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Ios Developer Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • Over 7+ years of experience in iOS application development using Native iOS, XCode, and Cocoa Touch Framework.
  • Expertise in creating and custom UIViews, UITableViews, UITabBars and UINavigationBar which are some basic functionality in a Multi view Application.
  • Experienced in working with Storyboard and Interface Builder.
  • Developed apps using various iOS design patterns (MVC, Delegation and Target - action).
  • Very Good understanding of UI guidelines.
  • Proficient in object-oriented concepts and programming languages like Objective-C, Swift.
  • Experience in SWIFT to migrate projects from Objective-C to Swift.
  • Development experience with Swift 3, Swift 4, Objective-C, with various core and third-party frameworks including Firebase and AWS SNS.
  • Knowledgeable in various web services, such as RESTful, and using various means to connect to them, such as NSURL Session and AlamoFire.
  • Sound Knowledge and good working experience on launched IOS and basic knowledge on Swift programming language.
  • Develop iOS iPhone and iPad applications in Objective-C and Swift.
  • Proficient with Java, Objective C, and Swift.
  • Expertise in developing applications for android operating system using Android Studio Official IDE, Java, and Android SDK.
  • Hands on experience in developing dynamic web pages using AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML5, JavaScript and made webpages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Programming language like Objective-C, Java and Swift.
  • Extensive experience in iPhone, iPad Touch application development.
  • Worked extensively on XCode, Interface Builder and Instruments.
  • Experienced in Mobile Application Development using UIKit, AVFoundation, Core Foundation with Cocoa touch.
  • Expert in making efficient use of Interface Builder, storyboard and navigation controller in building the applications.
  • Strong knowledge about Core Frameworks like Map Kit, Core object, Core services, Core Graphics, Core animation, UIKit, MVC methodologies.
  • Extensive experience in using JSON, XML, and HTML.
  • Experience in UNIX, LINUX, and UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Strong exposure to Web 2.0 client technologies using HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Hands on experience in using version control using SVN/Subversion, GIT, and Mercurial.
  • Expertise in MVC design architecture, Cocoa design patterns and concepts like delegation, protocols.
  • Experienced in working with data parsing forms such as XML and JSON, to dynamically display data on iPhone/iPad.
  • APIs (Notifications, Background Aware Services, Animation, GPS, Settings).
  • Proficient in programming languages such as HTML5, Java, JavaScript and markup languages such as XML and JSON.
  • Experienced in Software Development with complete exposure in Development, Design, Testing, Support and Maintenance using SDLC and Agile methodology.
  • Exceptionally quick learner, able to learn, master and use new techniques and technologies in short order.
  • Experienced in provisioning and publishing applications in App Store with working knowledge of Apple publishing procedures and App review process.
  • Excellent work ethics, and a team oriented with strong analytical and leadership qualities.


Programming Languages: Objective-C, C++, C#, Swift 2.0/3.0/4.0.

IOS Applications: XCode, Interface Builder, Instruments, JSON, ZBAR, iOS Simulator, Cocoa.

Web Development: JavaScript, HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, XSD, AJAX, JQuery, BootStrap.

Frameworks / APIs: Cocoa Touch, Foundation, UI Kit, Core Graphics, CoreData, CorePlot, External Accessory, Core Bluetooth, Google Protocol Buffers, C Standard Library, Win32 APIs, Net Compact Framework.

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL Server, MongoDB.

IDE: XCode, Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Android Studio.

Map: MK Directions, MK Local Search, MK Map Item, MK MultiPoint, MK Map View.

Design Patterns: Data Access Objects, object-oriented design, Model View Controller Architecture and Singleton.

Version controls: SVM, GitHub, R Studio, Spyder, Octave GUI.

Reporting Tools: Jasper Reports, BIRT, Crystal Reports.

Other Tools: Swing, Agile, RUP, Subversion, Jasper, Reports, J Mock, Microsoft Visio.

Methodologies: SDLC, RUP, Agile (Scrum/Extreme Programming).

Operating Systems: iOS 10/9/8/7/6 (iPhone/iPad), Mac OS X (10.12/10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8 ), Windows 10/7/vista/xp.

Parsing Techniques: JSON Parsing and XML Parsing.


