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Sr. Php/ Drupal Developer Resume

Rockville, MD


  • 8 years of experience in PHP , Drupal, LAMP , WAMP , WordPress , Zend , Laravel,Code Igniter , CakePHP Frameworks.
  • Extensively used JavaScript , JQuery , and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technologies to build dynamic web contents with high performance.
  • Experienced in developing web - based applications using PHP, MySQL , HTML 5 , XML, CSS, DHTML, XHTML, JavaScript,Jquery,JSON, DOJO, YUI and AJAX technology.
  • Experiencedin Web Form creation, sending email and saving data into the database Drupal 7 & 8
  • Extensive experience with Content Management Tools such as Drupal 7&8 and Joomla.
  • Expertise in React JS framework to develop the SPA.
  • Streamlined website development by migrating to Acquia's Drupal hosting service.
  • Strong knowledge in using Object Oriented Programming concepts as well as full working knowledge of DOM.
  • Excellent work done in writing queries, stored procedures, triggers and functions in MySQL , SQLServer , Oracle , DB2 etc.
  • Solid experience with UNIX/Linux , Python,MVC , Subversion , CVS , Git , Zend , CakePHP , CodeIgniter , Symfony Framework , and LAMP toolset .
  • Familiarity with large multi-server Drupal environments, administration, and integration with various third-party sites with open APIs.
  • Experience in content management systems like Drupal , WordPress to perfectly suit the client's requirements.
  • Expertise in Photoshop , and IDEs like Eclipse , Dream Weaver .
  • Extensive experience in working on Manual Testing Methodologies like Agile-SCRUM , WaterfallMethodology .
  • Demonstrated experience using Grails Framework for development of web applications.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and debugging skills with excellent understanding of system development metrics, techniques and tools.
  • Working experience with MySQLwhich includes configuration, query optimization, full-text search indexing and de-normalization Expert in handling the administration of MySQL database using PhpMyAdmin.
  • Experiencedin programming solutions based on the Angular.js and Bootstrap.js.
  • Solid experience with Model View Controller (MVC) architecture based Web Application Development.
  • Solid experience with security aspects of website such as SQL injections etc.
  • Solid experience in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) design, programming, normalization and security administration with MySQL , Oracle11g .
  • Familiar and working experience with NoSQL Database Design, Analysis and Development like MongoDB .
  • Worked with Ubuntu server / Linux command line . Experience with integrating APIs - Google Analytics,Google Maps etc.
  • Experienced in web and mobile testing using emulators, browser like Safari , Chrome , Firefox & IE 10 .
  • Experienced in using Testing tools like log4jan JUnit and building tools like Ant and Maven.
  • Experiencedin Installation, Integration and Configuration of third party tools, Content Management System ( CODEIGNITER , Smarty ).
  • Ability to communicate on various levels with advertisers, artists and corporate clients .
  • Excellent troubleshooting & problem solving skills with Client-Server Applications & Web Application.


Web Technologies: JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, AJAX, DOM, Bootstrap.Js, Angular.Js, Node.Js,React.Js, JSON,DOJO, YUI

Web Services: SOAP, REST, API s

Languages: PHP 5.x, PHP 7, Perl, SQL, Python, MYSQL, C++, C

Frameworks: Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter,Laravel, CVS, CakePHP

Web Design: Dream weaver 8, CMS Frameworks

Applications/ Tools: MS Office, MS Visual Studio, MS office, Blender, Dream Weaver, Git, Adobe FlashWeb Servers


Databases: MySQL, DB2, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server

Software: Net Beans, Eclipse, Notepad++, Sublime editor, PHP Storm

CMS: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Zend.

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS.


