Load Balancing, Application Gateways and Auto-Scaling, AKS.
  • Created scripts using Azure PowerShell during automation and build process, and good working experience in Azure Logic apps, Service Bus and SQL Database.
  • Worked with Microsoft Azure which includes creating PaaS builds, deployments, Storage Accounts, Queues, CDN, Azure Service Bus and extensive experience in designing AZURE Resource Manager (ARM) templates.
  • Experience in creating and managing pipelines using Azure Data Factory, copying data, configuring data flow in and out of Azure Data Lake Stores according to technical requirements.
  • Experience in using OpenStack CLI to interact with OpenStack Services like Nova, Neutron, Keystone and having experience in provisioning and optimizing of compute, network, and storage services with OpenStack through dashboard, command-line and API utilities.
  • Expertise in using the Docker for virtualization, Ship, Run and Deploy the application securely to fasten the Build/Release Engineering. Virtualized the servers using the Docker for test and dev-environment needs.
  • Experienced in integrating Docker Swarm into Docker Engine to orchestrate and schedule containers.
  • Experienced in using Kubernetes for container orchestration that runs Docker containerized applications in a cluster of EC2 instances in Linux Environment, configured their Kubernetes cluster and supported it on CoreOS.
  • Lead an active integration effort for building out PaaS with Red hat OpenShift, Dockers and developed custom base Docker images for Spring Boot, Tomcat, and Node.
  • Expert in OpenShift/Kubernetes to support automatic high availability, load balancing, health checking, and failover and to end product life cycle along with containerizing software stacks including big data technologies.
  • Experienced in implementation and maintenance of SCM branching and Build/Release strategies using GIT/SVN Linux and Windows platforms. Involving periodic archiving and storage of the source code for disaster recovery.
  • Worked with Version control tools Subversion/Git Branching, Merge Strategies, migrated projects from Subversion repositories to GitHub Enterprise repositories through Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Configured and maintained Jenkins/Hudson to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with build utilities like Maven and ANT for building of jar, war and ear files.
  • Built end to end CI/CD Pipelines in Jenkins integrating SCM, compiling source code, performing tests and pushing build artifacts to JFrog Artifactory and Nexus.
  • Experience in working with GITHUB to store the code and integrated it to Ansible Tower to deploy the Playbooks.
  • Experienced in automating configuration of hosted environments including Database Administration and scaling an application and support load changes using Ansible and Chef.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet Dashboard and Puppet DB for configuration management to existing infrastructure and monitor scalable infrastructure on AWS & configuration management using Puppet and Ansible.
  • Implemented and designed AWS virtual servers using Ansible roles, ensuring deployment of web applications.
  • Experienced in using Tomcat, JBOSS, WebLogic and WebSphere Application servers for deployments.
  • Built Chef Cookbooks, Recipes, Attributes, Templates, Roles, Data Bags, Knife and provision servers for quick deployment of application, web, and database servers.
  • Experience with Tools like Jira, Confluence, Slack, Federation Services like Identity provider and Service provider for Single sign on with SAML 2.0 Authentication.
  • Knowledge of using Routed Protocols like FTP, POP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and Direct connect.
  • Extensively worked on monitoring servers using Splunk, New Relic, Nagios, Cloud watch and ELK Stack.
  • Worked on Querying RDBMSs like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
  • Installed and Deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Installation of packages and patches for Linux Servers.
  • Ability to identify network issues and analyze network traffic using Snoop, Wireshark and TCPDUMP.
  • Experienced in using Integration/Unit Test and Code Quality/Analysis tools like JUnit and Selenium.
  • Ability to write scripts in Bash/Shell, PERL, Ruby, Groovy and Python scripting languages.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong organizational skills, and a hard-working team player.


Cloud Infrastructure: AWS, Google Cloud, OpenStack, MS Azure, VMware and PCF

Configuration Management Tools: Puppet, Chef, Ansible.

Containers and Orchestration: Dockers, Kubernetes, AWS ECS and AWS EKS.

Continuous Integration Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson.

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, Gradle, Build Forge, MS Build

SCM and Versioning Tools: GIT, ClearCase, Perforce, CVS, Subversion (SVN)

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Rally, Nexus, Remedy

Logging & Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Splunk, Rsyslog, ELK Stack (Elastic search, Log stash, Kibana), AppDynamics.

Web Technologies and Servers: JavaScript, Node Js+2, Servlets, JDBC, JSON, JBOSS, Apache Tomcat, WebLogic

Database: Dynamo DB, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC OS, DRM/KMS Android in Linux Kernel Version 4.9

Network Services and Topologies: LDAP, DNS, NIS, DHCP, NFS, Web, FTP, Subnetting, LAN, VPC, WAN and firewalls.

