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Sr. Android Developer Resume

Redwood City, CA


  • 5+ years of software development experience designing and building best - in-class native mobile experiences
  • Excellent knowledge of Kotlin
  • Understanding of software engineering and project management techniques, including agile delivery and estimating
  • Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect applications to back-end
  • Strong knowledge of UI design principles, patterns, and best practices
  • Knowledge of the open-source Android ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks
  • Familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications
  • Security conscious, knowledgeable of best practices around building secure applications
  • On-device management of USB / NFC / Bluetooth / WiFi management
  • Ability to work in cross platform environments (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Experience with code profiling, diagnostics, troubleshooting and performance optimization
  • Knowledge of Chromecast, video codecs, or other related technologies
  • Experience working with Git/Gitflow
  • Experience with mobile analytics tools (e.g. Mixpanel)
  • Experience with Java/Android design patterns (MVP, MVVM, IoC, Multi-tier architecture)
  • Experience with best practices in mobile design (human interface guidelines, threading, bandwidth considerations etc.)
  • Ability to adapt to new priorities and challenges and willing to learn new technology
  • Good understanding of the Android low level system architecture
  • Mentor junior developers and work with remote teams


Architecture |MVVM| MVP Kotlin| Java| NDK | MixPanel| Google Home| Google Assitance API | Play Services| Keystore| Retrofit| SQLIte | FSM | BLE | WiFi Protocols| ExoPlayer| Material Design| Zeplin TDD| BDD| Mockito | Espresso| Firebase| Robolectric| AWS| JetPack| LiveData| VOD| Bluetooth BLE| OAuth |AES Encyption Dependency Injection | Butterknife Reactive Programming | RxAndroid Agile | Scrum | XP Push Notifications| OAuth | Patterns|Instruments tests|RESTful Web Service consumption|GIT| GitLab | SV| Jenkins|MVC|SOLID| OOP Design| Unit Testing|Multithreading, Jira| OAUTH2 | ZXing | CARD.IO| Stripe | PayPal| Android Studio 3.2 | Waterfall | AsyncTask Loaders | Mockito2 | RxKotlin | Powermock | Robolectric | Adobe | Koin | Jenkins | Gerrit | WorkerManager API | JobScheduler | Multi-Threading | TDD | C#, Intel/AMD 80x86-64 assembler | C++| C | Objective-C | Python |SQL | Eclipse | GCC | Ollydbg |Xcode | Nasm| Masm |Fasm |


Confidential, Redwood City, CA

Sr. Android Developer


  • Converted the data model, api communication service layer and UI layer to Kotlin programming language and JetPack library
  • Worked on the Log into both your  confidential accounts and authorize  confidential  to write data to  confidential 
  • Worked on confidential SDK to perform login to confidential accounts with data transfer and connectivity capabilities
  • Improved GPS activity tracker to track outdoor fitness activities on a map with Google play services API
  • Integrated AWS SDK to use backend authentication, synchronization of data and Transfer Manager AP to upload confidential of the file at once
  • Performed code architecture migration from MVC to MVVM using data binding to automatically change the UI when data objects are updated
  • Improved API data loading in views by handling the paging of data in a RecyclerView using Paging library
  • Replaced Picasso library with Matisse SDK to define custom filter rules for local image and video selector capabilities
  • Removed AndroidJob library implementation code with WorkManager API to handle jobs in the background
  • Worked independently on Auto-sync steps and calories to MyFitnessPal or confidential acceptance criteria and create unit test cases for this
  • Used PhotoView and uCrop image library to update the UI based on the current zoom/scroll position of images with box zooming, using multi-touch and double-tap
  • Used RxKotlin to perform zip, map, flattop and filter operation on data returned on daily steps API calories and weightfitness plans API
  • Created custom and compound views to display Weight loss, BMI tracking and calorie burn counter data
  • Created unit test cases with the Espresso UI testing framework and AndroidJUnitRunner
  • Took part in code reviews for other developers using Crucible tool and GitFlow process