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA iOS Developer


  • Implemented UI screens using storyboard in iOS 10 with the help of Auto Layout, Stack view and size classes.
  • Created an Application using React Native framework for both iOS & Android with .NET application stack by using ASP.NET.
  • Worked on Responsive web services and OOP.
  • Worked on SDLC and RUP agile with application design sessions.
  • Created custom animations using Core Animation and developing applications by java script and ASP.NET.
  • Implementing various features on Client's eCommerce Mobile Application for both iPad and iPhone.
  • Integrating Location services and Map kit by allowing user access to nearest stores.
  • Expert in building UI using size classes to support different screen sizes and worked with new features in a UI Kit framework such as stack views.
  • Extensively developed robust form management system with complete CRUD capabilities in React Native, Redux and Firebase.
  • Integrating Touch ID to allow User Secure Signing into App using Local Authentication.
  • Implementing App's features using Storyboard, Table Views, Auto layouts and Segues.
  • Downloading the JSON data from backend services into UI Table View and UI Table View Cell using RESTful services.
  • Rewrite Rails API in Kotlin for better performance
  • Implemented a beta version of the app using React Native (iOS/Android App)
  • Redesigning the iPhone app by using UI Tab Bar Controller architecture and did a visual refresh.
  • Integrating SKU and Barcode scanning using OCR and AV Foundation to get product details quickly in the App.
  • Developing the App with Swift/Objective-C programming language and Apple's latest tools by following MVC architecture and ARC memory management system.
  • Writing Unit Test cases and UI Test cases using XC Test framework.
  • Working in Agile methodology environment by implementing practices such as technical analysis, pair programming, and test-driven development.
  • Assisted in creation of API library for iOS platform to share network request and data between multiple projects.
  • Good understanding of Apple's code signing process to create Certs, Provision profiles and used test-flight for beta testing.
  • Worked as part of an Android developing team to build an application that can communicate with RESTful services in Kotlin.
  • Tested application on Hybrid Android Version using PhoneGap (Cordova).
  • Worked with various AngularJS Expressions, Directives, Filters and Controllers.
  • Extensively used HTML5, XML, AngularJS, JavaScript, JSON and CSS3 for web development and Hybrid App Development.
  • Improved the UI Response of the application by optimizing the code which updated the UI using Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
  • A created Hybrid version of App for deployment on iOS, Android and Windows mobile device using PhoneGap/HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
  • Worked on UI Web View to integrate HTML and JavaScript content.
  • Working experience on using UI Automation tool for black box testing.
  • Configured Jenkins to schedule jobs for every build as well as for periodic builds.
  • Experience in doing lightweight migrations for supporting new changes in Core Data model.
  • Implemented UI Table View and Search Bar for searching the information based on the keyword.
  • Working experience in writing unit test cases, performance analyzing test cases using XC Test framework.
  • Used Core Graphics and Core Animation for implementing custom paths with animations.
  • Used NSURL Session for implementing asynchronous requests to handle data from the network.
  • Implemented Core Location, MK Annotation and Map Kit to show ATM centers based on the current location using Swift.
  • TDD approach is been used for test case failures and iterating test cases as the development goes on.
  • The instrument is being used to test the performance and memory issues.
  • Implemented monitoring services using Map kit and Core Location framework.
  • Used Realm for offline storage for a better speed.
  • Experience in using Test Flight for application distribution.
  • Version control of developed code using Subversion (SVN).
  • Unit testing the developed modules and fixing issues with quick turn-around times.

Environment: iOS 9.0 and 10.0, Mac OS X, Swift, XCode 7/8, Storyboard, OCR, AV Foundation, UI Tab Bar Controller, Agile, MVC, UI Kit, iOS SDK, XC Test, Map kit.