Scripting languages: Shell, Python, PL/SQL, Java AWT, XML, HTML, CSS3, Ruby, Perl, PHP


Sr. Cloud / DevOps Engineer

Confidential, WI

  • Design, integration and management of AWS cloud solutions. Provisioning of EC2 instances, built via Ansible.
  • Worked with broad range of AWS Cloud Services like EC2, S3, ELB, Glacier, Cloud Front, Code Deploy, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS snowball, Auto Scaling, Route53, AMI, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB, Elastic search and CloudWatch and have in depth practical knowledge on other cloud services such as GCP.
  • Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying, scaling web applications and services developed with Java, Node.js, Python and Ruby on familiar servers like Apache, Nginx, Tomcat.
  • Experience in Blue/Green deployment strategy by creating new applications which are identical to the existing PROD environment using automation frameworks such as OpenStack, CloudFormation and Terraform templates.
  • Written Docker files and Containerized cloud application using Dockers + Elastic Beans Stalk to Scale up and down service easily.
  • Configured applications that run multi-container Docker applications by utilizing the Docker-Compose tool which uses a file configured in YAML format.
  • Used Kubernetes to manage containerized applications using its nodes, Config-Maps, Selector, Services and deployed application containers as Pods.
  • Worked with Spinnaker for Continuous Deployment with Kubernetes for container orchestration with Kubernetes, Container Storage, automation, to enhance container platform multi-tenancy.
  • Manage and Troubleshoot OpenStack components like Neutron, Cinder, Glance, Nova and Swift including log files and message queues
  • Integrated Docker container-based test infrastructure to Jenkins CI test flow and set up build environment integrating with Git and JIRA to trigger builds using POLL SCM/Webhooks and Slaves to automate the code checkout process.
  • Automated Java Builds with Maven and Android builds with Gradle and Implemented multiple plugins for Code analysis, Junit, Code coverage, PMD, SonarQube, etc.
  • Used Ansible for deployment, automation and for installing/upgrading dcos, ceph cluster and built test code using Python to test the Ansible playbooks and infrastructure code functionality.
  • Developed several Ansible playbooks for the automation that was defined through tasks using YAML format and run Ansible Scripts to provision Dev servers.
  • Creation of Prometheus-Grafana setup using Terraform/Ansible for targets like Kafka, Spark, MYSQL, node exporters.
  • Written R programs which connects to Redshift clusters and Performance Tuning by writing python scripts to simulate load on DynamoDB.
  • Deployed android applications and tested using Android runtime (ART).
  • Configured commercial SSL certificates for Applications Servers such as WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat using NGINX and Apache web servers to terminate SSL endpoint.
  • Deployed and configured Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Lambda and CloudWatch.
  • Used JUNIT unit testing framework for Java and UNIT, RSpec for python & ruby, for test driven development.
  • Used Jira, Crucible bug tracking tool for both hosted and local instances for issue tracking, workflow collaboration and tool-chain automation.
  • Passive and Active Nagios monitoring and alerting. Prometheus (node exporter, cAdvisor) along with Grafana and CloudWatch for time-based system/container metrics.
  • Used Bash and Python, including Boto3 to supplement automation provided by Ansible and Terraform for tasks such as encrypting EBS volumes backing AMIs and scheduling Lambda functions for routine AWS tasks.
  • Utilized Agile Methodologies - Scrum meetings to manage full life-cycle development of the project.

Environment & Tools: Java, JSP, AWS (EC2, VPC, ELB, S3, RDS, EBS, ELB, AWSCLI, Cloud Formation, IAM, Cloud watch), Ansible, Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, WebLogic, Nginx, GITHUB, ELK stack, SonarQube, JIRA, Linux, IBM DB2, WebLogic, Perl, Shell, Python, Ruby, Terraform, Docker and Kubernetes.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Chicago