Confidential, Newark, CA

Sr. Android Developer


  • Bug fixed critical issues relating to the app compatibility with confidential 2, X3, X4
  • Wrote code to establish BLE auto-connectivity with confidential  2, X3, X4 devices and transfer attributes using GATT protocol
  • Worked on hardware controls and access Bluetooth settings, send sticky broadcast, run at startup, prevent phone from sleeping and modify system settings
  • Performed migration of Data Layer to Kotlin language for upcoming beta release
  • Integrated MapBox SDK to Embed extensible, custom maps, location search, and turn by turn directions features
  • Pair-programmed ti include Intercom SDK’s chatbots and live chat feature and send targeted messages to onboard and activate customers
  • Coordinated with junior developer to implement confidential SDK for both push notifications and in-app A/B testing, customer journey analytics, email, in-app messages support in the app
  • Build a sync service to run the synchronisation process using Retrofit and okhttp libraries
  • Created a custom content provider to handle data locally on the device
  • Stored and build OrmLite local database to keep massive user data and favourite playlist information
  • Scraped and parsed HTML from a URL, find and extract data, using DOM traversal or CSS selectors using Jsoup HTML parser library
  • Produce Singleton Bluetooth Service perform operation of connection state from State None to State Connected and manage connection delegate and a queue of command delegate
  • Wrote network layer code to perform proper mechanisms for handling API errors, Compose and transform streams with query-like operators using RxJaav
  • Worked with Spotify API to create a feature to explore Spotify playlists of other users
  • Integrated Firebase Remote Config API to change the behavior and appearance of app without requiring users to download an update
  • Accept joint responsible with the team for converting the Product backlog into 'Done' potentially releasable increments

Confidential, New York, NY

Mid-Level Android Coder


  • Replaced Google Wallet legacy code with Android Pay SDK, PayPal SDK to order takeaway
  • Worked on legacy old codebase and coded features in MVP architecture with TDD techniques
  • Streamlined authentication to an online service on behalf of the user and handle authentication errors using OAuth API
  • Send up to date real-time order updates, food delivery with discount offers and special deals using UrbanAirship API
  • Parsed JSON data returned from internal API’s like submits ratings API and reviews API of restaurants and display in custom Listview
  • Created a module to include Branch SDK and capture every customer touchpoint and engagement through deep linking, user routing
  • Programmed data serialisation and deserialisation using Apache Commons Codec encoder and decoders for various formats such as Base64 and Hexadecimal
  • Independently added section headers to a list using StickyListHeaders library
  • Integrated Facebook Login feature to authenticate users with their Facebook credentials
  • Display Share and Send dialogs to Enable sharing content from app to Facebook
  • Cached API responses using Volley library and fetch a page of search results as structured data
  • Created IntentServices and extended DownloadManager API to download restaurants and full menus in the background
  • Build local database using Realm to store and synchronise local crash logs to backend server
  • Fully participated in the relevant scrum events; planning and estimation, daily scrums, sprint reviews, and retrospectives
  • Include Mockito to test the Presenters in MVP design pattern to check data load and view not null check

Confidential, Pasadena, CA

Mobile App Developer


  • Build the feature to find nearby reload and ATM locations using Google Fused Location API and Geocoder API
  • Designed and created the user interface for ‘View balance and transaction history’ screens
  • Synchronised the local data changes with the remote updates that occurred while the client was offline, merging any conflicts automatically using SyncAdapter and Services
  • Communicate with the existing C/C++(NDK/JNI) modules to reuse complex algorithms
  • Applied Code App Linking feature to eliminate the necessity of having the App Chooser pop up by automatically associating apps with web domains
  • Enhanced Runtime Permissions to approve security permissions on a case-by-case basis at run time
  • Responsible to collect live crash reports and feedback from users, distributes beta versions, and analyze test coverage using HockeyApp
  • Use Alarm Mananger, multithreading framework, bus mechanism to set up reminders for many transfer, balance updated and servicing schedules
  • Worked with Google GData client library to access Google APIs using JSON and OAuth 2.0
  • Implement multi-language support using XML for simple menus and web services for content.
  • Encoded messages with AES 256 encryption and apply Apply Apache HttpMime API, AESCrypt to integrate secure web-service leveraging complex multipart
  • Implemented PDFViewer SDK to create PDF documents
  • Worked with RoboGuice for dependency injection to develop clean, maintainable code
  • Fixed lot of critical/major bugs before release date on daily basis using JIRA/GitFlow/Circle CI
  • Performed data mapping between old and new rating tools
  • Worked closely with the Product team to better understand / design the applications and the associated user experience

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Android Developer


  • Fixed a crash when hyperlinking to a chapter and implemented Adaptive Icons.
  • Created custom views to display Customizable notes for each individual protocol entry
  • Build a sync adapter to perform synchronisation logic of data
  • Handled Fragment data retention to ensure data integrity on screen rotation with the setRetainInstance
  • Coordinated in a TDD/Agile environment with daily scrums project methodologies
  • Implemented Loaders and AsyncTaskLoaders to perform the data loading in the UI
  • Help in signing, versioning and publishing the application on Google Play Store
  • Worked on ActionBar Sherlock Library for backward compatibility library to facilitate the use of the action bar design pattern across all versions of Android
  • Integrated Drobox API to achieve cloud-based storage functionalities
  • Develop and produce functional solutions in accordance with architecture design standards and code standards
  • Implemented formal testing process that related to build mobile applications
  • Worked with team in relation to creating reusable components
  • Worked on the application landscape variation including development, testing and production and set up and configured SQLite database
  • Followed up by testing user interface, errors with all possible inputs, debugging app
  • Added 9-patch images for the icons and images into drawable folder

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