Confidential, Rockville, MD

Sr. PHP/ Drupal Developer


  • Developed PHP , Drupal,HTML , CSS , JavaScript , jQuery , node.js ecommerce application pages according to project requirements.
  • Migration of Drupal 7 to 8 version and involved in developing new features as enhancements.
  • Created custom Drupal 8 modules using PHP.
  • Exposure to Acquia Cloud Platform
  • Code, create modules and edit templates in Drupal Acquia and WordPress.
  • Experienced in working with onshore hybrid models.
  • Worked on Extensible MVC implementation supporting layouts and PHP-based templates by default and accessing properties on OOPS withLaraveland WordPressframework.
  • Developed Contact Fill Application using Drupal and installation and integration of the Application online.
  • Using three kinds of database Granite Database, Oracle , MySQL . Using Ossapi and ASI web service to connect with client directly.
  • Identifying and solving issues caused by plugins or feeds under PHP , MYSQL , HTML , CSS , JavaScript and jQuery Technology.
  • Used node.js application built using Vue.js as the front-end framework.
  • Modifying PHP , HTML , CSS , Java Script , and jQuery according to project requirements.
  • As a developer involved in design and developing websites using PHP, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML4/5, AJAX,MySQLand MongoDB .
  • Worked with PHP, MYSQL, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and XHTML to build a fully Web 2.0 compliant networking website.
  • Involved in the development using Drupal and PHP .
  • Maintaining User groups with DrupalCMS.
  • Implemented AJAX and JQuery on Front-End to make the web page more dynamic.
  • Work with teams in designing and developing server optimization techniques like caching, output stream compression, Memcache, Drupal module updates and releases etc..,
  • Used SMTP mail class of PHP for the users to send mail with suggestions. Extensive use of PHPMailer class.
  • Developed/Design the application using WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL5, andPHParchitecture).
  • Worked with Symfony , design patterns like singleton pattern , registry pattern and model -view-controller pattern in Zend framework.
  • Used the Model View controller (MVC) framework to build modular and maintainable applications.
  • Created Images, Logos and Icons that are used across the web pages using Adobe Flash and Photoshop.
  • CMS systems using CodeIgniter and Laravelframeworks.
  • Developed user interface using PHP, CodeIgniter, NOCMS, Bootstrap, AJAX, JQuery, HTML, and CSS.
  • Developed Configurable shims for modular JavaScript . Displayed good UX.
  • Create find wish list functionality provides unique responses when an invalid user name is submitted to the application.
  • UI Screens were developed using HTML5, Java Script, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap, Custom-tags, Polymer js, Kendo UI components and CSS3.
  • Implemented the presentation layer with HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX , and CSS, JQuery other libraries.
  • Worked with integrating search engine optimization (SEO) functionality within an MVC framework using constantly evolving legitimate techniques to improve website ranking in the major Search engines.

Environment: PHP,Drupal,HTML5, JavaScript, JSON,JQuery, CSS3, MYSQL, Photoshop, Adobe Flash Professional, Report Builder, Ubuntu 12.04, Linux, Macromedia, DOM, Agile, LAMP, Laravel, Python,Acquia, WordPress, MySQL, MongoDB, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML/XHTML, XML, Zend framework .

Confidential, NYC, NY

Sr. PHP/ Drupal Developer


  • Developing PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and AngularJS application pages according to project requirements.
  • Designed, coded, architected and tested various themes, modules and processes to extend Drupal 8 to meet the client’s needs.
  • Experiencedin Web Form creation, sending email and saving data into the database Drupal 7 & 8
  • Recommend feasible UNIX solutions to maximize system performance. Present technical assistance for UNIX atmosphere and tools.
  • Create custom Drupal modules using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript and configure required contributed Modules.
  • Developing responsive theme using HTML, JQuery, JSON, CSS , GULP and SASS to support devices.
  • Carried out extensive verification and testing in order to set MySQL database free from SQLinjections throughout course of database development and management.
  • Developed various sections using AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Velocity, AJAX, JSON and Spring web service.
  • Worked on UNIX/Linux, MVC, Subversion, CVS, Git, Zend, CakePHP , CodeIgniterFramework,Wordpress, and LAMP toolset .
  • Build AJAX pages using PHP to display current server time.
  • Involved in the development using JQuery , PHP and designed applications in AJAX with rich user interfaces.
  • Strong expertise in Web Application development using PHP with OOPs, CVS, SVN, MySQL, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, PhpcjQuery, AJAX, CSS, Flash ActionScript 3.0 and XML .
  • Development experience with Zend, NetBeans, Notepad++, JEdit .
  • Modification and customization of the Drupal and WordPress themes.
  • Expert PHPDevelopment utilizing Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Symfonyframeworks.
  • Worked with MySQL which includes configuration, query optimization, full-text search indexing.
  • De-normalizationexpert in handling the administration of MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin .
  • Developed and design security token for in order to verify only valid users can request to API.
  • Developed new modules call schedule by using JQuery full calendar and AJAX for front-end and back end using.
  • Worked on Stack ZendPHP , Apache Web Server, SVN, Oracle, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Worked on HTML5/CSS and JQuery in a Drupal based CMS environment.
  • Used existing JavaScript libraries from DOJO and embedded PHP session and cookies to maintain data state of users.
  • Performed image/graphic slicing and optimization using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Used JIRA, Stash, Bamboo, Confluence Project development tools.
  • Excellent work done in writing queries, stored procedures, triggers and functions in SQLServer, Oracle, DB2 etc.

Environment: PHP, HTML 5, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, UNIX, MySQL, JQuery, Windows, Apache, MVC Frame Work, CSS, Angular, Drupal 7, Laravel, Wordpress.

