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Lead Ios Mobile Engineer Resume

Irvine, CA


  • Experience in iOS mobile app development using both Swift and Objective - C; particularly advanced in programmatic development using Swift 1 - Swift 4.
  • Expert coder who consistently produces high quality, reliable, consistent, and stable mobile app code.
  • Looks for ways to apply new iOS technologies to current projects in ways that enable improvement, efficiencies, and marketable design.
  • Good hands on experience with Frameworks such as: iPhone SDK, UIKit, MapKit, Speech, AVFoundation, Core Data, Core Location, Social, XCTest, AlamoFire, SDWebImage, Quartz Core, Crashlytics, Core Bluetooth, Core Graphics, AppKit and Core Motion.
  • Proficient in source control with Git, Stash, SourceTree. Comfortable working with Reactive frameworks such as RxSwift and RxCocoa.
  • Experienced in Agile Scrum development environments, including participating in Scrums and Sprints, and employing Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration.
  • Experience working with the Full Development Lifecycle including requirements.
  • Use of Jenkins and Hudson CI for continuous integration and testing.
  • Gathering, design & software architecture, technical documentation, development, testing, debugging and releasing the project to the app store.
  • Experience in using GIT and Subversion (SVN), SourceTree, and Tower for version control.
  • Advanced experience in Testing and Bug-Fixing using XCTest framework, Breakpoints, LLDB statements, NSLog statements, and Instruments.
  • Expertise in the use and integration of MapKit, UIKit, UIDynamics, CoreGraphics, Core Location, AVFoundation, CoreAnimation, Core Bluetooth, Cloud Kit, Watch Kit, Social Framework, SQLite, Core Data, XCTest, Event Kit, and various other 3rd party frameworks and APIs.
  • Skilled in asynchronous http and https requests using a variety of tools such as GCD, NSOperations, NSURLSession, and AFNetworking and AlamoFire.
  • Implemented Firebase Realtime Database for storage and Firebase for cloud messaging and push notifications.
  • Threading, Performance, Memory Management, GCD.
  • Strong commitment to organizational work ethics, value based decision-making and managerial skills.
  • Experienced in using various design patterns including MVVM, Singleton, Notification, Blocks, and Delegation


Languages: Swift, Objective - C Assembly, Verilog

Databases: SQLServer, Core Data, SQLite

Web Services: REST, SOAP, (JSON)

IDEs: XCode, Visual Studio

Architecture Patterns: MVVM, MVP, MVC

Frameworks: CocoaPods, CocoaTouch, AlamofireAVFoundation, CloudKit, MapKit

Project: JIRA, KanBan, Agile, Slack

Tools: Instruments

Version Control: GIT, SourceTree, Tower, Command Line / Terminal, GitHub

Operating Systems: iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux

Methodologies: SCRUM/AGILE, TDD

Testing: Unit Testing, XCTest, Automated Testing

Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Travis, HudsonTestFlight Persistence Core Data, Keychain, SQLite, PList, UserDefaults


Lead iOS Mobile Engineer

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Responsible for architecture, planning and implementation of new IOS app, including testing and approval/deployment to the App store.
  • Responsible for full-stack iOS development and entire SDLC end-to-end.
  • Gathered requirements, and interfaced with UI/UX designers and product owner to develop an attractive, user friendly, customer-facing app.
  • Alamofire utilized to integrate new RESTful web services for various features and functionality.
  • Worked closely with design and product teams to design and architect improvements to UI/UX by simplifying layouts, revising navigation workflows and more
  • UI developed using Storyboards and AutoLayout constraints with size classes utilized to further support various screen resolutions.
  • Mentored junior developers and assisted them with iOS development best practices and coding standards.
  • Jira used for story and task tracking with Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Utilized Instruments, Crash Logs, LLDB statements, NSLog statements, and Breakpoints to resolve various issues and bugs brought to attention by QA team.
  • Developed unit tests for various features using XCTest framework.
  • Parsed JSON responses into useable objects using JSONSerialization features.
  • Standardized and enforced the coding standards and best practices, including optimizing the apps for performance and for store approval.
  • Worked with junior developers in pair programming sessions to introduce them to the code base.
  • Refactored execution management of orders to be handled in the background without locking up the main thread and UI using GCD; NSOperations also leveraged for more complicated concurrency concerns.
  • Translated functional requirements for the iOS development project into technical requirements.
  • Use of Core Frameworks like Core object, Core services, Core Graphics, Core animation, UIKit.