  • As a DevOps and Cloud engineer, I have migrated EC2 as well as S3 buckets services of AWS to AZURE virtual machines and AZURE blob storage through CLOUD ENDURE.
  • Worked on azure services such as compute virtual machines, azure storage, azure active directory, SQL Database, Azure DNS and Azure Application Insights. Created Azure Virtual Networks, subnets, Azure network settings and Azure cloud.
  • Worked on integrated AWS Cloud Watch with EC2 instances for monitoring the log files and store in cloud watch logs and used lambda services through python scripts for taking regular EBS snapshot. Designed an AWS cloud formation template to create VPC.
  • Used AWS services like SNS, Cloud Watch and worked on AWS server less architecture like LAMBDA deployed via Terraform Scripts. Created (AMI) and created IAM policies for delegated administration with in AWS
  • Deployed Azure IaaS virtual machines (VMs) and Cloud services (PaaS role instances) into secure VNets and subnets.
  • Automated VSTS (Visual Studio Team System) build and deployment to IAAS and PASS environment in azure and developed build support utilities in PowerShell.
  • Implementing infrastructure on new AWS systems and migration of existing Linux and Windows-based Infrastructure to AWS and Azure Cloud platforms and automated using Terraform Templates.
  • Worked on Terraform for managing the infrastructure through the terminal sessions and executing the scripts and creating alarms and notifications for EC2 instances using Cloud Watch. Used Kubernetes as scaling and operations of containers across clusters of hosts.
  • Developed CI/CD system with Jenkins on Kubernetes container environment, utilizing Kubernetes and Docker for the CI/CD system to build, test and deploy.
  • Created Docker Images & Docker Containers using Terraform Scripts. Used virtualizing the servers using the docker for the test environments and dev-environments needs and used docker containers for branching purposes.
  • Configured NGINX for proxying and created REST API’s for calls to micro-services in Docker containers.
  • Worked on version control systems like Subversion, GIT by using source code management client tools such as SVN, Git Bash, GitHub, Git Lab and other command line applications and used maven as building artifacts for WAR and JAR as source code.
  • Involved with Dev, QA team for standard branching strategy and implemented standard tooling i.e. semantic versioning for all the application and integrated to Jenkins pipeline which runs all unit, cucumber tests and generates a report on success or failure.
  • Extensively used Ruby scripting on Chef Automation for creating Cookbooks comprising all resources, data bags, templates, attributes and used knife commands to manage Nodes onto Chef Server for Configuring.
  • Developing new Maven Build Scripts based on the requirements. Created and Maintained Local Maven Repository for Maven projects.
  • Deployed ASP.NET web Application in Azure using Web App service, connected it to Azure SQL Database and used VSTS to provide CI/CD pipeline.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using GIT.
  • Used Junit which is open source framework to write and run repeatable tests cases for testing framework.
  • Worked with ELK stack to Monitor logs. Using chef deployed and configured Elastic search, Log stash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics.
  • Deployed web applications to Apache HTTPD, Tomcat, WebLogic and setup, configured, monitored and troubleshoot web server configurations and deployments and worked with Atlassian tools like Bamboo & Jira. Configured Jira as ticket tracking and work flow tool.
  • Installation configuration and administration of MongoDB databases Migrate data to/from mongo dB using MongoDB, Cloud Manager provides a complete package for managing MongoDB deployments.
  • Using Ruby, Bash scripting and ARM templates developed automation and deployment utilities
  • Troubleshooting Network, memory, Swap and File system issues, TCP/IP, NFS, DNS and SMTP in Linux Servers.

Environment & Tools: AWS Cloud Watch, AWS Lambda, AWS AMI, AWS IAM, Velostrata, Flexify, Terraform, Chef, Kubernetes, Azure blob storage, SVN, Git Bash, ELK, Log stack, chef, MySQL and NoSQL.

Site Reliability Engineer


  • Worked on Installation and Configuration of RHEL and CentOS Maintenance and Administration.
  • Installed and configured Linux/Unix and Windows operating systems on VMware server.
  • Wrote shell scripts using languages like Bash, Python, Ruby and Perl to automate day to day administration jobs.
  • Worked in setting up Chef Infrastructure, Chef-repo and Boot strapping chef nodes.
  • Used Jenkins, Chef, shell scripts to automate the code deployment & automation of continuous integration infrastructure (GIT and Nexus were also used in this process).
  • Automated configuration management using CHEF and wrote cookbooks, recipes to manage nodes and CHEF Server and used tools like knife to enhance the functionality and usability of the cookbooks.
  • Automated various infrastructure activities like Continuous Deployment, Application Server setup, Stack monitoring using Ansible playbooks and has Integrated Ansible with Rundeck and Jenkins.
  • Used various plug-ins to extend the base functionality of Jenkins to deploy, integrate tests and display reports.
  • Integrated GIT into Jenkins to automate the code check-out process and Implemented Subversion and GIT metadata including elements, labels, attributes, triggers and hyperlinks.
  • Responsible for orchestrating CI/CD processes by responding to Git triggers and environment setup.
  • Developed Configuration Management GIT from scratch and prepared documentation accordingly
  • Experience working on DOCKER HUB, creating DOCKER images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configuration.
  • Collaborated with development and Support teams to setup a Continuous Delivery environment with the use of DOCKER, continuous build and Delivery tools.
  • Creating builds using power shell Scripts, Maven scripts manually and automated.
  • Implemented cluster services using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Responsible for build and deployment automation using VM Ware ESX, Docker containers, Vagrant and Chef.
  • Expertise in using Maven for the building of deployable artifacts such as jar & war from source code.
  • Worked on setup of various dashboards, reports and alerts in Nagios

Environment & Tools: Linux/Unix, Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl, CHEF, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, GIT, Kubernetes, Maven.