Confidential, Baldwinsville, NY

Senior PHP Developer


  • Designing webpage's in HTML, DHTML using CSS and JavaScript.
  • Utilized Python, Django, jQuery and Java etc. to design server applications and client interfaces.
  • Managed continuous maintenance and troubleshooting of Python Django projects.
  • Collaborated with other developers to handle complicated issues related with deployment of Django based applications.
  • Developed and implemented search feature usingPHP 5 and AJAX.
  • Worked with views and themes in Word Press.
  • Creation of menus, pages, templates, blocks in Word Press.
  • Development and integration of Newsletter Module.
  • Drupal module development, both contributed and non-contributed.
  • Active participation for Requirement Gathering, Analysing the project and for designing the project.
  • Developed customize content management system for administrator according to project specification.
  • Deeply involved in database design, site architecture, HTML, CSS, Jquery, AJAX and other tools and technique to make site more attractive.
  • Created a web-based management system for the client using Drupal 7 and developed custom modules to support the system
  • Provide functional and technical support and guidance for the development of the Websites based on PHP - Word Press, MySQL.
  • Implementation of JavaScript code for validation and authentication.
  • Active participation in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements definition, design, programming / testing and implementation of major systems.

Environment: PHP 5, Word Press, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, CSS, MYSQL, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JQuery, MySQL Apache 2.x, Linux, APC 3.x, Drupal,PHP Template, AJAX, JavaScript.


PHP Developer


  • Created the User Management for different clients.
  • Created User Interfaces for different users.
  • Created the initial design to determine the look and feel of the website.
  • Developed applications in PHPto aid in the printing and reporting of lead generation for clients.
  • Developed the secured server user and admin accounts for secured web access.
  • Adapted layouts from graphic artists to internet pages using HTML/CSS.
  • Successfully launched promotional web site geared toward local rock brands.
  • Focused promotions, link exchanges and advertising toward regional exposure. Traffic increase of over 700% in first year. Response surveys indicate successful regional penetration.
  • Took active part in site architecture design.
  • Use of PHP to develop website functionality.
  • Used PHP/MySQL in WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) environment for creating dynamic data driven and interactive web pages.
  • Responsible for designing and developing the new screens.
  • Expert in PHP session variables and cookies implementation.
  • Expert in PHP connectivity backend files or database.
  • Used CSS, HTML, and JavaScriptfor developing rich user interface.
  • Implemented AJAX in front-end.
  • Also worked with a team for designing the payroll form for the employee using Drupal, CSS.
  • Developed the front end using PHP, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Created data entry applications to add/edit/delete data from online database.
  • Deployed application software on Linux Server.
  • Strongly used LAMP(Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) platform.
  • Maintained and updated web applications written in object oriented PHP accessing MySQL databases.

Environment: PHP5, MySQL, MongoDB,JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, MS Excel, Window XP, MSWord, Microsoft Visio, Drupal 6x, LAMP, JQuery, SQLyog, AJAX, Dreamweaver CS3, Notepad++.


Web Developer


  • Involved in developing interactive web applications using a dynamic scripting language like PHP, Ruby, and Python& Perl.
  • Managed front end and applications for Tomcat and Apache web servers to support MySQL database.
  • Used Linux command line environment and other tools related to the LAMP stack.
  • Worked on Drupal to create various CMS sites.
  • Used PHPMyAdmin to handle the administration ofMYSQL over the World Wide Web.
  • Created HTML5 and CSS from Photoshop mockups.
  • I learned scalability and core OOPs concepts of PHP.
  • Created Images, Logos and Icons that are used across the web pages using Adobe Flash and Photoshop.
  • Defined and developed the application's presentation layer using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery Scripting.
  • Developed user interface using PHP, CodeIgniter, NOCMS, bootstrap, AJAX, JQuery, HTML, CSS.
  • Developed compatible User Interface functionality using JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript& other libraries.
  • Modified, Improved & corrected HTML, CSS, js structure.
  • Worked on Zend framework in particular creating, parsing and loading XML documents.
  • Designed mockups, GUI layouts by using HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Worked on CSS Background, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, CSS table, CSS floats, cross browser compatibility and CSSbehaviours in CSS.
  • Designed Rich Internet Applications (RIA's) and GUI layouts by using AdobeDreamweaver CS4 and AJAX.
  • Developed cross browser and multi browser compatible web pages using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • Used advanced level of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and pure CSS layouts (table less layout).
  • Produced content pages with CSS3 layout and style markup presentations and also used JavaScript methods and properties.

Environment: PHP, MySQL, JQuery, CSS, Zend,Joomla,CodeIgniter, Rest Web service, WordPress, Drupal, Amazon S3, SVN, GitHub.

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