Confidential, Boston,MA iOS Developer


  • Worked broadly on table view controller and made customized table view cells as indicated by the customer.
  • Worked on Web Service calls, XML and JSON parsing included in the project.
  • Worked with UI Kit Framework for development and maintenance.
  • Web services deployment and testing on rest client.
  • Implemented Blocks instead of Delegation for direct communication with the methods
  • Quick notifications are implemented by NS Notification Center.
  • Initially, the application used XML Parsing but upon analysis, it was decided to move to JSON parsing.
  • Design, develop, unit test, and deploy iOS-based solutions using common standards and frameworks.
  • Worked with designers, backend engineers and product owners to deliver an optimized product and exceptional user experience.
  • Integrated NSURL Session and NSURL Connection to integrate with web services.
  • Used SQLite and Core Data in the project for data storage.
  • Worked on NS Operations, GCD and Blocks to perform multi-threaded development and asynchronous service calls.
  • Implemented a beta version of the app using React Native (iOS/Android App)
  • Implemented, designed and coded the Settings User Interface View with MVC design pattern according to the client's requirements using Navigation View, UI Table View, UI custom Cell, UI Switch and UI Web view, UI Image View for iPhone, iPad.
  • Worked on Custom UI implementation with XIBs and Storyboards and associated with appropriate reusable classes.
  • Implemented UI sections and React Native as proof of concept (Channel view using Table View and Flat List, Navigation Controller and Tab views)
  • Implemented application designs using MVC architecture.
  • Developed application in Objective-C and Swift languages using Cocoa Touch and other iOS Frameworks.
  • Worked extensively with the Cocoa framework and Apple's core libraries, including Core Animation, Core Data, and Core Location.
  • Good understanding of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) & currently working on an application using BLE beacon technology using iBeacon specification for transaction purposes.
  • Worked on GCD to build a responsive UI and implemented background threads.
  • Integrated third party APIs to connect with a web service.
  • Incorporated the Push Notification feature using APNS, to notify the user when any file operations were done.
  • Used Core Data Framework for local storage purpose in SQLite.
  • Navigation of Storyboard implemented by UI Navigation Controller, Segue.
  • Publishing the application on App store and afterward pushing upgrades after every sprint discharge
  • Added animation between UI Views for a smooth move and better client experience.
  • Worked with GIT to checkout and update the codebase changes.
  • Formatted the Data according to Business standard to show in UI
  • Responsible for Service Integration Development and Testing.
  • Worked on Unit-test code for strength, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
  • The project was monitored under Agile/Scrum guidelines with a week sprint-based stories.
  • Designed and implemented the complete application architecture.
  • Reported progress/difficulties to project lead.
  • Took care of Code Review, Code Fixes, and Bug Fixes
  • Coordinated with Configuration Manager for continuous integration.
  • Worked on Unit-test code for strength, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
  • Used ORM Lite database for storing the data from service responses and fetching the data for the offline purpose.
  • Implemented client-server technology using TCP/IP and UDP.
  • Performed on-device debugging using ADB and tested application on the device using Logcat, DDMS.
  • Followed a complete AGILE technology with Daily Stand up calls with the offshore team every day and updating on JIRA.
  • Experienced in a fast-paced Agile Development Environment including Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Scrum.
  • Built a local log file to capture the crashes and app responses in the application.
  • Worked closely with the QA offshore team to track the bugs and resolve the issues.
  • Used SVN and GIT as the version control tool to commit and update the project from the server.

Environment: XCode, iPhone SDK, XCode8, Swift, Web Services, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, JS, jQuery, iPhone Simulator, UI Kit, Core Graphics, Objective-C, UI Table View, Core Data, UI Kit, UI Navigation Controller, Auto Layout Constraints, Map kit, JSON parsing, UI Tab Bar Controller.

Confidential, OH. iOS Application Developer


  • Developing the UI screens by integrating different Views and Windows to make them user-friendly.
  • Working on third-party devices and communicating with them using iBeacon.
  • Using instruments, in XCode, for performing analysis on the application, finding memory leaks and for automatic testing.
  • Touched is also implemented in CPNR.
  • Generated Enterprise builds and sent it throughout the team for testing and UAT.
  • Used Serialized JSON to read the response that came through the server.
  • Communicating and interacting with users and other teams as needed to meet the project deliverables
  • Providing project status reports and resolving any outstanding production issues.
  • Involved in understanding the business, current process and requirements.
  • Worked with the project manager to support project plans and appropriate resource and time allocation.
  • Worked extensively on table view controller and made customized table view cells according to the client requirement.
  • Responsible for creating and delivery of the system, which includes modeling, programming, testing and release activity.
  • Worked in an Agile development environment with bi-weekly sprints.
  • Created the application using Object Oriented Programming and MVC.
  • Implemented NS Operation Queues and NS URL Connection to integrate with backend web services.
  • Used the NS File Manager to store the user order details in a file permanently
  • Used Core Data Framework for local storage purpose in SQLite.
  • Worked extensively with Objective C and cocoa frameworks including Core Data, Foundation, Core Animation and UI Kit.
  • Integrated various Restful Web services call to the application using asynchronous NSURL calls for background downloading.
  • Currently working extensively with swift for upcoming applications.
  • Followed Agile Methodology in developing the enterprise application.
  • Conducted code reviews for the development team.
  • Worked with UI Framework for the applications at hand.
  • Responsible for App support and latest versions compatibility.