Senior iOS Mobile Developer

Confidential, Brentwood, TN


  • Worked with other developers on the team to ensure that products deliver similar user experiences for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Collaborate with product owner to ensure that business requirements are implemented timely and that any technological or platform limitations are addressed.
  • Developed the iOS mobile app in Swift and Objective-C using Xcode.
  • Created custom presentation animations.
  • Refactored code in the iOS app using Swift 4.
  • Refactored code in existing apps to a hybrid code-base of Swift and Objective-C.
  • Implemented new features and functions in the iOS mobile app with Swift.
  • Migrated the rest of the legacy code base from Objective-C to Swift as time permitted.
  • Utilized Jenkins Continuous Integration server; created builds for testing and production.
  • Used Git as the code repository and managed version control with Git
  • Use of design patterns in the iOS app architecture such as delegate, KVO, decorator pattern
  • Made use of RESTful API to integrate with internal services and third-party services.
  • Implemented Firebase push notifications.
  • Used GCD and OperationQueue to improve app responsiveness and performance.
  • Made Use of UINavigationController and UITabBarController, and create a container with UIViewController, and used constraints to layout the UI.

Senior iOS Mobile Developer

Confidential, Beaverton, OR


  • Participated in entire software development lifecycle, planning, defining, design, building, testing and deployment
  • Brought on to help develop the new Confidential app from the ground up
  • Helped to resolve things such as network issues using Reachability, Charles Proxy, and thorough Unit tests.
  • Implemented new screens and UI to facilitate a positive user experience
  • Utilized Auto layout and size classes to handle various screen sizes including both iPhone and iPad.
  • Worked in a traditional Agile environment delivering code in two-week sprints, having daily stand-up meetings, and having sprint planning and retrospective meetings.
  • Ensured responsiveness of application through the use of GCD and NSOperations.
  • General troubleshooting that goes along with building an app from scratch such as identifying problematic sections of code that were tying up the user interface by utilizing the time profiler Instrument.
  • Developed code using Test-Driven Development (TDD), creating unit tests for every new bug fix and feature contributed.
  • Interfaced with a RESTful API to authenticate user and download data.

iOS Mobile Developer

Confidential, Beaverton, OR


  • Objective-C codebase for app with ventures into Swift as the language developed.
  • Implemented new features in the iOS application using MVVM.
  • Worked closely with design and product teams to design and architect UI/UX with simple layouts and workflows.
  • UI developed using Storyboards and AutoLayout constraints with size classes utilized to further support various screen resolutions.
  • Worked with services team to integrate new RESTful web services for various features and functionality.
  • AFNetworking utilized to make RESTful requests.
  • Worked with junior developers in pair programming sessions to introduce them to the code base.
  • Jira used for story and task tracking with Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Developed unit tests for various features using XCTest framework.
  • Managed GitHub repository creating branches doing merge, pull request and releases.
  • Worked in an Agile environment, with daily scrum, two-week sprints, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
  • AutoLayout constraints used for graceful orientation handling.
  • Use of AFNetworking for asynchronous communication with web services.
  • Fixed memory issues by using Instruments, most notably using the Allocations and Time Profiler tools.
  • Added Localization to the app to enable content tailored to a user’s language settings.
  • Parsed JSON responses using NSJSONSerialization and model objects.
  • Used Jenkins and Git for continuous integration testing
  • Performed to complete unit testing, integration testing and regression testing the application.
  • Utilized Jenkins, TestFlight and App Store in iOS app release process.
  • Analyzed and optimized the UI and the backend interface code for efficiency and performance.
  • Added animation between UIViews for smooth transitioning and user experience using Segues.
  • Added calendar integration, using EventKit.

Junior iOS Mobile Developer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Implemented the iOS application in Xcode with coding in Objective-C
  • Maintained app, applied updates and fixed as needed.
  • Updated apps to support iOS 6
  • Debugged various issues throughout the app utilizing NSLog statements, Breakpoints, and LLDB statements
  • Worked primarily on testing and bug fixing.
  • Used Storyboards and Auto Layout to implement UI/UX design working closely with UX designer.
  • Applied Auto layout constraints and size classes utilized for good user experience across various devices, screen sizes/orientations
  • User login and account information management implemented with Keychain and Accounts frameworks
  • Collaborated with backend services team in the integration and consuming of RESTful web services to book trips, review itinerary, etc. NSJSONSerialization used to parse JSON responses
  • Debugged various issues using a combination of NSLog statements, breakpoints, LLDB statements, crash logs, and Instruments
  • Integrated push notifications to allow for users to receive updates and reminders.
  • Worked in an Agile scrum environment with daily scrums and weekly sprints.

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