Build and Release Engineer


  • Created and maintained Continuous Build and Continuous Integration environments in scrum and agile projects.
  • Supported Local System Administrators to troubleshoot Configuration Management and Network issues. Used Agile practices and Test-Driven Development (TDD) techniques to provide reliable, working software early and often.
  • Used Bitbucket and GIT as source code repository and involved in migrating from SVN to GIT and Created release branches and involved in administration of source code Repo, including branching, Tagging, Labelling, Reporting and assisting with project and end-user support.
  • Responsible for Authoring pom.xml files, performing releases with the Maven release plugin, Mavenization of Java projects and managing Maven repositories.
  • Worked with System Administrators to upgrade multiple environments for various application releases including setup/configuration of JBoss Clusters across Linux (Ubuntu) platforms.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Build, manage, and continuously improved the build infrastructure for global software development engineering teams including implementation of build scripts, continuous integration infrastructure and deployment tools.
  • Deployment and Configuration of application server Tomcat deploying Java and Web Application.
  • Evaluated and implemented the conversion to using Team Foundation Server (TFS) for integrated source control, builds, testing, and deployment for .NET projects.
  • Extensive experience in Setting up Application Tier, Build Controllers, Build Agents in Team foundation Server (TFS) 2010, 2012, 2013&2015.3
  • Used the report builder in customization of Reports in TFS.
  • Configured BEA WebLogic 9.2 on a single Server and cluster environment.
  • Proposed and prototyped designs to automate the update of databases as part of the builds and release processes, state-based using SSDT and migration-based using Redgate-Ready Roll and automated the release of SSIS packages.
  • Deployed the static content to apache web servers and applications to Tomcat Application server.
  • Responsible for status updates and communication on SWARM Goals.
  • Integrated Apache Maven with Jenkins for the build to be a Continuous Integration process.
  • Documented Build process, branching strategy and continuous integration design and setup along with deployment instructions for QA.
  • Experience using or supporting centralized logging infrastructure Splunk and Plan, deploy and document architecture components, monitoring & alerting setup, troubleshooting guides.

Environment & Tools: GIT, Maven, Ubuntu, ANT, Jenkins, Splunk, JBoss, SWARM.

Linux Systems Admin


  • Involved in installation, configuration, upgrading, patching, troubleshooting and administration of Linux/UNIX and Windows Servers and responsible for Project Management in Linux/Unix/Windows system integration projects.
  • Involved in installation, configuration, and maintenance of web servers, application servers and database servers on Linux Servers. Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere and JBoss servers in AIX and Linux environment.
  • Managed the configurations of all servers using Chef, configured Jenkins builds for continuous integration and delivery. Automated web server content deployments via Shell Scripts.
  • Proposed branching strategies for version control systems like GIT, Stash, GitHub and subversion.
  • Worked in setting up SSH, SCP, SFTP and Telnet connectivity between hosts and handled NFS, Auto Mount, DNS, LDAP related issues.
  • Installed and configured Apache on RHEL, Integrated Apache Web Server to communicate with Web Sphere.
  • Designed, Implemented, Administered and Secured Ubuntu, Centos virtual systems.
  • Administered Apache web servers, MySQL databases, mail, DNS, Profited, and CVS.
  • Responsible for writing Bash, Perl, Python scripts to ping the servers and add users to the boxes.
  • Resolved system errors, crashes, disk space problems, huge file sizes, and file system full errors.
  • Worked in Virtual Environments like VMWare Suites, Virtual Box and Xen Server.
  • Knowledge in DNS, NIS, NFS, FTP, Samba Server, LDAP, remote access, security management, and system troubleshooting skills.
  • Experience in monitoring the availability & performance of RedHat Linux Servers through tools like MPstat, VMstat, IOstat, NETstat and NFSstat.
  • Performed configuration of standard Linux and network protocols such as SMTP, DHCP, DNS, LDAP, NFS, SMTP, HTTP, SNMP and others.
  • Monitoring CPU, memory, physical disk, Hardware and Software RAID, multipath, file systems, network using NAGIOS monitoring.
  • Took backups on LINUX, windows file systems using Veritas Netback up.

Environment & Tools: RHEL 4/5.x, CentOS, Ubuntu, Shell Scripting, Bash, Git, Maven, GitHub, ChefHudson, Ruby, Python, Apache Tomcat, SVN, VMWare, Nagios.

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