Environment: iOS 7.0 and later (iOS SDK), Objective C, Cocoa Touch, Swift, XCode 5.1.1/6.0, JSON, Agile Methodology, HTML5, CSS, REST, JavaScript, jQuery, MS SQL Server 2008, GitHub.

Confidential, Orlando, FL iOS Application Developer


  • Worked on compatibility updates for iOS 4 to iOS 7, including a complete rework of the application using swift programming by maintaining complete archival of records, to prevent data loss.
  • Successful migration of code from XCode 6 to XCode 7.
  • Also, worked on backward compatibility, which supports multiple version of iOS simultaneously.
  • Continual testing of user experience & later updating layouts based on customer response and feedback from the client. Addition of new feature in response to the client's feedback.
  • Extensively involved in UI design using storyboard and NIB in interface builder, using auto layouts.
  • Worked on Multi view applications using UI Table View Controller, UI Navigation Controller, UI Tab Bar Controller.
  • Solved major defects in navigation controller behavior in the application, during migration into Swift.
  • Developed new components like infinite scrolling section for sliding table view.
  • Extensive Hands-on experience consuming REST web services and API's.
  • Worked on UI design & web service integration using AF Networking and open source API.
  • Worked with JSON parser to retrieve data to display on iPhone & iPad from the server.
  • Map View implementation using Map Kit & Core Location Frameworks, to find tickets available at the nearby location.
  • Added animation between UI Views for a smooth transition and better user experience.
  • Co-ordinated with Android developers and helping them with ideas regarding design and to complete the detailed project. Explained the design problem of invocation by drawing flowcharts.
  • Used third-party frameworks such as Hockey app for crash reports, test flight & google analytics for tracking the number of users.

Environment: Android SDK 5.1, GSON (Version 2.3.1 to 2.7), ORM Lite, REST Web Services, JENKINS, SONAR, JIRA and SVN.

Confidential iOS Developer


  • Participated in project requirements, design meetings and prepared project specification and Scope document.
  • Used Core Data to maintain a Local database on user's device for his information and preferences.
  • Used social media Framework like google plus, Facebook and twitter where users can directly log in to the app using their corresponding account.
  • Worked with Objective C and Cocoa Framework, which includes UI Kit, Foundation, Map Kit, and Core Location.
  • Customized UI Button, UI Tab Bar, UI Action Sheet, UI Alert View, and UI Table View to build user interface of the application to have a rich look and feel.
  • Implemented custom push notification.
  • Experienced with JSON data retrieval by calling web services by using NS JSON Serialization and XML parsing with the help on NS XML Parser.
  • Familiar with Core Animation like using custom sliders and gesture recognition.
  • Provided some of the cool features like accessing camera and photo library through the app.
  • Used SVN to push changed codes as well as in order to maintain code versioning.
  • Created provisioning profile for the app to deploy in phone as well as for push notifications.

Environment: X code 3, Mac OS X, Objective-C, iOS SDK, Cocoa Framework, Core Location Framework, Google plus Framework, Facebook Framework Twitter Framework, SQLite, Web services, PLIST, iPhone Simulators, Cocoa Touch frameworks.


Associate Software Engineer


  • Working Knowledge on libraries specific to SWIFT and implemented bridging header from objective-c to SWIFT.
  • Co-ordinated with BA group as well as with the clients for gathering functional requirements analyzed and designed the business requirements to documented and implemented.
  • Developed Navigation between views was mixture of using UI Navigation Controller, UI Gesture Recognizer, and UI Popover Controller, UI Table View Controller.
  • Designed some of the custom animation according to the requirement which as a rich look and feel.
  • Designed custom views, table views, progress bars and validations.
  • Worked closely within a cross functional team of testers and developers.
  • Worked on Web Service calls, XML and JSON parsing included in the project.
  • Worked with Backend team to get the correct data format that is used to display data dynamically in devices.
  • Pre-fetching data for different views for smooth screen transitioning.
  • Used different type of protocols and delegate methods for exchange of data between the controllers.
  • Experienced with JSON data retrieval by using NS JSONSerialization and XML parsing with the help on NS XML Parser.
  • Code hosted on GitHub repository using with SourceTree in order to commit data and update the code base changes.

Environment: iOS 7, iPhone SDK, XCode 6, Web Services, P List, swift, Cocoa Touch, SQLite, iPhone Simulator, Interface Builder and Instruments, GIT, JIRA, Agile.

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